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Aldrich Junior HighWarwick(401) 734-3500 M S

Alternate Learning ProjectProvidence(401) 456-9194 M S

Archie R. Cole Jr. HighEast Greenwich(401) 886-3260 M S

Babcock Middle SchoolWesterly(401) 348-2750 M S

Barrington High SchoolBarrington(401) 247-3150 M S

Barrington Middle SchoolBarrington(401) 247-3160 M S

Birch VocationalProvidence(401) 456-9198 M S

Birchwood SchoolNorth Providence(401) 233-1120 M S

Broad Rock Middle SchoolWakefield(401) 782-6223 M S

Burrillville High SchoolHarrisville(401) 568-1310 M S

Burrillville Middle SchoolHarrisville(401) 568-1320 M S

Calcutt Middle SchoolCentral Falls(401) 727-7726 M S

Central Falls Jr-Sr HighCentral Falls(401) 727-7710 M S

Central High SchoolProvidence(401) 456-9111 M S

Chariho Career & Tech CenterWood River Junction(401) 364-6869 M S

Chariho High SchoolWood River Junction(401) 364-7778 M S

Chariho Reg Middle SchoolWood River Junction(401) 364-0651 M S

Classical High SchoolProvidence(401) 456-9145 M S

Colt-Andrews SchoolBristol(401) 254-5991 M S

Coventry High SchoolCoventry(401) 822-9499 M S

Coventry Middle SchoolCoventry(401) 822-9466 M S

Cranston Area Career & Tech CenterCranston(401) 785-8070 M S

Cranston High School EastCranston(401) 785-8126 M S

Cranston High School WestCranston(401) 785-8049 M S




Cumberland High SchoolCumberland(401) 658-2600 M S

Cumberland Middle SchoolCumberland(401) 725-2092 M S

Curtis Corner Middle SchoolWakefield(401) 792-9682 M S

Davies Career-Tech High SchoolLincoln(401) 728-1500 M S

Davisville Middle SchoolNorth Kingstown(401) 541-6302 M S

Dr. Halliwell SchoolSlatersville(401) 762-2793 M S

East Greenwich HighEast Greenwich(401) 886-3292 M S

East Providence Career & Tech CtrEast Providence(401) 435-7815 M S

East Providence HighEast Providence(401) 435-7806 M S

Edward Martin Jr. HighEast Providence(401) 435-7819 M S

Esek Hopkins MiddleProvidence(401) 456-9203 M S

Exeter-West Greenwich Reg. Jr.West Greenwich(401) 397-6897 M S

Exeter-West Greenwich RegionalWest Greenwich(401) 397-6893 M S


Feinstein High SchoolProvidence(401) 456-1706 M S

Frank E. Thompson MiddleNewport(401) 847-7795 M S

George Hanaford SchoolEast Greenwich(401) 886-3270 M S

Gilbert Stuart Middle SchoolProvidence(401) 456-9341 M S

Goff Junior HighPawtucket(401) 729-6500 M S

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Gorton Junior High SchoolWarwick(401) 734-3350 M S

Grove Avenue SchoolEast Providence(401) 435-7823 M S

Hampden Meadows SchoolBarrington(401) 247-3166 M S

Hope High SchoolProvidence(401) 456-9161 M S

Hugh B. Bain Middle SchoolCranston(401) 785-8010 M S

James H. Eldredge SchoolEast Greenwich(401) 886-3246 M S

James L. Hanley Career & Tech CenterProvidence(401) 456-9136 M S

Jamestown School-LawnJamestown(401) 423-7010 M S

John F. Deering MiddleWest Warwick(401) 822-8445 M S

Johnston Senior HighJohnston(401) 233-1920 M S

Joseph H. Gaudet SchoolMiddletown(401) 846-6395 M S

Joseph Jenks Junior HighPawtucket(401) 729-6520 M S

Kickemuit Middle SchoolWarren(401) 245-2010 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolLincoln(401) 334-6460 M S

Lincoln Senior High SchoolLincoln(401) 333-1850 M S

Mary V. Quirk SchoolWarren(401) 247-3749 M S

Metropolitan CenterProvidence(401) 456-0603 M S

Middletown High SchoolMiddletown(401) 846-7250 M S

Mount Pleasant HighProvidence(401) 456-9183 M S

Mt. Hope High SchoolBristol(401) 254-5980 M S

N. Smithfield Jr-Sr HighNorth Smithfield(401) 766-2500 M S

Narragansett High SchoolNarragansett(401) 792-9400 M S

Narragansett Pier SchoolNarragansett(401) 792-9430 M S

Nathan Bishop MiddleProvidence(401) 456-9344 M S

Nathanael Greene MiddleProvidence(401) 456-9347 M S

Newport County Career & Tech CenterNewport(401) 849-3608 M S

Nicholas A. Ferri MiddleJohnston(401) 233-1930 M S

North Cumberland MiddleCumberland(401) 333-6306 M S

North Kingstown Sr. HighNorth Kingstown(401) 268-6236 M S

North Providence HighNorth Providence(401) 233-1150 M S

Occupational EducationProvidence(401) 456-9217 M S

Park View Middle SchoolCranston(401) 785-8090 M S

Perry Middle SchoolProvidence(401) 456-9352 M S

Pilgrim High SchoolWarwick(401) 734-3250 M S

Ponaganset High SchoolNorth Scituate(401) 647-3377 M S

Ponaganset Middle SchoolNorth Scituate(401) 647-3361 M S

Portsmouth High SchoolPortsmouth(401) 683-2124 M S

Portsmouth Middle SchoolPortsmouth(401) 849-3700 M S

Providence Place AcademyProvidence(401) 383-0794 M S

Riverside Junior HighRiverside(401) 433-6230 M S

Roger Williams MiddleProvidence(401) 456-9355 M S

Rogers High SchoolNewport(401) 847-6235 M S

Samuel Slater Junior HighPawtucket(401) 729-6480 M S

Samuel W. Bridgham MiddleProvidence(401) 456-9360 M S

Scituate High SchoolNorth Scituate(401) 647-4120 M S

Scituate Middle SchoolNorth Scituate(401) 647-4123 M S

Shea High SchoolPawtucket(401) 729-6445 M S

Smithfield High SchoolEsmond(401) 949-2050 M S

South Kingstown HighWakefield(401) 792-9611 M S

Springfield Middle School IProvidence(401) 278-0557 M S

Springfield Middle School IiProvidence(401) 278-0527 M S

Textron Chamber Of CommerceProvidence(401) 456-1738 M S

Tiverton High SchoolTiverton(401) 624-8494 M S

Tiverton Middle SchoolTiverton(401) 624-6668 M S

Toll Gate High SchoolWarwick(401) 734-3300 M S

Vincent J. Gallagher MiddleEsmond(401) 949-2056 M S

Warwick Area Career & Tech CenterWarwick(401) 734-3150 M S

Warwick Veterans HighWarwick(401) 734-3200 M S

Webster Street SchoolPawtucket(401) 729-6296 M S

West Warwick High SchoolWest Warwick(401) 821-6596 M S

Westerly High SchoolWesterly(401) 596-2109 M S

Western Hills Middle SchoolCranston(401) 785-8030 M S

Wickford Middle SchoolNorth Kingstown(401) 268-6470 M S

William E. Tolman HighPawtucket(401) 729-6400 M S

Winman Junior High SchoolWarwick(401) 734-3375 M S

Woonsocket Career & Tech CenterWoonsocket(401) 767-4662 M S

Woonsocket High SchoolWoonsocket(401) 767-4600 M S

Woonsocket Middle SchoolWoonsocket(401) 767-4600 M S

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