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Sabino High SchoolTucson(520) 512-3225 M S

Sacaton Middle SchoolSacaton(520) 562-3339 M S

Safford Engineering/Technology Middle SchooTucson(520) 617-6200 M S

Safford High SchoolSafford(520) 428-5999 M S

Safford Middle SchoolSafford(520) 428-3447 M S

Saguaro High SchoolScottsdale(480) 443-7100 M S

Sahuarita High SchoolSahuarita(520) 625-3502 M S

Sahuarita Middle SchoolSahuarita(520) 625-3502 M S

Sahuaro High SchoolTucson(520) 733-8100 M S

Salome High SchoolSalome(520) 859-3453 M S

San Carlos High SchoolSan Carlos(520) 475-2378 M S

San Carlos Junior High SchoolSan Carlos(520) 475-2262 M S

San Joaquin Alternative SchoolTucson(520) 696-3720 M S

San Luis Middle SchoolSan Luis(520) 627-1015 M S

San Manual Jr. High SchoolSan Manuel(520) 385-2338 M S

San Manuel High SchoolSan Manuel(520) 385-2336 M S

San Simon High SchoolSan Simon(520) 845-2275 M S

Sanders Middle SchoolSanders(520) 688-2751 M S

Santa Cruz Alternative High SchoolNogales(520) 287-0915 M S

Santa Cruz Valley Union High SchoolEloy(520) 466-2200 M S

Santa Maria Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 907-2145 M S

Santa Rita High SchoolTucson(520) 733-8000 M S

Scholars Academy The (Charter)Ehrenberg(520) 923-7907 M S

School For Integrated Academics And Technologies (Vista(760) 726-6367 M S

Second Chance High SchoolTucson(520) 882-4471 M S

Second Chance Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-7910 M S

Secrist Middle SchoolTucson(520) 733-8420 M S

Secure CareFlagstaff(928) 779-6591 M S

Sedona Red Rock High SchoolSedona(520) 204-6700 M S

Sees Charter SchoolPhoenix(480) 481-5051 M S

Self Advancement SchoolTucson(520) 740-8451 M S

Seligman High SchoolSeligman(520) 422-3233 M S

Sequoia Charter SchoolMesa(602) 649-7737 M S

Shadow Mountain High SchoolPhoenix(602) 867-5326 M S

Shea Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 493-6440 M S

Shepherd Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-1800 M S

Shonto Preparatory Technology High School (CharterShonto(520) 672-2652 M S

Show Low High School - Satellite CampusShow Low M S

Show Low High SchoolShow Low(520) 537-6200 M S

Show Low Intermediate SchoolShow Low(520) 537-6150 M S

Show Low Junior High SchoolShow Low(520) 537-6100 M S




Sierra Middle SchoolTucson(520) 545-4800 M S

Sierra Summit Academy (Charter)Hereford(520) 803-0508 M S

Sierra Vista Middle SchoolSierra Vista(520) 515-2930 M S

Sinagua High SchoolFlagstaff(928) 527-5500 M S

Skyline High SchoolMesa(480) 472-9400 M S

Skyline Technical High School (Charter)Chandler(623) 875-2030 M S

Skyline West High School (Charter)Gilbert(480) 763-8425 M S

Snowflake High SchoolSnowflake(520) 536-4152 M S

Snowflake Intermediate SchoolSnowflake(520) 536-2162 M S

Snowflake Junior High SchoolSnowflake(520) 536-2163 M S

Somerton Middle SchoolSomerton(520) 627-6100 M S

Sonoran Desert School (Charter)Mesa(480) 396-5463 M S

Sonoran Trails Middle SchoolCave Creek(480) 575-2200 M S


South Mountain College Prep High SchoolPhoenix(602) 268-4508 M S

South Mountain High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2884 M S

Southern Arizona Community High SchoolTucson(520) 319-6113 M S

Southwest Alternative High SchoolTucson(520) 578-4695 M S

Southwest Alternative Middle SchoolTucson(520) 578-4694 M S

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St David High SchoolSt David(520) 720-4781 M S

St Johns High SchoolsSt Johns(520) 337-2221 M S

St Johns Middle SchoolSt Johns(520) 337-2132 M S

Stapley Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2700 M S

Star Tech Professional CenterPhoenix(602) 867-5571 M S

Student Choice High School (Charter)Tempe(480) 947-9511 M S

Summit High School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 258-8959 M S

Sun Valley High School (Charter)Mesa(480) 497-4800 M S

Sun Valley Middle School (Charter)Mesa(480) 497-4800 M S

Sundown High SchoolMesa(480) 472-3575 M S

Sunnyside High SchoolTucson(520) 545-5300 M S

Sunnyslope High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8760 M S

Sunrise Middle SchoolScottsdale(602) 493-6030 M S

Sunrise Mountain High SchoolPeoria(623) 487-5125 M S

Suns-Diamondback Education AcademyPhoenix(602) 744-1220 M S

Supai Middle SchoolScottsdale(480) 423-3720 M S

Superior Junior High SchoolSuperior(520) 689-5221 M S

Superior Junior/Senior High SchoolSuperior(520) 689-5252 M S

Superior SchoolSuperior(520) 689-5291 M S

TappMesa(480) 472-6850 M S

Taylor Intermediate SchoolTaylor(520) 536-4158 M S

Taylor Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-1500 M S

Tempe Accelerated High School (Charter)Tempe(480) 831-6057 M S

Tempe High SchoolTempe(480) 967-1661 M S

Tempe Preparatory Academy (Charter)Tempe(480) 839-3402 M S

Tertulia: A Learning Community #2Phoenix(602) 262-2200 M S

Thatcher Elementary SchoolThatcher(520) 348-7200 M S

Thatcher High SchoolThatcher(520) 348-3653 M S

Thatcher Middle SchoolThatcher(520) 428-0515 M S

Thomas J. Pappas Jr./Sr. HighPhoenix(602) 452-4737 M S

Thunder Mountain Middle SchoolApache Junction(480) 982-1110 M S

Thunderbird High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8900 M S

Thunderbolt Middle SchoolLake Havasu City(520) 855-4066 M S

Tolleson Union High SchoolTolleson(623) 936-1276 M S

Tombstone High SchoolTombstone(520) 457-2215 M S

Tortolita Middle SchoolTucson(520) 579-4600 M S

Townsend Middle SchoolTucson(520) 318-2060 M S

Trevor Browne High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2101 M S

Tri-City Prep High School (Charter)Prescott(520) 708-3950 M S

Tri-City Vo/Tech High School (Charter)Prescott(928) 442-9125 M S

Tse Ho Tso Middle SchoolFt Defiance(520) 729-7578 M S

Tuba City Alternative SchoolTuba City(520) 283-1049 M S

Tuba City High SchoolTuba City(520) 283-6291 M S

Tuba City Junior High SchoolTuba City(520) 283-6281 M S

Tucson Accelerated High School (Charter)Tucson(520) 722-4721 M S

Tucson Magnet High SchoolTucson(520) 225-5000 M S

Tucson Preparatory School (Charter)Tucson(520) 622-4185 M S

Turquoise Dawn AlternativeChinlee(520) 674-9524 M S

Underdown Junior High SchoolCashion(623) 936-0925 M S

Unity HighPhoenix(602) 278-4108 M S

University High SchoolTucson(520) 318-2208 M S

Utterback Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6100 M S

Vail Charter High SchoolVail(520) 574-2337 M S

Valencia Middle SchoolTucson(520) 578-4670 M S

Valley High SchoolSanders(520) 688-2253 M S

Valley Union High SchoolElfrida(520) 642-3492 M S

Vechij Himdag Mashchamakud (Charter)Sacaton(520) 562-3286 M S

Victory High School - Campus (Charter)Phoenix(602) 243-7583 M S

Villa Oasis Interscholastic Center For Education (Eloy(520) 466-9461 M S

Village The: Hs For Pregnant & Parenting Teens (CPhoenix(602) 258-6990 M S

Vision Charter SchoolTucson(520) 884-7131 M S

Vista Alternative SchoolYuma(520) 343-2521 M S

Vista Del Sur Middle SchoolLaveen(602) 237-9100 M S

Vista Verde Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 493-6013 M S

Vulture Peak SchoolWickenburg(520) 684-7808 M S

Wade Carpenter Middle SchoolNogales(520) 287-0820 M S

Wakefield Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6180 M S

Wallace Elementary SchoolParker(520) 669-9244 M S

Wallace Jr High SchoolParker(520) 669-2141 M S

Washington High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8400 M S

West Phoenix High School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 269-1110 M S

Western Sky Middle SchoolGoodyear(623) 535-5300 M S

Western Sky Sattelite Middle SchoolGoodyear M S

Westview High SchoolAvondale(623) 877-2438 M S

Westwind Academy (Charter)Phoenix(602) 864-7731 M S

Westwind Middle School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 864-7731 M S

Westwood High SchoolMesa(480) 472-4400 M S

White Mountain InstituteShow Low M S

Whiteriver Middle SchoolWhiteriver(520) 338-4138 M S

Wickenburg High SchoolWickenburg(520) 684-6600 M S

Wide Ruins Junior High School (Charter)Chambers(520) 652-3251 M S

Willcox High SchoolWillcox(520) 384-4214 M S

Willcox Middle SchoolWillcox(520) 384-4218 M S

Williams High SchoolWilliams(520) 635-4474 M S

Willis Junior High SchoolChandler(480) 883-5700 M S

Wilson Elementary SchoolPhoenix(602) 683-2400 M S

Wilson High School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 850-2615 M S

Window Rock High SchoolFt Defiance(520) 729-7604 M S

Winkelman Intermediate SchoolWinkleman(520) 356-7876 M S

Winslow High SchoolWinslow(520) 289-3371 M S

Winslow Junior High SchoolWinslow(520) 289-3347 M S

Yavapai Accommodation SchoolPrescott Valley(928) 771-3568 M S

Young Teaching High SchoolYoung(520) 462-3244 M S

Yuma County Accommodation School - Adult DetentionYuma(520) 329-2243 M S

Yuma High SchoolYuma(928) 782-1881 M S



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