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5Th & 6Th Grade CtrSkiatook(918) 396-5730 M S

7Th & 8Th Grade CtrMuskogee(918) 684-3775 M S

8Th & 9Th Grade CtrElk City(580) 225-0476 M S

Achille HsAchille(580) 283-3775 M S

Ada HsAda(580) 310-7220 M S

Ada JhsAda(580) 310-7260 M S

Adair HsAdair(918) 785-2424 M S

Adair MsAdair(918) 785-2425 M S

Afton HsAfton(918) 257-8305 M S

Agra HsAgra(918) 375-2261 M S

Alcott MsNorman(405) 366-5845 M S

Alex Junior-Senior Hs (Jr)Alex(405) 785-2264 M S

Alex Junior-Senior Hs (Sr)Alex(405) 785-2264 M S

Aline-Cleo HsAline(580) 463-2256 M S

Allen HsAllen(580) 857-2416 M S

Altus HsAltus(580) 481-2167 M S

Altus MsAltus(580) 481-2155 M S

Alva HsAlva(580) 327-3682 M S

Alva MsAlva(580) 327-0608 M S

Amber-Pocasset HsAmber(405) 224-4017 M S

Amber-Pocasset JhsAmber(405) 224-4017 M S

Anadarko HsAnadarko(405) 247-2486 M S

Anadarko MsAnadarko(405) 247-6671 M S

Antlers HsAntlers(580) 298-2141 M S

Apache HsApache(580) 588-3358 M S

Apache MsApache(580) 588-2122 M S

Arapaho HsArapaho(580) 323-3261 M S

Ardmore HsArdmore(580) 226-7680 M S

Ardmore MsArdmore(580) 223-2475 M S

Arkoma HsArkoma(918) 875-3353 M S

Arkoma JhsArkoma(918) 875-3353 M S

Arnett HsArnett(580) 885-7285 M S

Art Goad IesChelsea(918) 789-2521 M S

Asher HsAsher(405) 784-2331 M S

Astec Charter MsOklahoma City(405) 947-6274 M S

Atoka HsAtoka(580) 889-3361 M S

Balko HsBalko(580) 646-3385 M S

Barnsdall HsBarnsdall(918) 847-2721 M S

Barnsdall JhsBarnsdall(918) 847-2721 M S

Bartlesville HsBartlesville(918) 336-3311 M S

Battiest HsBattiest(580) 241-5550 M S

Beaver HsBeaver(580) 625-3444 M S

Beggs HsBeggs(918) 267-3625 M S

Beggs MsBeggs(918) 267-4916 M S

Belle Isle Enterprise SchoolOklahoma City(405) 843-0888 M S

Bennington HsBennington(580) 847-2310 M S

Berryhill HsTulsa(918) 446-1636 M S

Berryhill JhsTulsa(918) 446-8765 M S

Bethany HsBethany(405) 789-6370 M S

Bethany MsBethany(405) 787-3240 M S

Bethel HsShawnee(405) 273-3633 M S

Bethel MsShawnee(405) 273-5944 M S

Big Pasture HsRandlett(580) 281-3276 M S

Billings HsBillings(580) 725-3271 M S

Binger-Oney HsBinger(405) 656-2304 M S

Bixby HsBixby(918) 366-2235 M S

Bixby MsBixby(918) 366-2201 M S

Blackwell HsBlackwell(580) 363-3553 M S

Blackwell MsBlackwell(580) 363-2100 M S

Blair HsBlair(580) 563-2486 M S

Blanchard HsBlanchard(405) 485-3392 M S

Blanchard MsBlanchard(405) 485-3393 M S

Blanche Thomas HsSentinel(580) 393-2112 M S

Bluejacket HsBluejacket(918) 784-2365 M S

Bluejacket MsBluejacket(918) 784-2365 M S

Boise City HsBoise City(580) 544-3111 M S

Bokoshe HsBokoshe(918) 969-2341 M S

Bokoshe JhsBokoshe(918) 969-2341 M S

Boley HsBoley(918) 667-3324 M S

Booker T. Washington HsTulsa(918) 925-1000 M S

Boswell HsBoswell(580) 566-2735 M S

Boswell JhsBoswell(580) 566-2785 M S

Bowlegs HsBowlegs(405) 398-4321 M S

Boynton HsBoynton(918) 472-7310 M S

Braggs HsBraggs(918) 487-5265 M S

Braman HsBraman(580) 385-2191 M S

Brassfield 5Th & 6Th Grade CtrBixby(918) 366-2249 M S

Bray-Doyle HsMarlow(580) 658-5071 M S

Bridge Creek HsBlanchard(405) 387-3981 M S

Bridge Creek MsBlanchard(405) 387-9681 M S

Brink JhsOklahoma City(405) 692-5620 M S

Bristow HsBristow(918) 367-2241 M S

Bristow MsBristow(918) 367-3551 M S




Broken Arrow HsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4310 M S

Broken Bow HsBroken Bow(580) 584-3365 M S

Buffalo HsBuffalo(580) 735-2448 M S

Buffalo JhsBuffalo(580) 735-2448 M S

Buffalo Valley HsTalihina(918) 522-4803 M S

Burlington HsBurlington(580) 431-2222 M S

Burns Flat-Dill City HsBurns Flat(580) 562-4846 M S

Butler HsButler(580) 664-3295 M S

Butner HsCromwell(405) 944-5526 M S

Byng EsAda(580) 310-6723 M S

Byng HsAda(580) 310-6733 M S

Byng JhsAda(580) 310-6744 M S

Byrd MsTulsa(918) 833-9520 M S

Cache HsCache(580) 429-3214 M S

Cache MsCache(580) 429-8489 M S

Caddo HsCaddo(580) 367-2208 M S

Calera HsCalera(580) 434-5158 M S

Calumet HsCalumet(405) 893-2222 M S

Calumet JhsCalumet(405) 893-2222 M S

Calvin HsCalvin(405) 645-2411 M S

Cameron HsCameron(918) 654-3224 M S

Canadian HsCanadian(918) 339-2706 M S

Caney HsCaney(580) 889-6607 M S

Caney Valley HsRamona(918) 536-3425 M S

Caney Valley MsRamona(918) 536-2705 M S

Canton HsCanton(580) 886-2256 M S

Canute HsCanute(580) 472-3782 M S

Capitol Hill HsOklahoma City(405) 616-1210 M S

Carl Albert HsOklahoma City(405) 739-1726 M S

Carl Albert JhsOklahoma City(405) 739-1761 M S

Carnegie HsCarnegie(580) 654-1266 M S

Carnegie JhsCarnegie(580) 654-1766 M S

Carney HsCarney(405) 865-2344 M S

Carter HsCarter(580) 486-3241 M S

Carver MsTulsa(918) 925-1420 M S

Cashion HsCashion(405) 433-2575 M S

Catoosa HsCatoosa(918) 266-2224 M S

Cave Springs HsBunch(918) 775-2364 M S

Cement HsCement(405) 489-3218 M S

Central EsTahlequah(918) 458-4176 M S

Central High HsMarlow(580) 658-2929 M S

Central HsTulsa(918) 833-8400 M S

Central HsSallisaw(918) 775-5525 M S

Central IesWagoner(918) 485-9543 M S

Central JhsSand Springs(918) 246-1440 M S

Central JhsMoore(405) 793-3265 M S

Central JhsGuymon(580) 338-4360 M S

Central JhsLawton(580) 355-8544 M S

Central MsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4340 M S

Central MsWarr Acres(405) 787-3660 M S

Central MsBartlesville(918) 336-9302 M S

Central MsEdmond(405) 340-2890 M S

Central Upper EsClaremore(918) 341-7744 M S

Chamberlain MsFairview(580) 227-2555 M S

Chandler HsChandler(405) 258-1269 M S

Chandler MsChandler(405) 258-0183 M S

Charles Page HsSand Springs(918) 246-1470 M S

Chattanooga HsChattanooga(580) 597-3347 M S

Checotah HsChecotah(918) 473-2239 M S

Checotah IesChecotah(918) 473-2384 M S

Checotah MsChecotah(918) 473-5912 M S

Chelsea HsChelsea(918) 789-2533 M S

Chelsea JhsChelsea(918) 789-2521 M S

Cherokee EsCatoosa(918) 266-1151 M S

Cherokee HsCherokee(580) 596-3391 M S

Cherokee JhsCherokee(580) 596-3391 M S

Cheyenne HsCheyenne(580) 497-3371 M S

Cheyenne MsEdmond(405) 330-7380 M S

Chickasha HsChickasha(405) 222-6550 M S

Chickasha IesChickasha(405) 222-6528 M S

Childers MsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4350 M S

Chisholm HsEnid(580) 233-2852 M S

Chisholm MsEnid(580) 234-0234 M S

Choctaw HsChoctaw(405) 390-8899 M S

Choctaw JhsChoctaw(405) 390-2208 M S

Chouteau-Mazie HsChouteau(918) 476-8336 M S

Chouteau-Mazie MsChouteau(918) 476-8336 M S

Cimarron HsLahoma(580) 796-2204 M S

Cimarron MsEdmond(405) 340-2935 M S

Cimarron MsLahoma(580) 796-2204 M S

Claremore HsClaremore(918) 341-0724 M S

Classen Hs Of Advanced StudiesOklahoma City(405) 556-5070 M S

Classen Ms Of Advanced StudiesOklahoma City(405) 556-5070 M S

Clayton HsClayton(918) 569-4156 M S

Cleveland HsCleveland(918) 358-2529 M S

Cleveland MsCleveland(918) 358-2533 M S

Cleveland MsTulsa(918) 746-9400 M S

Clinton HsClinton(580) 323-1230 M S

Clinton MsClinton(580) 323-4228 M S

Clinton MsTulsa(918) 746-8640 M S

Clyde Boyd JhsSand Springs(918) 246-1535 M S

Coalgate HsCoalgate(580) 927-2592 M S

Colbert HsColbert(580) 296-2590 M S

Colbert MsColbert(580) 296-2590 M S

Colcord HsColcord(918) 326-4107 M S

Coleman HsColeman(580) 937-4418 M S

Collins EsBristow(918) 367-5551 M S

Collinsville HsCollinsville(918) 371-3382 M S

Collinsville MsCollinsville(918) 371-2541 M S

Comanche HsComanche(580) 439-2933 M S

Comanche MsComanche(580) 439-2922 M S

Commerce HsCommerce(918) 675-4343 M S

Commerce MsCommerce(918) 675-4101 M S

Cooper MsOklahoma City(405) 720-9887 M S

Cooper-Mcclain EsEufaula(918) 689-2631 M S

Copan HsCopan(918) 532-4344 M S

Cordell HsCordell(580) 832-3432 M S

Cordell JhsCordell(580) 832-2233 M S

Covington-Douglas HsCovington(580) 864-7482 M S

Coweta HsCoweta(918) 486-4474 M S

Coweta IesCoweta(918) 486-2186 M S

Coweta JhsCoweta(918) 486-2127 M S

Coyle HsCoyle(405) 466-2242 M S

Crescent HsCrescent(405) 969-2545 M S

Crescent MsCrescent(405) 969-2545 M S

Crooked Oak HsOklahoma City(405) 677-3452 M S

Crooked Oak MsOklahoma City(405) 677-5133 M S

Crowder HsCrowder(918) 334-3204 M S

Cushing HsCushing(918) 225-6622 M S

Cushing MsCushing(918) 225-1311 M S

Custer EsThomas(580) 593-2258 M S

Cyril HsCyril(580) 464-2272 M S

Dale HsDale(405) 964-5555 M S

Dale JhsDale(405) 964-5555 M S

Daniel Webster HsTulsa(918) 746-8000 M S

Davenport HsDavenport(918) 377-2278 M S

Davidson HsDavidson(580) 568-2261 M S

Davis HsDavis(580) 369-5541 M S

Davis MsDavis(580) 369-5565 M S

Deer Creek HsEdmond(405) 348-5720 M S

Deer Creek MsEdmond(405) 348-4830 M S

Deer Creek-Lamont HsLamont(580) 388-4333 M S

Del City HsOklahoma City(405) 677-5777 M S

Del Crest JhsOklahoma City(405) 671-8615 M S

Depew HsDepew(918) 324-5543 M S

Dewar HsDewar(918) 652-9625 M S

Dewey HsDewey(918) 534-0933 M S

Dewey MsDewey(918) 534-0111 M S

Dewitt Waller JhsEnid(580) 234-5931 M S

Dibble HsDibble(405) 344-6380 M S

Dibble MsDibble(405) 344-6380 M S

Dickson HsArdmore(580) 226-0633 M S

Dickson JhsArdmore(580) 223-2700 M S

Dickson Upper EsArdmore(580) 223-1443 M S


Douglass HsOklahoma City(405) 424-4391 M S

Dove Science Academy (Okc)Oklahoma City(405) 524-9762 M S

Dove Science Academy (Tulsa)Tulsa(918) 834-3936 M S

Dover HsDover(405) 828-4204 M S

Drummond HsDrummond(580) 493-2271 M S

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Drumright HsDrumright(918) 352-2152 M S

Duke HsDuke(580) 679-3311 M S

Duncan HsDuncan(580) 255-0700 M S

Duncan Ms - 6Th Grade CtrDuncan(580) 255-1020 M S

Duncan MsDuncan(580) 255-1020 M S

Durant HsDurant(580) 924-4424 M S

Durant IesDurant(580) 924-1397 M S

Durant MsDurant(580) 924-1321 M S

Dustin HsDustin(918) 656-3230 M S

Eagletown HsEagletown(580) 835-2242 M S

Earlsboro HsEarlsboro(405) 997-5252 M S

East Central HsTulsa(918) 746-9700 M S

East IesJenks(918) 299-4411 M S

Edison EsDrumright(918) 352-2318 M S

Edison Preparatory MsTulsa(918) 746-8500 M S

Eisenhower HsLawton(580) 355-9144 M S

Eisenhower JhsLawton(580) 353-1040 M S

El Reno HsEl Reno(405) 262-3254 M S

Eldorado HsEldorado(580) 633-2219 M S

Elgin HsElgin(580) 492-3670 M S

Elgin MsElgin(580) 492-3655 M S

Elk City HsElk City(580) 225-0105 M S

Elmore City-Pernell JhsElmore City(580) 788-2565 M S

Emerson Alternative Ed. (Hs)Oklahoma City(405) 232-5273 M S

Emerson Alternative Ed. (Ms)Oklahoma City(405) 232-5273 M S

Emerson JhsEnid(580) 237-3017 M S

Empire HsDuncan(580) 255-7515 M S

Enid HsEnid(580) 234-2404 M S

Erick HsErick(580) 526-3351 M S

Eufaula HsEufaula(918) 689-2556 M S

F. D. Moon Academy/Mass MediaOklahoma City(405) 427-8391 M S

Fairland HsFairland(918) 676-3246 M S

Fairview HsFairview(580) 227-4446 M S

Fargo HsFargo(580) 698-2298 M S

Felt HsFelt(580) 426-2220 M S

Fletcher HsFletcher(580) 549-6015 M S

Fletcher JhsFletcher(580) 549-6015 M S

Forgan HsForgan(580) 487-3366 M S

Fort Cobb-Broxton HsFort Cobb(405) 643-2820 M S

Fort Cobb-Broxton MsFort Cobb(405) 643-2820 M S

Fort Gibson HsFort Gibson(918) 478-2452 M S

Fort Gibson MsFort Gibson(918) 478-2471 M S

Fort Supply HsFort Supply(580) 766-2071 M S

Fort Towson HsFort Towson(580) 873-2325 M S

Foster MsTulsa(918) 746-9500 M S

Fox Junior-Senior HsFox(580) 673-2082 M S

Foyil HsFoyil(918) 342-1782 M S

Foyil JhsFoyil(918) 342-1782 M S

Frederick HsFrederick(580) 335-5521 M S

Frederick MsFrederick(580) 335-2014 M S

Freedom HsFreedom(580) 621-3272 M S

Frontier HsRed Rock(580) 723-4360 M S

Gage HsGage(580) 923-7909 M S

Gans HsGans(918) 775-2236 M S

Garber HsGarber(580) 863-2231 M S

Garfield EsSand Springs(918) 246-1462 M S

Gateway AcademyOklahoma City(405) 841-3155 M S

Geary HsGeary(405) 884-2362 M S

Geary JhsGeary(405) 884-2362 M S

Geronimo HsGeronimo(580) 355-3160 M S

Gilcrease Intermediate SchoolTulsa(918) 746-9600 M S

Glencoe HsGlencoe(580) 669-2261 M S

Glenpool HsGlenpool(918) 322-3285 M S

Glenpool MsGlenpool(918) 322-3823 M S

Goodwell HsGoodwell(580) 349-2271 M S

Gore HsGore(918) 489-5587 M S

Gore Upper EsGore(918) 487-5191 M S

Gracemont HsGracemont(405) 966-2233 M S

Graham HsWeleetka(918) 652-8935 M S

Grandfield HsGrandfield(580) 479-3140 M S

Grandview 5Th/6Th Grade CtrElk City(580) 225-2687 M S

Granite HsGranite(580) 535-2104 M S

Grove HsGrove(918) 786-2208 M S

Grove MsGrove(918) 786-2209 M S

Grove Upper EsGrove(918) 786-2297 M S

Guthrie HsGuthrie(405) 282-5906 M S

Guthrie JhsGuthrie(405) 282-5936 M S

Guthrie Upper EsGuthrie(405) 282-5924 M S

Guymon HsGuymon(580) 338-4350 M S

Haileyville HsHaileyville(918) 297-2627 M S

Hamilton MsTulsa(918) 746-9440 M S

Hammon HsHammon(580) 473-2737 M S

Hammon JhsHammon(580) 473-2737 M S

Hanna HsHanna(918) 657-2527 M S

Hardesty HsHardesty(580) 888-4258 M S

Harding MsOklahoma City(405) 528-0562 M S

Harrah HsHarrah(405) 454-2416 M S

Harrah MsHarrah(405) 454-2406 M S

Hartshorne HsHartshorne(918) 297-2536 M S

Hartshorne JhsHartshorne(918) 297-2433 M S

Haskell HsHaskell(918) 482-5223 M S

Haskell MsBroken Arrow(918) 259-4360 M S

Haskell MsHaskell(918) 482-5221 M S

Haworth HsHaworth(580) 245-1440 M S

Haworth JhsHaworth(580) 245-1461 M S

Healdton HsHealdton(580) 229-0540 M S

Healdton MsHealdton(580) 229-0303 M S

Heavener HsHeavener(918) 653-4436 M S

Hefner MsOklahoma City(405) 721-2411 M S

Hennessey HsHennessey(405) 853-4394 M S

Hennessey Upper EsHennessey(405) 853-4303 M S

Henryetta HsHenryetta(918) 652-6571 M S

Henryetta MsHenryetta(918) 652-6578 M S

Highland East JhsMoore(405) 793-3200 M S

Highland West JhsMoore(405) 793-3210 M S

Hilldale HsMuskogee(918) 683-3253 M S

Hilldale MsMuskogee(918) 683-0763 M S

Hinton HsHinton(405) 542-3235 M S

Hinton JhsHinton(405) 542-3235 M S

Hobart HsHobart(580) 726-5611 M S

Hobart MsHobart(580) 726-5615 M S

Holdenville HsHoldenville(405) 379-6893 M S

Holdenville JhsHoldenville(405) 379-3387 M S

Hollis HsHollis(580) 688-2707 M S

Hollis MsHollis(580) 688-2706 M S

Hominy HsHominy(918) 885-2141 M S

Hominy MsHominy(918) 885-6253 M S

Hooker HsHooker(580) 652-2516 M S

Hoover MsOklahoma City(405) 751-1210 M S

Houston Homan JhsEufaula(918) 689-2711 M S

Howe HsHowe(918) 658-3368 M S

Hugo HsHugo(580) 326-9648 M S

Hugo MsHugo(580) 326-3365 M S

Hulbert Junior-Senior HsHulbert(918) 772-2565 M S

Hulbert Junior-Senior HsHulbert(918) 772-2565 M S

Huston Ctr EsBlackwell(580) 363-0119 M S

Hydro-Eakly HsHydro(405) 663-2246 M S

Hydro-Eakly MsHydro(405) 663-2246 M S

Idabel HsIdabel(580) 286-7693 M S

Idabel MsIdabel(580) 286-6558 M S

Independence Charter MsOklahoma City(405) 841-3132 M S

Independence MsYukon(405) 354-5274 M S

Indiahoma HsIndiahoma(580) 246-3307 M S

Indian Camp EsPawhuska(918) 287-1977 M S

Indianola HsIndianola(918) 823-4231 M S

Inola HsInola(918) 543-3132 M S

Inola MsInola(918) 543-2434 M S

Irving MsNorman(405) 366-5941 M S

Jackson MsOklahoma City(405) 634-6357 M S

James Griffith IesChoctaw(405) 390-2153 M S

Jarman JhsOklahoma City(405) 739-1771 M S

Jay HsJay(918) 253-4466 M S

Jay MsJay(918) 253-8510 M S

Jefferson MsOklahoma City(405) 632-2341 M S

Jenks HsJenks(918) 299-4411 M S

Jenks MsJenks(918) 299-4411 M S

John Marshall HsOklahoma City(405) 848-6871 M S

John Wesley AcademyOklahoma City(405) 524-8900 M S

Jones HsJones(405) 399-9122 M S

Jones MsJones(405) 399-9114 M S

Juvenile CtrTecumseh(405) 598-2135 M S

Kansas HsKansas(918) 868-3308 M S

Kansas MsKansas(918) 868-3308 M S

Kellyville HsKellyville(918) 247-6333 M S

Kellyville MsKellyville(918) 247-6333 M S

Keota HsKeota(918) 966-3950 M S

Kerr JhsOklahoma City(405) 671-8625 M S

Ketchum HsKetchum(918) 782-4481 M S

Keyes HsKeyes(580) 546-7231 M S

Kiefer HsKiefer(918) 321-3533 M S

Kingfisher HsKingfisher(405) 375-4191 M S

Kingfisher MsKingfisher(405) 375-6607 M S

Kingston HsKingston(580) 564-2384 M S

Kingston MsKingston(580) 564-2996 M S

Kinta HsKinta(918) 768-3339 M S

Kiowa HsKiowa(918) 432-5641 M S

Konawa HsKonawa(580) 925-3221 M S

Konawa JhsKonawa(580) 925-3221 M S

Kremlin-Hillsdale HsKremlin(580) 874-2281 M S

L. E. Rader CtrSand Springs(918) 246-8094 M S

Lakeview MsYukon(405) 350-2630 M S

Latta HsAda(580) 332-3300 M S

Latta JhsAda(580) 332-8180 M S

Laverne HsLaverne(580) 921-3361 M S

Laverne MsLaverne(580) 921-3361 M S

Lawton HsLawton(580) 355-5170 M S

Leedey HsLeedey(580) 488-3377 M S

Leedey JhsLeedey(580) 488-3377 M S

Leflore HsLeflore(918) 753-2253 M S

Leland Wolf Hs (Oyc)Norman(405) 573-3809 M S

Leslie F. Roblyer MsEl Reno(405) 262-2700 M S

Lewis And Clark MsTulsa(918) 746-9540 M S

Lexington HsLexington(405) 527-7236 M S

Lexington MsLexington(405) 527-7236 M S

Liberty HsMounds(918) 366-8784 M S

Liberty MsMounds(918) 366-8494 M S

Lincoln EsChickasha(405) 222-6520 M S

Lincoln EsAlva(580) 327-3008 M S

Lindsay HsLindsay(405) 756-3132 M S

Lindsay MsLindsay(405) 756-3133 M S

Little Axe HsNorman(405) 329-1612 M S

Little Axe MsNorman(405) 329-2156 M S

Locust Grove HsLocust Grove(918) 479-5247 M S

Locust Grove MsLocust Grove(918) 479-5244 M S

Lomega HsOmega(405) 729-4281 M S

Lone Grove HsLone Grove(580) 657-3133 M S

Lone Grove MsLone Grove(580) 657-3132 M S

Lone Wolf Junior-Senior HsLone Wolf(580) 846-9091 M S

Longfellow JhsEnid(580) 234-7022 M S

Longfellow MsNorman(405) 366-5948 M S

Lookeba-Sickles HsLookeba(405) 457-6621 M S

Lookeba-Sickles JhsLookeba(405) 457-6621 M S

Luther HsLuther(405) 277-3263 M S

Luther MsLuther(405) 277-3264 M S

Macarthur HsLawton(580) 355-5230 M S

Macarthur JhsLawton(580) 353-5111 M S

Macomb HsMacomb(405) 598-5420 M S

Madill HsMadill(580) 795-3339 M S

Madill MsMadill(580) 795-7373 M S

Madison MsBartlesville(918) 333-3176 M S

Madison MsTulsa(918) 833-8860 M S

Mangum HsMangum(580) 782-3343 M S

Mangum JhsMangum(580) 782-2702 M S

Mangum MsMangum(580) 782-2702 M S

Mannford HsMannford(918) 865-3841 M S

Mannford MsMannford(918) 865-4680 M S

Mannford Upper EsMannford(918) 865-3092 M S

Marietta HsMarietta(580) 276-3204 M S

Marietta MsMarietta(580) 276-3886 M S

Marlow HsMarlow(580) 658-2718 M S

Marlow MsMarlow(580) 658-2619 M S

Mason HsMason(918) 623-0107 M S

Maud HsMaud(405) 374-2425 M S

Maud JhsMaud(405) 374-2404 M S

Mayfield MsOklahoma City(405) 947-8693 M S

Maysville HsMaysville(888) 806-5330 M S

Mcalester HsMcalester(918) 423-4776 M S

Mccall MsAtoka(580) 889-5640 M S

Mccurtain HsMccurtain(918) 945-7236 M S

Mclish HsFittstown(580) 777-2240 M S

Mcloud HsMcloud(405) 964-3311 M S

Mcloud JhsMcloud(405) 964-3312 M S

Medford HsMedford(580) 395-2392 M S

Meeker HsMeeker(405) 279-2113 M S

Meeker MsMeeker(405) 279-2414 M S

Memorial HsEdmond(405) 340-2850 M S

Memorial HsTulsa(918) 833-9600 M S

Merritt HsElk City(580) 225-5460 M S

Miami HsMiami(918) 542-4421 M S

Midway HsCouncil Hill(918) 474-3434 M S

Midwest City HsOklahoma City(405) 739-1741 M S

Milburn HsMilburn(580) 443-5522 M S

Mill Creek HsMill Creek(580) 384-5447 M S

Millwood HsOklahoma City(405) 478-0504 M S

Millwood MsOklahoma City(405) 478-0360 M S

Minco HsMinco(405) 352-4377 M S

Minco MsMinco(405) 352-4377 M S

Monroe MsTulsa(918) 833-8900 M S

Monroney JhsOklahoma City(405) 739-1786 M S

Moore HsOklahoma City(405) 793-3100 M S

Morris HsMorris(918) 733-4198 M S

Morris MsMorris(918) 733-4551 M S

Morrison HsMorrison(580) 724-3307 M S

Moss HsHoldenville(405) 379-7251 M S

Mounds HsMounds(918) 827-6200 M S

Mountain View-Gotebo HsMountain View(580) 347-2211 M S

Moyers HsMoyers(580) 298-6951 M S

Muldrow HsMuldrow(918) 427-3274 M S

Muldrow MsMuldrow(918) 427-5421 M S

Mulhall-Orlando HsOrlando(580) 455-2212 M S

Muskogee HsMuskogee(918) 684-3750 M S

Mustang HsMustang(405) 376-2404 M S

Mustang MsMustang(405) 376-2448 M S

Mustang North MsMustang(405) 324-2236 M S


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