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AnsonCarrabec High School(207) 635-2296

AshlandAshland Community High School(207) 435-3481

AuburnAuburn Middle School(207) 784-1356

AuburnEdward Little High School(207) 783-8528

AuburnFranklin Alternative School(207) 782-3242

AuburnWebster Intermediate School(207) 784-2924

AugustaCapital Area Technology Center(207) 626-2475

AugustaCony High School(207) 626-2460

AugustaElla R Hodgkins School(207) 626-2490

AugustaLou M Buker School(207) 626-2450

BaileyvilleWoodland Jr-Sr High School(207) 427-3325

BangorBangor High School(207) 941-6200

BangorFairmount School(207) 941-6260

BangorJames F. Doughty School(207) 941-6220

BangorMary Snow School(207) 941-6290

BangorUnited Technologies Ctr-Region 4(207) 942-5296

BangorWilliam S Cohen School(207) 941-6230

Bar HarborMt Desert Island High School(207) 288-5011

BathBath Middle School(207) 443-8270

BathBath Regional Technology Ctr(207) 443-8257

BathMorse High School(207) 443-8250

BelfastBelfast Area High School(207) 338-1790

BelfastTroy A Howard Middle School(207) 338-3320

BerwickBerwick Elementary School(207) 698-7604

BerwickNoble Junior High School(207) 698-1320

BerwickNoble Vi(207) 698-1188

BethelTelstar High School(207) 824-2136

BethelTelstar Middle School(207) 824-3596

BiddefordBiddeford High School(207) 282-1596

BiddefordBiddeford Middle School(207) 282-5957

BiddefordBiddeford Regional Ctr Of Tech(207) 282-1501

BinghamQuimby Elementary School(207) 672-5500

BinghamUpper Kennebec Valley Jr-Sr Hs(207) 672-3300

Boothbay HarborBoothbay Region High School(207) 633-2421

BrewerBrewer High School(207) 989-4140

BrewerBrewer Middle School(207) 989-8640

BrewerState Street School(207) 989-3244

BrunswickBrunswick High School(207) 798-5500

BrunswickBrunswick Jr High School(207) 729-1669

BrunswickE Cumblnd-Sag Cty Tech-Reg 10(207) 729-6622

BuckfieldBuckfield Jr-Sr High School(207) 336-2151

BucksportBucksport High School(207) 469-6652

BucksportG Herbert Jewett School(207) 469-6644

BucksportWalter H Gardner Middle School(207) 469-6647

BuxtonBonny Eagle Middle School(207) 929-3833

BuxtonSamuel D Hanson School(207) 929-3835

CalaisCalais High School(207) 454-2591

CalaisCalais Middle School(207) 454-7126

CalaisSt Croix Regional Technology Ctr(207) 454-2581

CamdenCamden-Rockport Middle School(207) 236-7805

Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth High School(207) 799-3309

Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth Middle School(207) 799-8176

CaribouCaribou High School(207) 493-4260

CaribouCaribou Learning Center(207) 493-4266

CaribouCaribou Middle School(207) 493-4240

CaribouCaribou Reg Applied Tech Ctr(207) 493-4270

CarmelCaravel Middle School(207) 848-3615

CascoCrooked River Elementary(207) 627-4291

ChinaChina Middle School(207) 445-2065

CorinnaCorinna Jr High School(207) 278-4201

CorinthCentral High School(207) 285-3326

CorinthCentral Middle School(207) 285-3177

CumberlandDrowne Road School(207) 829-2250

CumberlandGreely High School(207) 829-4805

CumberlandGreely Jr High School(207) 829-4815




Deer IsleDeer Isle-Stonington High Sch(207) 348-2303

DexterDexter Middle School(207) 924-5571

DexterDexter Regional High School(207) 924-5536

DexterTri-County Regional Technical Ctr(207) 924-7670

DixfieldDirigo High School(207) 562-4251

DixfieldT W Kelly Dirigo Middle School(207) 562-7552

Dover-FoxcroftSe Do Mo Cha Middle School(207) 564-8376

East MillinocketSchenck High School(207) 746-3511

EastonEaston Junior-Senior High Sch(207) 488-7702

EastportShead High School(207) 853-6254

EliotMarshwood Jr High School(207) 439-1399

EllsworthEllsworth High School(207) 667-4722

EllsworthEllsworth Middle School(207) 667-6494

EllsworthHancock County Technical Center(207) 667-9729

FairfieldLawrence High School(207) 453-4200

FairfieldLawrence Jr High School(207) 453-4200

FalmouthFalmouth High School(207) 781-7429

FalmouthFalmouth Middle School(207) 781-3740

FarmingdaleHall-Dale High School(207) 622-6211

FarmingdaleHall-Dale Middle School(207) 622-4162

FarmingtonCascade Brook School(207) 778-4821

FarmingtonKen Foster Reg Applied Tech Ctr(207) 778-3562

FarmingtonMt Blue High School(207) 778-3561

FarmingtonMt Blue Middle School(207) 778-3511

Fort KentFort Kent Community High School(207) 834-5540

FreeportFreeport High School(207) 865-4706

FreeportFreeport Middle School(207) 865-6051

FrenchvilleSt John Valley Technology Center(207) 543-6606

FryeburgMolly Ockett Middle School(207) 935-2401

GardinerGardiner Area High School(207) 582-3150

GardinerGardiner Regional Middle School(207) 582-1326

GorhamCharles Shaw Junior High School(207) 839-5011

GorhamGorham High School(207) 839-5004

GorhamVillage Elementary School(207) 839-5023

GrayGray-New Gloucester High School(207) 657-3323

GrayGray-New Gloucester Middle School(207) 657-4994

GuilfordPiscataquis Community H S(207) 876-4625

GuilfordPiscataquis Community Middle Sch(207) 876-4301

HampdenHampden Academy(207) 862-3791

HampdenReeds Brook Middle School(207) 862-3540

HarringtonNarraguagus High School(207) 483-2746

HartlandHartland Jr High School(207) 938-4770

HermonHermon High School(207) 848-3365

HermonHermon Middle School(207) 848-2161

HiramSacopee Valley Jr-Sr High Sch(207) 625-3208

HodgdonHodgdon High School(207) 532-2413

HoldenHolbrook School(207) 843-7769

HoultonHoulton High School(207) 532-6551

HoultonHoulton Junior High School(207) 532-6551

HoultonHoulton Southside School(207) 532-6027

HoultonRegion Two Sch Of Applied Tech(207) 532-9541

HowlandHichborn Middle School(207) 732-3113

HowlandPenobscot Valley High School(207) 732-3111

JayJay High School(207) 897-4336

JayJay Middle School(207) 897-4319

JonesportJonesport-Beals High School(207) 497-5454

KennebunkKennebunk High School(207) 985-1110

KennebunkMiddle School Of The Kennebunks(207) 985-2912

KennebunkSea Road School(207) 985-1105

KitteryRobert W Traip Academy(207) 439-1121

KitteryShapleigh Middle School(207) 439-2572

LeeMt Jefferson Jr High School(207) 738-2866

LewistonLewiston High School(207) 795-4190

LewistonLewiston Middle School(207) 795-4180

LewistonLewiston Regional Technology Ctr(207) 795-4144

LimestoneMaine School Of Science & Math(207) 325-3303

LincolnMattanawcook Academy(207) 794-6711

LincolnMattanawcook Jr High School(207) 794-8935



LincolnNo Penobscot Tech-Region 3(207) 794-3004

LisbonLisbon High School(207) 353-3030

LisbonPhilip W Sugg Middle School(207) 353-3055

LitchfieldCarrie Ricker Middle School(207) 268-4136

Livermore FallsLivermore Falls High School(207) 897-3428

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Livermore FallsLivermore Falls Middle School(207) 897-2121

MachiasCoastal Wash Cty Inst Of Tech(207) 255-6585

MachiasMachias Memorial High School(207) 255-3812

MadisonMadison Area Memorial H S(207) 696-3395

MadisonMadison Junior High School(207) 696-3381

Mars HillCentral Aroostook Jr-Sr H S(207) 425-2811

MedwayMedway Middle School(207) 746-3470

MexicoMountain Valley Middle School(207) 364-7926

MexicoSchool Of Applied Tech-Region 9(207) 364-3764

MillinocketMillinocket Middle School(207) 723-6415

MillinocketStearns High School(207) 723-6430

MiloPenquis Valley High School(207) 943-7346

MiloPenquis Valley Middle School(207) 943-7348

MonmouthMonmouth Academy(207) 933-4416

MonmouthMonmouth Middle School(207) 933-9002

NaplesLake Region High School(207) 693-6221

NaplesLake Region Middle School(207) 647-8403

NaplesLake Region Technology Center(207) 693-3864

NewportNewport Junior High School(207) 368-4470

NewportNokomis Regional High School(207) 368-4354

North BerwickNoble High School(207) 676-2843

North YarmouthNorth Yarmouth Memorial School(207) 829-5555

NorwayOxford Hills Tech - Region 11(207) 743-7756

OaklandJohn S Tapley School(207) 465-2965

OaklandMessalonskee High School(207) 465-7381

OaklandWilliams Junior High School(207) 465-2167

Old Orchard BchLoranger Middle School(207) 934-2361

Old Orchard BchOld Orchard Beach High School(207) 934-4461

Old TownHelen Hunt School(207) 827-3905

Old TownLeonard Middle School(207) 827-3900

Old TownOld Town High School(207) 827-3910

OronoOrono High School(207) 866-4916

OronoOrono Middle School(207) 866-2350

OxfordMadison Avenue Elementary Sch(207) 744-0315

ParisOxford Hills Comprehensive H S(207) 743-8914

ParisOxford Hills Middle School(207) 743-5946

PittsfieldWarsaw Middle School(207) 487-5145

PolandBruce M Whittier Middle School(207) 998-5400

PolandPoland Regional H S(207) 998-5400

PortlandDeering High School(207) 874-8260

PortlandKing Middle School(207) 874-8140

PortlandLincoln Middle School(207) 874-8145

PortlandLyman Moore Middle School(207) 874-8150

PortlandPortland Arts & Technology H S(207) 874-8165

PortlandPortland High School(207) 874-8250

Presque IsleCunningham Middle School(207) 764-8101

Presque IsleMsad#1 Alternative Education(207) 768-3386

Presque IslePresque Isle High School(207) 764-0121

Presque IslePresque Isle Regional Tech Ctr(207) 764-1356

Presque IsleSkyway Middle School(207) 764-4474

RaymondJordan-Small Middle School(207) 655-4743

ReadfieldMaranacook Community School(207) 685-4923

ReadfieldMaranacook Middle School(207) 685-3128

RichmondRichmond High School(207) 737-4348

RichmondRichmond Middle School(207) 737-8655

RocklandMid-Coast Sch Of Tech-Region 8(207) 594-2161

RocklandRockland District High School(207) 596-2010

RocklandRockland District Middle School(207) 596-2020

RockportCamden Hills Regional H S(207) 236-7800

RumfordMountain Valley High School(207) 364-4547

SacoSaco Middle School(207) 282-4181

Saint AgathaWisdom Middle High School(207) 543-7717

SanfordSanford High School(207) 324-4050

SanfordSanford Jr High School(207) 324-3114

SanfordSanford Regional Technology Ctr(207) 324-2942

SanfordWillard School(207) 324-8454

ScarboroughScarborough High School(207) 883-4354

ScarboroughScarborough Middle School(207) 883-4356

SearsportSearsport District High School(207) 548-2313

SearsportSearsport District Middle School(207) 548-2311

SkowheganMargaret Chase Smith School(207) 474-9822

SkowheganSkowhegan Area High School(207) 474-5511

SkowheganSkowhegan Area Middle School(207) 474-3339

SkowheganSkowhegan Regional Tech Ctr(207) 474-2151

SmithfieldSmithfield Elementary School(207) 362-2671

South BerwickMarshwood High School(207) 384-4500

South BerwickMarshwood Middle School(207) 384-4010

South PortlandArthur R. Gould Sch--Lcydc(207) 822-0060

South PortlandMahoney Middle School(207) 799-7386

South PortlandMemorial Middle School(207) 773-5629

South PortlandSouth Portland High School(207) 767-3266

StacyvilleKatahdin Middle/High School(207) 365-4218

StandishBonny Eagle High School(207) 929-3840

StandishGeorge E Jack School(207) 642-4885

StrongMt Abram Regional High School(207) 678-2701

SullivanSumner Memorial High School(207) 422-3510

ThomastonGeorges Valley High School(207) 354-2502

ThomastonThomaston Grammar School(207) 354-6353

ThorndikeMt View High School(207) 568-3255

ThorndikeMt View Jr High School(207) 568-7561

TopshamMt Ararat High School(207) 729-2951

TopshamMt Ararat Middle School(207) 729-2950

TurnerLeavitt Area High School(207) 225-3533

TurnerTripp Middle School(207) 225-3261

TurnerTurner Elementary School(207) 225-3620

Van BurenVan Buren District Secondary Sch(207) 868-5274

Van BurenVan Buren Regional Technology Ctr(207) 868-2746

WaldoWaldo County Tech Ctr-Region 7(207) 342-5231

WaldoboroA D Gray Middle School(207) 832-2106

WaldoboroMedomak Valley High School(207) 832-5389

WalesOak Hill High School(207) 375-4950

WashburnWashburn District High School(207) 455-4501

WaterboroMassabesic High School(207) 247-3141

WaterboroMassabesic Jr High School(207) 247-6121

WatervilleAlbert S Hall School(207) 872-8071

WatervilleMid-Maine Technical Center(207) 873-0102

WatervilleWaterville High School(207) 873-2751

WatervilleWaterville Junior High School(207) 873-2144

WellsWells High School(207) 646-7011

WellsWells Junior High School(207) 646-5142

WestbrookFred C Wescott School(207) 854-0830

WestbrookWestbrook High School(207) 854-0810

WestbrookWestbrook Regional Technology Ctr(207) 854-0820

WindhamManchester School(207) 892-1830

WindhamWindham High School(207) 892-1810

WindhamWindham Middle School(207) 892-1820

WindhamWindham Real School(207) 892-4462

WinslowWinslow High School(207) 872-1990

WinslowWinslow Junior High School(207) 872-1973

WinterportSamuel L Wagner Middle School(207) 223-4309

WinthropWinthrop High School(207) 377-2228

WinthropWinthrop Middle School(207) 377-2249

WiscassetWiscasset High School(207) 882-7722

WiscassetWiscasset Middle School(207) 882-7767

YarmouthFrank H Harrison Middle School(207) 846-2499

YarmouthYarmouth High School(207) 846-5535

YorkYork High School(207) 363-3621

YorkYork Middle School(207) 363-4214

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