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Albin Jr/Sr High SchoolAlbin(307) 246-3362 M S

Arvada-Clearmont High SchoolClearmont(307) 758-4412 M S

Arvada-Clearmont Junior HighClearmont(307) 758-4412 M S

Bear Lodge High SchoolSundance(307) 283-2144 M S

Big Horn High SchoolBig Horn(307) 674-8190 M S

Big Horn Middle SchoolBig Horn(307) 674-8190 M S

Big Piney High SchoolBig Piney(307) 276-3324 M S

Big Piney Middle SchoolBig Piney(307) 276-3315 M S

Buffalo High SchoolBuffalo(307) 684-2269 M S

Burlington High SchoolBurlington(307) 762-3334 M S

Burlington Junior High SchoolBurlington(307) 762-3334 M S

Burns Jr/Sr High SchoolBurns(307) 547-3581 M S

C Y Junior High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4474 M S

Campbell County High SchoolGillette(307) 682-7247 M S

Carey Junior High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2580 M S

Casper Classical AcademyCasper(307) 261-6181 M S

C-Bar-V RanchWilson(307) 733-8212 M S

Centennial Junior High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4600 M S

Central High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2680 M S

Central Middle SchoolSheridan(307) 674-6545 M S

Chugwater High SchoolChugwater(307) 422-3501 M S

Chugwater Junior High SchoolChugwater(307) 422-3501 M S

Clear Creek ElementaryBuffalo(307) 684-5594 M S

Clear Creek Middle SchoolBuffalo(307) 684-5594 M S

Cloud Peak Middle SchoolManderson(307) 568-2846 M S

Cody High SchoolCody(307) 587-4251 M S

Cody Middle SchoolCody(307) 587-4273 M S

Cooperative SchoolRawlins(307) 328-9220 M S

Davis Middle SchoolEvanston(307) 789-8096 M S

Dean Morgan Junior High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4440 M S

Desert Middle SchoolWamsutter(307) 324-7811 M S

Douglas High SchoolDouglas(307) 358-2940 M S

Douglas Middle SchoolDouglas(307) 358-9771 M S

Dubois High SchoolDubois(307) 455-2279 M S

East High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2663 M S

East Junior High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4400 M S

Encampment High SchoolEncampment(307) 327-5442 M S

Encampment Junior High SchoolEncampment(307) 327-5442 M S




Evanston High SchoolEvanston(307) 789-0757 M S

Evanston Middle SchoolEvanston(307) 789-5499 M S

Expedition AcademyGreen River(307) 872-4800 M S

Farson-Eden High SchoolFarson(307) 273-9301 M S

Farson-Eden Middle SchoolFarson(307) 273-9301 M S

Fort MackenzieSheridan(307) 673-8730 M S

Ft Washakie Middle SchoolFt Washakie(307) 332-2380 M S

Glendo High SchoolGlendo(307) 735-4471 M S

Glendo Junior High SchoolGlendo(307) 735-4471 M S

Glenrock High SchoolGlenrock(307) 436-9201 M S

Glenrock Intermediate SchoolGlenrock(307) 436-9258 M S

Glenrock Middle SchoolGlenrock(307) 436-9258 M S

Green River High SchoolGreen River(307) 872-4747 M S

Greybull High SchoolGreybull(307) 765-2537 M S

Greybull Middle SchoolGreybull(307) 765-4492 M S

Guernsey-Sunrise High SchoolGuernsey(307) 836-2745 M S

Guernsey-Sunrise Junior HighGuernsey(307) 836-2745 M S

H.E.M. Junior HighHanna(307) 325-6545 M S

H.E.M. Senior HighHanna(307) 325-6545 M S


Hot Springs County High SchoolThermopolis(307) 864-6511 M S

Hulett High SchoolHulett(307) 467-5231 M S

Hulett Junior High SchoolHulett(307) 467-5231 M S

Jackson Hole High SchoolJackson(307) 732-3706 M S

Jackson Hole Middle SchoolJackson(307) 733-4234 M S

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Johnson Junior High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2640 M S

Kaycee High SchoolKaycee(307) 738-2323 M S

Kaycee Junior High SchoolKaycee(307) 738-2323 M S

Kelly Walsh High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4640 M S

Kemmerer High SchoolKemmerer(307) 877-6991 M S

Kemmerer Middle SchoolKemmerer(307) 877-2286 M S

Lander Valley High SchoolLander(307) 332-4433 M S

Laramie High SchoolLaramie(307) 721-4420 M S

Laramie Junior High SchoolLaramie(307) 721-4430 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolGreen River(307) 872-5670 M S

Lingle-Ft Laramie High SchoolLingle(307) 837-2296 M S

Lingle-Ft. Laramie Middle SchoolFt. Laramie(307) 837-2283 M S

Lovell High SchoolLovell(307) 548-2256 M S

Lovell Middle SchoolLovell(307) 548-6553 M S

Lucerne ElementaryThermopolis(307) 864-2356 M S

Lusk Middle SchoolLusk(307) 334-2224 M S

Lyman ElementaryLyman(307) 786-2771 M S

Lyman High SchoolLyman(307) 787-6197 M S

Lyman Middle SchoolLyman(307) 786-4608 M S

Manderson ElementaryManderson(307) 568-2846 M S

Mccormick Junior High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2650 M S

Metcalf ElementaryEtna(307) 883-2472 M S

Miller ElementaryCheyenne(307) 771-2376 M S

Monroe Middle SchoolGreen River(307) 872-4000 M S

Moorcroft High SchoolMoorcroft(307) 756-3446 M S

Moorcroft Junior High SchoolMoorcroft(307) 756-3446 M S

Mountain View High SchoolMountain View(307) 782-6340 M S

Mountain View Middle SchoolMountain View(307) 782-6338 M S

Natrona County High SchoolCasper(307) 557-0330 M S

Newcastle High SchoolNewcastle(307) 746-2713 M S

Newcastle Middle SchoolNewcastle(307) 746-2746 M S

Niobrara County High SchoolLusk(307) 334-3320 M S

Osmond ElementaryAfton(307) 886-9457 M S

Pathfinder Learning CenterLander(307) 335-7050 M S

Pine Bluffs Jr/Sr High SchoolPine Bluffs(307) 245-3133 M S

Pinedale High SchoolPinedale(307) 367-2137 M S

Pinedale Middle SchoolPinedale(307) 367-2821 M S

Powell High SchoolPowell(307) 754-2287 M S

Powell Middle SchoolPowell(307) 754-5716 M S

Rawlins High SchoolRawlins(307) 328-9280 M S

Rawlins Middle SchoolRawlins(307) 328-9205 M S

Riverside High SchoolBasin(307) 568-2416 M S

Riverton High SchoolRiverton(307) 856-9491 M S

Riverton Middle SchoolRiverton(307) 856-9443 M S

Rock River High SchoolRock River(307) 378-2271 M S

Rock River Junior High SchoolRock River(307) 378-2271 M S

Rock Springs Alternative HighRock Springs(307) 352-3290 M S

Rock Springs East Junior HighRock Springs(307) 352-3474 M S

Rock Springs High SchoolRock Springs(307) 352-3440 M S

Rocky Mountain High SchoolByron(307) 548-2723 M S

Rocky Mountain Middle SchoolDeaver(307) 664-2252 M S

Roosevelt High SchoolCasper(307) 577-4630 M S

Sage Valley Junior High SchoolGillette(307) 682-2225 M S

Saratoga High SchoolSaratoga(307) 326-5246 M S

Saratoga Middle SchoolSaratoga(307) 326-8351 M S

Sheridan High SchoolSheridan(307) 672-2495 M S

Shoshone Learning CenterPowell(307) 754-0901 M S

Shoshoni High SchoolShoshoni(307) 876-2576 M S

Shoshoni Junior High SchoolShoshoni(307) 876-2576 M S

Southeast High SchoolYoder(307) 532-7176 M S

Southeast Middle SchoolYoder(307) 532-7176 M S

Star Valley High SchoolAfton(307) 885-7847 M S

Star Valley Junior High SchoolAfton(307) 885-5208 M S

Starrett Junior High SchoolLander(307) 332-4040 M S

Sundance High SchoolSundance(307) 283-1007 M S

Sundance Junior High SchoolSundance(307) 283-1007 M S

Superior AcademyRock Springs(307) 352-3490 M S

Swift Creek Learning CenterAfton M S

Ten Sleep High SchoolTen Sleep(307) 366-2233 M S

Ten Sleep Middle SchoolTen Sleep(307) 366-2233 M S

The Wright PlaceSheridan(307) 673-1386 M S

Thermopolis Middle SchoolThermopolis(307) 864-6551 M S

Tongue River High SchoolDayton(307) 655-2236 M S

Tongue River Middle SchoolRanchester(307) 655-9533 M S

Torrington High SchoolTorrington(307) 532-7101 M S

Torrington Middle SchoolTorrington(307) 532-7014 M S

Triumph High SchoolCheyenne(307) 771-2500 M S

Twin Spruce Junior High SchoolGillette(307) 682-3144 M S

Upton High SchoolUpton(307) 468-2361 M S

Upton Middle SchoolUpton(307) 468-9331 M S

Western Wyoming High SchoolJackson(307) 733-9116 M S

Westwood High SchoolGillette(307) 682-9809 M S

Wheatland High SchoolWheatland(307) 322-2075 M S

Wheatland Junior High SchoolWheatland(307) 322-2433 M S

White Mountain Junior HighRock Springs(307) 352-3464 M S

Whiting High SchoolLaramie(307) 721-4449 M S

Worland High SchoolWorland(307) 347-2412 M S

Worland Middle SchoolWorland(307) 347-3233 M S

Wright Jr./Sr. High SchoolWright(307) 464-0140 M S

Wyoming Boy`S SchoolsWorland(307) 347-6144 M S

Wyoming Girl`S SchoolSheridan(307) 674-7476 M S

Wyoming Indian High SchoolEthete(307) 332-9765 M S

Wyoming Indian Middle SchoolEthete(307) 332-2992 M S


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