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AlamoPahranagat Valley High School(775) 725-3321

AlamoPahranagat Valley Middle(775) 725-3601

AustinAustin High School(775) 964-2467

Battle MountainBattle Mountain High School(775) 635-5436

Battle MountainBattle Mountain Junior High(775) 635-2415

Battle MountainLemaire Elementary School(775) 635-8114

BeattyBeatty High School(775) 553-2902

Boulder CityBoulder City High School(702) 799-8200

Boulder CityGarrett Middle School(702) 799-8290

CalienteC O Bastian(775) 726-3181

CarlinCarlin High School(775) 754-6317

Carson CityAlternative Education(775) 885-6213

Carson CityCarson High School(775) 885-6500

Carson CityCarson Middle School(775) 885-6400

Carson CityEagle Valley Middle School(775) 885-6570

DaytonDayton High School(775) 246-0123

DaytonDayton Intermediate(775) 246-7777

ElkoElko High School(775) 738-7281

ElkoElko Junior High School(775) 738-7236

ElkoSpring Creek High School(775) 753-5575

ElkoSpring Creek Middle School(775) 777-1688

ElyNova Center(775) 289-2999

ElyWhite Pine High School(775) 289-4811

ElyWhite Pine Middle School(775) 289-4841

EurekaEureka High School(775) 237-5361

FallonChurchill County High School(775) 423-2181

FallonChurchill County Junior High(775) 423-7701

FallonGateway To Success Charter(775) 423-6322

FallonHomebound(775) 423-5184

FernleyFernley High School(775) 789-1037

FernleyFernley Intermediate School(775) 789-1170

GabbsGabbs High School(775) 285-2692

GardnervilleAlternative Suspension School(775) 265-5433

GardnervilleCarson Valley Middle School(775) 782-2265

GardnervilleChina Spring Youth Camp(775) 782-9870

GardnervillePau-Wa-Lu Middle School(775) 265-6100

HawthorneHawthorne Elementary/Junior High(775) 945-1000

HawthorneMineral County High School(775) 945-3332

HendersonBasic High School(702) 799-8000

HendersonBrown Middle School(702) 799-8900

HendersonBurkholder Middle School(702) 799-8080

HendersonCommunity College South High(702) 564-7484

HendersonCoronado High School(702) 799-6800

HendersonFoothill High School(702) 799-3500

HendersonGreen Valley High School(702) 799-0950

HendersonGreenspun Middle School(702) 799-0920

HendersonMiller Middle School(702) 779-2260

HendersonSunset High School South(702) 799-6370

HendersonWhite Middle School(702) 799-0777

Incline VillageIncline High School(775) 831-1240

Incline VillageIncline Middle School(775) 831-1323

Indian SpringsIndian Springs High(702) 382-8011

Indian SpringsIndian Springs Middle School(702) 382-8011

JackpotJackpot High School(775) 755-2374

Las VegasAdvance Technologies Academy(702) 799-7870

Las VegasBecker Middle School(702) 799-4460

Las VegasBen Cowan Campus(702) 799-8770




Las VegasBonanza High School(702) 799-4000

Las VegasBrinley Middle School(702) 799-4550

Las VegasCannon Middle School(702) 799-5600

Las VegasCashman Middle School(702) 799-5880

Las VegasCentennial High School(702) 799-3440

Las VegasChaparral High School(702) 799-7580

Las VegasClark High School(702) 799-5800

Las VegasCommunity College West High(702) 651-5030

Las VegasContinuation School(702) 799-5310

Las VegasCortney Middle School(702) 799-2400

Las VegasDesert Pines High School(702) 799-2196

Las VegasDetention Program(702) 799-5310

Las VegasDurango High School(702) 799-5850

Las VegasEd Von Tobel Middle School(702) 799-7280

Las VegasEldorado High School(702) 799-7200

Las VegasFremont Middle School(702) 799-5558

Las VegasGarside Middle School(702) 799-4245

Las VegasGibson Middle School(702) 799-4700

Las VegasGuinn Middle School(702) 799-5900

Las VegasHorizon High School East(702) 799-8850

Las VegasHorizon High School West(702) 799-8150

Las VegasHorizon-Westcare(702) 799-8625

Las VegasHyde Park Middle School(702) 799-4260

Las VegasKeller Middle School(702) 799-3220

Las VegasKnudson Middle School(702) 799-7470

Las VegasLas Vegas High School(702) 799-7800

Las VegasLawrence Middle School(702) 799-2540

Las VegasLeavitt Middle School(702) 799-4699

Las VegasLied Middle School(702) 799-4620

Las VegasLv Acad Of Instr And Perf Arts(702) 799-7800

Las VegasMartin Middle School(702) 799-7922

Las VegasMolasky Middle School(702) 799-3400

Las VegasMonaco Middle School(702) 799-3670

Las VegasO`Callaghan Middle School(702) 799-7340

Las VegasOdyssey Secondary Charter(702) 257-0578

Las VegasOpportunity Biltmore(702) 799-7880

Las VegasOpportunity South(702) 799-6388



Las VegasOrr Middle School(702) 799-5573

Las VegasPalo Verde High(702) 799-1450

Las VegasPeterson-Horizon High School(702) 799-6610

Las VegasRobison Middle School(702) 799-7300

Las VegasRogich Middle School(702) 799-6040

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Las VegasSawyer Middle School(702) 799-5980

Las VegasSchofield Middle School(702) 799-2290

Las VegasSierra Vista High School(702) 799-6820

Las VegasSilverado High(702) 799-5790

Las VegasSilvestri Middle School(702) 799-2240

Las VegasSouth Nevada Voc/Tech Center(702) 799-7500

Las VegasSpring Mountain Juvenile Home(702) 455-5240

Las VegasSummitt View Youth Center(702) 643-1317

Las VegasSunset High School East(702) 799-8880

Las VegasSunset High School West(702) 799-8390

Las VegasValley High School(702) 799-5450

Las VegasWalter Johnson Middle School(702) 799-4480

Las VegasWest Middle School(702) 799-3121

Las VegasWestern High School(702) 799-4080

Las VegasWoodbury Middle School(702) 799-7660

LovelockPershing County High School(775) 273-2625

LovelockPershing Middle(775) 273-1200

LundLund Junior/Senior High School(775) 238-5273

McdermittMcdermitt High School(775) 532-8761

MesquiteVirgin Valley High School(702) 346-5761

MindenDouglas County High School(775) 782-5136

N. Las VegasSwainston Middle School(702) 799-4860

North Las VegasArea Technical Trade Center(702) 799-8300

North Las VegasBridger Middle School(702) 799-7185

North Las VegasCheyenne High School(702) 799-4830

North Las VegasCimarron-Memorial High School(702) 799-4400

North Las VegasCommunity College East High(702) 651-4071

North Las VegasCram Middle School(702) 799-7020

North Las VegasHorizon North High School(702) 799-8375

North Las VegasMojave High(702) 799-0432

North Las VegasOpportunity(702) 799-8520

North Las VegasRancho High School(702) 799-7000

North Las VegasSedway Middle School(702) 799-3880

North Las VegasSmith Middle School(702) 799-7080

North Las VegasSunset High School North(702) 779-1780

OvertonLyon Middle School(702) 799-2611

OvertonMoapa Valley High School(702) 397-2611

OwyheeOwyhee High School(775) 757-3400

PahrumpClarke Middle School(775) 727-5741

PahrumpPahrump High School(775) 727-5546

PanacaLincoln County High School(775) 728-4481

PanacaMeadow Valley Middle School(775) 728-4655

RenoBillinghurst Middle School(775) 746-5870

RenoClayton Middle School(775) 747-3718

RenoCoral Academy Of Science Charter(775) 323-2332

RenoEsl Center(775) 826-7211

RenoEsl Middle(775) 826-7211

RenoGalena High School(775) 851-5630

RenoHug High School(775) 786-7766

RenoI Can Do Anything Charter School(775) 857-1544

RenoMcqueen High School(775) 747-6580

RenoNorth Valleys High(775) 677-5499

RenoO`Brien Middle School(775) 972-0233

RenoOccupational Center(775) 322-6299

RenoPine Middle School(775) 825-6655

RenoReno High School(775) 322-6953

RenoSwope Middle School(775) 323-3127

RenoTmcc Magnet High School(775) 674-7660

RenoTraner Middle School(775) 323-0382

RenoVaughn Middle School(775) 329-0421

RenoWashoe High School(775) 786-7797

RenoWooster High School(775) 329-4243

Sandy ValleyKeystone Charter School(702) 799-1966

Sandy ValleySandy Valley Middle School(702) 723-5344

Silver SpringsSilver Stage Intermediate(775) 577-2700

Silver SpringsWestern Nevada Regional Youth Center(775) 577-4200

SmithSmith Valley High School(775) 465-2332

SparksDilworth Middle School(775) 358-8320

SparksMendive Middle School(775) 353-5990

SparksReed High School(775) 359-7600

SparksSpanish Springs High School(775) 425-7733

SparksSparks High School(775) 358-8420

SparksSparks Middle School(775) 358-6344

StatelineTahoe Detention Facility(775) 586-7220

TonopahTonopah High School(775) 482-6644

Virginia CityVirginia City High School(775) 847-0992

Virginia CityVirginia City Middle School(775) 847-0980

WellsWells High School(775) 752-3477

WendoverWest Wendover High(775) 664-3100

WinnemuccaAlbert M Lowry High School(775) 623-8130

WinnemuccaFord Middle School(775) 623-8200

WinnemuccaJackson Mountain Elementary(775) 859-0240

WinnemuccaLeighton Hall(775) 623-6382

WinnemuccaWinnemucca Junior High School(775) 623-8120

YeringtonYerington High School(775) 463-2203

YeringtonYerington Intermediate School(775) 463-3506

Zephyr CoveKingsbury Middle School(775) 588-6281

Zephyr CoveWhittell High School(775) 588-2446

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