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AllenstownArmand R Dupont(603) 485-4474

AlsteadVilas Elementary School(603) 835-6351

AltonAlton Central School (High)(603) 875-7500

AmherstAmherst Middle(603) 673-8944

AmherstSouhegan Coop High School(603) 673-9940

AntrimGreat Brook School(603) 588-6630

BarringtonBarrington Middle(603) 664-2127

BedfordMckelvie Middle School(603) 472-3951

BelmontBelmont High School(603) 267-6525

BelmontBelmont Middle School(603) 267-9220

BerlinBerlin Junior High School(603) 752-5311

BerlinBerlin Senior High School(603) 752-4122

BerlinHillside Elementary School(603) 752-5328

BethlehemProfile Jr High(603) 823-7411

BethlehemProfile Sr High School(603) 823-7411

BowBow High School(603) 228-2210

BowBow Memorial School(603) 225-3212

BristolNewfound Memorial Middle Sch(603) 744-8162

BristolNewfound Regional High School(603) 744-6006

BrooklineCapt Samuel Douglass Academy(603) 673-0122

CharlestownCharlestown Middle School(603) 826-7711

ClaremontClaremont Middle School(603) 543-4250

ClaremontStevens High School(603) 543-4220

ColebrookColebrook Academy(603) 237-4280

ColebrookColebrook Elementary School(603) 237-4801

ConcordConcord Senior High School(603) 225-0800

ConcordRundlett Middle School(603) 225-0865

ContoocookHopkinton High School(603) 746-4167

ContoocookHopkinton Middle(603) 746-4167

ContoocookMaple Street Elementary School(603) 746-4195

ConwayA Crosby Kennett Jr High(603) 447-6364

ConwayA Crosby Kennett Sr High(603) 447-6364

DerryGilbert H Hood Middle School(603) 432-1224

DerryPinkerton Academy(603) 437-5237

DerryWest Running Brook Middle Sch(603) 432-1250

DoverDover Middle School(603) 742-3172

DoverDover Senior High School(603) 516-6922

DurhamOyster River High School(603) 868-2375

DurhamOyster River Middle School(603) 868-2155

E SwanzeyMonadnock Regional High School(603) 352-6575

E SwanzeyMonadnock Regional Jr High(603) 352-6575

EppingEpping Middle High Sch (H.S.)(603) 679-5472

EppingEpping Middle School(603) 679-5472

ExeterExeter High School(603) 775-8402

FarmingtonFarmington Senior High School(603) 755-2811

FarmingtonHenry Wilson Memorial School(603) 755-2181

FranklinFranklin High School(603) 934-5441

FranklinFranklin Middle School(603) 934-5829

GilfordGilford High School(603) 524-7135

GilfordGilford Middle(603) 524-7135

GoffstownGoffstown Area High School(603) 497-4841

GoffstownMountain View Middle School(603) 497-8288

GorhamGorham High School(603) 466-2776

GorhamGorham Middle School(603) 466-2776

GrovetonGroveton High School(603) 636-1619

GrovetonGroveton High School (Elem)(603) 636-1619

HampsteadHampstead Middle School(603) 329-6743

HamptonHampton Academy Junior High(603) 926-2000

HamptonWinnacunnet High School(603) 926-3395

HanoverFrances C Richmond School(603) 643-6040

HanoverHanover High School(603) 643-3431




HillsboroHillsboro-Deering High School(603) 464-4555

HillsboroHillsboro-Deering Middle(603) 464-5904

HinsdaleHinsdale Jr High(603) 336-5984

HinsdaleHinsdale Sr High School(603) 336-5984

HollisHollis Brookline Middle Sch(603) 465-2223

HollisHollis Upper Elementary School(603) 465-9182

HollisHollis/Brookline High School(603) 465-2269

HooksettCawley Middle School(603) 485-9959 W

HooksettHooksett Memorial School(603) 485-9959

HooksettHooksett Village School(603) 485-9890

HudsonAlvirne High School(603) 886-1260

HudsonHudson Memorial School(603) 886-1240

JaffreyConant High School(603) 532-8131

JaffreyJaffrey-Rindge Middle School(603) 532-8122

KeeneKeene High School(603) 352-0640

KeeneKeene Middle School(603) 357-9023

KingstonSanborn Regional High School(603) 642-3341

LaconiaLaconia High School(603) 524-3350

LaconiaMemorial Middle School(603) 524-4632

LangdonFall Mountain Regional High School(603) 835-6318

LebanonLebanon High School(603) 448-2055

LebanonLebanon Junior High School(603) 448-3056

LincolnLin-Wood (Middle)(603) 745-2214

LincolnLinwood Public (High)(603) 745-2214

LisbonLisbon Regional (High)(603) 838-5506

LisbonLisbon Regional(Middle School)(603) 838-5506




LitchfieldLitchfield Middle School(603) 424-0566

LittletonDaisy Bronson Junior High(603) 444-3361

LittletonLittleton High School(603) 444-5601

LondonderryLondonderry Middle School(603) 432-6925

LondonderryLondonderry Senior High School(603) 432-6941

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ManchesterHenry J Mclaughlin Middle Sch(603) 628-6247

ManchesterHillside Middle School(603) 624-6352

ManchesterManchester Central High School(603) 624-6363

ManchesterManchester Memorial High Sch(603) 624-6378

ManchesterManchester West High School(603) 624-6384

ManchesterMiddle School At Parkside(603) 624-6356

ManchesterSouthside Middle School(603) 624-6359

MeredithInter-Lakes High School(603) 279-6162

MeredithInter-Lakes High School (Elem)(603) 279-6162

MerrimackMastricola Middle School(603) 424-6221

MerrimackMerrimack High School(603) 424-6204

MilfordMilford High School(603) 673-4201

MilfordMilford Middle School(603) 673-5221

MiltonNute High School(603) 652-4591

MiltonNute Junior High(603) 652-4591

MoultonboroughMoultonborough Academy(603) 476-5517

MoultonboroughMoultonborough Academy (Jr)(603) 476-5517

NashuaElm Street Junior High School(603) 594-4322

NashuaFairgrounds Junior High School(603) 594-4393

NashuaNashua High School - South(603) 594-4311

NashuaPennichuck Junior High School(603) 594-4308

New IpswichBoynton Middle School(603) 878-4800

New IpswichMascenic Regional High School(603) 878-1113

New LondonKearsarge Reg`L Middle School(603) 526-6415

NewmarketNewmarket Jr-Sr High(603) 659-3271

NewmarketNewmarket Jr-Sr High(Elem)(603) 659-3271

NewportNewport Middle High School (H.S.)(603) 863-2414

NewportNewport Middle School(603) 863-2414

NewportTowle Elementary School(603) 863-2050

NewtonSanborn Regional Middle School(603) 382-6226

North HaverhillHaverhill Cooperative Middle(603) 787-2100

North SuttonKearsarge Regional High School(603) 927-4261

NorthwoodCoe Brown Academy(603) 942-5531

PelhamPelham High School(603) 635-2115

PelhamPelham Memorial School(603) 635-2321

PembrokePembroke Academy(603) 485-7881

PembrokeThree Rivers School(603) 485-9539

PenacookMerrimack Valley High School(603) 753-4311

PenacookMerrimack Valley Middle School(603) 753-6336

PeterboroughConval Regional High School(603) 924-3869

PeterboroughSouth Meadow School(603) 924-7105

PittsburgPittsburg School (High)(603) 538-6536

PittsfieldPittsfield High School(603) 435-6701

PittsfieldPittsfield Middle School(603) 435-6701

PlaistowTimberlane Regional High School(603) 382-6541

PlaistowTimberlane Regional Middle(603) 382-7131

PlymouthPlymouth Regional High School(603) 536-1444

PortsmouthPortsmouth High School(603) 436-7100

PortsmouthPortsmouth Middle School(603) 436-5781

RaymondIber Holmes Gove Middle School(603) 895-3394

RaymondRaymond High School(603) 895-6616

RochesterRochester Middle School(603) 332-4090

RochesterSpaulding High School(603) 332-0757

RyeRye Junior High School(603) 964-5591

SalemSalem High School(603) 893-7069

SalemWoodbury School(603) 893-7055

SandownSandown Central School(603) 887-3648

SomersworthSomersworth High School(603) 692-2431

SomersworthSomersworth Middle School(603) 692-2126

StratfordStratford Public School (High)(603) 922-3387

StrathamCooperative Middle School(603) 775-8700

SunapeeSunapee Middle High School(603) 763-5615

SunapeeSunapee Sr High School(603) 763-5615

TiltonWinnisquam Reg Middle School(603) 286-7143

TiltonWinnisquam Regional High Sch(603) 286-4531

WeareJohn Stark Reg High School(603) 428-3546

WeareWeare Middle School(603) 529-5052

West CanaanIndian River School(603) 632-4357

West CanaanMascoma Valley Regional High(603) 632-4308

West LebanonSeminary Hill School(603) 298-8500

West SwanzeyCutler School(603) 352-3383

WhitefieldWhite Mountains Regional High School(603) 837-2528

WiltonWilton-Lyndeboro Middle Sch(603) 654-6123

WiltonWilton-Lyndeboro Sr High(603) 654-6123

WinchesterThayer High School(603) 239-4381

WinchesterThayer Jr High(603) 239-4381

WindhamWindham Middle School(603) 893-2636

WolfeboroCrescent Lake School(603) 569-0223

WolfeboroKingswood Regional High School(603) 569-2055

WolfeboroKingswood Regional Middle School(603) 569-3689

WoodsvilleWoodsville High School(603) 747-2781

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