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A Crosby Kennett Jr HighConway(603) 447-6364 M S

A Crosby Kennett Sr HighConway(603) 447-6364 M S

Alton Central School (High)Alton(603) 875-7500 M S

Alvirne High SchoolHudson(603) 886-1260 M S

Amherst MiddleAmherst(603) 673-8944 M S

Armand R DupontAllenstown(603) 485-4474 M S

Barrington MiddleBarrington(603) 664-2127 M S

Belmont High SchoolBelmont(603) 267-6525 M S

Belmont Middle SchoolBelmont(603) 267-9220 M S

Berlin Junior High SchoolBerlin(603) 752-5311 M S

Berlin Senior High SchoolBerlin(603) 752-4122 M S

Bow High SchoolBow(603) 228-2210 M S

Bow Memorial SchoolBow(603) 225-3212 M S

Boynton Middle SchoolNew Ipswich(603) 878-4800 M S

Capt Samuel Douglass AcademyBrookline(603) 673-0122 M S

Cawley Middle SchoolHooksett(603) 485-9959 M S W

Charlestown Middle SchoolCharlestown(603) 826-7711 M S

Claremont Middle SchoolClaremont(603) 543-4250 M S

Coe Brown AcademyNorthwood(603) 942-5531 M S

Colebrook AcademyColebrook(603) 237-4280 M S

Colebrook Elementary SchoolColebrook(603) 237-4801 M S

Conant High SchoolJaffrey(603) 532-8131 M S

Concord Senior High SchoolConcord(603) 225-0800 M S

Conval Regional High SchoolPeterborough(603) 924-3869 M S

Cooperative Middle SchoolStratham(603) 775-8700 M S

Crescent Lake SchoolWolfeboro(603) 569-0223 M S

Cutler SchoolWest Swanzey(603) 352-3383 M S

Daisy Bronson Junior HighLittleton(603) 444-3361 M S

Dover Middle SchoolDover(603) 742-3172 M S

Dover Senior High SchoolDover(603) 516-6922 M S

Elm Street Junior High SchoolNashua(603) 594-4322 M S

Epping Middle High Sch (H.S.)Epping(603) 679-5472 M S

Epping Middle SchoolEpping(603) 679-5472 M S

Exeter High SchoolExeter(603) 775-8402 M S

Fairgrounds Junior High SchoolNashua(603) 594-4393 M S

Fall Mountain Regional High SchoolLangdon(603) 835-6318 M S

Farmington Senior High SchoolFarmington(603) 755-2811 M S

Frances C Richmond SchoolHanover(603) 643-6040 M S

Franklin High SchoolFranklin(603) 934-5441 M S

Franklin Middle SchoolFranklin(603) 934-5829 M S

Gilbert H Hood Middle SchoolDerry(603) 432-1224 M S




Gilford High SchoolGilford(603) 524-7135 M S

Gilford MiddleGilford(603) 524-7135 M S

Goffstown Area High SchoolGoffstown(603) 497-4841 M S

Gorham High SchoolGorham(603) 466-2776 M S

Gorham Middle SchoolGorham(603) 466-2776 M S

Great Brook SchoolAntrim(603) 588-6630 M S

Groveton High School (Elem)Groveton(603) 636-1619 M S

Groveton High SchoolGroveton(603) 636-1619 M S

Hampstead Middle SchoolHampstead(603) 329-6743 M S

Hampton Academy Junior HighHampton(603) 926-2000 M S

Hanover High SchoolHanover(603) 643-3431 M S

Haverhill Cooperative MiddleNorth Haverhill(603) 787-2100 M S

Henry J Mclaughlin Middle SchManchester(603) 628-6247 M S

Henry Wilson Memorial SchoolFarmington(603) 755-2181 M S

Hillsboro-Deering High SchoolHillsboro(603) 464-4555 M S

Hillsboro-Deering MiddleHillsboro(603) 464-5904 M S

Hillside Elementary SchoolBerlin(603) 752-5328 M S

Hillside Middle SchoolManchester(603) 624-6352 M S

Hinsdale Jr HighHinsdale(603) 336-5984 M S

Hinsdale Sr High SchoolHinsdale(603) 336-5984 M S

Hollis Brookline Middle SchHollis(603) 465-2223 M S

Hollis Upper Elementary SchoolHollis(603) 465-9182 M S

Hollis/Brookline High SchoolHollis(603) 465-2269 M S



Hooksett Memorial SchoolHooksett(603) 485-9959 M S

Hooksett Village SchoolHooksett(603) 485-9890 M S

Hopkinton High SchoolContoocook(603) 746-4167 M S

Hopkinton MiddleContoocook(603) 746-4167 M S

Hudson Memorial SchoolHudson(603) 886-1240 M S

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Iber Holmes Gove Middle SchoolRaymond(603) 895-3394 M S

Indian River SchoolWest Canaan(603) 632-4357 M S

Inter-Lakes High School (Elem)Meredith(603) 279-6162 M S

Inter-Lakes High SchoolMeredith(603) 279-6162 M S

Jaffrey-Rindge Middle SchoolJaffrey(603) 532-8122 M S

John Stark Reg High SchoolWeare(603) 428-3546 M S

Kearsarge Reg`L Middle SchoolNew London(603) 526-6415 M S

Kearsarge Regional High SchoolNorth Sutton(603) 927-4261 M S

Keene High SchoolKeene(603) 352-0640 M S

Keene Middle SchoolKeene(603) 357-9023 M S

Kingswood Regional High SchoolWolfeboro(603) 569-2055 M S

Kingswood Regional Middle SchoolWolfeboro(603) 569-3689 M S

Laconia High SchoolLaconia(603) 524-3350 M S

Lebanon High SchoolLebanon(603) 448-2055 M S

Lebanon Junior High SchoolLebanon(603) 448-3056 M S

Lin-Wood (Middle)Lincoln(603) 745-2214 M S

Linwood Public (High)Lincoln(603) 745-2214 M S

Lisbon Regional (High)Lisbon(603) 838-5506 M S

Lisbon Regional(Middle School)Lisbon(603) 838-5506 M S

Litchfield Middle SchoolLitchfield(603) 424-0566 M S

Littleton High SchoolLittleton(603) 444-5601 M S

Londonderry Middle SchoolLondonderry(603) 432-6925 M S

Londonderry Senior High SchoolLondonderry(603) 432-6941 M S

Manchester Central High SchoolManchester(603) 624-6363 M S

Manchester Memorial High SchManchester(603) 624-6378 M S

Manchester West High SchoolManchester(603) 624-6384 M S

Maple Street Elementary SchoolContoocook(603) 746-4195 M S

Mascenic Regional High SchoolNew Ipswich(603) 878-1113 M S

Mascoma Valley Regional HighWest Canaan(603) 632-4308 M S

Mastricola Middle SchoolMerrimack(603) 424-6221 M S

Mckelvie Middle SchoolBedford(603) 472-3951 M S

Memorial Middle SchoolLaconia(603) 524-4632 M S

Merrimack High SchoolMerrimack(603) 424-6204 M S

Merrimack Valley High SchoolPenacook(603) 753-4311 M S

Merrimack Valley Middle SchoolPenacook(603) 753-6336 M S

Middle School At ParksideManchester(603) 624-6356 M S

Milford High SchoolMilford(603) 673-4201 M S

Milford Middle SchoolMilford(603) 673-5221 M S

Monadnock Regional High SchoolE Swanzey(603) 352-6575 M S

Monadnock Regional Jr HighE Swanzey(603) 352-6575 M S

Moultonborough Academy (Jr)Moultonborough(603) 476-5517 M S

Moultonborough AcademyMoultonborough(603) 476-5517 M S

Mountain View Middle SchoolGoffstown(603) 497-8288 M S

Nashua High School - SouthNashua(603) 594-4311 M S

Newfound Memorial Middle SchBristol(603) 744-8162 M S

Newfound Regional High SchoolBristol(603) 744-6006 M S

Newmarket Jr-Sr High(Elem)Newmarket(603) 659-3271 M S

Newmarket Jr-Sr HighNewmarket(603) 659-3271 M S

Newport Middle High School (H.S.)Newport(603) 863-2414 M S

Newport Middle SchoolNewport(603) 863-2414 M S

Nute High SchoolMilton(603) 652-4591 M S

Nute Junior HighMilton(603) 652-4591 M S

Oyster River High SchoolDurham(603) 868-2375 M S

Oyster River Middle SchoolDurham(603) 868-2155 M S

Pelham High SchoolPelham(603) 635-2115 M S

Pelham Memorial SchoolPelham(603) 635-2321 M S

Pembroke AcademyPembroke(603) 485-7881 M S

Pennichuck Junior High SchoolNashua(603) 594-4308 M S

Pinkerton AcademyDerry(603) 437-5237 M S

Pittsburg School (High)Pittsburg(603) 538-6536 M S

Pittsfield High SchoolPittsfield(603) 435-6701 M S

Pittsfield Middle SchoolPittsfield(603) 435-6701 M S

Plymouth Regional High SchoolPlymouth(603) 536-1444 M S

Portsmouth High SchoolPortsmouth(603) 436-7100 M S

Portsmouth Middle SchoolPortsmouth(603) 436-5781 M S

Profile Jr HighBethlehem(603) 823-7411 M S

Profile Sr High SchoolBethlehem(603) 823-7411 M S

Raymond High SchoolRaymond(603) 895-6616 M S

Rochester Middle SchoolRochester(603) 332-4090 M S

Rundlett Middle SchoolConcord(603) 225-0865 M S

Rye Junior High SchoolRye(603) 964-5591 M S

Salem High SchoolSalem(603) 893-7069 M S

Sanborn Regional High SchoolKingston(603) 642-3341 M S

Sanborn Regional Middle SchoolNewton(603) 382-6226 M S

Sandown Central SchoolSandown(603) 887-3648 M S

Seminary Hill SchoolWest Lebanon(603) 298-8500 M S

Somersworth High SchoolSomersworth(603) 692-2431 M S

Somersworth Middle SchoolSomersworth(603) 692-2126 M S

Souhegan Coop High SchoolAmherst(603) 673-9940 M S

South Meadow SchoolPeterborough(603) 924-7105 M S

Southside Middle SchoolManchester(603) 624-6359 M S

Spaulding High SchoolRochester(603) 332-0757 M S

Stevens High SchoolClaremont(603) 543-4220 M S

Stratford Public School (High)Stratford(603) 922-3387 M S

Sunapee Middle High SchoolSunapee(603) 763-5615 M S

Sunapee Sr High SchoolSunapee(603) 763-5615 M S

Thayer High SchoolWinchester(603) 239-4381 M S

Thayer Jr HighWinchester(603) 239-4381 M S

Three Rivers SchoolPembroke(603) 485-9539 M S

Timberlane Regional High SchoolPlaistow(603) 382-6541 M S

Timberlane Regional MiddlePlaistow(603) 382-7131 M S

Towle Elementary SchoolNewport(603) 863-2050 M S

Vilas Elementary SchoolAlstead(603) 835-6351 M S

Weare Middle SchoolWeare(603) 529-5052 M S

West Running Brook Middle SchDerry(603) 432-1250 M S

White Mountains High SchoolWhitefield(603) 837-2528 M S

Wilton-Lyndeboro Middle SchWilton(603) 654-6123 M S

Wilton-Lyndeboro Sr HighWilton(603) 654-6123 M S

Windham Middle SchoolWindham(603) 893-2636 M S

Winnacunnet High SchoolHampton(603) 926-3395 M S

Winnisquam Reg Middle SchoolTilton(603) 286-7143 M S

Winnisquam Regional High SchTilton(603) 286-4531 M S

Woodbury SchoolSalem(603) 893-7055 M S

Woodsville High SchoolWoodsville(603) 747-2781 M S

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