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AdamsvilleAdamsville Junior / Senior High School(731) 632-3273

AftonChuckey Doak High School(423) 639-9300

AlamoCrockett County High School(731) 696-4525

AlamoCrockett County Middle School(731) 696-5583

AlcoaAlcoa High School(865) 982-4631

AlcoaAlcoa Middle School(865) 982-5211

AntiochAntioch High School(615) 641-5400

AntiochAntioch Middle(615) 333-5642

AntiochApollo Middle School(615) 333-5025

AntiochJohn F. Kennedy Middle School

ArlingtonArlington Middle School(901) 867-6015

ArlingtonBolton High School(901) 873-8150

ArlingtonShadowlawn Middle School(901) 373-2654

Ashland CityCheatham Co High School(615) 792-5641

Ashland CityCheatham County Adult High Sch(615) 792-5664

Ashland CityCheatham Middle(615) 792-2334

AthensAthens Junior High School(423) 745-1177

AthensMcminn High School(423) 745-4142

AthensNorth City Elementary School(423) 745-4210

AthensWestside Elementary School(423) 745-4721

AtwoodWest Carroll Jr / Sr High(731) 662-7116

BartlettAppling Middle(901) 373-1410

BartlettBartlett High School(901) 373-2620

BartlettElmore Park Middle School(901) 373-2642

BaxterUpperman High School(931) 858-3112

BentonPolk County High School(423) 338-4514

BlountvilleBlountville Middle School(423) 279-2301

BlountvilleHolston Middle School(423) 279-2330

BlountvilleSullivan Central High School(423) 279-2400

Bluff CityBluff City Middle School(423) 538-1800

Bluff CitySullivan East High School(423) 878-1900

BolivarBolivar Junior High School(731) 658-3656

BolivarCentral High School(731) 658-3151

BradfordBradford High School(731) 742-3152

BrentwoodBrentwood High School(615) 373-8237

BrentwoodBrentwood Middle School(615) 373-3232

BrentwoodWoodland Middle School(615) 370-0160

BrightonBrighton High School(901) 837-5800

BrightonBrighton Middle School(901) 837-5600

BristolHolston Valley Middle School(423) 878-1940

BristolTennessee High School(423) 652-9494

BristolVance Junior High School(423) 652-9449

BrownsvilleHaywood High School(731) 772-1845

BrownsvilleHaywood Junior High School(731) 772-3265

BrownsvilleSunny Hill Elementary School(731) 772-3401

ByrdstownPickett County High School(931) 864-3422

CamdenBenton County Adult High Sch(731) 584-1372

CamdenBenton County Vocational Centr(731) 584-4492

CamdenCamden Central High(731) 584-7254

CamdenCamden Jr High(731) 584-4518

CarthageSmith County High School(615) 735-9219

CelinaCelina High School(931) 243-2340

CelinaClay Co Adult Hs

CentervilleHickman County High School(931) 729-2616

CentervilleHickman County Middle School(931) 729-4234

CharlotteCharlotte Middle(615) 789-4138




ChattanoogaBrainerd High School(423) 855-2615

ChattanoogaChattanooga Middle Museum Magnet(423) 209-5914

ChattanoogaChattanooga State Mid College High School(423) 497-4400

ChattanoogaDalewood Middle School(423) 493-0323

ChattanoogaEast Lake Academy Of Fine Arts(423) 493-0334

ChattanoogaEast Ridge High School(423) 867-6200

ChattanoogaEast Ridge Middle School(423) 867-6214

ChattanoogaHoward Academy Of Technology(423) 209-5868

ChattanoogaJohn P Alton Park Middle(423) 209-5800

ChattanoogaOrchard Knob Middle School(423) 493-7793

ChattanoogaRed Bank High School(423) 874-1900

ChattanoogaRed Bank Middle School(423) 874-1908

ChattanoogaTyner High School(423) 855-2635

ChattanoogaTyner Middle School(423) 855-2648

ChattanoogaWashington School(423) 893-3520

Church HillChurch Hill Middle School(423) 357-3051

Church HillVolunteer High School(423) 357-3641

ClarkrangeClarkrange High School(931) 863-3143

ClarksvilleBurt Elementary School(931) 648-5630

ClarksvilleClarksville High School(931) 648-5690

ClarksvilleKenwood High School(931) 905-7900

ClarksvilleKenwood Middle(931) 553-2080

ClarksvilleNew Providence Middle School(931) 648-5655

ClarksvilleNortheast High School(931) 648-5640

ClarksvilleNortheast Middle School(931) 648-5665

ClarksvilleNorthwest High School(931) 648-5675

ClarksvilleRichview Middle School(931) 648-5620

ClarksvilleRossview High School(931) 553-2070

ClarksvilleRossview Middle School(931) 920-6150

ClevelandBradley High School(423) 476-0650

ClevelandCleveland High School(423) 478-1113

ClevelandCleveland Middle School(423) 479-9641

ClevelandLake Forest Middle School(423) 478-8821

ClevelandOcoee Middle School(423) 476-0630

ClevelandWalker Valley High School(423) 476-0620

ClintonAnderson Co. Career Technical Center(865) 457-4205

ClintonAnderson County High(865) 457-4716

ClintonClinton High School(865) 457-2611

ClintonClinton Middle School(865) 457-3451

CoalmontGrundy County High School(931) 692-5400

ColliervilleCollierville High School(901) 853-3310

ColliervilleSchilling Farms Mid(901) 854-2345

CollinwoodCollinwood High School(931) 724-4316

CollinwoodCollinwood Middle School(931) 724-9510

ColumbiaColumbia Central High School(931) 381-2222

ColumbiaE A Cox Middle School(931) 840-3902

ColumbiaSpring Hill High School(931) 486-2207

ColumbiaWhitthorne Middle School(931) 388-2558

CookevilleAvery Trace Middle School(931) 520-2205

CookevilleCookeville High School(931) 520-2287

CookevillePrescott Central Middle School(931) 528-3647

CookevillePutnam County Adult High Sch(931) 528-8685

CopperhillCopper Basin High School(423) 496-3291

CordovaCordova High School(901) 759-4540

CordovaMount Pisgah Middle School(901) 756-2386

CorrytonGibbs High School(865) 687-5221

CosbyCosby High School(423) 487-5602

CovingtonCovington High School(901) 475-5850

CovingtonCovington Middle School(901) 476-4620

CovingtonCrestview Middle School(901) 475-5900

CowanJ D Jackson Junior High Sch(931) 967-7355

Cross PlainsEast Robertson High School(615) 654-2191

CrossvilleCumberland County High School(931) 484-6194

CunninghamMontg Central Middle School(931) 387-2575

CunninghamMontgomery Central High School(931) 387-3201

DandridgeJefferson County High School(865) 397-3182

DandridgeMaury Middle School(865) 397-3424

DecaturMeigs County High School(423) 334-5797

DecaturMeigs Middle(423) 334-9187

DecaturvilleRiverside High School

DenmarkWest Middle School(731) 988-3810

DicksonDickson County High School(615) 446-9003

DicksonDickson Middle(615) 446-2273

DoverStewart County High School(931) 232-5179

DresdenDresden High School(731) 364-2949

DresdenDresden Middle School(731) 364-2407

DresdenWeakley County Regional High School(731) 364-5481

DunlapSeq Bledsoe Voc Ctr(423) 554-3293

DunlapSequatchie County High School(423) 949-2154

DunlapSequatchie County Middle(423) 949-4149

DyerGibson County High School(731) 692-3616

DyersburgDyersburg High School(731) 286-3630

DyersburgDyersburg Middle School(731) 286-3625

DyersburgThree Oaks Middle(731) 285-3100

ElizabethtonCarter County Adult High School(423) 547-4084

ElizabethtonElizabethton High School(423) 547-8015

ElizabethtonHappy Valley High School(423) 547-4094

ElizabethtonHappy Valley Middle School(423) 547-4070

ElizabethtonT A Dugger Junior High School(423) 547-8025

ElizabethtonUnaka High School(423) 474-4100

EnglewoodCentral High School(423) 263-5541

ErinHouston County Adult High Sch(931) 289-5525

ErinHouston County High School(931) 289-4447

ErwinUnicoi County High School(423) 743-1632

ErwinUnicoi County Middle School(423) 743-1653

EvensvilleRhea County High School(423) 775-7821

FairviewFairview High School(615) 799-2614

FairviewFairview Middle School(615) 799-9720

FayettevilleCentral Junior High School(931) 433-6156

FayettevilleFayetteville Intermediate School(931) 438-2533

FayettevilleFayetteville Junior High(931) 433-3158

FayettevilleLincoln County High School(931) 433-6505

FlintvilleFlintville Junior High School(931) 937-8271

FranklinCentennial Hs(615) 791-7787

FranklinFranklin High School(615) 794-3736

FranklinFred J Page High School(615) 794-6385

FranklinFred J Page Middle School(615) 791-0152

FranklinFreedom Intermediate(615) 790-4718

FranklinFreedom Middle School(615) 794-0987

FranklinGrassland Middle School(615) 590-8630

FranklinPoplar Grove 5-8(615) 790-4721

GainesboroFox Middle School(931) 268-9779

GainesboroJackson County High School(931) 268-9771

GallatinGallatin Senior High School(615) 452-2621

GallatinJoe Shafer Middle School(615) 452-9100

GallatinRucker Stewart Elementary School(615) 452-1734

GallatinUnion Elementary School(615) 452-0737

GatlinburgGatlinburg Pittman High School(865) 436-5637

GermantownGermantown High School(901) 756-2350

GermantownGermantown Middle School(901) 756-2338

GermantownHouston High School(901) 756-2370

GermantownHouston Middle School(901) 756-2366

GoodlettsvilleGoodlettsville Middle School(615) 859-8956

GrayDaniel Boone High School(423) 477-1600

GreenbrierGreenbrier High School(615) 643-4526

GreenbrierGreenbrier Middle School(615) 643-7823

GreenevilleGreeneville High School(423) 787-8030

GreenevilleGreeneville Middle School(423) 639-7841

GreenevilleNorth Greene High School(423) 234-1752

GreenevilleSouth Greene High School(423) 636-3790

GreenvilleGreene Vocational Center(423) 639-0171

HallsHalls High School(731) 836-9642

HallsHalls Junior High School(731) 836-5579

HamptonHampton High School(423) 725-5200

HarrimanCentral Intermediate School(865) 882-1242

HarrimanHarriman High/Vocational Center(865) 882-1821

HarrimanHarriman Middle School(865) 882-1727

HarrimanRoane County Vocational Center(865) 882-0242

HarrisonBrown Middle School(423) 344-1439

HarrisonCentral High School(423) 344-1447

HarrogateH Y Livesay Middle School(423) 869-4663

HartsvilleJim Satterfield Middle School(615) 374-2748

HartsvilleTrousdale County High School(615) 374-2201

HendersnvilleBeech Senior High School(615) 824-6200

HendersonChester County Hs(731) 989-8125

HendersonChester County Junior High(731) 989-8135

HendersonChester County Middle School(731) 989-8110

HendersonvilleHendersonville High School(615) 824-6162

HendersonvilleHunter Middle School(615) 822-4720

HendersonvilleKnox Doss Middle School(615) 824-5693

HendersonvilleRobert E Ellis Middle School(615) 264-6093

HendersonvilleV G Hawkins Middle School(615) 824-3456

HermitageDupont Middle Tyler(615) 885-8827

HixsonHixson High School(423) 842-4141

HixsonHixson Middle(423) 870-0600

HixsonLoftis Middle(423) 843-4749

HohenwaldLewis County High School(931) 796-4085

HohenwaldLewis County Middle School(931) 796-4586

HumboldtHumboldt High School(731) 784-2781

HumboldtHumboldt Junior High School(731) 784-9514

HumboldtStigall Middle School(731) 784-2825

HuntingdonCarroll County Technical Center(731) 986-8908

HuntingdonHuntingdon Elementary School(731) 986-2175

HuntingdonHuntingdon High School(731) 986-8223



HuntsvilleHuntsville Middle School(423) 663-2192

HuntsvilleScott High School(423) 663-2801

JacksboroCampbell Co Adult Hs(423) 566-5436

JacksboroCampbell County Comprehensive High School(423) 562-8308

JacksboroJacksboro Middle School(423) 562-3773

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JacksonHighland Park Intermediate School(731) 427-4581

JacksonI B Tigrett Middle School(731) 988-3840

JacksonJackson Central Merry High School(731) 424-2200

JacksonJackson Middle School(731) 423-6170

JacksonNorth Parkway Middle School(731) 427-3384

JacksonNorth Side High School(731) 668-3171

JacksonNortheast Middle School(731) 422-6687

JacksonSouth Side High School(731) 422-9923

JamestownFentress County Adult High Sch(931) 879-3802

JasperJasper Middle School(423) 942-6251

JasperMarion County High School(865) 942-5161

Jefferson CityJefferson Middle School(865) 475-6133

JellicoJellico High School(423) 784-9455

JoeltonJoelton Middle School(615) 876-5100

Johnson CityBoones Creek Middle School(423) 283-3520

Johnson CityIndian Trail Middle School(423) 610-6000

Johnson CityScience Hill High School(423) 461-1684

JonesboroughDavid Crockett High School(423) 753-1150

JonesboroughJonesborough Middle School(423) 753-1190

KingsportColonial Heights Middle School(423) 239-1360

KingsportDobyns Bennett High School(423) 378-8400

KingsportKetron Middle School(423) 288-1450

KingsportLynn View Middle School(423) 224-1210

KingsportRobinson Middle School(423) 378-2200

KingsportSevier Middle School(423) 378-2450

KingsportSullivan Middle School(423) 349-2600

KingsportSullivan North High School(423) 288-1400

KingsportSullivan South High School(423) 239-1300

KingstonCherokee Middle School(865) 376-9281

KingstonMidway High School(865) 376-5645

KingstonRoane County High School(865) 376-6534

Kingston SpringsHarpeth Hs(615) 952-2811

Kingston SpringsHarpeth Middle School(615) 952-2293

KnoxvilleAustin East High / Magnet(865) 594-3792

KnoxvilleBearden High School(865) 539-7800

KnoxvilleBearden Middle School(865) 539-7839

KnoxvilleByington Solway Vocational(865) 693-3511

KnoxvilleCedar Bluff Middle School(865) 539-7891

KnoxvilleCentral High School(865) 689-1400

KnoxvilleFarragut High School(865) 966-9775

KnoxvilleFarragut Middle School(865) 966-9756

KnoxvilleFulton High School(865) 594-1240

KnoxvilleGresham Middle School(865) 689-1430

KnoxvilleHalls High School(865) 922-7757

KnoxvilleHalls Middle School(865) 922-7494

KnoxvilleHolston Middle School(865) 594-1300

KnoxvilleKarns High School(865) 539-8670

KnoxvilleKarns Middle School(865) 539-7732

KnoxvilleKnoxville Adult Evening High School(865) 594-5058

KnoxvilleLincoln Park Technology Trade Center(865) 689-1454

KnoxvilleNorth Knox Vocational Center(865) 922-7576

KnoxvilleNorthwest Middle School(865) 594-1345

KnoxvilleSouth Doyle High School(865) 577-4475

KnoxvilleSouth Doyle Middle School(865) 579-2133

KnoxvilleThe Center School(865) 594-5081

KnoxvilleTransition School(865) 594-6808

KnoxvilleVine Middle / Magnet(865) 594-4461

KnoxvilleWest High School(865) 594-4477

KnoxvilleWest Middle(865) 539-5145

KnoxvilleWhittle Springs Middle School(865) 594-4474

KodakNorthview Middle(865) 933-7985

La FolletteLa Follette Middle School(423) 562-8448

LafayetteLafayette Middle School(615) 666-8868

LafayetteMacon County High School(615) 666-4320

LafayetteMacon County Jr High School(615) 666-7545

Lake CityLake City Middle School(865) 426-2609

LavergneLavergne High School(615) 793-3515

LawrenceburgE O Coffman Middle School(931) 762-6395

LawrenceburgLawrence Adult High School(931) 762-5251

LawrenceburgLawrence County High School(931) 762-9412

LebanonCastle Hghts Upper Elementary School(615) 444-2483

LebanonLebanon High School(615) 444-9610

LebanonWalter J Baird Middle School(615) 444-2190

LebanonWilson Central High School

LebanonWilson County Adult High School(615) 443-8722

LebanonWilson County Vocational Center(615) 444-1104

Lenoir CityLenoir City High School(865) 986-2072

Lenoir CityLenoir City Middle School(865) 986-2038

Lenoir CityLoudon County Technical Center(865) 986-2036

Lenoir CityNorth Middle School(865) 986-9944

LewisburgLewisburg Middle School(931) 359-1265

LewisburgMarshall County High School(931) 359-1549

LexingtonLexington High School(731) 968-2961

LindenLinden Middle School(931) 589-2831

LindenPerry County High School(931) 589-2831

LivingstonGed Academy(931) 823-9388

LivingstonLivingston Acad(931) 873-5911

LivingstonLivingston Middle School(931) 823-5917

LivingstonOverton Co Adult Hs(931) 823-7761

LorettoLoretto High School(931) 853-4324

LoudonFort Loudoun Middle School(865) 458-2026

LoudonLoudon High School(865) 458-4326

LylesEast Middle School(931) 670-4237

LynchburgMoore County High School(931) 759-4231

LynnvilleRichland High School(931) 527-3577

MadisonNeelys Bend Middle School(615) 860-1477

MadisonvilleMadisonville Middle School(423) 442-4137

MadisonvilleSequoyah Hs(423) 442-9230

ManchesterCoffee County Central High(931) 723-5159

ManchesterCoffee County Middle School(931) 723-5177

ManchesterRiverview Training Center(931) 723-5189

ManchesterWestwood Junior High School(931) 728-2071

MartinMartin Middle School(731) 587-2346

MartinWestview(731) 587-4202

MaryvilleCarpenters Middle School

MaryvilleHeritage High School(865) 984-8110

MaryvilleHeritage Middle(865) 980-1300

MaryvilleM Richardson Adult High School(865) 984-5957

MaryvilleMaryville High School(865) 982-1132

MaryvilleMaryville Intermediate School(865) 980-0590

MaryvilleMaryville Middle School(865) 983-2070

MaryvilleWilliam Blount High School(865) 984-5500

MaryvilleWilliam Blount Middle School(865) 977-5493

MaynardvilleH Maynard Middle School(865) 992-1030

MaynardvilleUnion County High School(865) 992-5232

Mc EwenMc Ewen Jr. High School(931) 582-8417

McewenMc Ewen High School(931) 582-6913

MckenzieMckenzie High School(731) 352-2133

MckenzieMckenzie Middle(731) 352-2792

McminnvilleWarren County High School(931) 668-5858

McminnvilleWarren County Middle School(931) 473-6557

MedinaMedina Middle School(731) 783-1962

MemphisAirways Middle(901) 744-5006

MemphisB T Washington High School(901) 775-7240

MemphisBellevue Junior High School(901) 722-4488

MemphisCarver High School(901) 775-7594

MemphisCentral High School(901) 722-4500

MemphisChickasaw Junior High School(901) 789-8134

MemphisColonial Middle School(901) 761-8980

MemphisCorry Middle School(901) 775-7804

MemphisCraigmont High School(901) 385-4312

MemphisCraigmont Middle

MemphisCypress Middle School(901) 722-4524

MemphisEast High School(901) 320-6160

MemphisFairley High School(901) 789-8060

MemphisFairview Junior High School(901) 722-4536

MemphisFrayser High School(901) 357-3880

MemphisGeeter Middle School(901) 789-8157

MemphisGeorgian Hills Junior High(901) 357-3740

MemphisHamilton High School(901) 775-7838

MemphisHamilton Middle School(901) 775-7832

MemphisHavenview Middle School(901) 348-3092

MemphisHickory Ridge Middle School

MemphisHillcrest High School(901) 348-3104

MemphisHumes Middle School(901) 579-3226

MemphisIda B Welles Academy(901) 579-3210

MemphisKansas Career And Technical Center(901) 775-7300

MemphisKingsbury High School(901) 320-6060

MemphisKingsbury Vocational School(901) 320-6000

MemphisKirby High School(901) 369-1960

MemphisKirby Middle School(901) 369-1980

MemphisLanier Junior High School(901) 348-3128

MemphisLongview Middle School(901) 775-7420

MemphisManassas High School(901) 579-3244

MemphisMelrose High School(901) 325-5974

MemphisMemphis Adult High School(901) 325-4847

MemphisMiddle College High School(901) 544-5360

MemphisMitchell High School(901) 789-8174

MemphisNorthside High School(901) 722-4582

MemphisOakhaven High School(901) 366-2300

MemphisOverton High School(901) 684-2136

MemphisRaleigh Egypt High School(901) 385-4108

MemphisRaleigh Eqypt Middle School(901) 385-4141

MemphisRidgeway High School(901) 761-8820

MemphisRidgeway Middle School

MemphisRiverview Middle School(901) 775-7340

MemphisSheffield High School(901) 366-2370

MemphisSheffield Vocational High(901) 366-2340

MemphisSherwood Middle School(901) 325-4870

MemphisSouth Side High School(901) 775-7380

MemphisSouthwest Career And Technical School(901) 789-8186

MemphisSouthwind Middle(901) 759-3000

MemphisTreadwell High School(901) 320-6100

MemphisTrezevant Career And Technical School(901) 357-3880

MemphisTrezevant High School(901) 357-3760

MemphisVance Middle School(901) 579-3256

MemphisWestside High School(901) 357-3700

MemphisWestwood High School(901) 789-8000

MemphisWhite Station High School(901) 761-8880

MemphisWhite Station Middle School(901) 684-2184

MemphisWhitehaven High School(901) 348-3000

MemphisWooddale High School(901) 366-2440

MemphisWooddale Middle School(901) 366-2420

MiddletonMiddleton High School(731) 376-8391

MilanMilan High School(731) 686-0841

MilanMilan Middle School(731) 686-7232

MillingtonMillington High School(901) 873-8100

MillingtonMillington Middle(901) 873-8130

MillingtonWoodstock Middle School(901) 353-8590

MontereyBurks Middle School

MontereyMonterey High School(931) 839-2970

MorristownHamblen County Adult High Sch(423) 586-7700

MorristownLincoln Heights Middle School(423) 581-3200

MorristownMeadowview Middle School(423) 581-6360

MorristownMorristown High East(423) 586-2543

MorristownMorristown High West(423) 581-1600

MorristownWest View Middle School(423) 581-2407

MosheimWest Greene High School(423) 422-4061

Mountain CityJohnson County High School(423) 727-2620

Mountain CityJohnson County Middle School(423) 727-2600

Mt JulietMount Juliet High School(615) 758-5606

Mt JulietWest Wilson Middle(615) 758-5152

Mt. JulietMt. Juliet Middle School

Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant Middle Visual Perform. Arts(931) 379-1100

MunfordMunford High School(901) 837-0173

MunfordMunford Middle School(901) 837-1700

MurfreesboroBlackman High School(615) 904-3850

MurfreesboroCentral Middle School(615) 893-8262

MurfreesboroDaniel Mckee Alternative School(615) 890-2282

MurfreesboroHolloway High School(615) 890-6004

MurfreesboroOakland High School(615) 890-5920

MurfreesboroRiverdale High School(615) 890-6450

MurfreesboroRutherford County Adult High School(615) 896-0876

MurfreesboroSiegel Middle School(615) 904-3830


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