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A D Gray Middle SchoolWaldoboro(207) 832-2106 M S

Albert S Hall SchoolWaterville(207) 872-8071 M S

Arthur R. Gould Sch--LcydcSouth Portland(207) 822-0060 M S

Ashland Community High SchoolAshland(207) 435-3481 M S

Auburn Middle SchoolAuburn(207) 784-1356 M S

Bangor High SchoolBangor(207) 941-6200 M S

Bath Middle SchoolBath(207) 443-8270 M S

Bath Regional Technology CtrBath(207) 443-8257 M S

Belfast Area High SchoolBelfast(207) 338-1790 M S

Berwick Elementary SchoolBerwick(207) 698-7604 M S

Biddeford High SchoolBiddeford(207) 282-1596 M S

Biddeford Middle SchoolBiddeford(207) 282-5957 M S

Biddeford Regional Ctr Of TechBiddeford(207) 282-1501 M S

Bonny Eagle High SchoolStandish(207) 929-3840 M S

Bonny Eagle Middle SchoolBuxton(207) 929-3833 M S

Boothbay Region High SchoolBoothbay Harbor(207) 633-2421 M S

Brewer High SchoolBrewer(207) 989-4140 M S

Brewer Middle SchoolBrewer(207) 989-8640 M S

Bruce M Whittier Middle SchoolPoland(207) 998-5400 M S

Brunswick High SchoolBrunswick(207) 798-5500 M S

Brunswick Jr High SchoolBrunswick(207) 729-1669 M S

Buckfield Jr-Sr High SchoolBuckfield(207) 336-2151 M S

Bucksport High SchoolBucksport(207) 469-6652 M S

Calais High SchoolCalais(207) 454-2591 M S

Calais Middle SchoolCalais(207) 454-7126 M S

Camden Hills Regional H SRockport(207) 236-7800 M S

Camden-Rockport Middle SchoolCamden(207) 236-7805 M S

Cape Elizabeth High SchoolCape Elizabeth(207) 799-3309 M S

Cape Elizabeth Middle SchoolCape Elizabeth(207) 799-8176 M S

Capital Area Technology CenterAugusta(207) 626-2475 M S

Caravel Middle SchoolCarmel(207) 848-3615 M S

Caribou High SchoolCaribou(207) 493-4260 M S

Caribou Learning CenterCaribou(207) 493-4266 M S

Caribou Middle SchoolCaribou(207) 493-4240 M S

Caribou Reg Applied Tech CtrCaribou(207) 493-4270 M S

Carrabec High SchoolAnson(207) 635-2296 M S

Carrie Ricker Middle SchoolLitchfield(207) 268-4136 M S

Cascade Brook SchoolFarmington(207) 778-4821 M S

Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H SMars Hill(207) 425-2811 M S




Central High SchoolCorinth(207) 285-3326 M S

Central Middle SchoolCorinth(207) 285-3177 M S

Charles Shaw Junior High SchoolGorham(207) 839-5011 M S

China Middle SchoolChina(207) 445-2065 M S

Coastal Wash Cty Inst Of TechMachias(207) 255-6585 M S

Cony High SchoolAugusta(207) 626-2460 M S

Corinna Jr High SchoolCorinna(207) 278-4201 M S

Crooked River ElementaryCasco(207) 627-4291 M S

Cunningham Middle SchoolPresque Isle(207) 764-8101 M S

Deer Isle-Stonington High SchDeer Isle(207) 348-2303 M S

Deering High SchoolPortland(207) 874-8260 M S

Dexter Middle SchoolDexter(207) 924-5571 M S

Dexter Regional High SchoolDexter(207) 924-5536 M S

Dirigo High SchoolDixfield(207) 562-4251 M S

Drowne Road SchoolCumberland(207) 829-2250 M S

E Cumblnd-Sag Cty Tech-Reg 10Brunswick(207) 729-6622 M S

Easton Junior-Senior High SchEaston(207) 488-7702 M S

Edward Little High SchoolAuburn(207) 783-8528 M S

Ella R Hodgkins SchoolAugusta(207) 626-2490 M S

Ellsworth High SchoolEllsworth(207) 667-4722 M S

Ellsworth Middle SchoolEllsworth(207) 667-6494 M S

Fairmount SchoolBangor(207) 941-6260 M S

Falmouth High SchoolFalmouth(207) 781-7429 M S

Falmouth Middle SchoolFalmouth(207) 781-3740 M S

Fort Kent Community High SchoolFort Kent(207) 834-5540 M S

Frank H Harrison Middle SchoolYarmouth(207) 846-2499 M S

Franklin Alternative SchoolAuburn(207) 782-3242 M S

Fred C Wescott SchoolWestbrook(207) 854-0830 M S

Freeport High SchoolFreeport(207) 865-4706 M S

Freeport Middle SchoolFreeport(207) 865-6051 M S

G Herbert Jewett SchoolBucksport(207) 469-6644 M S

Gardiner Area High SchoolGardiner(207) 582-3150 M S

Gardiner Regional Middle SchoolGardiner(207) 582-1326 M S

George E Jack SchoolStandish(207) 642-4885 M S

Georges Valley High SchoolThomaston(207) 354-2502 M S

Gorham High SchoolGorham(207) 839-5004 M S

Gray-New Gloucester High SchoolGray(207) 657-3323 M S

Gray-New Gloucester Middle SchoolGray(207) 657-4994 M S

Greely High SchoolCumberland(207) 829-4805 M S

Greely Jr High SchoolCumberland(207) 829-4815 M S

Hall-Dale High SchoolFarmingdale(207) 622-6211 M S

Hall-Dale Middle SchoolFarmingdale(207) 622-4162 M S

Hampden AcademyHampden(207) 862-3791 M S

Hancock County Technical CenterEllsworth(207) 667-9729 M S

Hartland Jr High SchoolHartland(207) 938-4770 M S

Helen Hunt SchoolOld Town(207) 827-3905 M S

Hermon High SchoolHermon(207) 848-3365 M S

Hermon Middle SchoolHermon(207) 848-2161 M S

Hichborn Middle SchoolHowland(207) 732-3113 M S

Hodgdon High SchoolHodgdon(207) 532-2413 M S

Holbrook SchoolHolden(207) 843-7769 M S

Houlton High SchoolHoulton(207) 532-6551 M S

Houlton Junior High SchoolHoulton(207) 532-6551 M S

Houlton Southside SchoolHoulton(207) 532-6027 M S

James F. Doughty SchoolBangor(207) 941-6220 M S

Jay High SchoolJay(207) 897-4336 M S

Jay Middle SchoolJay(207) 897-4319 M S

John S Tapley SchoolOakland(207) 465-2965 M S

Jonesport-Beals High SchoolJonesport(207) 497-5454 M S

Jordan-Small Middle SchoolRaymond(207) 655-4743 M S

Katahdin Middle/High SchoolStacyville(207) 365-4218 M S

Ken Foster Reg Applied Tech CtrFarmington(207) 778-3562 M S

Kennebunk High SchoolKennebunk(207) 985-1110 M S

King Middle SchoolPortland(207) 874-8140 M S

Lake Region High SchoolNaples(207) 693-6221 M S

Lake Region Middle SchoolNaples(207) 647-8403 M S

Lake Region Technology CenterNaples(207) 693-3864 M S

Lawrence High SchoolFairfield(207) 453-4200 M S

Lawrence Jr High SchoolFairfield(207) 453-4200 M S

Leavitt Area High SchoolTurner(207) 225-3533 M S

Leonard Middle SchoolOld Town(207) 827-3900 M S



Lewiston High SchoolLewiston(207) 795-4190 M S

Lewiston Middle SchoolLewiston(207) 795-4180 M S

Lewiston Regional Technology CtrLewiston(207) 795-4144 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolPortland(207) 874-8145 M S

Lisbon High SchoolLisbon(207) 353-3030 M S

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Livermore Falls High SchoolLivermore Falls(207) 897-3428 M S

Livermore Falls Middle SchoolLivermore Falls(207) 897-2121 M S

Loranger Middle SchoolOld Orchard Bch(207) 934-2361 M S

Lou M Buker SchoolAugusta(207) 626-2450 M S

Lyman Moore Middle SchoolPortland(207) 874-8150 M S

Machias Memorial High SchoolMachias(207) 255-3812 M S

Madison Area Memorial H SMadison(207) 696-3395 M S

Madison Avenue Elementary SchOxford(207) 744-0315 M S

Madison Junior High SchoolMadison(207) 696-3381 M S

Mahoney Middle SchoolSouth Portland(207) 799-7386 M S

Maine School Of Science & MathLimestone(207) 325-3303 M S

Manchester SchoolWindham(207) 892-1830 M S

Maranacook Community SchoolReadfield(207) 685-4923 M S

Maranacook Middle SchoolReadfield(207) 685-3128 M S

Margaret Chase Smith SchoolSkowhegan(207) 474-9822 M S

Marshwood High SchoolSouth Berwick(207) 384-4500 M S

Marshwood Jr High SchoolEliot(207) 439-1399 M S

Marshwood Middle SchoolSouth Berwick(207) 384-4010 M S

Mary Snow SchoolBangor(207) 941-6290 M S

Massabesic High SchoolWaterboro(207) 247-3141 M S

Massabesic Jr High SchoolWaterboro(207) 247-6121 M S

Mattanawcook AcademyLincoln(207) 794-6711 M S

Mattanawcook Jr High SchoolLincoln(207) 794-8935 M S

Medomak Valley High SchoolWaldoboro(207) 832-5389 M S

Medway Middle SchoolMedway(207) 746-3470 M S

Memorial Middle SchoolSouth Portland(207) 773-5629 M S

Messalonskee High SchoolOakland(207) 465-7381 M S

Mid-Coast Sch Of Tech-Region 8Rockland(207) 594-2161 M S

Middle School Of The KennebunksKennebunk(207) 985-2912 M S

Mid-Maine Technical CenterWaterville(207) 873-0102 M S

Millinocket Middle SchoolMillinocket(207) 723-6415 M S

Molly Ockett Middle SchoolFryeburg(207) 935-2401 M S

Monmouth AcademyMonmouth(207) 933-4416 M S

Monmouth Middle SchoolMonmouth(207) 933-9002 M S

Morse High SchoolBath(207) 443-8250 M S

Mountain Valley High SchoolRumford(207) 364-4547 M S

Mountain Valley Middle SchoolMexico(207) 364-7926 M S

Msad#1 Alternative EducationPresque Isle(207) 768-3386 M S

Mt Abram Regional High SchoolStrong(207) 678-2701 M S

Mt Ararat High SchoolTopsham(207) 729-2951 M S

Mt Ararat Middle SchoolTopsham(207) 729-2950 M S

Mt Blue High SchoolFarmington(207) 778-3561 M S

Mt Blue Middle SchoolFarmington(207) 778-3511 M S

Mt Desert Island High SchoolBar Harbor(207) 288-5011 M S

Mt Jefferson Jr High SchoolLee(207) 738-2866 M S

Mt View High SchoolThorndike(207) 568-3255 M S

Mt View Jr High SchoolThorndike(207) 568-7561 M S

Narraguagus High SchoolHarrington(207) 483-2746 M S

Newport Junior High SchoolNewport(207) 368-4470 M S

No Penobscot Tech-Region 3Lincoln(207) 794-3004 M S

Noble High SchoolNorth Berwick(207) 676-2843 M S

Noble Junior High SchoolBerwick(207) 698-1320 M S

Noble ViBerwick(207) 698-1188 M S

Nokomis Regional High SchoolNewport(207) 368-4354 M S

North Yarmouth Memorial SchoolNorth Yarmouth(207) 829-5555 M S

Oak Hill High SchoolWales(207) 375-4950 M S

Old Orchard Beach High SchoolOld Orchard Bch(207) 934-4461 M S

Old Town High SchoolOld Town(207) 827-3910 M S

Orono High SchoolOrono(207) 866-4916 M S

Orono Middle SchoolOrono(207) 866-2350 M S

Oxford Hills Comprehensive H SParis(207) 743-8914 M S

Oxford Hills Middle SchoolParis(207) 743-5946 M S

Oxford Hills Tech - Region 11Norway(207) 743-7756 M S

Penobscot Valley High SchoolHowland(207) 732-3111 M S

Penquis Valley High SchoolMilo(207) 943-7346 M S

Penquis Valley Middle SchoolMilo(207) 943-7348 M S

Philip W Sugg Middle SchoolLisbon(207) 353-3055 M S

Piscataquis Community H SGuilford(207) 876-4625 M S

Piscataquis Community Middle SchGuilford(207) 876-4301 M S

Poland Regional H SPoland(207) 998-5400 M S

Portland Arts & Technology H SPortland(207) 874-8165 M S

Portland High SchoolPortland(207) 874-8250 M S

Presque Isle High SchoolPresque Isle(207) 764-0121 M S

Presque Isle Regional Tech CtrPresque Isle(207) 764-1356 M S

Quimby Elementary SchoolBingham(207) 672-5500 M S

Reeds Brook Middle SchoolHampden(207) 862-3540 M S

Region Two Sch Of Applied TechHoulton(207) 532-9541 M S

Richmond High SchoolRichmond(207) 737-4348 M S

Richmond Middle SchoolRichmond(207) 737-8655 M S

Robert W Traip AcademyKittery(207) 439-1121 M S

Rockland District High SchoolRockland(207) 596-2010 M S

Rockland District Middle SchoolRockland(207) 596-2020 M S

Saco Middle SchoolSaco(207) 282-4181 M S

Sacopee Valley Jr-Sr High SchHiram(207) 625-3208 M S

Samuel D Hanson SchoolBuxton(207) 929-3835 M S

Samuel L Wagner Middle SchoolWinterport(207) 223-4309 M S

Sanford High SchoolSanford(207) 324-4050 M S

Sanford Jr High SchoolSanford(207) 324-3114 M S

Sanford Regional Technology CtrSanford(207) 324-2942 M S

Scarborough High SchoolScarborough(207) 883-4354 M S

Scarborough Middle SchoolScarborough(207) 883-4356 M S

Schenck High SchoolEast Millinocket(207) 746-3511 M S

School Of Applied Tech-Region 9Mexico(207) 364-3764 M S

Se Do Mo Cha Middle SchoolDover-Foxcroft(207) 564-8376 M S

Sea Road SchoolKennebunk(207) 985-1105 M S

Searsport District High SchoolSearsport(207) 548-2313 M S

Searsport District Middle SchoolSearsport(207) 548-2311 M S

Shapleigh Middle SchoolKittery(207) 439-2572 M S

Shead High SchoolEastport(207) 853-6254 M S

Skowhegan Area High SchoolSkowhegan(207) 474-5511 M S

Skowhegan Area Middle SchoolSkowhegan(207) 474-3339 M S

Skowhegan Regional Tech CtrSkowhegan(207) 474-2151 M S

Skyway Middle SchoolPresque Isle(207) 764-4474 M S

Smithfield Elementary SchoolSmithfield(207) 362-2671 M S

South Portland High SchoolSouth Portland(207) 767-3266 M S

St Croix Regional Technology CtrCalais(207) 454-2581 M S

St John Valley Technology CenterFrenchville(207) 543-6606 M S

State Street SchoolBrewer(207) 989-3244 M S

Stearns High SchoolMillinocket(207) 723-6430 M S

Sumner Memorial High SchoolSullivan(207) 422-3510 M S

T W Kelly Dirigo Middle SchoolDixfield(207) 562-7552 M S

Telstar High SchoolBethel(207) 824-2136 M S

Telstar Middle SchoolBethel(207) 824-3596 M S

Thomaston Grammar SchoolThomaston(207) 354-6353 M S

Tri-County Regional Technical CtrDexter(207) 924-7670 M S

Tripp Middle SchoolTurner(207) 225-3261 M S

Troy A Howard Middle SchoolBelfast(207) 338-3320 M S

Turner Elementary SchoolTurner(207) 225-3620 M S

United Technologies Ctr-Region 4Bangor(207) 942-5296 M S

Upper Kennebec Valley Jr-Sr HsBingham(207) 672-3300 M S

Van Buren District Secondary SchVan Buren(207) 868-5274 M S

Van Buren Regional Technology CtrVan Buren(207) 868-2746 M S

Village Elementary SchoolGorham(207) 839-5023 M S

Waldo County Tech Ctr-Region 7Waldo(207) 342-5231 M S

Walter H Gardner Middle SchoolBucksport(207) 469-6647 M S

Warsaw Middle SchoolPittsfield(207) 487-5145 M S

Washburn District High SchoolWashburn(207) 455-4501 M S

Waterville High SchoolWaterville(207) 873-2751 M S

Waterville Junior High SchoolWaterville(207) 873-2144 M S

Webster Intermediate SchoolAuburn(207) 784-2924 M S

Wells High SchoolWells(207) 646-7011 M S

Wells Junior High SchoolWells(207) 646-5142 M S

Westbrook High SchoolWestbrook(207) 854-0810 M S

Westbrook Regional Technology CtrWestbrook(207) 854-0820 M S

Willard SchoolSanford(207) 324-8454 M S

William S Cohen SchoolBangor(207) 941-6230 M S

Williams Junior High SchoolOakland(207) 465-2167 M S

Windham High SchoolWindham(207) 892-1810 M S

Windham Middle SchoolWindham(207) 892-1820 M S

Windham Real SchoolWindham(207) 892-4462 M S

Winslow High SchoolWinslow(207) 872-1990 M S

Winslow Junior High SchoolWinslow(207) 872-1973 M S

Winthrop High SchoolWinthrop(207) 377-2228 M S

Winthrop Middle SchoolWinthrop(207) 377-2249 M S

Wiscasset High SchoolWiscasset(207) 882-7722 M S

Wiscasset Middle SchoolWiscasset(207) 882-7767 M S

Wisdom Middle High SchoolSaint Agatha(207) 543-7717 M S

Woodland Jr-Sr High SchoolBaileyville(207) 427-3325 M S

Yarmouth High SchoolYarmouth(207) 846-5535 M S

York High SchoolYork(207) 363-3621 M S

York Middle SchoolYork(207) 363-4214 M S

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