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Advance Technologies AcademyLas Vegas(702) 799-7870 M S

Albert M Lowry High SchoolWinnemucca(775) 623-8130 M S

Alternative EducationCarson City(775) 885-6213 M S

Alternative Suspension SchoolGardnerville(775) 265-5433 M S

Area Technical Trade CenterNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-8300 M S

Austin High SchoolAustin(775) 964-2467 M S

Basic High SchoolHenderson(702) 799-8000 M S

Battle Mountain High SchoolBattle Mountain(775) 635-5436 M S

Battle Mountain Junior HighBattle Mountain(775) 635-2415 M S

Beatty High SchoolBeatty(775) 553-2902 M S

Becker Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4460 M S

Ben Cowan CampusLas Vegas(702) 799-8770 M S

Billinghurst Middle SchoolReno(775) 746-5870 M S

Bonanza High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4000 M S

Boulder City High SchoolBoulder City(702) 799-8200 M S

Bridger Middle SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-7185 M S

Brinley Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4550 M S

Brown Middle SchoolHenderson(702) 799-8900 M S

Burkholder Middle SchoolHenderson(702) 799-8080 M S

C O BastianCaliente(775) 726-3181 M S

Cannon Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5600 M S

Carlin High SchoolCarlin(775) 754-6317 M S

Carson High SchoolCarson City(775) 885-6500 M S

Carson Middle SchoolCarson City(775) 885-6400 M S

Carson Valley Middle SchoolGardnerville(775) 782-2265 M S

Cashman Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5880 M S

Centennial High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-3440 M S

Chaparral High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7580 M S

Cheyenne High SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-4830 M S

China Spring Youth CampGardnerville(775) 782-9870 M S

Churchill County High SchoolFallon(775) 423-2181 M S

Churchill County Junior HighFallon(775) 423-7701 M S

Cimarron-Memorial High SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-4400 M S

Clark High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5800 M S

Clarke Middle SchoolPahrump(775) 727-5741 M S

Clayton Middle SchoolReno(775) 747-3718 M S

Community College East HighNorth Las Vegas(702) 651-4071 M S

Community College South HighHenderson(702) 564-7484 M S

Community College West HighLas Vegas(702) 651-5030 M S

Continuation SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5310 M S

Coral Academy Of Science CharterReno(775) 323-2332 M S

Coronado High SchoolHenderson(702) 799-6800 M S

Cortney Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-2400 M S

Cram Middle SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-7020 M S




Dayton High SchoolDayton(775) 246-0123 M S

Dayton IntermediateDayton(775) 246-7777 M S

Desert Pines High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-2196 M S

Detention ProgramLas Vegas(702) 799-5310 M S

Dilworth Middle SchoolSparks(775) 358-8320 M S

Douglas County High SchoolMinden(775) 782-5136 M S

Durango High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5850 M S

Eagle Valley Middle SchoolCarson City(775) 885-6570 M S

Ed Von Tobel Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7280 M S

Eldorado High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7200 M S

Elko High SchoolElko(775) 738-7281 M S

Elko Junior High SchoolElko(775) 738-7236 M S

Esl CenterReno(775) 826-7211 M S

Esl MiddleReno(775) 826-7211 M S

Eureka High SchoolEureka(775) 237-5361 M S

Fernley High SchoolFernley(775) 789-1037 M S

Fernley Intermediate SchoolFernley(775) 789-1170 M S

Foothill High SchoolHenderson(702) 799-3500 M S

Ford Middle SchoolWinnemucca(775) 623-8200 M S

Fremont Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5558 M S

Gabbs High SchoolGabbs(775) 285-2692 M S

Galena High SchoolReno(775) 851-5630 M S

Garrett Middle SchoolBoulder City(702) 799-8290 M S

Garside Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4245 M S

Gateway To Success CharterFallon(775) 423-6322 M S

Gibson Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4700 M S

Green Valley High SchoolHenderson(702) 799-0950 M S

Greenspun Middle SchoolHenderson(702) 799-0920 M S


Guinn Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5900 M S

Hawthorne Elementary/Junior HighHawthorne(775) 945-1000 M S

HomeboundFallon(775) 423-5184 M S

Horizon High School EastLas Vegas(702) 799-8850 M S

Horizon High School WestLas Vegas(702) 799-8150 M S

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Horizon North High SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-8375 M S

Horizon-WestcareLas Vegas(702) 799-8625 M S

Hug High SchoolReno(775) 786-7766 M S

Hyde Park Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4260 M S

I Can Do Anything Charter SchoolReno(775) 857-1544 M S

Incline High SchoolIncline Village(775) 831-1240 M S

Incline Middle SchoolIncline Village(775) 831-1323 M S

Indian Springs HighIndian Springs(702) 382-8011 M S

Indian Springs Middle SchoolIndian Springs(702) 382-8011 M S

Jackpot High SchoolJackpot(775) 755-2374 M S

Jackson Mountain ElementaryWinnemucca(775) 859-0240 M S

Keller Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-3220 M S

Keystone Charter SchoolSandy Valley(702) 799-1966 M S

Kingsbury Middle SchoolZephyr Cove(775) 588-6281 M S

Knudson Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7470 M S

Las Vegas High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7800 M S

Lawrence Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-2540 M S

Leavitt Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4699 M S

Leighton HallWinnemucca(775) 623-6382 M S

Lemaire Elementary SchoolBattle Mountain(775) 635-8114 M S

Lied Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4620 M S

Lincoln County High SchoolPanaca(775) 728-4481 M S

Lund Junior/Senior High SchoolLund(775) 238-5273 M S

Lv Acad Of Instr And Perf ArtsLas Vegas(702) 799-7800 M S

Lyon Middle SchoolOverton(702) 799-2611 M S

Martin Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7922 M S

Mcdermitt High SchoolMcdermitt(775) 532-8761 M S

Mcqueen High SchoolReno(775) 747-6580 M S

Meadow Valley Middle SchoolPanaca(775) 728-4655 M S

Mendive Middle SchoolSparks(775) 353-5990 M S

Miller Middle SchoolHenderson(702) 779-2260 M S

Mineral County High SchoolHawthorne(775) 945-3332 M S

Moapa Valley High SchoolOverton(702) 397-2611 M S

Mojave HighNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-0432 M S

Molasky Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-3400 M S

Monaco Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-3670 M S

North Valleys HighReno(775) 677-5499 M S

Nova CenterEly(775) 289-2999 M S

O`Brien Middle SchoolReno(775) 972-0233 M S

O`Callaghan Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7340 M S

Occupational CenterReno(775) 322-6299 M S

Odyssey Secondary CharterLas Vegas(702) 257-0578 M S

Opportunity BiltmoreLas Vegas(702) 799-7880 M S

Opportunity SouthLas Vegas(702) 799-6388 M S

OpportunityNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-8520 M S

Orr Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5573 M S

Owyhee High SchoolOwyhee(775) 757-3400 M S

Pahranagat Valley High SchoolAlamo(775) 725-3321 M S

Pahranagat Valley MiddleAlamo(775) 725-3601 M S

Pahrump High SchoolPahrump(775) 727-5546 M S

Palo Verde HighLas Vegas(702) 799-1450 M S

Pau-Wa-Lu Middle SchoolGardnerville(775) 265-6100 M S

Pershing County High SchoolLovelock(775) 273-2625 M S

Pershing MiddleLovelock(775) 273-1200 M S

Peterson-Horizon High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-6610 M S

Pine Middle SchoolReno(775) 825-6655 M S

Rancho High SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-7000 M S

Reed High SchoolSparks(775) 359-7600 M S

Reno High SchoolReno(775) 322-6953 M S

Robison Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7300 M S

Rogich Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-6040 M S

Sandy Valley Middle SchoolSandy Valley(702) 723-5344 M S

Sawyer Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5980 M S

Schofield Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-2290 M S

Sedway Middle SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-3880 M S

Sierra Vista High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-6820 M S

Silver Stage IntermediateSilver Springs(775) 577-2700 M S

Silverado HighLas Vegas(702) 799-5790 M S

Silvestri Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-2240 M S

Smith Middle SchoolNorth Las Vegas(702) 799-7080 M S

Smith Valley High SchoolSmith(775) 465-2332 M S

South Nevada Voc/Tech CenterLas Vegas(702) 799-7500 M S

Spanish Springs High SchoolSparks(775) 425-7733 M S

Sparks High SchoolSparks(775) 358-8420 M S

Sparks Middle SchoolSparks(775) 358-6344 M S

Spring Creek High SchoolElko(775) 753-5575 M S

Spring Creek Middle SchoolElko(775) 777-1688 M S

Spring Mountain Juvenile HomeLas Vegas(702) 455-5240 M S

Summitt View Youth CenterLas Vegas(702) 643-1317 M S

Sunset High School EastLas Vegas(702) 799-8880 M S

Sunset High School NorthNorth Las Vegas(702) 779-1780 M S

Sunset High School SouthHenderson(702) 799-6370 M S

Sunset High School WestLas Vegas(702) 799-8390 M S

Swainston Middle SchoolN. Las Vegas(702) 799-4860 M S

Swope Middle SchoolReno(775) 323-3127 M S

Tahoe Detention FacilityStateline(775) 586-7220 M S

Tmcc Magnet High SchoolReno(775) 674-7660 M S

Tonopah High SchoolTonopah(775) 482-6644 M S

Traner Middle SchoolReno(775) 323-0382 M S

Valley High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-5450 M S

Vaughn Middle SchoolReno(775) 329-0421 M S

Virgin Valley High SchoolMesquite(702) 346-5761 M S

Virginia City High SchoolVirginia City(775) 847-0992 M S

Virginia City Middle SchoolVirginia City(775) 847-0980 M S

Walter Johnson Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4480 M S

Washoe High SchoolReno(775) 786-7797 M S

Wells High SchoolWells(775) 752-3477 M S

West Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-3121 M S

West Wendover HighWendover(775) 664-3100 M S

Western High SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-4080 M S

Western Nevada Regional Youth CenterSilver Springs(775) 577-4200 M S

White Middle SchoolHenderson(702) 799-0777 M S

White Pine High SchoolEly(775) 289-4811 M S

White Pine Middle SchoolEly(775) 289-4841 M S

Whittell High SchoolZephyr Cove(775) 588-2446 M S

Winnemucca Junior High SchoolWinnemucca(775) 623-8120 M S

Woodbury Middle SchoolLas Vegas(702) 799-7660 M S

Wooster High SchoolReno(775) 329-4243 M S

Yerington High SchoolYerington(775) 463-2203 M S

Yerington Intermediate SchoolYerington(775) 463-3506 M S

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