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      Rhode Island High Schools & Middle Schools

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BarringtonBarrington High School(401) 247-3150

BarringtonBarrington Middle School(401) 247-3160

BarringtonHampden Meadows School(401) 247-3166

BristolColt-Andrews School(401) 254-5991

BristolMt. Hope High School(401) 254-5980

Central FallsCalcutt Middle School(401) 727-7726

Central FallsCentral Falls Jr-Sr High(401) 727-7710

CoventryCoventry High School(401) 822-9499

CoventryCoventry Middle School(401) 822-9466

CranstonCranston Area Career & Tech Center(401) 785-8070

CranstonCranston High School East(401) 785-8126

CranstonCranston High School West(401) 785-8049

CranstonHugh B. Bain Middle School(401) 785-8010

CranstonPark View Middle School(401) 785-8090

CranstonWestern Hills Middle School(401) 785-8030

CumberlandCumberland High School(401) 658-2600

CumberlandCumberland Middle School(401) 725-2092

CumberlandNorth Cumberland Middle(401) 333-6306

East GreenwichArchie R. Cole Jr. High(401) 886-3260

East GreenwichEast Greenwich High(401) 886-3292

East GreenwichGeorge Hanaford School(401) 886-3270

East GreenwichJames H. Eldredge School(401) 886-3246

East ProvidenceEast Providence Career & Tech Ctr(401) 435-7815

East ProvidenceEast Providence High(401) 435-7806

East ProvidenceEdward Martin Jr. High(401) 435-7819

East ProvidenceGrove Avenue School(401) 435-7823

EsmondSmithfield High School(401) 949-2050

EsmondVincent J. Gallagher Middle(401) 949-2056

HarrisvilleBurrillville High School(401) 568-1310

HarrisvilleBurrillville Middle School(401) 568-1320

JamestownJamestown School-Lawn(401) 423-7010

JohnstonJohnston Senior High(401) 233-1920

JohnstonNicholas A. Ferri Middle(401) 233-1930






LincolnDavies Career-Tech High School(401) 728-1500

LincolnLincoln Middle School(401) 334-6460

LincolnLincoln Senior High School(401) 333-1850

MiddletownJoseph H. Gaudet School(401) 846-6395

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MiddletownMiddletown High School(401) 846-7250

NarragansettNarragansett High School(401) 792-9400

NarragansettNarragansett Pier School(401) 792-9430

NewportFrank E. Thompson Middle(401) 847-7795

NewportNewport County Career & Tech Center(401) 849-3608

NewportRogers High School(401) 847-6235

North KingstownDavisville Middle School(401) 541-6302

North KingstownNorth Kingstown Sr. High(401) 268-6236

North KingstownWickford Middle School(401) 268-6470

North ProvidenceBirchwood School(401) 233-1120

North ProvidenceNorth Providence High(401) 233-1150

North ScituatePonaganset High School(401) 647-3377

North ScituatePonaganset Middle School(401) 647-3361

North ScituateScituate High School(401) 647-4120

North ScituateScituate Middle School(401) 647-4123

North SmithfieldN. Smithfield Jr-Sr High(401) 766-2500

PawtucketGoff Junior High(401) 729-6500

PawtucketJoseph Jenks Junior High(401) 729-6520

PawtucketSamuel Slater Junior High(401) 729-6480

PawtucketShea High School(401) 729-6445

PawtucketWebster Street School(401) 729-6296

PawtucketWilliam E. Tolman High(401) 729-6400

PortsmouthPortsmouth High School(401) 683-2124

PortsmouthPortsmouth Middle School(401) 849-3700

ProvidenceAlternate Learning Project(401) 456-9194

ProvidenceBirch Vocational(401) 456-9198

ProvidenceCentral High School(401) 456-9111

ProvidenceClassical High School(401) 456-9145

ProvidenceEsek Hopkins Middle(401) 456-9203

ProvidenceFeinstein High School(401) 456-1706

ProvidenceGilbert Stuart Middle School(401) 456-9341

ProvidenceHope High School(401) 456-9161

ProvidenceJames L. Hanley Career & Tech Center(401) 456-9136

ProvidenceMetropolitan Center(401) 456-0603

ProvidenceMount Pleasant High(401) 456-9183

ProvidenceNathan Bishop Middle(401) 456-9344

ProvidenceNathanael Greene Middle(401) 456-9347

ProvidenceOccupational Education(401) 456-9217

ProvidencePerry Middle School(401) 456-9352

ProvidenceProvidence Place Academy(401) 383-0794

ProvidenceRoger Williams Middle(401) 456-9355

ProvidenceSamuel W. Bridgham Middle(401) 456-9360

ProvidenceSpringfield Middle School I(401) 278-0557

ProvidenceSpringfield Middle School Ii(401) 278-0527

ProvidenceTextron Chamber Of Commerce(401) 456-1738

RiversideRiverside Junior High(401) 433-6230

SlatersvilleDr. Halliwell School(401) 762-2793

TivertonTiverton High School(401) 624-8494

TivertonTiverton Middle School(401) 624-6668

WakefieldBroad Rock Middle School(401) 782-6223

WakefieldCurtis Corner Middle School(401) 792-9682

WakefieldSouth Kingstown High(401) 792-9611

WarrenKickemuit Middle School(401) 245-2010

WarrenMary V. Quirk School(401) 247-3749

WarwickAldrich Junior High(401) 734-3500

WarwickGorton Junior High School(401) 734-3350

WarwickPilgrim High School(401) 734-3250

WarwickToll Gate High School(401) 734-3300

WarwickWarwick Area Career & Tech Center(401) 734-3150

WarwickWarwick Veterans High(401) 734-3200

WarwickWinman Junior High School(401) 734-3375

West GreenwichExeter-West Greenwich Reg. Jr.(401) 397-6897

West GreenwichExeter-West Greenwich Regional(401) 397-6893

West WarwickJohn F. Deering Middle(401) 822-8445

West WarwickWest Warwick High School(401) 821-6596

WesterlyBabcock Middle School(401) 348-2750

WesterlyWesterly High School(401) 596-2109

Wood River JunctionChariho Career & Tech Center(401) 364-6869

Wood River JunctionChariho High School(401) 364-7778

Wood River JunctionChariho Reg Middle School(401) 364-0651

WoonsocketWoonsocket Career & Tech Center(401) 767-4662

WoonsocketWoonsocket High School(401) 767-4600

WoonsocketWoonsocket Middle School(401) 767-4600

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