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Adamsville Jr Sr High SchoolAdamsville(731) 632-3273 M S

Airways MiddleMemphis(901) 744-5006 M S

Alcoa High SchoolAlcoa(865) 982-4631 M S

Alcoa Middle SchoolAlcoa(865) 982-5211 M S

Anderson Co. Career Technical CenterClinton(865) 457-4205 M S

Anderson County HighClinton(865) 457-4716 M S

Antioch High SchoolAntioch(615) 641-5400 M S

Antioch MiddleAntioch(615) 333-5642 M S

Apollo Middle SchoolAntioch(615) 333-5025 M S

Appling MiddleBartlett(901) 373-1410 M S

Arlington Middle SchoolArlington(901) 867-6015 M S

Athens Junior High SchoolAthens(423) 745-1177 M S

Austin East High / MagnetKnoxville(865) 594-3792 M S

Avery Trace Middle SchoolCookeville(931) 520-2205 M S

B T Washington High SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7240 M S

Bailey Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6670 M S

Bartlett High SchoolBartlett(901) 373-2620 M S

Bearden High SchoolKnoxville(865) 539-7800 M S

Bearden Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 539-7839 M S

Bedford County Adult High SchShelbyville(931) 684-8635 M S

Beech Senior High SchoolHendersnville(615) 824-6200 M S

Bellevue Junior High SchoolMemphis(901) 722-4488 M S

Bellevue Middle SchoolNashville(615) 662-3000 M S

Benton County Adult High SchCamden(731) 584-1372 M S

Benton County Vocational CentrCamden(731) 584-4492 M S

Blackman High SchoolMurfreesboro(615) 904-3850 M S

Bledsoe Co MiddlePikeville(423) 447-3212 M S

Bledsoe County High SchoolPikeville(423) 447-6851 M S

Blountville Middle SchoolBlountville(423) 279-2301 M S

Bluff City Middle SchoolBluff City(423) 538-1800 M S

Bolivar Junior High SchoolBolivar(731) 658-3656 M S

Bolton High SchoolArlington(901) 873-8150 M S

Boones Creek Middle SchoolJohnson City(423) 283-3520 M S

Bradford High SchoolBradford(731) 742-3152 M S

Bradley High SchoolCleveland(423) 476-0650 M S

Brainerd High SchoolChattanooga(423) 855-2615 M S

Brentwood High SchoolBrentwood(615) 373-8237 M S

Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood(615) 373-3232 M S

Brick Church Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6665 M S

Bridgeforth Middle SchoolPulaski(931) 363-7526 M S

Brighton High SchoolBrighton(901) 837-5800 M S

Brighton Middle SchoolBrighton(901) 837-5600 M S

Brown Elementary SchoolSweetwater(423) 337-5905 M S

Brown Middle SchoolHarrison(423) 344-1439 M S

Burks Middle SchoolMonterey M S

Burt Elementary SchoolClarksville(931) 648-5630 M S

Byington Solway VocationalKnoxville(865) 693-3511 M S

Camden Central HighCamden(731) 584-7254 M S

Camden Jr HighCamden(731) 584-4518 M S

Cameron Middle SchoolNashville(615) 291-6365 M S

Campbell Co Adult HsJacksboro(423) 566-5436 M S

Campbell County High SchoolJacksboro(423) 562-8308 M S

Cannon County High SchoolWoodbury(615) 563-2144 M S

Carpenters Middle SchoolMaryville M S

Carroll County Technical CenterHuntingdon(731) 986-8908 M S

Carter County Adult High SchoolElizabethton(423) 547-4084 M S




Carter High SchoolStrawberry Plains(865) 933-3434 M S

Carter Middle SchoolStrawberry Plains(865) 933-3426 M S

Carver High SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7594 M S

Castle Hghts Upper Elementary SchoolLebanon(615) 444-2483 M S

Cedar Bluff Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 539-7891 M S

Celina High SchoolCelina(931) 243-2340 M S

Centennial HsFranklin(615) 791-7787 M S

Central High SchoolWartburg(423) 346-6616 M S

Central High SchoolEnglewood(423) 263-5541 M S

Central High SchoolMemphis(901) 722-4500 M S

Central High SchoolBolivar(731) 658-3151 M S

Central High SchoolKnoxville(865) 689-1400 M S

Central High SchoolHarrison(423) 344-1447 M S

Central HighShelbyville(931) 684-5672 M S

Central Intermediate SchoolHarriman(865) 882-1242 M S

Central Junior High SchoolFayetteville(931) 433-6156 M S

Central Middle SchoolMurfreesboro(615) 893-8262 M S

Charlotte MiddleCharlotte(615) 789-4138 M S

Chattanooga Middle MuseumChattanooga(423) 209-5914 M S

Chattanooga State High SchoolChattanooga(423) 497-4400 M S

Cheatham Co High SchoolAshland City(615) 792-5641 M S

Cheatham County Adult High SchAshland City(615) 792-5664 M S

Cheatham MiddleAshland City(615) 792-2334 M S

Cherokee High SchoolRogersville(423) 272-6507 M S

Cherokee Middle SchoolKingston(865) 376-9281 M S

Chester County HsHenderson(731) 989-8125 M S

Chester County Junior HighHenderson(731) 989-8135 M S

Chester County Middle SchoolHenderson(731) 989-8110 M S

Chickasaw Junior High SchoolMemphis(901) 789-8134 M S

Chuckey Doak High SchoolAfton(423) 639-9300 M S

Church Hill Middle SchoolChurch Hill(423) 357-3051 M S

Claiborne Adult HsTazewell(423) 626-8222 M S

Claiborne County High SchoolTazewell(423) 626-3532 M S

Clarkrange High SchoolClarkrange(931) 863-3143 M S

Clarksville High SchoolClarksville(931) 648-5690 M S

Clay Co Adult HsCelina M S

Cleveland High SchoolCleveland(423) 478-1113 M S

Cleveland Middle SchoolCleveland(423) 479-9641 M S

Clinton High SchoolClinton(865) 457-2611 M S

Clinton Middle SchoolClinton(865) 457-3451 M S

Cloudland High SchoolRoan Mountain(423) 772-5300 M S

Cocke County Adult High SchNewport(423) 625-3427 M S

Cocke County High SchoolNewport(423) 623-8718 M S

Coffee County Central HighManchester(931) 723-5159 M S

Coffee County Middle SchoolManchester(931) 723-5177 M S

Cohn Alternative SchoolNashville(615) 298-6633 M S

Collierville High SchoolCollierville(901) 853-3310 M S

Collinwood High SchoolCollinwood(931) 724-4316 M S

Collinwood Middle SchoolCollinwood(931) 724-9510 M S

Colonial Heights Middle SchoolKingsport(423) 239-1360 M S

Colonial Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 761-8980 M S

Columbia Central High SchoolColumbia(931) 381-2222 M S

Community SchoolUnionville(931) 294-5125 M S

Cookeville High SchoolCookeville(931) 520-2287 M S

Copper Basin High SchoolCopperhill(423) 496-3291 M S

Cordova High SchoolCordova(901) 759-4540 M S

Corry Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7804 M S

Cosby High SchoolCosby(423) 487-5602 M S

Covington High SchoolCovington(901) 475-5850 M S

Covington Middle SchoolCovington(901) 476-4620 M S

Craigmont High SchoolMemphis(901) 385-4312 M S

Craigmont MiddleMemphis M S

Crestview Middle SchoolCovington(901) 475-5900 M S

Crockett County High SchoolAlamo(731) 696-4525 M S

Crockett County Middle SchoolAlamo(731) 696-5583 M S

Cumberland County High SchoolCrossville(931) 484-6194 M S

Cypress Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 722-4524 M S

Dalewood Middle SchoolChattanooga(423) 493-0323 M S

Dalewood Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6680 M S

Daniel Boone High SchoolGray(423) 477-1600 M S

Daniel Mckee Alternative SchoolMurfreesboro(615) 890-2282 M S

David Crockett High SchoolJonesborough(423) 753-1150 M S

Decatur County Middle SchoolParsons(731) 847-3941 M S

Dekalb County High SchoolSmithville(615) 597-4094 M S

Dickson County High SchoolDickson(615) 446-9003 M S

Dickson MiddleDickson(615) 446-2273 M S

Dobyns Bennett High SchoolKingsport(423) 378-8400 M S

Donelson Middle SchoolNashville(615) 889-6090 M S

Dresden High SchoolDresden(731) 364-2949 M S

Dresden Middle SchoolDresden(731) 364-2407 M S

Dupont Middle HadleyOld Hickory(615) 847-7300 M S

Dupont Middle TylerHermitage(615) 885-8827 M S

Dyer County High SchoolNewbern(731) 627-2229 M S

Dyersburg High SchoolDyersburg(731) 286-3630 M S

Dyersburg Middle SchoolDyersburg(731) 286-3625 M S

E A Cox Middle SchoolColumbia(931) 840-3902 M S

E O Coffman Middle SchoolLawrenceburg(931) 762-6395 M S

East High SchoolMemphis(901) 320-6160 M S

East Lake Academy Of Fine ArtsChattanooga(423) 493-0334 M S

East Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6650 M S

East Middle SchoolTullahoma(931) 454-2632 M S

East Middle SchoolLyles(931) 670-4237 M S

East Ridge High SchoolChattanooga(423) 867-6200 M S

East Ridge Middle SchoolChattanooga(423) 867-6214 M S

East Ridge Middle SchoolWhitesburg(423) 581-3041 M S

East Robertson High SchoolCross Plains(615) 654-2191 M S

East Side Elementary SchoolUnion City(731) 885-1632 M S

Elizabethton High SchoolElizabethton(423) 547-8015 M S

Elmore Park Middle SchoolBartlett(901) 373-2642 M S

Ewing Park Middle SchoolNashville(615) 876-5115 M S

Fairley High SchoolMemphis(901) 789-8060 M S

Fairview High SchoolFairview(615) 799-2614 M S

Fairview Junior High SchoolMemphis(901) 722-4536 M S

Fairview Middle SchoolFairview(615) 799-9720 M S

Farragut High SchoolKnoxville(865) 966-9775 M S

Farragut Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 966-9756 M S

Fayette Ware High SchoolSomerville(901) 465-9838 M S

Fayetteville Intermediate SchoolFayetteville(931) 438-2533 M S

Fayetteville Junior HighFayetteville(931) 433-3158 M S

Fentress County Adult High SchJamestown(931) 879-3802 M S

Flintville Junior High SchoolFlintville(931) 937-8271 M S

Fort Loudoun Middle SchoolLoudon(865) 458-2026 M S


Fox Middle SchoolGainesboro(931) 268-9779 M S

Franklin County High SchoolWinchester(931) 967-2821 M S

Franklin High SchoolFranklin(615) 794-3736 M S

Frayser High SchoolMemphis(901) 357-3880 M S

Fred J Page High SchoolFranklin(615) 794-6385 M S

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Fred J Page Middle SchoolFranklin(615) 791-0152 M S

Freedom IntermediateFranklin(615) 790-4718 M S

Freedom Middle SchoolFranklin(615) 794-0987 M S

Fulton High SchoolKnoxville(865) 594-1240 M S

Gallatin Senior High SchoolGallatin(615) 452-2621 M S

Gatlinburg Pittman High SchoolGatlinburg(865) 436-5637 M S

Ged AcademyLivingston(931) 823-9388 M S

Geeter Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 789-8157 M S

Georgian Hills Junior HighMemphis(901) 357-3740 M S

Germantown High SchoolGermantown(901) 756-2350 M S

Germantown Middle SchoolGermantown(901) 756-2338 M S

Gibbs High SchoolCorryton(865) 687-5221 M S

Gibson County High SchoolDyer(731) 692-3616 M S

Giles County High SchoolPulaski(931) 363-6532 M S

Glencliff Comp High SchoolNashville(615) 333-5070 M S

Glendale Middle SchoolNashville(615) 298-8077 M S

Goodlettsville Middle SchoolGoodlettsville(615) 859-8956 M S

Grainger County Adult High SchRutledge(865) 828-5172 M S

Gra-Mar Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6685 M S

Grassland Middle SchoolFranklin(615) 590-8630 M S

Greenbrier High SchoolGreenbrier(615) 643-4526 M S

Greenbrier Middle SchoolGreenbrier(615) 643-7823 M S

Greene Vocational CenterGreenville(423) 639-0171 M S

Greeneville High SchoolGreeneville(423) 787-8030 M S

Greeneville Middle SchoolGreeneville(423) 639-7841 M S

Gresham Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 689-1430 M S

Grundy County High SchoolCoalmont(931) 692-5400 M S

H G Hill Middle SchoolNashville(615) 353-2075 M S

H Louis Scott JhsWinchester(931) 967-5323 M S

H Maynard Middle SchoolMaynardville(865) 992-1030 M S

H Y Livesay Middle SchoolHarrogate(423) 869-4663 M S

Halls High SchoolKnoxville(865) 922-7757 M S

Halls High SchoolHalls(731) 836-9642 M S

Halls Junior High SchoolHalls(731) 836-5579 M S

Halls Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 922-7494 M S

Hamblen County Adult High SchMorristown(423) 586-7700 M S

Hamilton High SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7838 M S

Hamilton Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7832 M S

Hampton High SchoolHampton(423) 725-5200 M S

Happy Valley High SchoolElizabethton(423) 547-4094 M S

Happy Valley Middle SchoolElizabethton(423) 547-4070 M S

Hardin County High SchoolSavannah(731) 925-3976 M S

Hardin County Middle SchoolSavannah(731) 925-9037 M S

Harpeth HsKingston Springs(615) 952-2811 M S

Harpeth Middle SchoolKingston Springs(615) 952-2293 M S

Harriman High/Vocational CenterHarriman(865) 882-1821 M S

Harriman Middle SchoolHarriman(865) 882-1727 M S

Harris Middle SchoolShelbyville(931) 684-5195 M S

Harrison Bay Vocational CenterOoltewah(423) 344-1433 M S

Havenview Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 348-3092 M S

Haywood High SchoolBrownsville(731) 772-1845 M S

Haywood Junior High SchoolBrownsville(731) 772-3265 M S

Hendersonville High SchoolHendersonville(615) 824-6162 M S

Henry County High SchoolParis(731) 642-5232 M S

Heritage High SchoolMaryville(865) 984-8110 M S

Heritage Middle SchoolThompson Station(615) 599-8558 M S

Heritage MiddleMaryville(865) 980-1300 M S

Hickman County High SchoolCenterville(931) 729-2616 M S

Hickman County Middle SchoolCenterville(931) 729-4234 M S

Hickory Ridge Middle SchoolMemphis M S

Highland Park Intermediate SchoolJackson(731) 427-4581 M S

Hillcrest High SchoolMemphis(901) 348-3104 M S

Hillsboro Comp High SchoolNashville(615) 298-8400 M S

Hillwood Comp High SchoolNashville(615) 353-2025 M S

Hixson High SchoolHixson(423) 842-4141 M S

Hixson MiddleHixson(423) 870-0600 M S

Holloway High SchoolMurfreesboro(615) 890-6004 M S

Holston Middle SchoolBlountville(423) 279-2330 M S

Holston Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 594-1300 M S

Holston Valley Middle SchoolBristol(423) 878-1940 M S

Houston County Adult High SchErin(931) 289-5525 M S

Houston County High SchoolErin(931) 289-4447 M S

Houston High SchoolGermantown(901) 756-2370 M S

Houston Middle SchoolGermantown(901) 756-2366 M S

Howard Academy Of TechnologyChattanooga(423) 209-5868 M S

Humboldt High SchoolHumboldt(731) 784-2781 M S

Humboldt Junior High SchoolHumboldt(731) 784-9514 M S

Hume Fogg Magnet High SchoolNashville(615) 742-6300 M S

Humes Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 579-3226 M S

Hunter Middle SchoolHendersonville(615) 822-4720 M S

Hunter MiddleOoltewah(423) 344-1474 M S

Hunters Lane High SchoolNashville(615) 860-1401 M S

Huntingdon Elementary SchoolHuntingdon(731) 986-2175 M S

Huntingdon High SchoolHuntingdon(731) 986-8223 M S

Huntsville Middle SchoolHuntsville(423) 663-2192 M S

I B Tigrett Middle SchoolJackson(731) 988-3840 M S

Ida B Welles AcademyMemphis(901) 579-3210 M S

Indian Trail Middle SchoolJohnson City(423) 610-6000 M S

J Baxter AlternativeNashville(615) 650-5381 M S

J D Jackson Junior High SchCowan(931) 967-7355 M S

Jacksboro Middle SchoolJacksboro(423) 562-3773 M S

Jackson Central Merry High SchoolJackson(731) 424-2200 M S

Jackson County High SchoolGainesboro(931) 268-9771 M S

Jackson Middle SchoolJackson(731) 423-6170 M S

Jasper Middle SchoolJasper(423) 942-6251 M S

Jefferson County High SchoolDandridge(865) 397-3182 M S

Jefferson Junior High SchoolOak Ridge(865) 482-8540 M S

Jefferson Middle SchoolJefferson City(865) 475-6133 M S

Jellico High SchoolJellico(423) 784-9455 M S

Jere Baxter Middle SchoolNashville(615) 662-3000 M S

Jim Satterfield Middle SchoolHartsville(615) 374-2748 M S

Joe Shafer Middle SchoolGallatin(615) 452-9100 M S

Joelton Middle SchoolJoelton(615) 876-5100 M S

John F. Kennedy Middle SchoolAntioch M S

John Overton High SchoolNashville(615) 333-5135 M S

John P Alton Park MiddleChattanooga(423) 209-5800 M S

John T Moore Middle SchoolNashville(615) 298-8095 M S

Johnson Alternative SchoolNashville(615) 291-6414 M S

Johnson County High SchoolMountain City(423) 727-2620 M S

Johnson County Middle SchoolMountain City(423) 727-2600 M S

Jonesborough Middle SchoolJonesborough(423) 753-1190 M S

Kansas Career And Technical CenterMemphis(901) 775-7300 M S

Karns High SchoolKnoxville(865) 539-8670 M S

Karns Middle SchoolKnoxville(865) 539-7732 M S

Kenwood High SchoolClarksville(931) 905-7900 M S

Kenwood MiddleClarksville(931) 553-2080 M S

Ketron Middle SchoolKingsport(423) 288-1450 M S

Kingsbury High SchoolMemphis(901) 320-6060 M S

Kingsbury Vocational SchoolMemphis(901) 320-6000 M S

Kirby High SchoolMemphis(901) 369-1960 M S

Kirby Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 369-1980 M S

Knox Doss Middle SchoolHendersonville(615) 824-5693 M S

Knoxville Adult Evening High SchoolKnoxville(865) 594-5058 M S

La Follette Middle SchoolLa Follette(423) 562-8448 M S

Lafayette Middle SchoolLafayette(615) 666-8868 M S

Lake City Middle SchoolLake City(865) 426-2609 M S

Lake County High SchoolTiptonville(731) 253-7733 M S

Lake Forest Middle SchoolCleveland(423) 478-8821 M S

Lanier Junior High SchoolMemphis(901) 348-3128 M S

Lauderdale Middle SchoolRipley(731) 635-1391 M S

Lavergne High SchoolLavergne(615) 793-3515 M S

Lawrence Adult High SchoolLawrenceburg(931) 762-5251 M S

Lawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburg(931) 762-9412 M S

Lebanon High SchoolLebanon(615) 444-9610 M S

Lenoir City High SchoolLenoir City(865) 986-2072 M S

Lenoir City Middle SchoolLenoir City(865) 986-2038 M S

Lewis County High SchoolHohenwald(931) 796-4085 M S

Lewis County Middle SchoolHohenwald(931) 796-4586 M S

Lewisburg Middle SchoolLewisburg(931) 359-1265 M S

Lexington High SchoolLexington(731) 968-2961 M S

Lincoln County High SchoolFayetteville(931) 433-6505 M S

Lincoln Heights Middle SchoolMorristown(423) 581-3200 M S

Lincoln Park Tech Trade CenterKnoxville(865) 689-1454 M S

Linden Middle SchoolLinden(931) 589-2831 M S

Litton Middle SchoolNashville(615) 262-6700 M S

Livingston AcadLivingston(931) 873-5911 M S

Livingston Middle SchoolLivingston(931) 823-5917 M S

Loftis MiddleHixson(423) 843-4749 M S

Longview Middle SchoolMemphis(901) 775-7420 M S

Loretto High SchoolLoretto(931) 853-4324 M S

Loudon County Technical CenterLenoir City(865) 986-2036 M S

Loudon High SchoolLoudon(865) 458-4326 M S

Lynn View Middle SchoolKingsport(423) 224-1210 M S

M Richardson Adult High SchoolMaryville(865) 984-5957 M S

Macon County High SchoolLafayette(615) 666-4320 M S

Macon County Jr High SchoolLafayette(615) 666-7545 M S

Madisonville Middle SchoolMadisonville(423) 442-4137 M S

Manassas High SchoolMemphis(901) 579-3244 M S

Maplewood High SchoolNashville(615) 262-6770 M S

Marion County High SchoolJasper(865) 942-5161 M S

Marshall County High SchoolLewisburg(931) 359-1549 M S

Martin Luther King Jr Pearl HSNashville(615) 329-8400 M S

Martin Middle SchoolMartin(731) 587-2346 M S

Maryville High SchoolMaryville(865) 982-1132 M S

Maryville Intermediate SchoolMaryville(865) 980-0590 M S

Maryville Middle SchoolMaryville(865) 983-2070 M S

Maury Middle SchoolDandridge(865) 397-3424 M S

Mc Ewen High SchoolMcewen(931) 582-6913 M S

Mc Ewen Jr. High SchoolMc Ewen(931) 582-8417 M S

Mcgavock High SchoolNashville(615) 885-8850 M S

Mckenzie High SchoolMckenzie(731) 352-2133 M S

Mckenzie MiddleMckenzie(731) 352-2792 M S

Mcminn High SchoolAthens(423) 745-4142 M S

Mcmurray Middle SchoolNashville(615) 333-5126 M S

Mcnairy Central High SchoolSelmer(731) 645-3226 M S

Meadowview Middle SchoolMorristown(423) 581-6360 M S

Medina Middle SchoolMedina(731) 783-1962 M S

Meigs County High SchoolDecatur(423) 334-5797 M S

Meigs Magnet Middle SchoolNashville(615) 291-6390 M S

Meigs MiddleDecatur(423) 334-9187 M S

Melrose High SchoolMemphis(901) 325-5974 M S

Memphis Adult High SchoolMemphis(901) 325-4847 M S

Middle College High SchoolMemphis(901) 544-5360 M S

Middle College HsNashville(615) 353-3742 M S

Middle SchoolSmithville(615) 597-7987 M S

Middleton High SchoolMiddleton(731) 376-8391 M S

Midway High SchoolKingston(865) 376-5645 M S

Milan High SchoolMilan(731) 686-0841 M S

Milan Middle SchoolMilan(731) 686-7232 M S

Millington High SchoolMillington(901) 873-8100 M S

Millington MiddleMillington(901) 873-8130 M S

Mitchell High SchoolMemphis(901) 789-8174 M S

Monterey High SchoolMonterey(931) 839-2970 M S

Montg Central Middle SchoolCunningham(931) 387-2575 M S

Montgomery Central High SchoolCunningham(931) 387-3201 M S

Moore County High SchoolLynchburg(931) 759-4231 M S

Morgan County Vocational CenterWartburg(423) 346-6285 M S

Morristown High EastMorristown(423) 586-2543 M S

Morristown High WestMorristown(423) 581-1600 M S

Mount Juliet High SchoolMt Juliet(615) 758-5606 M S

Mount Pisgah Middle SchoolCordova(901) 756-2386 M S

Mt. Juliet Middle SchoolMt. Juliet M S

Munford High SchoolMunford(901) 837-0173 M S

Munford Middle SchoolMunford(901) 837-1700 M S


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