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NashvilleBailey Middle School(615) 262-6670

NashvilleBellevue Middle School(615) 662-3000

NashvilleBrick Church Middle School(615) 262-6665

NashvilleCameron Middle School(615) 291-6365

NashvilleCohn Alternative School(615) 298-6633

NashvilleDalewood Middle School(615) 262-6680

NashvilleDonelson Middle School(615) 889-6090

NashvilleEast Middle School(615) 262-6650

NashvilleEwing Park Middle School(615) 876-5115

NashvilleGlencliff Comp High School(615) 333-5070

NashvilleGlendale Middle School(615) 298-8077

NashvilleGra-Mar Middle School(615) 262-6685

NashvilleH G Hill Middle School(615) 353-2075

NashvilleHillsboro Comp High School(615) 298-8400

NashvilleHillwood Comp High School(615) 353-2025

NashvilleHume Fogg Magnet High School(615) 742-6300

NashvilleHunters Lane Comprehensive High School(615) 860-1401

NashvilleJ Baxter Alternative(615) 650-5381

NashvilleJere Baxter Middle School(615) 662-3000

NashvilleJohn Overton Comprehensive High School(615) 333-5135

NashvilleJohn T Moore Middle School(615) 298-8095

NashvilleJohnson Alternative School(615) 291-6414

NashvilleLitton Middle School(615) 262-6700

NashvilleMaplewood Comprehensive High School(615) 262-6770

NashvilleMartin Luther King Jr Magnet- Pearl H S(615) 329-8400

NashvilleMcgavock Comprehensive High School(615) 885-8850

NashvilleMcmurray Middle School(615) 333-5126

NashvilleMeigs Magnet Middle School(615) 291-6390

NashvilleMiddle College Hs(615) 353-3742

NashvilleNashville School For The Arts(615) 291-6600

NashvillePearl Cohn Magnet High School(615) 329-8150

NashvilleStratford Comprehensive High School(615) 262-6730

NashvilleTwo Rivers Middle School(615) 885-8931

NashvilleW. A. Bass Middle School(615) 298-8065

NashvilleWalter Stokes Middle School(615) 298-8423

NashvilleWest End Middle School(615) 298-8425

NashvilleWright Middle School(615) 333-5189

NewbernDyer County High School(731) 627-2229

NewportCocke County Adult High Sch(423) 625-3427

NewportCocke County High School(423) 623-8718

NorrisNorris Middle School(865) 494-7171

Oak RidgeJefferson Junior High School(865) 482-8540

Oak RidgeOak Ridge High School(865) 482-8508

Oak RidgeRobertsville Middle(865) 482-8536

Old HickoryDupont Middle Hadley(615) 847-7300

Oliver SpringsNorwood Middle School(865) 435-7749

Oliver SpringsOliver Springs High School(865) 435-7216

OneidaOneida High School(423) 569-8818

OneidaOneida Middle School(423) 569-2475

OoltewahHarrison Bay Vocational Center(423) 344-1433

OoltewahHunter Middle(423) 344-1474

OoltewahOoltewah High School(423) 238-5221

OoltewahOoltewah Middle School(423) 238-5732




ParisHenry County High School(731) 642-5232

ParisW O Inman Middle School(731) 642-8131

ParsonsDecatur County Middle School(731) 847-3941

PikevilleBledsoe Co Middle(423) 447-3212

PikevilleBledsoe County High School(423) 447-6851

Pleasant ViewSycamore High School(615) 746-5013

Pleasant ViewSycamore Middle School(615) 746-8852

PortlandPortland High School(615) 325-9201

PortlandPortland Middle School(615) 325-4146

PowellPowell High School(865) 938-2171

PowellPowell Middle School(865) 938-9008

PulaskiBridgeforth Middle School(931) 363-7526

PulaskiGiles County High School(931) 363-6532

Red Boiling SpringsTri County Vocational Center(615) 699-2224

RipleyLauderdale Middle School(731) 635-1391

RipleyRipley High School(731) 635-2642

Roan MountainCloudland High School(423) 772-5300

RockwoodRockwood High School(865) 354-0882

RockwoodRockwood Middle School(865) 354-0931

RogersvilleCherokee High School(423) 272-6507

RogersvilleRogersville Middle School(423) 272-7603

RutledgeGrainger County Adult High Sch(865) 828-5172

RutledgeRutledge High School(865) 828-5291



SavannahHardin County High School(731) 925-3976

SavannahHardin County Middle School(731) 925-9037

Scotts HillScotts Hill High School(731) 549-3145

SelmerMcnairy Central High School(731) 645-3226

SelmerSelmer Middle School(731) 645-7977

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SeviervilleSevier County Adult High Sch(865) 459-1492

SeviervilleSevier County High School(865) 453-5525

SeviervilleSevierville Middle School(865) 453-0311

SeymourSeymour High School(865) 577-7040

SeymourSeymour Middle School(865) 579-0730

ShelbyvilleBedford County Adult High Sch(931) 684-8635

ShelbyvilleCentral High(931) 684-5672

ShelbyvilleHarris Middle School(931) 684-5195

ShelbyvilleThomas Intermediate(931) 684-6818

Signal MountainSignal Mount Middle School(423) 886-0876

SmithvilleDekalb County High School(615) 597-4094

SmithvilleMiddle School(615) 597-7987

SmyrnaSmyrna High School(615) 459-6872

SmyrnaSmyrna Middle School(615) 459-8934

SmyrnaThurman Francis Elementary School(615) 459-4128

Soddy DaisySequoyah Technology Center(423) 843-4707

Soddy DaisySoddy Daisy High School(423) 332-8828

Soddy DaisySoddy Daisy Middle School(423) 332-8800

SomervilleFayette Ware Comprehensive High School(901) 465-9838

South PittsburgSouth Pittsburg High School(423) 837-7561

SpartaWhite County High School(931) 836-3214

SpartaWhite County Middle School(931) 738-9238

SpeedwellPowell Valley High School(423) 869-4275

SpringfieldSpringfield High School(615) 384-3516

SpringfieldSpringfield Middle School(615) 384-4821

Strawberry PlainsCarter High School(865) 933-3434

Strawberry PlainsCarter Middle School(865) 933-3426

SummertownSummertown High School(931) 964-3539

SurgoinsvilleSurgoinsville Middle School(423) 345-2252

SweetwaterBrown Elementary School(423) 337-5905

SweetwaterSweetwater High School(423) 337-7881

SweetwaterSweetwater Junior High School(423) 337-7336

TazewellClaiborne Adult Hs(423) 626-8222

TazewellClaiborne County High School(423) 626-3532

TazewellSolders Memorial Middle School(423) 626-3531

Tellico PlainsTellico Plains High School(423) 253-2530

Tellico PlainsTellico Plains Junior High Sch(423) 253-2250

Thompson StationHeritage Middle School(615) 599-8558

TiptonvilleLake County High School(731) 253-7733

TrentonPeabody High School(731) 855-2601

TrentonTrenton Middle School(731) 855-2422

TroyObion County Central High(731) 536-4688

TullahomaEast Middle School(931) 454-2632

TullahomaTullahoma High School(931) 454-2620

TullahomaWest Middle School(931) 454-2605

Union CityEast Side Elementary School(731) 885-1632

Union CityObion-Lake Vocational Center(731) 885-7171

Union CityUnion City High School(731) 885-2373

Union CityUnion City Middle School(731) 885-2901

UnionvilleCommunity School(931) 294-5125

WartburgCentral High School(423) 346-6616

WartburgMorgan County Vocational Center(423) 346-6285

WatertownWatertown High School(615) 237-3434

WaverlyWaverly Central High School(931) 296-3911

WaverlyWaverly Junior High School(931) 296-4514

WaynesboroWayne County High School(931) 722-3238

WaynesboroWayne County Vocational Center(931) 722-5495

WaynesboroWaynesboro Middle School(931) 722-5545

WestmorelandWestmoreland High School(615) 644-2280

WestmorelandWestmoreland Middle School(615) 644-3003

White BluffW James Middle School(615) 797-3201

White HouseWhite House High School(615) 672-3761

White HouseWhite House Middle School(615) 672-4379

Whites CreekWhites Creek Comprehensive High School(615) 876-5132

WhitesburgEast Ridge Middle School(423) 581-3041

WhitwellWhitwell High School(423) 658-5141

WhitwellWhitwell Middle School(423) 658-5635

WinchesterFranklin County High School(931) 967-2821

WinchesterH Louis Scott Jhs(931) 967-5323

WoodburyCannon County High School(615) 563-2144

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