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A. C. E.Marana(520) 682-1014 M S

Academy With Community PartnersMesa(480) 833-0068 M S

Accelerated Learning CenterPhoenix(602) 485-0309 M S

Accommodation Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6790 M S

Agua Fria High SchoolAvondale(623) 932-7000 M S

Aha Macav High SchoolMohave Valley(520) 346-3925 M S

Air Academy Charter High SchoolPhoenix(623) 247-4100 M S

Alchesay High SchoolWhiteriver(520) 338-4848 M S

Alhambra High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2011 M S

Alice Vail Middle SchoolTucson(520) 512-3480 M S

Allsport Academy (Charter)Tucson(520) 731-2150 M S

Altar Valley Middle SchoolTucson(520) 822-9343 M S

Alternative Center For EducationMesa(480) 507-0519 M S

Alternative Center For EducationPhoenix(602) 257-3911 M S

Alternative Computerized EducationTucson(520) 623-5843 M S

Alternative Education CenterPhoenix(602) 867-5142 M S

Alternative EducationPhoenix(602) 493-6220 M S

Alternative SchoolTempe(480) 730-7292 M S

Amerischools Academy (Charter)Phoenix(602) 532-0100 M S

Amerischools Academy (Charter)Tucson(520) 322-5200 M S

Amerischools Academy (Charter)Tucson(520) 722-1200 M S

Amphitheater High SchoolTucson(520) 696-5340 M S

Amphitheater Middle SchoolTucson(520) 696-6230 M S

Ann Clare Learning AcademyPrescott(928) 443-0677 M S

Antelope Union High SchoolWellton(520) 785-3344 M S

Apache Junction High SchoolApache Junction(480) 982-1110 M S

Apache Middle SchoolSierra Vista(520) 515-2920 M S

Apache Trail High SchoolApache Junction(480) 288-0337 M S

Apollo High SchoolGlendale(623) 435-6300 M S

Apollo Middle SchoolTucson(520) 545-4500 M S

Arcadia High SchoolPhoenix(602) 952-6300 M S

Arizona Agribusiness & Equine #2Phoenix(602) 243-8004 M S

Arizona Agribusiness & EquinePhoenix(602) 243-8004 M S

Arizona Call-A-Teen CenterPhoenix(602) 252-6721 M S W

Art Works AcademyTucson(520) 617-6460 M S

Ash Fork High SchoolAsh Fork(520) 637-2561 M S

Ash Fork Middle SchoolAsh Fork(520) 637-2561 M S

Atkinson Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 691-1700 M S

Avondale Middle SchoolAvondale(623) 932-2680 M S

Az-Tec High School (Charter)Yuma(520) 329-2155 M S

Aztec Middle College - EastTucson(520) 617-6460 M S

Aztec Middle CollegeTucson(520) 206-6841 M S

Baboquivari Alternative High SchoolSells(520) 383-6708 M S

Baboquivari High SchoolSells(520) 383-6800 M S

Baboquivari Middle SchoolSells(520) 383-6900 M S

Barcelona Middle SchoolGlendale(623) 842-8616 M S

Barry Goldwater High SchoolPhoenix(623) 445-3000 M S

Bennett Academy (Charter)Phoenix(602) 943-1317 M S

Benson High SchoolBenson(520) 586-2213 M S

Benson Middle SchoolBenson(520) 586-2213 M S




Bisbee High SchoolBisbee(520) 432-5714 M S

Bisbee Middle SchoolBisbee(520) 432-6100 M S

Blue Ridge High SchoolLakeside(520) 368-6328 M S

Blue Ridge Jr High SchoolLakeside(520) 368-6377 M S

Blue Ridge Middle SchoolLakeside(520) 368-6119 M S

Bogle Junior High SchoolChandler(480) 883-5500 M S

Bostrom Alternative CenterPhoenix(602) 271-2900 M S

Boulder Canyon Learning CenterMesa(480) 472-9650 M S

Bowie High SchoolBowie(520) 847-2545 M S

Bradshaw Mountain High SchoolPrescott Valley(520) 775-4286 M S

Bradshaw Mountain Middle SchoolDewey(520) 772-3022 M S

Brimhall Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2600 M S

Buckeye Union High SchoolBuckeye(623) 386-9714 M S

Buena High SchoolSierra Vista(520) 515-2800 M S

Bullhead City Jr High SchoolBullhead City(520) 758-3921 M S

C O Greenfield SchoolPhoenix(602) 232-4240 M S

C.I.W.A. Middle School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 268-0275 M S

Cactus High SchoolGlendale(623) 412-5000 M S

Cactus Middle SchoolCasa Grande(520) 421-3330 M S

Cactus Shadows High School/PshCave Creek(480) 575-2400 M S

Calabasas Middle SchoolRio Rico(520) 281-8282 M S

Calli Ollin Academy (Charter)Tucson(520) 882-3029 M S

Camelback High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2281 M S

Camp Verde High SchoolCamp Verde(520) 567-6601 M S

Camp Verde Middle SchoolCamp Verde(520) 567-3993 M S

Canyon Del Oro High SchoolTucson(520) 696-5560 M S

Cape School-AdultTucson(520) 740-8451 M S

Capitol High School (Charter)Prescott(928) 778-1422 M S

Capps Elementary SchoolHeber(520) 535-4667 M S

Career Success High School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 285-5525 M S

Carl Hayden High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2402 M S

Carson Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2900 M S

Carson Middle SchoolTucson(520) 512-3300 M S

Casa Blanca Middle School (Charter)Bapchule(520) 315-3489 M S

Casa Grande Alternative SchoolCasa Grande(520) 316-3361 M S

Casa Grande Middle SchoolCasa Grande(520) 836-7310 M S

Casa Grande Union High SchoolCasa Grande(520) 836-8500 M S

Casa Verde High SchoolCasa Grande(520) 316-3360 M S

Castle Dome Middle SchoolYuma(520) 341-1600 M S

Catalina Foothills High SchoolTucson(520) 577-5090 M S

Catalina High Magnet SchoolTucson(520) 318-2270 M S

Centennial High SchoolPeoria(623) 412-4400 M S

Centennial Middle SchoolYuma(520) 373-3300 M S

Center For Academic Success #2Douglas(520) 364-8906 M S

Central High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2307 M S

Cesar Chavez High SchoolLaveen(602) 744-4010 M S

Cesar Chavez Middle SchoolSouth Tucson(520) 884-1602 M S

Challenger Middle SchoolTucson(520) 545-4600 M S

Challenger Middle SchoolGlendale(623) 842-8314 M S

Chandler High SchoolChandler(480) 812-7700 M S

Chaparral High SchoolScottsdale(480) 443-7000 M S

Chaparral Middle SchoolTucson(520) 545-4700 M S

Chinle Elementary SchoolChinle(520) 674-9503 M S

Chinle High SchoolChinle(520) 674-9507 M S

Chinle Junior High SchoolChinle(520) 674-9405 M S

Chino Valley High SchoolChino Valley(520) 636-2298 M S

Cholla High Magnet SchoolTucson(520) 617-7700 M S

Cholla Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 896-5400 M S

Christown AcademyPhoenix(602) 864-3980 M S

Cibola High SchoolYuma(928) 783-7837 M S

Cienega High SchoolVail(520) 762-2800 M S

Clarendon SchoolPhoenix(602) 707-2200 M S

Clifton High SchoolClifton(520) 865-3262 M S

Coconino High SchoolFlagstaff(928) 773-8200 M S W

Cocopah Middle SchoolScottsdale(480) 443-7800 M S

Colonel Smith Middle SchoolFt Huachuca(520) 459-8892 M S

Colorado City High SchoolColorado City(520) 875-2288 M S

Colorado City Jr High SchoolColorado City(520) 875-8020 M S

Compadre High SchoolTempe(602) 839-0292 M S

Compass High School (Charter)Tucson(520) 409-5300 M S

Connolly Middle SchoolTempe(480) 967-8933 M S

Coolidge High School Success CenterCoolidge(520) 876-4462 M S

Coolidge High SchoolCoolidge(520) 723-2394 M S

Coolidge Intermediate SchoolCoolidge(520) 723-2102 M S

Copper Ridge Middle SchoolScottsdale(480) 484-1500 M S

Cornerstone Charter SchoolPhoenix(602) 525-6652 M S

Corona Del Sol High SchoolTempe(480) 752-8888 M S

Coronado High SchoolScottsdale(480) 990-4300 M S

Cortez High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8200 M S

Cottonwood Middle SchoolCottonwood(520) 634-2231 M S

Crane Middle SchoolYuma(520) 726-0553 M S

Daytona Middle SchoolLake Havasu City(520) 855-4200 M S

Deer Valley Charter High SchoolPhoenix(623) 445-4909 M S

Deer Valley High SchoolGlendale(602) 467-6700 M S

Deer Valley Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 445-3300 M S

Desert Arroyo Middle SchoolCave Creek(480) 575-2300 M S

Desert Eagle Secondary SchoolScottsdale(602) 850-8335 M S

Desert Hills High School (Charter)Gilbert(480) 813-1151 M S

Desert Mountain High SchoolScottsdale(480) 661-4400 M S

Desert Pointe Academy (Charter)Phoenix(602) 371-1716 M S

Desert Ridge Jr. HighMesa(480) 635-2025 M S

Desert Rose Academy Charter SchoolTucson(520) 696-0819 M S

Desert Sands Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 691-4900 M S

Desert Shadows Middle SchoolNogales(520) 377-2646 M S

Desert Shadows Middle SchoolScottsdale(602) 493-6000 M S

Desert Shadows Middle SchoolApache Junction(602) 982-1110 M S

Desert Sky Middle SchoolGlendale(602) 467-6500 M S

Desert Sky Middle SchoolVail(520) 762-2700 M S

Desert Technology High SchoolLake Havasu City(520) 453-3383 M S

Desert View High SchoolTucson(520) 545-5100 M S

Desert Vista High SchoolPhoenix(480) 706-7900 M S

DesiderataPhoenix(602) 271-2950 M S

Dine Southwest High School (Charter)Winslow(520) 774-7608 M S

Dobson High SchoolMesa(480) 472-3000 M S

Don Mensendick SchoolGlendale(623) 842-8260 M S

Doolen Middle SchoolTucson(520) 318-2000 M S

Douglas East CampusDouglas(520) 805-0712 M S

Douglas High SchoolDouglas(520) 364-3462 M S

Duncan Elementary SchoolDuncan(520) 359-2471 M S

Duncan High SchoolDuncan(520) 359-2474 M S

Dysart High SchoolEl Mirage(623) 876-7500 M S

East Globe Elementary SchoolGlobe(520) 425-8915 M S

East Valley AcademyMesa(480) 472-9350 M S

East Valley Institute Of TechnMesa(480) 461-4173 M S

Eastpointe High School (Charter)Tucson(520) 731-8180 M S

Edge Charter School - Himmel ParkTucson(520) 881-1389 M S

Edge Charter School - Pascua YaquiTucson(520) 883-5160 M S

Edge Charter School - SahuaritaSahuarita(520) 393-1690 M S

Edge Charter SchoolTucson(520) 881-1389 M S

Educational Opportunity Center (Charter)Yuma(520) 329-0990 M S

E-Institute (Charter)Glendale(602) 547-8806 M S

El Dorado High School (Charter)Chandler(480) 726-9536 M S

Eloy Intermediate SchoolEloy(520) 466-2130 M S

Eloy Junior High SchoolEloy(520) 466-2140 M S

Emily Gray Junior High SchoolTucson(520) 749-3838 M S

Escuela AztecaPhoenix(602) 233-3321 M S

Esperero Canyon Middle SchoolTucson(520) 577-5330 M S

Estrella Foothills High SchoolGoodyear(623) 327-2403 M S

Estrella High School (Charter)Avondale(623) 932-6561 M S

Estrella Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 691-5400 M S

Evit Chandler AirChandler(480) 461-4101 M S

Excel Education Center Fort MojaveFort Mojave(928) 758-5472 M S

Explorer Middle SchoolPhoenix(480) 419-5600 M S

Fees Middle SchoolTempe(480) 897-6063 M S

Flagstaff Arts And Leadership AcadFlagstaff(928) 779-7223 M S

Flagstaff High SchoolFlagstaff(928) 773-8100 M S

Flagstaff Middle SchoolFlagstaff(928) 773-8150 M S

Florence High SchoolFlorence(520) 868-2330 M S

Florence Middle SchoolFlorence(520) 868-2320 M S

Flowing Wells High SchoolTucson(520) 690-2404 M S

Flowing Wells Junior High SchoolTucson(520) 690-2314 M S

Fort Thomas High SchoolFt Thomas(520) 485-2427 M S

Fountain Hills High SchoolFountain Hills(480) 816-1075 M S

Fountain Hills Middle SchoolFountain Hills(480) 837-7758 M S

Fourth Avenue Junior High SchoolYuma(520) 782-2193 M S

Fox Creek Jr High SchoolBullhead City(520) 704-2500 M S


Frank Borman Middle SchoolPhoenix(623) 691-5000 M S

Fredonia High SchoolFredonia(520) 643-7333 M S

Fremont Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-8300 M S

Ganado High SchoolGanado(520) 755-1319 M S

Ganado Middle SchoolGanado(520) 755-1220 M S

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Gateway Community High SchoolPhoenix(602) 392-5466 M S

George SmithMesa(480) 472-9900 M S

Gila Bend High SchoolGila Bend(520) 683-2286 M S

Gila Vista Jr High SchoolYuma(520) 782-5174 M S

Gilbert High SchoolGilbert(480) 497-0177 M S

Gilbert Junior High SchoolGilbert(480) 892-6908 M S

Gilbert Night SchoolGilbert(480) 497-3351 M S

Gililland Middle SchoolTempe(480) 966-7114 M S

Glassford Hill Middle SchoolPrescott Valley(520) 772-5363 M S

Glendale High SchoolGlendale(623) 435-6200 M S

Glendale Landmark Middle SchoolGlendale(623) 842-8304 M S

Globe High SchoolGlobe(520) 425-3211 M S

Globe Junior High SchoolGlobe(520) 425-8926 M S

Granada East SchoolPhoenix(602) 589-0110 M S

Grand Canyon High SchoolGrand Canyon(520) 638-2461 M S

Granite Mountain Middle SchoolPrescott(520) 717-3253 M S

Greenfield Junior High SchoolGilbert(480) 813-1770 M S

Greenway High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8500 M S

Greenway Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 493-6300 M S

Greyhills Academy High SchoolTuba City(520) 283-6271 M S

Gridley Middle SchoolTucson(520) 733-8620 M S

Guadalupe High SchoolGuadalupe(480) 831-0258 M S

Ha:San Prep & Leadership SchoolTucson(520) 882-8826 M S

Hamilton High SchoolChandler(480) 883-5000 M S

Hayden High SchoolWinkelman(520) 356-7876 M S

Hayden-Winkelman SchoolWinkleman(520) 356-7876 M S

Hendrix Junior High SchoolChandler(480) 472-3300 M S

Heritage Academy (Charter)Mesa(602) 969-5641 M S

Heritage Middle SchoolChino Valley(520) 636-4464 M S

Highland High SchoolGilbert(480) 813-0051 M S

Highland Jr High SchoolGilbert(480) 632-4739 M S

Higley High SchoolGilbert(480) 279-7000 M S

Hillcrest Middle SchoolGlendale(623) 376-3300 M S

Hohokam Middle SchoolTucson(520) 578-4920 M S

Holbrook High SchoolHolbrook(520) 524-2815 M S

Holbrook Junior High SchoolHolbrook(520) 524-3959 M S

Hopi Jr/Sr High School (Charter)Keams Canyon(520) 738-5111 M S

Horizon High SchoolScottsdale(602) 953-4104 M S

Howenstine High SchoolTucson(520) 318-2245 M S

Ida Flood Dodge MiddleSchoolTucson(520) 733-8960 M S

Independence High SchoolGlendale(623) 435-6100 M S

Indian Oasis Intermediate SchoolSells(520) 383-2312 M S

Ingleside Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 852-2900 M S

Inscape AlternativeTucson(520) 690-2380 M S

International Commerce InstituteTempe(602) 650-1116 M S

International Studies AcademyGlendale(602) 547-8806 M S

Ira H. Hayes Learning CenterBapchule(520) 315-3496 M S

Ironwood High SchoolGlendale(623) 486-6400 M S

Ironwood Ridge High SchoolTucson(520) 696-3902 M S

Isaac Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 484-4713 M S

James Madison Prep SchoolTempe(480) 345-2306 M S

James Sandoval Prep High SchoolPhoenix(623) 845-0781 M S

John M Andersen Jr High SchoolChandler(480) 812-7170 M S

Joseph City Jr/Sr High SchoolJoseph City(520) 288-3361 M S

Juniper Canyon Alt High SchoolSedona(520) 204-6830 M S

Kayenta Middle SchoolKayenta(520) 697-2298 M S

Kestrel High School (Charter)Prescott(520) 541-1090 M S

Kin Dah Lichii Olta` Charter SchoolGanado(520) 755-3439 M S

Kingman Academy Middle SchoolKingman(520) 681-2400 M S

Kingman High School - NorthKingman(520) 692-6480 M S

Kingman High School - SouthKingman(520) 753-6216 M S

Kingman Junior High SchoolKingman(520) 753-3588 M S

Kino Academy (Charter)Tempe(480) 755-8222 M S

Kino Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2400 M S

Kofa High SchoolYuma(928) 726-5750 M S

Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle SchoolPhoenix(480) 783-1600 M S

Kyrene Altadena Middle SchoolPhoenix(480) 783-1300 M S

Kyrene Aprende Middle SchoolChandler(480) 783-2200 M S

Kyrene Centennial Middle SchoolPhoenix(480) 783-2500 M S

Kyrene Del Pueblo Middle SchoolChandler(480) 783-2400 M S

Kyrene Middle SchoolTempe(480) 783-1000 M S

La Cima Middle SchoolTucson(520) 696-6730 M S

Lake Havasu High SchoolLake Havasu City(520) 855-4011 M S

Lattie Coor SchoolAvondale(623) 772-4400 M S

Lawrence W Cross Middle SchoolTucson(520) 696-5920 M S

Learning Institute The (Charter)Phoenix(602) 241-7876 M S

Lee Kornegay Elementary SchoolClaypool(520) 425-3271 M S

Leonor Hambly Middle SchoolWinkelman(520) 356-7876 M S

Liberty High School (Charter)Globe(520) 402-8024 M S

Life House Alternative SchoolFlagstaff(928) 522-6123 M S

Life School College Prep DowntownMesa(480) 835-6608 M S

Life School College Prep PaysonPayson(520) 468-1122 M S

Life School College Prep Show LowShow Low(520) 532-8300 M S

Little Singer Junior HighNavajo Reservation(520) 526-2950 M S

Lone CactusPhoenix(623) 879-6763 M S

Lowell SchoolBisbee(520) 432-5391 M S

Ls Legends (Charter)Tempe(480) 967-5410 M S

Luz Academy Of Tucson (Charter)Tucson(520) 882-6216 M S

Madison - HomeboundPhoenix(602) 264-5951 M S

Madison #1 Elementary SchoolPhoenix(602) 664-7100 M S

Madison District ProgPhoenix M S

Madison Meadows SchoolPhoenix(602) 664-7600 M S

Magee Middle SchoolTucson(520) 733-8860 M S

Mansfeld Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6120 M S

Marana High SchoolTucson(520) 682-9128 M S

Marana Middle SchoolMarana(520) 682-4730 M S

Marana Plus - Alternative SchoolMarana(520) 682-4773 M S

Marcos De Niza High SchoolTempe(480) 838-3200 M S

Maricopa Middle SchoolMaricopa(520) 568-8102 M S

Mary Meredith High SchoolTucson(520) 318-2295 M S

Maryvale High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2503 M S

Mathematics And Science SchoolTucson(520) 293-2676 M S

Maxwell Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6160 M S

Maya High School (Charter)Glendale(623) 930-0465 M S

Mayer Junior/Senior High SchoolMayer(520) 632-7629 M S

Mcclintock High SchoolTempe(480) 839-4222 M S

Mccray AcademyCoolidge(520) 723-9312 M S

Mccray Junior High SchoolCoolidge(520) 723-2202 M S

Mckellips Learning CenterMesa(480) 472-5650 M S

Mckemy Middle SchoolTempe(480) 921-9003 M S

Mesa Distance Learning ProgramMesa(480) 472-3675 M S

Mesa High SchoolMesa(480) 472-5900 M S

Mesa Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-1300 M S

Mesa Vista High SchoolMesa(480) 472-5350 M S

Mesquite High SchoolGilbert(480) 632-4750 M S

Mesquite Jr High SchoolGilbert(480) 926-1433 M S

Metro Tech Vocational InstitutePhoenix(602) 271-2601 M S

Metropolitan Arts Institute (Charter)Phoenix(602) 252-2530 M S

Miami Jr./Sr. High SchoolClaypool(520) 425-8121 M S

Miami SchoolMiami(928) 425-2546 M S

Midtown High School (Charter)Phoenix M S

Millennium High SchoolGoodyear(623) 932-7172 M S

Mingus Union High SchoolCottonwood(520) 634-7531 M S

Mogollon High SchoolHeber(520) 535-4238 M S

Mogollon Hs (Heber-Overgaard) - Satellite CampusHeber M S

Mogollon Jr High SchoolHeber(520) 535-4238 M S

Mohave High SchoolBullhead City(520) 758-3916 M S

Mohave Middle SchoolScottsdale(480) 423-3700 M S

Mohave Valley Junior HighMohave Valley(520) 768-9196 M S

Monument Valley High SchoolKayenta(520) 697-2191 M S

Moon Valley High SchoolPhoenix(623) 915-8000 M S

Morenci Junior/Senior High SchoolMorenci(520) 865-3631 M S

Mount Elden Middle SchoolFlagstaff(928) 773-8250 M S

Mountain Pointe High SchoolPhoenix(480) 759-8449 M S

Mountain Ridge High SchoolGlendale(623) 376-3000 M S

Mountain Rose Academy (Charter)Tucson(520) 930-9373 M S

Mountain Sky Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 896-6100 M S

Mountain View High SchoolMesa(480) 472-6900 M S

Mountain View High SchoolTucson(520) 579-4400 M S

Mountainside Middle SchoolScottsdale(480) 451-3400 M S

Mt Graham High SchoolSfford(520) 428-1139 M S

Music Mountain Jr/Sr HighPeach Springs(520) 769-2202 M S

Naylor Middle SchoolTucson(520) 512-3460 M S

Nazlini Charter SchoolNazlini(520) 755-6125 M S

New School For The ArtsScottsdale(480) 481-9235 M S

New Visions AcademySt.Johns(928) 337-3268 M S

New Visions Academy-SpringervilleCottonwood M S

Nogales High SchoolNogales(520) 377-2021 M S

North Canyon High SchoolPhoenix(623) 780-4200 M S

North Elementary SchoolCoolidge(520) 723-2198 M S

North High SchoolPhoenix(602) 271-2705 M S

North Pointe Preparatory (Charter)Glendale(602) 896-1166 M S

North Star Charter SchoolPhoenix(623) 209-0017 M S

Northland Preparatory AcademyFlagstaff(928) 214-8776 M S

Ocotillo High School (Charter)Phoenix(602) 765-8470 M S

Orange Grove Middle SchoolTucson(520) 577-5315 M S

Osborn Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 707-2400 M S

Pace Preparatory AcademyHumboldt(520) 632-0200 M S

Pace Preparatory AcademyCamp Verde(520) 567-1805 M S

Page High SchoolPage(520) 608-4138 M S

Page Middle SchoolPage(520) 608-4300 M S

Palo Verde High Magnet SchoolTucson(520) 512-3000 M S

Paradise Valley High SchoolPhoenix(602) 867-5505 M S

Park View Middle SchoolPrescott Valley(520) 775-5115 M S

Parker High SchoolParker(520) 669-2202 M S

Pass Alternative High SchoolTucson(520) 617-7910 M S

Pass SchoolKingman(520) 757-0892 M S

Patagonia Middle SchoolPatagonia(520) 394-2202 M S

Patagonia Union High SchoolPatagonia(520) 394-3000 M S

Pathways Charter HighCamp Verde(520) 567-9213 M S

Pathways Preparatory AcademyCamp Verde(520) 567-9213 M S

Pathways To CollegeHighley M S

Pathways To CollegeSafford(520) 348-8688 M S

Paul H Huber Jr High SchoolDouglas(520) 364-2840 M S

Payson Center For SuccessPayson(520) 472-2011 M S

Payson High SchoolPayson(520) 474-2233 M S

Peoria Accelerated High SchoolPeoria(623) 979-0031 M S

Peoria High SchoolPeoria(623) 486-6300 M S

Percy L Julian SchoolPhoenix(602) 232-4950 M S

Phoenix College Prep High SchoolPhoenix(602) 268-4508 M S

Phoenix Prep AcademyPhoenix(602) 257-4843 M S

Phoenix School Of ExcellencePhoenix(602) 553-1988 M S

Picture Rocks Intermediate SchoolTucson(520) 616-3700 M S

Pima Junior/Senior High SchoolPima(520) 485-2421 M S

Pima Vocational High School (Charter)Tucson M S

Pimeria Alta High School (Charter)Green Valley(520) 399-0135 M S

Pinedale Elementary SchoolPinedale(520) 537-6150 M S

Pinnacle High SchoolMesa(602) 668-5003 M S

Pinnacle High SchoolTempe(602) 414-0950 M S

Pinnacle High SchoolPhoenix(480) 419-4400 M S

Pinnacle High SchoolCasa Grande(520) 423-2380 M S

Pinon High SchoolPinon(520) 725-3484 M S

Pinon Middle SchoolPinon(520) 725-2301 M S

Pistor Middle SchoolTucson(520) 578-4400 M S

Polaris High SchoolPhoenix(602) 867-5580 M S

Poston Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2130 M S

Powell Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-1100 M S

Power Learning CenterMesa(480) 472-8990 M S

Precision Academy (Charter)Avondale(623) 936-8682 M S

Precision Academy System Phoenix(602) 453-3661 M S

Premier Charter High SchoolPhoenix(602) 245-1500 M S

Prescott High SchoolPrescott(520) 445-2322 M S

Prescott Mile High Middle SchPrescott(520) 717-3241 M S

Presidio High School (Charter)Tucson(520) 320-9131 M S

Primavera Technical Learning CtrChandler(480) 695-7629 M S

Project MoreTucson(520) 617-6460 M S

Project New StartFlagstaff(928) 773-8250 M S

Pueblo Del Sol Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 484-4115 M S

Pueblo High Magnet SchoolTucson(520) 617-7800 M S

Queen Creek High SchoolQueen Creek(480) 987-5960 M S

Queen Creek Middle SchoolQueen Creek(602) 987-3078 M S

R E Simpson SchoolPhoenix(602) 246-0699 M S

R Pete Woodard Jr High SchoolYuma(520) 782-6546 M S

Ray Borane Middle SchoolDouglas(520) 364-2461 M S

Ray Drysdale High SchoolYuma(520) 329-2243 M S

Ray Drysdale Middle SchoolYuma(520) 329-2243 M S

Ray Elementary SchoolKearny(520) 363-5511 M S

Ray High SchoolKearny(520) 363-5513 M S

Rcb High School - Phoenix (Charter)Phoenix(602) 589-1322 M S

Red Mesa High SchoolTeec Nos Pos(520) 656-3574 M S

Red Mesa Junior High SchoolTeec Nos Pos(520) 656-3571 M S

Red Mountain High SchoolMesa(480) 472-8000 M S

Renaissance Academy San JuanSt Johns(520) 337-3478 M S

Renaissance Academy AnasaziPinetop(520) 367-3074 M S

Renaissance Magnet Middle SchoolFlagstaff(928) 773-8150 M S

Rhodes Junior High SchoolMesa(480) 472-2300 M S

Rim Country Middle SchoolPayson(520) 474-4511 M S

Rincon High SchoolTucson(520) 318-2200 M S

Rio Rico High SchoolRio Rico(520) 281-8282 M S

River Valley High SchoolMohave Valley(520) 768-2300 M S

Roadrunner High SchoolPhoenix(602) 867-5144 M S

Roadrunner Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 867-5144 M S

Roskruge Bilingual Middle SchoolTucson(520) 617-6140 M S

Round Valley High SchoolEagar(520) 333-4315 M S

Round Valley High SchoolSpringerville(520) 532-6118 M S

Round Valley Middle SchoolEagar(520) 333-4515 M S

Royal Palm Middle SchoolPhoenix(602) 347-3200 M S



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