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AftonOsmond Elementary(307) 886-9457

AftonStar Valley High School(307) 885-7847

AftonStar Valley Junior High School(307) 885-5208

AftonSwift Creek Learning Center

AlbinAlbin Jr/Sr High School(307) 246-3362

BasinRiverside High School(307) 568-2416

Big HornBig Horn High School(307) 674-8190

Big HornBig Horn Middle School(307) 674-8190

Big PineyBig Piney High School(307) 276-3324

Big PineyBig Piney Middle School(307) 276-3315

BuffaloBuffalo High School(307) 684-2269

BuffaloClear Creek Elementary(307) 684-5594

BuffaloClear Creek Middle School(307) 684-5594

BurlingtonBurlington High School(307) 762-3334

BurlingtonBurlington Junior High School(307) 762-3334

BurnsBurns Jr/Sr High School(307) 547-3581

ByronRocky Mountain High School(307) 548-2723

CasperC Y Junior High School(307) 577-4474

CasperCasper Classical Academy(307) 261-6181

CasperCentennial Junior High School(307) 577-4600

CasperDean Morgan Junior High School(307) 577-4440

CasperEast Junior High School(307) 577-4400

CasperKelly Walsh High School(307) 577-4640

CasperNatrona County High School(307) 557-0330

CasperRoosevelt High School(307) 577-4630

CheyenneCarey Junior High School(307) 771-2580

CheyenneCentral High School(307) 771-2680

CheyenneEast High School(307) 771-2663

CheyenneJohnson Junior High School(307) 771-2640

CheyenneMccormick Junior High School(307) 771-2650

CheyenneMiller Elementary(307) 771-2376

CheyenneTriumph High School(307) 771-2500

ChugwaterChugwater High School(307) 422-3501

ChugwaterChugwater Junior High School(307) 422-3501

ClearmontArvada-Clearmont High School(307) 758-4412

ClearmontArvada-Clearmont Junior High(307) 758-4412

CodyCody High School(307) 587-4251

CodyCody Middle School(307) 587-4273

DaytonTongue River High School(307) 655-2236

DeaverRocky Mountain Middle School(307) 664-2252

DouglasDouglas High School(307) 358-2940

DouglasDouglas Middle School(307) 358-9771

DuboisDubois High School(307) 455-2279




EncampmentEncampment High School(307) 327-5442

EncampmentEncampment Junior High School(307) 327-5442

EtheteWyoming Indian High School(307) 332-9765

EtheteWyoming Indian Middle School(307) 332-2992

EtnaMetcalf Elementary(307) 883-2472

EvanstonDavis Middle School(307) 789-8096

EvanstonEvanston High School(307) 789-0757

EvanstonEvanston Middle School(307) 789-5499

FarsonFarson-Eden High School(307) 273-9301

FarsonFarson-Eden Middle School(307) 273-9301

Ft WashakieFt Washakie Middle School(307) 332-2380

Ft. LaramieLingle-Ft. Laramie Middle School(307) 837-2283

GilletteCampbell County High School(307) 682-7247

GilletteSage Valley Junior High School(307) 682-2225

GilletteTwin Spruce Junior High School(307) 682-3144

GilletteWestwood High School(307) 682-9809

GlendoGlendo High School(307) 735-4471

GlendoGlendo Junior High School(307) 735-4471

GlenrockGlenrock High School(307) 436-9201

GlenrockGlenrock Intermediate School(307) 436-9258

GlenrockGlenrock Middle School(307) 436-9258

Green RiverExpedition Academy(307) 872-4800

Green RiverGreen River High School(307) 872-4747

Green RiverLincoln Middle School(307) 872-5670

Green RiverMonroe Middle School(307) 872-4000

GreybullGreybull High School(307) 765-2537

GreybullGreybull Middle School(307) 765-4492

GuernseyGuernsey-Sunrise High School(307) 836-2745

GuernseyGuernsey-Sunrise Junior High(307) 836-2745

HannaH.E.M. Junior High(307) 325-6545

HannaH.E.M. Senior High(307) 325-6545

HulettHulett High School(307) 467-5231

HulettHulett Junior High School(307) 467-5231

JacksonJackson Hole High School(307) 732-3706

JacksonJackson Hole Middle School(307) 733-4234



JacksonWestern Wyoming High School(307) 733-9116

KayceeKaycee High School(307) 738-2323

KayceeKaycee Junior High School(307) 738-2323

KemmererKemmerer High School(307) 877-6991

KemmererKemmerer Middle School(307) 877-2286

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LanderLander Valley High School(307) 332-4433

LanderPathfinder Learning Center(307) 335-7050

LanderStarrett Junior High School(307) 332-4040

LaramieLaramie High School(307) 721-4420

LaramieLaramie Junior High School(307) 721-4430

LaramieWhiting High School(307) 721-4449

LingleLingle-Ft Laramie High School(307) 837-2296

LovellLovell High School(307) 548-2256

LovellLovell Middle School(307) 548-6553

LuskLusk Middle School(307) 334-2224

LuskNiobrara County High School(307) 334-3320

LymanLyman Elementary(307) 786-2771

LymanLyman High School(307) 787-6197

LymanLyman Middle School(307) 786-4608

MandersonCloud Peak Middle School(307) 568-2846

MandersonManderson Elementary(307) 568-2846

MoorcroftMoorcroft High School(307) 756-3446

MoorcroftMoorcroft Junior High School(307) 756-3446

Mountain ViewMountain View High School(307) 782-6340

Mountain ViewMountain View Middle School(307) 782-6338

NewcastleNewcastle High School(307) 746-2713

NewcastleNewcastle Middle School(307) 746-2746

Pine BluffsPine Bluffs Jr/Sr High School(307) 245-3133

PinedalePinedale High School(307) 367-2137

PinedalePinedale Middle School(307) 367-2821

PowellPowell High School(307) 754-2287

PowellPowell Middle School(307) 754-5716

PowellShoshone Learning Center(307) 754-0901

RanchesterTongue River Middle School(307) 655-9533

RawlinsCooperative School(307) 328-9220

RawlinsRawlins High School(307) 328-9280

RawlinsRawlins Middle School(307) 328-9205

RivertonRiverton High School(307) 856-9491

RivertonRiverton Middle School(307) 856-9443

Rock RiverRock River High School(307) 378-2271

Rock RiverRock River Junior High School(307) 378-2271

Rock SpringsRock Springs Alternative High(307) 352-3290

Rock SpringsRock Springs East Junior High(307) 352-3474

Rock SpringsRock Springs High School(307) 352-3440

Rock SpringsSuperior Academy(307) 352-3490

Rock SpringsWhite Mountain Junior High(307) 352-3464

SaratogaSaratoga High School(307) 326-5246

SaratogaSaratoga Middle School(307) 326-8351

SheridanCentral Middle School(307) 674-6545

SheridanFort Mackenzie(307) 673-8730

SheridanSheridan High School(307) 672-2495

SheridanThe Wright Place(307) 673-1386

SheridanWyoming Girl`S School(307) 674-7476

ShoshoniShoshoni High School(307) 876-2576

ShoshoniShoshoni Junior High School(307) 876-2576

SundanceBear Lodge High School(307) 283-2144

SundanceSundance High School(307) 283-1007

SundanceSundance Junior High School(307) 283-1007

Ten SleepTen Sleep High School(307) 366-2233

Ten SleepTen Sleep Middle School(307) 366-2233

ThermopolisHot Springs County High School(307) 864-6511

ThermopolisLucerne Elementary(307) 864-2356

ThermopolisThermopolis Middle School(307) 864-6551

TorringtonTorrington High School(307) 532-7101

TorringtonTorrington Middle School(307) 532-7014

UptonUpton High School(307) 468-2361

UptonUpton Middle School(307) 468-9331

WamsutterDesert Middle School(307) 324-7811

WheatlandWheatland High School(307) 322-2075

WheatlandWheatland Junior High School(307) 322-2433

WilsonC-Bar-V Ranch(307) 733-8212

WorlandWorland High School(307) 347-2412

WorlandWorland Middle School(307) 347-3233

WorlandWyoming Boy`S Schools(307) 347-6144

WrightWright Jr./Sr. High School(307) 464-0140

YoderSoutheast High School(307) 532-7176

YoderSoutheast Middle School(307) 532-7176

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