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Apache JunctionApache Junction High School(480) 982-1110

Apache JunctionApache Trail High School (Charter)(480) 288-0337

Apache JunctionDesert Shadows Middle School(602) 982-1110

Apache JunctionThunder Mountain Middle School(480) 982-1110

Ash ForkAsh Fork High School(520) 637-2561

Ash ForkAsh Fork Middle School(520) 637-2561

AvondaleAgua Fria High School(623) 932-7000

AvondaleAvondale Middle School(623) 932-2680

AvondaleEstrella High School (Charter)(623) 932-6561

AvondaleLattie Coor School(623) 772-4400

AvondalePpep Tec - `Lito` Pena Learning Center (Charter)(602) 925-2161

AvondalePrecision Academy (Charter)(623) 936-8682

AvondaleWestview High School(623) 877-2438

BapchuleCasa Blanca Middle School (Charter)(520) 315-3489

BapchuleIra H. Hayes Memorial Applied Learning Center (Cha(520) 315-3496

BensonBenson High School(520) 586-2213

BensonBenson Middle School(520) 586-2213

BisbeeBisbee High School(520) 432-5714

BisbeeBisbee Middle School(520) 432-6100

BisbeeLowell School(520) 432-5391

BisbeePpep Tec - Manuel Borjorquez Learning Center (Char(520) 432-5445

BowieBowie High School(520) 847-2545

BuckeyeBuckeye Union High School(623) 386-9714

Bullhead CityBullhead City Jr High School(520) 758-3921

Bullhead CityFox Creek Jr High School(520) 704-2500

Bullhead CityMohave High School(520) 758-3916

Camp VerdeCamp Verde High School(520) 567-6601

Camp VerdeCamp Verde Middle School(520) 567-3993

Camp VerdePace Preparatory Academy (Charter)(520) 567-1805

Camp VerdePathways Charter High(520) 567-9213

Camp VerdePathways Preparatory Academy(520) 567-9213

Casa GrandeCactus Middle School(520) 421-3330

Casa GrandeCasa Grande Alternative School(520) 316-3361

Casa GrandeCasa Grande Middle School(520) 836-7310

Casa GrandeCasa Grande Union High School(520) 836-8500

Casa GrandeCasa Verde High School(520) 316-3360

Casa GrandePinnacle High School - Casa Grande (Charter)(520) 423-2380

Casa GrandePpep Tec - Alice S. Paul Learning Center (Charter)(520) 836-1499

CashionUnderdown Junior High School(623) 936-0925

Cave CreekCactus Shadows High School/Psh(480) 575-2400

Cave CreekDesert Arroyo Middle School(480) 575-2300

Cave CreekSonoran Trails Middle School(480) 575-2200

ChambersWide Ruins Junior High School (Charter)(520) 652-3251

ChandlerBogle Junior High School(480) 883-5500

ChandlerChandler High School(480) 812-7700

ChandlerEl Dorado High School (Charter)(480) 726-9536

ChandlerEvit Chandler Air(480) 461-4101

ChandlerHamilton High School(480) 883-5000

ChandlerHendrix Junior High School(480) 472-3300

ChandlerJohn M Andersen Jr High School(480) 812-7170

ChandlerKyrene Aprende Middle School(480) 783-2200

ChandlerKyrene Del Pueblo Middle School(480) 783-2400

ChandlerPpep Tec - Coy Payne Learning Center (Charter)(602) 857-1499

ChandlerPrimavera Technical Learning Center (Charter)(480) 695-7629

ChandlerSkyline Technical High School (Charter)(623) 875-2030

ChandlerWillis Junior High School(480) 883-5700

ChinleChinle Elementary School(520) 674-9503

ChinleChinle High School(520) 674-9507

ChinleChinle Junior High School(520) 674-9405

ChinleeTurquoise Dawn Alternative(520) 674-9524

Chino ValleyChino Valley High School(520) 636-2298

Chino ValleyHeritage Middle School(520) 636-4464

ClaypoolLee Kornegay Elementary School(520) 425-3271

ClaypoolMiami Jr./Sr. High School(520) 425-8121

CliftonClifton High School(520) 865-3262

Colorado CityColorado City High School(520) 875-2288

Colorado CityColorado City Jr High School(520) 875-8020

CoolidgeCoolidge High School(520) 723-2394

CoolidgeCoolidge High School Success Center(520) 876-4462

CoolidgeCoolidge Intermediate School(520) 723-2102

CoolidgeMccray Academy(520) 723-9312

CoolidgeMccray Junior High School(520) 723-2202

CoolidgeNorth Elementary School(520) 723-2198




CottonwoodCottonwood Middle School(520) 634-2231

CottonwoodMingus Union High School(520) 634-7531

CottonwoodNew Visions Academy-Springerville Campus (Charter)

DeweyBradshaw Mountain Middle School(520) 772-3022

DouglasCenter For Academic Success The #2 (Charter)(520) 364-8906

DouglasDouglas East Campus(520) 805-0712

DouglasDouglas High School(520) 364-3462

DouglasPaul H Huber Jr High School(520) 364-2840

DouglasPpep Tec - Raul H. Castro Learning Center (Charter(520) 364-4405

DouglasRay Borane Middle School(520) 364-2461

DuncanDuncan Elementary School(520) 359-2471

DuncanDuncan High School(520) 359-2474

EagarRound Valley High School(520) 333-4315

EagarRound Valley Middle School(520) 333-4515

EhrenbergScholars Academy The (Charter)(520) 923-7907

El MirageDysart High School(623) 876-7500

ElfridaValley Union High School(520) 642-3492

EloyEloy Intermediate School(520) 466-2130

EloyEloy Junior High School(520) 466-2140

EloySanta Cruz Valley Union High School(520) 466-2200

EloyVilla Oasis Interscholastic Center For Education ((520) 466-9461

FlagstaffCoconino High School(928) 773-8200 W

FlagstaffFlagstaff Arts And Leadership Academy (Charter)(928) 779-7223

FlagstaffFlagstaff High School(928) 773-8100

FlagstaffFlagstaff Middle School(928) 773-8150

FlagstaffLife House Alternative School(928) 522-6123

FlagstaffMount Elden Middle School(928) 773-8250

FlagstaffNorthland Preparatory Academy (Charter)(928) 214-8776

FlagstaffProject New Start(928) 773-8250

FlagstaffRenaissance Magnet Middle School(928) 773-8150

FlagstaffSecure Care(928) 779-6591

FlagstaffSinagua High School(928) 527-5500

FlorenceFlorence High School(520) 868-2330

FlorenceFlorence Middle School(520) 868-2320

Fort MojaveExcel Education Center - Fort Mojave (Charter)(928) 758-5472

Fountain HillsFountain Hills High School(480) 816-1075

Fountain HillsFountain Hills Middle School(480) 837-7758

FredoniaFredonia High School(520) 643-7333

Ft DefianceTse Ho Tso Middle School(520) 729-7578

Ft DefianceWindow Rock High School(520) 729-7604

Ft HuachucaColonel Smith Middle School(520) 459-8892

Ft ThomasFort Thomas High School(520) 485-2427

GanadoGanado High School(520) 755-1319

GanadoGanado Middle School(520) 755-1220

GanadoKin Dah Lichii Olta` Charter School(520) 755-3439

Gila BendGila Bend High School(520) 683-2286

GilbertDesert Hills High School (Charter)(480) 813-1151

GilbertGilbert High School(480) 497-0177

GilbertGilbert Junior High School(480) 892-6908

GilbertGilbert Night School(480) 497-3351

GilbertGreenfield Junior High School(480) 813-1770

GilbertHighland High School(480) 813-0051

GilbertHighland Jr High School(480) 632-4739

GilbertHigley High School(480) 279-7000

GilbertMesquite High School(480) 632-4750

GilbertMesquite Jr High School(480) 926-1433

GilbertSkyline West High School (Charter)(480) 763-8425

GlendaleApollo High School(623) 435-6300

GlendaleBarcelona Middle School(623) 842-8616

GlendaleCactus High School(623) 412-5000

GlendaleChallenger Middle School(623) 842-8314

GlendaleDeer Valley High School(602) 467-6700

GlendaleDesert Sky Middle School(602) 467-6500

GlendaleDon Mensendick School(623) 842-8260

GlendaleE-Institute (Charter)(602) 547-8806

GlendaleGlendale High School(623) 435-6200

GlendaleGlendale Landmark Middle School(623) 842-8304

GlendaleHillcrest Middle School(623) 376-3300

GlendaleHomebound/Other Health Impaired(623) 842-1350

GlendaleIndependence High School(623) 435-6100

GlendaleInternational Studies Academy (Charter)(602) 547-8806

GlendaleIronwood High School(623) 486-6400

GlendaleMaya High School (Charter)(623) 930-0465

GlendaleMountain Ridge High School(623) 376-3000

GlendaleNorth Pointe Preparatory (Charter)(602) 896-1166

GlobeEast Globe Elementary School(520) 425-8915

GlobeGlobe High School(520) 425-3211

GlobeGlobe Junior High School(520) 425-8926

GlobeLiberty High School (Charter)(520) 402-8024

GoodyearEstrella Foothills High School(623) 327-2403

GoodyearMillennium High School(623) 932-7172

GoodyearWestern Sky Middle School(623) 535-5300

GoodyearWestern Sky Sattelite Middle School

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon High School(520) 638-2461

Green ValleyPimeria Alta High School (Charter)(520) 399-0135

GuadalupeGuadalupe High School(480) 831-0258

HeberCapps Elementary School(520) 535-4667

HeberMogollon High School(520) 535-4238

HeberMogollon Hs (Heber-Overgaard) - Satellite Campus

HeberMogollon Jr High School(520) 535-4238

HerefordSierra Summit Academy (Charter)(520) 803-0508

HighleyPathways To College

HolbrookHolbrook High School(520) 524-2815

HolbrookHolbrook Junior High School(520) 524-3959

HolbrookNorthern Az Academy For Career Dev. - Holbrook (Ch(520) 524-3838

HumboldtPace Preparatory Academy (Charter)(520) 632-0200

Joseph CityJoseph City Jr/Sr High School(520) 288-3361

KayentaKayenta Middle School(520) 697-2298

KayentaMonument Valley High School(520) 697-2191

Keams CanyonHopi Jr/Sr High School (Charter)(520) 738-5111

KearnyRay Elementary School(520) 363-5511

KearnyRay High School(520) 363-5513

KingmanKingman Academy Of Learning - Middle School (Chart(520) 681-2400

KingmanKingman High School - North(520) 692-6480

KingmanKingman High School - South(520) 753-6216

KingmanKingman Junior High School(520) 753-3588

KingmanPass School(520) 757-0892

Lake Havasu CityDaytona Middle School(520) 855-4200

Lake Havasu CityDesert Technology High School (Charter)(520) 453-3383

Lake Havasu CityLake Havasu High School(520) 855-4011

Lake Havasu CityThunderbolt Middle School(520) 855-4066

LakesideBlue Ridge High School(520) 368-6328

LakesideBlue Ridge Jr High School(520) 368-6377

LakesideBlue Ridge Middle School(520) 368-6119

LaveenCesar Chavez High School(602) 744-4010

LaveenVista Del Sur Middle School(602) 237-9100

MaranaA. C. E.(520) 682-1014

MaranaMarana Middle School(520) 682-4730

MaranaMarana Plus - Alternative School(520) 682-4773

MaricopaMaricopa Middle School(520) 568-8102

MayerMayer Junior/Senior High School(520) 632-7629

MesaAcademy With Community Partners (Charter)(480) 833-0068

MesaAlternative Center For Education(480) 507-0519

MesaBoulder Canyon Learning Center(480) 472-9650

MesaBrimhall Junior High School(480) 472-2600

MesaCarson Junior High School(480) 472-2900

MesaDesert Ridge Jr. High(480) 635-2025

MesaDobson High School(480) 472-3000

MesaEast Valley Academy(480) 472-9350

MesaEast Valley Institute Of Techn(480) 461-4173

MesaFremont Junior High School(480) 472-8300

MesaGeorge Smith(480) 472-9900

MesaHeritage Academy (Charter)(602) 969-5641

MesaKino Junior High School(480) 472-2400

MesaLife School College Preparatory - Downtown (Charte(480) 835-6608

MesaMckellips Learning Center(480) 472-5650

MesaMesa Distance Learning Program(480) 472-3675

MesaMesa High School(480) 472-5900

MesaMesa Junior High School(480) 472-1300

MesaMesa Vista High School(480) 472-5350

MesaMountain View High School(480) 472-6900

MesaPinnacle High School - Mesa (Charter)(602) 668-5003

MesaPoston Junior High School(480) 472-2130

MesaPowell Junior High School(480) 472-1100

MesaPower Learning Center(480) 472-8990

MesaRed Mountain High School(480) 472-8000

MesaRhodes Junior High School(480) 472-2300

MesaSequoia Charter School(602) 649-7737

MesaShepherd Junior High School(480) 472-1800

MesaSkyline High School(480) 472-9400

MesaSonoran Desert School (Charter)(480) 396-5463

MesaStapley Junior High School(480) 472-2700

MesaSun Valley High School (Charter)(480) 497-4800

MesaSun Valley Middle School (Charter)(480) 497-4800

MesaSundown High School(480) 472-3575



MesaTapp(480) 472-6850

MesaTaylor Junior High School(480) 472-1500

MesaWestwood High School(480) 472-4400

MiamiMiami School(928) 425-2546

Mohave ValleyAha Macav High School(520) 346-3925


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Mohave ValleyMohave Valley Junior High School(520) 768-9196

Mohave ValleyRiver Valley High School(520) 768-2300

MorenciMorenci Junior/Senior High School(520) 865-3631

Navajo ReservationLittle Singer Community Junior High School (Charte(520) 526-2950

NazliniNazlini Charter School(520) 755-6125

NogalesDesert Shadows Middle School(520) 377-2646

NogalesNogales High School(520) 377-2021

NogalesSanta Cruz Alternative High School(520) 287-0915

NogalesWade Carpenter Middle School(520) 287-0820

OracleRural Educational Alternative For Children(520) 896-9140

PagePage High School(520) 608-4138

PagePage Middle School(520) 608-4300

ParkerParker High School(520) 669-2202

ParkerWallace Elementary School(520) 669-9244

ParkerWallace Jr High School(520) 669-2141

PatagoniaPatagonia Middle School(520) 394-2202

PatagoniaPatagonia Union High School(520) 394-3000

PaysonLife School College Preparatory - Payson (Charter)(520) 468-1122

PaysonPayson Center For Success(520) 472-2011

PaysonPayson High School(520) 474-2233

PaysonRim Country Middle School(520) 474-4511

Peach SpringsMusic Mountain Jr./Sr. High School(520) 769-2202

PeoriaCentennial High School(623) 412-4400

PeoriaPeoria Accelerated High School (Charter)(623) 979-0031

PeoriaPeoria High School(623) 486-6300

PeoriaSunrise Mountain High School(623) 487-5125

PhoenixAccelerated Learning Center (Phoenix) (Charter)(602) 485-0309

PhoenixAir Academy Charter High School(623) 247-4100

PhoenixAlhambra High School(602) 271-2011

PhoenixAlternative Center For Education(602) 257-3911

PhoenixAlternative Education(602) 493-6220

PhoenixAlternative Education Center(602) 867-5142

PhoenixAmerischools Academy (Charter)(602) 532-0100

PhoenixArcadia High School(602) 952-6300

PhoenixArizona Agribusiness & Equine #2 (Charter)(602) 243-8004

PhoenixArizona Agribusiness & Equine (Charter)(602) 243-8004

PhoenixArizona Call-A-Teen Center(602) 252-6721 W

PhoenixAtkinson Middle School(623) 691-1700

PhoenixBarry Goldwater High School(623) 445-3000

PhoenixBennett Academy (Charter)(602) 943-1317

PhoenixBostrom Alternative Center(602) 271-2900

PhoenixC O Greenfield School(602) 232-4240

PhoenixC.I.W.A. Middle School (Charter)(602) 268-0275

PhoenixCamelback High School(602) 271-2281

PhoenixCareer Success High School (Charter)(602) 285-5525

PhoenixCarl Hayden High School(602) 271-2402

PhoenixCentral High School(602) 271-2307

PhoenixCholla Middle School(602) 896-5400

PhoenixChristown Academy(602) 864-3980

PhoenixClarendon School(602) 707-2200

PhoenixCornerstone Charter School(602) 525-6652

PhoenixCortez High School(623) 915-8200

PhoenixDeer Valley Charter High School(623) 445-4909

PhoenixDeer Valley Middle School(623) 445-3300

PhoenixDesert Pointe Academy (Charter)(602) 371-1716

PhoenixDesert Sands Middle School(623) 691-4900

PhoenixDesert Vista High School(480) 706-7900

PhoenixDesiderata(602) 271-2950

PhoenixEscuela Azteca(602) 233-3321

PhoenixEstrella Middle School(623) 691-5400

PhoenixExplorer Middle School(480) 419-5600

PhoenixFrank Borman Middle School(623) 691-5000

PhoenixGateway Community High School (Charter)(602) 392-5466

PhoenixGranada East School(602) 589-0110

PhoenixGreenway High School(623) 915-8500

PhoenixGreenway Middle School(602) 493-6300

PhoenixHomebound(602) 271-3192

PhoenixIngleside Middle School(602) 852-2900

PhoenixIsaac Middle School(602) 484-4713

PhoenixJames Sandoval Preparatory High School (Charter)(623) 845-0781

PhoenixKyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School(480) 783-1600

PhoenixKyrene Altadena Middle School(480) 783-1300

PhoenixKyrene Centennial Middle School(480) 783-2500

PhoenixLearning Institute The (Charter)(602) 241-7876

PhoenixLone Cactus(623) 879-6763

PhoenixMadison - Homebound(602) 264-5951

PhoenixMadison #1 Elementary School(602) 664-7100

PhoenixMadison District Prog

PhoenixMadison Meadows School(602) 664-7600

PhoenixMaryvale High School(602) 271-2503

PhoenixMetro Tech Vocational Institute Of Phoenix(602) 271-2601

PhoenixMetropolitan Arts Institute (Charter)(602) 252-2530

PhoenixMidtown High School (Charter)

PhoenixMoon Valley High School(623) 915-8000

PhoenixMountain Pointe High School(480) 759-8449

PhoenixMountain Sky Middle School(602) 896-6100

PhoenixNorth Canyon High School(623) 780-4200

PhoenixNorth High School(602) 271-2705

PhoenixNorth Star Charter School(623) 209-0017

PhoenixOcotillo High School (Charter)(602) 765-8470

PhoenixOsborn Middle School(602) 707-2400

PhoenixParadise Valley High School(602) 867-5505

PhoenixPercy L Julian School(602) 232-4950

PhoenixPhoenix College Preparatory High School (Charter)(602) 268-4508

PhoenixPhoenix Prep Academy(602) 257-4843

PhoenixPhoenix School Of Academic Excellence (Charter)(602) 553-1988

PhoenixPinnacle High School(480) 419-4400

PhoenixPolaris High School(602) 867-5580

PhoenixPrecision Academy System Charter School(602) 453-3661

PhoenixPremier Charter High School(602) 245-1500

PhoenixPueblo Del Sol Middle School(602) 484-4115

PhoenixR E Simpson School(602) 246-0699

PhoenixRcb High School - Phoenix (Charter)(602) 589-1322

PhoenixRoadrunner High School(602) 867-5144

PhoenixRoadrunner Middle School(602) 867-5144

PhoenixRoyal Palm Middle School(602) 347-3200

PhoenixSanta Maria Middle School(623) 907-2145

PhoenixSees Charter School(480) 481-5051

PhoenixShadow Mountain High School(602) 867-5326

PhoenixShea Middle School(602) 493-6440

PhoenixSouth Mountain College Preparatory High School (Ch(602) 268-4508

PhoenixSouth Mountain High School(602) 271-2884

PhoenixStar Tech Professional Center(602) 867-5571

PhoenixSummit High School (Charter)(602) 258-8959

PhoenixSunnyslope High School(623) 915-8760

PhoenixSuns-Diamondback Education Academy(602) 744-1220

PhoenixTertulia: A Learning Community #2 (Charter)(602) 262-2200

PhoenixThomas J. Pappas Jr./Sr. High(602) 452-4737

PhoenixThunderbird High School(623) 915-8900

PhoenixTrevor Browne High School(602) 271-2101

PhoenixUnity High(602) 278-4108

PhoenixVictory High School - Campus (Charter)(602) 243-7583

PhoenixVillage The: Hs For Pregnant & Parenting Teens (C(602) 258-6990

PhoenixVista Verde Middle School(602) 493-6013

PhoenixWashington High School(623) 915-8400

PhoenixWest Phoenix High School (Charter)(602) 269-1110

PhoenixWestwind Academy (Charter)(602) 864-7731

PhoenixWestwind Middle School (Charter)(602) 864-7731

PhoenixWilson Elementary School(602) 683-2400

PhoenixWilson High School (Charter)(602) 850-2615

PimaPima Junior/Senior High School(520) 485-2421

PinedalePinedale Elementary School(520) 537-6150

PinetopRenaissance Academy - Anasazi Campus (Charter)(520) 367-3074

PinonPinon High School(520) 725-3484

PinonPinon Middle School(520) 725-2301

PrescottAnn Clare Learning Academy(928) 443-0677

PrescottCapitol High School (Charter)(928) 778-1422

PrescottGranite Mountain Middle School(520) 717-3253

PrescottKestrel High School (Charter)(520) 541-1090

PrescottPrescott High School(520) 445-2322

PrescottPrescott Mile High Middle Sch(520) 717-3241

PrescottTri-City Prep High School (Charter)(520) 708-3950

PrescottTri-City Vo/Tech High School (Charter)(928) 442-9125

Prescott ValleyBradshaw Mountain High School(520) 775-4286

Prescott ValleyGlassford Hill Middle School(520) 772-5363

Prescott ValleyPark View Middle School (Charter)(520) 775-5115

Prescott ValleyYavapai Accommodation School(928) 771-3568

Queen CreekQueen Creek High School(480) 987-5960

Queen CreekQueen Creek Middle School(602) 987-3078

Rio RicoCalabasas Middle School(520) 281-8282

Rio RicoRio Rico High School(520) 281-8282

SacatonSacaton Middle School(520) 562-3339

SacatonVechij Himdag Mashchamakud (Charter)(520) 562-3286

SaffordPathways To College(520) 348-8688

SaffordSafford High School(520) 428-5999

SaffordSafford Middle School(520) 428-3447

SahuaritaEdge Charter School - Sahuarita(520) 393-1690

SahuaritaSahuarita High School(520) 625-3502

SahuaritaSahuarita Middle School(520) 625-3502

SalomeSalome High School(520) 859-3453

San CarlosSan Carlos High School(520) 475-2378

San CarlosSan Carlos Junior High School(520) 475-2262

San LuisPpep Tec - Cesar Chavez Learning Center (Charter)(520) 627-8550

San LuisSan Luis Middle School(520) 627-1015

San ManuelSan Manual Jr. High School(520) 385-2338

San ManuelSan Manuel High School(520) 385-2336

San SimonSan Simon High School(520) 845-2275

SandersSanders Middle School(520) 688-2751

SandersValley High School(520) 688-2253

ScottsdaleChaparral High School(480) 443-7000

ScottsdaleCocopah Middle School(480) 443-7800

ScottsdaleCopper Ridge Middle School(480) 484-1500

ScottsdaleCoronado High School(480) 990-4300

ScottsdaleDesert Eagle Secondary School (Charter)(602) 850-8335

ScottsdaleDesert Mountain High School(480) 661-4400

ScottsdaleDesert Shadows Middle School(602) 493-6000

ScottsdaleHorizon High School(602) 953-4104

ScottsdaleMohave Middle School(480) 423-3700

ScottsdaleMountainside Middle School(480) 451-3400

ScottsdaleNew School For The Arts (Charter)(480) 481-9235

ScottsdaleSaguaro High School(480) 443-7100

ScottsdaleSunrise Middle School(602) 493-6030

ScottsdaleSupai Middle School(480) 423-3720

SedonaJuniper Canyon Alternative High School(520) 204-6830

SedonaSedona Red Rock High School(520) 204-6700

SeligmanSeligman High School(520) 422-3233

SellsBaboquivari Alternative High School(520) 383-6708

SellsBaboquivari High School(520) 383-6800

SellsBaboquivari Middle School(520) 383-6900

SellsIndian Oasis Intermediate School(520) 383-2312

SffordMt Graham High School(520) 428-1139

ShontoShonto Preparatory Technology High School (Charter(520) 672-2652

Show LowLife School College Preparatory - Show Low (Charte(520) 532-8300

Show LowNorthern Az Academy For Career Dev. - Show Low (Ch(520) 537-4060

Show LowShow Low High School(520) 537-6200

Show LowShow Low High School - Satellite Campus

Show LowShow Low Intermediate School(520) 537-6150

Show LowShow Low Junior High School(520) 537-6100

Show LowWhite Mountain Institute

Sierra VistaApache Middle School(520) 515-2920

Sierra VistaBuena High School(520) 515-2800

Sierra VistaPpep Tec - Colin L. Powell Learning Center (Charte(520) 458-8205

Sierra VistaSierra Vista Middle School(520) 515-2930

SnowflakeSnowflake High School(520) 536-4152

SnowflakeSnowflake Intermediate School(520) 536-2162

SnowflakeSnowflake Junior High School(520) 536-2163

SomertonPpep Tec - Jose Yepez Learning Center (Charter)(520) 627-9648

SomertonSomerton Middle School(520) 627-6100

South TucsonCesar Chavez Middle School (Charter)(520) 884-1602

SpringervilleNorthern Az Academy For Career Dev. - Springervill(520) 333-3854

SpringervilleRound Valley High School - Satellite Campus(520) 532-6118

St DavidSt David High School(520) 720-4781

St JohnsRenaissance Academy - San Juan Campus (Charter)(520) 337-3478

St JohnsSt Johns High Schools(520) 337-2221

St JohnsSt Johns Middle School(520) 337-2132

St.JohnsNew Visions Academy - St. John`S Campus (Charter)(928) 337-3268

SuperiorSuperior Junior High School(520) 689-5221

SuperiorSuperior Junior/Senior High School(520) 689-5252

SuperiorSuperior School(520) 689-5291


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