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Nathan Hale HsTulsa(918) 925-1200 M S

Navajo HsAltus(580) 482-7742 M S

Navajo JhsAltus(580) 482-7742 M S

Ne Acad Health/Sci/EngineeringOklahoma City(405) 424-1491 M S

New Lima HsWewoka(405) 257-6431 M S

Newcastle HsNewcastle(405) 387-4304 M S

Newcastle MsNewcastle(405) 387-3139 M S

Newkirk HsNewkirk(580) 362-6241 M S

Newkirk MsNewkirk(580) 362-2516 M S

Newman MsSkiatook(918) 396-2307 M S

Nicoma Park JhsChoctaw(405) 769-3106 M S

Nimitz MsTulsa(918) 746-8800 M S

Ninnekah JhsNinnekah(405) 224-4299 M S

Noble HsNoble(405) 872-3441 M S

Noble JhsNoble(405) 872-3495 M S

Norman Hs NorthNorman(405) 366-5954 M S

Norman HsNorman(405) 366-5812 M S

North HsEdmond(405) 340-2875 M S

North Park EsGuymon(580) 338-4390 M S

Northwest Classen HsOklahoma City(405) 942-5551 M S

Northwest EsArdmore(580) 223-2450 M S

Northwood EsSeminole(405) 382-5800 M S

Nowata HsNowata(918) 273-2221 M S

Nowata MsNowata(918) 273-1346 M S

Oaks-Mission HsOaks(918) 868-2499 M S

Obuch MsAntlers(580) 298-3308 M S

Oilton HsOilton(918) 862-3272 M S

Okarche HsOkarche(405) 263-7212 M S

Okarche JhsOkarche(405) 263-7212 M S

Okay HsOkay(918) 682-0371 M S

Okeene Junior-Senior Hs (Jr)Okeene(580) 822-3219 M S

Okeene Junior-Senior Hs (Sr)Okeene(580) 822-3219 M S

Okemah HsOkemah(918) 623-1274 M S

Okemah MsOkemah(918) 623-0212 M S

Oklahoma Union HsS Coffeyville(918) 255-6551 M S

Oklahoma Union MsS Coffeyville(918) 255-6910 M S

Okmulgee HsOkmulgee(918) 758-2075 M S

Okmulgee MsOkmulgee(918) 758-2050 M S

Oktaha HsOktaha(918) 687-3672 M S

Olive HsDrumright(918) 352-9568 M S

Oliver MsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4590 M S

Olney HsClarita(580) 428-3293 M S

Olustee HsOlustee(580) 648-2243 M S

Oologah-Talala HsOologah(918) 443-6211 M S

Oologah-Talala MsOologah(918) 443-6151 M S

Owasso 6Th Grade CtrOwasso(918) 274-3020 M S

Owasso 7Th Grade CtrOwasso(918) 272-1183 M S

Owasso HsOwasso(918) 272-5334 M S

Paden HsPaden(405) 932-4465 M S

Panama HsPanama(918) 963-2215 M S

Panama MsPanama(918) 963-2213 M S

Panola HsPanola(918) 465-3813 M S

Pansy Kidd MsPoteau(918) 647-9156 M S

Paoli HsPaoli(405) 484-7336 M S

Pauls Valley HsPauls Valley(405) 238-6497 M S

Pauls Valley MsPauls Valley(405) 238-1239 M S

Pawhuska HsPawhuska(918) 287-1262 M S

Pawhuska JhsPawhuska(918) 287-1264 M S

Pawnee HsPawnee(918) 762-3676 M S

Pawnee MsPawnee(918) 762-3055 M S

Perkins-Tryon HsPerkins(405) 547-5724 M S

Perkins-Tryon MsPerkins(405) 547-5713 M S

Perry HsPerry(580) 336-4415 M S

Perry MsPerry(580) 336-2577 M S

Picher-Cardin HsPicher(918) 673-1713 M S

Picher-Cardin JhsPicher(918) 673-1713 M S

Piedmont HsPiedmont(405) 373-2865 M S

Piedmont MsPiedmont(405) 373-1315 M S

Pioneer IesNoble(405) 872-3472 M S

Pioneer-Pleasant Vale HsWaukomis(580) 758-3282 M S

Pioneer-Pleasant Vale JhsWaukomis(580) 758-3282 M S

Pittsburg HsPittsburg(918) 432-5513 M S




Plainview HsArdmore(580) 223-5877 M S

Plainview MsArdmore(580) 223-6502 M S

Pocola HsPocola(918) 436-2042 M S

Pocola MsPocola(918) 436-2091 M S

Ponca City HsPonca City(580) 767-9500 M S

Ponca City West MsPonca City(580) 767-8020 M S

Pond Creek-Hunter Junior-SenioPond Creek(580) 532-4241 M S

Porter Consolidated HsPorter(918) 483-7011 M S

Porum HsPorum(918) 484-5122 M S

Poteau HsPoteau(918) 647-4102 M S

Prague HsPrague(405) 567-2281 M S

Prague MsPrague(405) 567-2281 M S

Preston HsPreston(918) 756-8636 M S

Prue HsPrue(918) 242-3384 M S

Pryor HsPryor(918) 825-2340 M S

Pryor JhsPryor(918) 825-2371 M S

Purcell HsPurcell(405) 527-6591 M S

Purcell MsPurcell(405) 527-2146 M S

Puterbaugh MsMcalester(918) 423-5445 M S

Putnam City HsOklahoma City(405) 789-4350 M S

Putnam City North HsOklahoma City(405) 722-4220 M S

Putnam City West HsOklahoma City(405) 787-1140 M S

Quapaw HsQuapaw(918) 674-2474 M S

Quapaw MsQuapaw(918) 674-2496 M S

Quinton HsQuinton(918) 469-3309 M S

Rattan HsRattan(580) 587-2715 M S

Rattan JhsRattan(580) 587-2715 M S

Rector Johnson MsBroken Bow(580) 584-9603 M S

Red Oak HsRed Oak(918) 754-2283 M S

Reydon HsReydon(580) 655-4375 M S

Ringling HsRingling(580) 662-2386 M S

Ringling JhsRingling(580) 662-2386 M S

Ringwood HsRingwood(580) 883-2201 M S

Ripley HsRipley(918) 372-4245 M S

Rock Creek HsBokchito(580) 295-3761 M S

Roff HsRoff(580) 456-7252 M S

Rogers MsSpencer(405) 771-3205 M S

Roland HsRoland(918) 427-7419 M S

Roland JhsRoland(918) 427-4631 M S

Roosevelt MsOklahoma City(405) 685-7795 M S

Rush Springs HsRush Springs(580) 476-3596 M S

Rush Springs MsRush Springs(580) 476-3447 M S

Russell Babb EsHarrah(405) 454-6213 M S

Ryan HsRyan(580) 757-2296 M S

S.W. Oklahoma Juvenile CtrManitou(580) 397-3511 M S

Salina HsSalina(918) 434-5347 M S

Salina MsSalina(918) 434-5311 M S

Sallisaw HsSallisaw(918) 775-7761 M S

Santa Fe HsEdmond(405) 340-2230 M S

Sapulpa HsSapulpa(918) 224-6560 M S

Sapulpa MsSapulpa(918) 224-8441 M S

Sasakwa HsSasakwa(405) 941-3250 M S

Savanna HsSavanna(918) 548-3887 M S

Sayre HsSayre(580) 928-5576 M S

Sayre MsSayre(580) 928-5578 M S

Schulter HsSchulter(918) 652-8200 M S

Seiling Junior-Senior HsSeiling(580) 922-7382 M S

Seiling Junior-Senior HsSeiling(580) 922-7382 M S

Seminole Junior-Senior HsSeminole(405) 382-1415 M S

Seminole MsSeminole(405) 382-5065 M S


Senior HsElmore City(580) 788-2565 M S

Senior HsShattuck(580) 938-2586 M S

Senior HsNinnekah(405) 224-4299 M S

Senior HsMooreland(580) 994-5426 M S

Sequoyah HsClaremore(918) 341-0642 M S

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Sequoyah JhsClaremore(918) 341-5537 M S

Sequoyah MsEdmond(405) 340-2900 M S

Sequoyah MsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4370 M S

Sequoyah Upper EsClaremore(918) 341-6111 M S

Sharon-Mutual HsMutual(580) 989-3231 M S

Shawnee HsShawnee(405) 275-3084 M S

Shawnee MsShawnee(405) 273-0403 M S

Shidler HsShidler(800) 327-7512 M S

Silo HsDurant(580) 924-7000 M S

Silo JhsDurant(580) 924-7000 M S

Skiatook HsSkiatook(918) 396-1790 M S

Smithville HsSmithville(580) 244-3281 M S

Smithville MsSmithville(580) 244-7212 M S

Snyder EsSnyder(580) 569-2691 M S

Snyder HsSnyder(580) 569-2730 M S

Soper HsSoper(580) 345-2212 M S

South Coffeyville HsS Coffeyville(918) 255-6087 M S

Southeast HsOklahoma City(405) 636-5008 M S

Sperry HsSperry(918) 288-7213 M S

Sperry MsSperry(918) 288-7213 M S

Spiro HsSpiro(918) 962-2493 M S

Spiro MsSpiro(918) 962-2488 M S

Springer HsSpringer(580) 653-2471 M S

Star Spencer HsSpencer(405) 771-4700 M S

Sterling HsSterling(580) 365-4303 M S

Stigler HsStigler(918) 967-8834 M S

Stigler MsStigler(918) 967-2521 M S

Stillwater HsStillwater(405) 533-6450 M S

Stillwater MsStillwater(405) 533-6430 M S

Stilwell HsStilwell(918) 696-7276 M S

Stilwell MsStilwell(918) 696-2685 M S

Stonewall HsStonewall(580) 265-4242 M S

Stratford Junior-Senior HsStratford(580) 759-2381 M S

Stratford Junior-Senior HsStratford(580) 759-2381 M S

Stringtown HsStringtown(580) 346-7741 M S

Strother HsSeminole(405) 382-0982 M S

Stroud HsStroud(918) 968-2542 M S

Stroud MsStroud(918) 968-2200 M S

Stuart HsStuart(918) 546-2474 M S

Sulphur HsSulphur(580) 622-3174 M S

Sulphur IesSulphur(580) 622-6161 M S

Sulphur JhsSulphur(580) 622-4010 M S

Summit MsEdmond(405) 340-2920 M S

Sweetwater HsSweetwater(580) 534-2272 M S

Taft MsOklahoma City(405) 946-1431 M S

Tahlequah HsTahlequah(918) 458-4150 M S

Tahlequah JhsTahlequah(918) 458-4140 M S

Talihina HsTalihina(918) 567-2266 M S

Talihina JhsTalihina(918) 567-2138 M S

Taloga HsTaloga(580) 328-5586 M S

Tecumseh HsTecumseh(405) 598-2113 M S

Tecumseh MsTecumseh(405) 598-3744 M S

Temple HsTemple(580) 342-6221 M S

Texhoma EsTexhoma(580) 423-7371 M S

Texhoma HsTexhoma(580) 423-7371 M S

Thackerville HsThackerville(580) 276-3610 M S

Thomas Edison Preparatory HsTulsa(918) 746-8500 M S

Thomas EsHoldenville(405) 379-6661 M S

Thomas-Fay-Custer Unified HsThomas(580) 661-3522 M S

Thomas-Fay-Custer Unified JhsThomas(580) 661-3522 M S

Thoreau Demonstration AcademyTulsa(918) 833-9700 M S

Timberlake HsHelena(580) 852-3281 M S

Tipton HsTipton(580) 667-5268 M S

Tishomingo HsTishomingo(580) 371-2322 M S

Tishomingo MsTishomingo(580) 371-3602 M S

Tomlinson JhsLawton(580) 585-6416 M S

Tommie Spear MsSallisaw(918) 775-3015 M S

Tonkawa HsTonkawa(580) 628-2566 M S

Tonkawa MsTonkawa(580) 628-2566 M S

Tulsa Hs For Science & TechnolTulsa(918) 833-8500 M S

Tulsa Schl Of Arts & SciencesTulsa(918) 828-7727 M S

Tupelo HsTupelo(580) 845-2381 M S

Turner HsBurneyville(580) 276-3873 M S

Turpin HsTurpin(580) 778-3333 M S

Tushka HsAtoka(580) 889-7355 M S

Tuttle HsTuttle(405) 381-2396 M S

Tuttle IesTuttle(405) 381-2368 M S

Tuttle MsTuttle(405) 381-2062 M S

Tyrone HsTyrone(580) 854-6298 M S

U. S. Grant HsOklahoma City(405) 685-6621 M S

Union 6Th-7Th Grade CtrTulsa(918) 459-2730 M S

Union City HsUnion City(405) 483-5326 M S

Union HsTulsa(918) 459-2638 M S

Valliant HsValliant(580) 933-7292 M S

Valliant MsValliant(580) 933-4253 M S

Vanoss HsAda(580) 759-2503 M S

Varnum HsSeminole(405) 382-1408 M S

Velma-Alma HsVelma(580) 444-3356 M S

Velma-Alma MsVelma(580) 444-3357 M S

Verden HsVerden(405) 453-7836 M S

Verdigris HsClaremore(918) 266-2336 M S

Verdigris MsClaremore(918) 266-6343 M S

Vian HsVian(918) 773-5475 M S

Vian MsVian(918) 773-8631 M S

Vici HsVici(580) 995-4251 M S

Vinita HsVinita(918) 256-6777 M S

Vinita MsVinita(918) 256-2402 M S

Wagoner HsWagoner(918) 485-5553 M S

Wagoner MsWagoner(918) 485-9541 M S

Wakita HsWakita(580) 594-2262 M S

Wallace Byrd MsCoalgate(580) 927-3560 M S

Walters HsWalters(580) 875-3257 M S

Walters MsWalters(580) 875-3214 M S

Wanette HsWanette(405) 383-2254 M S

Wapanucka HsWapanucka(580) 937-4288 M S

Ward Es EastColbert(580) 296-2198 M S

Warner HsWarner(918) 463-5172 M S

Warner MsWarner(918) 463-2197 M S

Washington EsClinton(580) 323-0311 M S

Washington HsWashington(405) 288-2354 M S

Washington MsWashington(405) 288-2428 M S

Washita Heights HsCorn(580) 343-2298 M S

Watonga HsWatonga(580) 623-4961 M S

Watonga MsWatonga(580) 623-7361 M S

Watts HsWatts(918) 422-5132 M S

Waukomis HsWaukomis(580) 758-3245 M S

Waurika HsWaurika(580) 228-2341 M S

Waurika JhsWaurika(580) 228-2341 M S

Wayne HsWayne(405) 449-3317 M S

Wayne MsWayne(405) 449-7047 M S

Waynoka HsWaynoka(580) 824-4341 M S

Weatherford HsWeatherford(580) 772-3385 M S

Weatherford MsWeatherford(580) 772-2270 M S

Weatherford West EsWeatherford(580) 772-5888 M S

Webbers Falls HsWebbers Falls(918) 464-2334 M S

Webster MsOklahoma City(405) 632-6653 M S

Welch Junior-Senior Hs (Jr)Welch(918) 788-3222 M S

Welch Junior-Senior Hs (Sr)Welch(918) 788-3222 M S

Weleetka HsWeleetka(405) 786-2203 M S

Weleetka JhsWeleetka(405) 786-2204 M S

Wells MsCatoosa(918) 266-1170 M S

Wellston HsWellston(405) 356-2533 M S

Wellston MsWellston(405) 356-2533 M S

West IesJenks(918) 299-4415 M S

West JhsOklahoma City(405) 692-5600 M S

Western Heights HsOklahoma City(405) 350-3435 M S

Western Heights MsOklahoma City(405) 350-3455 M S

Western Oaks MsBethany(405) 789-4434 M S

Westmoore HsOklahoma City(405) 691-8000 M S

Westville HsWestville(918) 723-5644 M S

Westville JhsWestville(918) 723-3432 M S

Wetumka HsWetumka(405) 452-3291 M S

Wewoka HsWewoka(405) 257-5473 M S

Wewoka MsWewoka(405) 257-2340 M S

White Oak HsVinita(918) 256-4484 M S

Whitesboro HsWhitesboro(918) 567-2624 M S

Whitney MsTulsa(918) 746-9260 M S

Whittier MsNorman(405) 366-5956 M S

Wilburton HsWilburton(918) 465-3125 M S

Wilburton JhsWilburton(918) 465-2281 M S

Will Rogers HsTulsa(918) 833-9000 M S

Will Rogers JhsClaremore(918) 341-7411 M S

Will Rogers MsMiami(918) 542-5588 M S

Wilson HsWilson(580) 668-2317 M S

Wilson HsHenryetta(918) 652-3384 M S

Wilson MsTulsa(918) 833-9340 M S

Wister HsWister(918) 655-7276 M S

Woodland HsFairfax(918) 642-3295 M S

Woodland Upper EsFairfax(918) 738-4286 M S

Woodward HsWoodward(580) 256-5329 M S

Woodward Ms NorthWoodward(580) 256-5357 M S

Woodward Ms SouthWoodward(580) 256-7901 M S

Wright City HsWright City(580) 981-2558 M S

Wright City JhsWright City(580) 981-2558 M S

Wyandotte HsWyandotte(918) 678-2222 M S

Wyandotte JhsWyandotte(918) 678-2222 M S

Wynnewood HsWynnewood(405) 665-2045 M S

Wynnewood MsWynnewood(405) 665-4105 M S

Wynona HsWynona(918) 846-2467 M S

Yale HsYale(918) 387-2282 M S

Yale JhsYale(918) 387-2118 M S

Yarbrough HsGoodwell(580) 545-3328 M S

Yarbrough MsGoodwell(580) 545-3328 M S

Yukon HsYukon(405) 354-6661 M S

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