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11Th Street Alternative SchoolBowling Green(270) 746-2321 M S

A J Lloyd Middle SchoolMonticello(606) 348-6691 M S

Ackerly/Bingham High SchoolLouisville(502) 852-6941 M S

Adair County High SchoolColumbia(270) 384-2751 M S

Adair County Middle SchoolColumbia(270) 384-5308 M S

Adair County Youth Dev Alternative CtrColumbia(270) 384-0811 M S

Adult Detention CenterLexington(859) 425-2600 M S

Ahrens Educational Resource CenterLouisville(502) 485-8201 M S

Allen Central High SchoolEastern(606) 358-9543 M S

Allen Central Middle SchoolEastern(606) 358-0110 M S

Allen County High SchoolScottsville(270) 622-4119 M S

Alternative CenterGreenville(270) 338-0662 M S

Anderson County High SchoolLawrenceburg(502) 839-5118 M S

Anderson County Middle SchoolLawrenceburg(502) 839-9261 M S

Apollo High SchoolOwensboro(270) 685-3121 M S

Ashland Central Alternative SchoolAshland(606) 327-2706 M S

Ashland Day Treatment CenterAshland(606) 920-2073 M S

Atherton High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8202 M S

Augusta High SchoolAugusta(606) 756-2105 M S

Ballard County Middle SchoolBarlow(270) 665-8400 M S

Ballard High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8206 M S

Ballard Memorial High SchoolBarlow(270) 665-8400 M S

Barbourville High SchoolBarbourville(606) 546-3129 M S

Bardstown High SchoolBardstown(502) 331-8802 M S

Bardstown Middle SchoolBardstown(502) 331-8803 M S

Barren County High SchoolGlasgow(270) 651-6315 M S

Barren County Middle SchoolGlasgow(270) 651-4909 M S

Barrett Traditional Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8207 M S

Bath County High SchoolOwingsville(606) 674-6325 M S

Bath County Middle SchoolOwingsville(606) 674-8165 M S

Beacon Central Alternative High SchoolUtica(270) 729-4211 M S

Beaumont Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3094 M S

Beechwood High SchoolFt Mitchell(859) 331-1220 M S

Belfry High SchoolBelfry(606) 353-7239 M S

Bell County High SchoolPineville(606) 337-7061 M S

Bellevue High SchoolBellevue(859) 261-2980 M S

Bellewood SchoolBowling Green(270) 782-2756 M S

Benton Middle SchoolBenton(270) 527-9091 M S

Berea Community High SchoolBerea(859) 986-4911 M S

Berea Community Middle SchoolBerea(859) 986-4911 M S

Bernheim Middle SchoolShepherdsville(502) 543-7614 M S

Betsy Layne High SchoolBetsy Layne(606) 478-9138 M S

Bloomfield Middle SchoolBloomfield(502) 252-8383 M S

Bluegrass Middle SchoolElizabethtown(270) 765-2658 M S

Bondurant Middle SchoolFrankfort(502) 875-8440 M S

Boone County High SchoolFlorence(859) 282-5655 M S

Bourbon County High SchoolParis(859) 987-2185 M S

Bourbon County Middle SchoolParis(859) 987-2189 M S

Bowling Green High SchoolBowling Green(270) 746-2300 M S

Bowling Green Middle SchoolBowling Green(270) 746-2290 M S

Bowling Middle SchoolOwenton(502) 484-5701 M S

Boyd County Career & Tech. Educ. Cntr.Ashland(606) 928-6431 M S

Boyd County High SchoolAshland(606) 928-7100 M S

Boyd County Middle SchoolAshland(606) 928-9547 M S

Boyle County Detention Center Alt SchDanville(859) 238-1127 M S

Boyle County High SchoolDanville(859) 236-5047 M S

Boyle County Middle SchoolDanville(859) 236-4212 M S

Bracken County High SchoolBrooksville(606) 735-3153 M S

Bracken County Middle SchoolBrooksville(606) 735-3425 M S

Brandenburg Elementary SchoolBrandenburg(270) 422-7450 M S

Brandenburg High SchoolBrandenburg(270) 422-7515 M S

Breathitt Co Juvenile Detention Ctr AltJackson(606) 295-2350 M S

Breathitt County High SchoolJackson(606) 666-7511 M S

Breckinridge County High SchoolHarned(270) 756-3080 M S

Breckinridge County Middle SchoolHarned(270) 756-3060 M S




Brown High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8216 M S

Brown Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8216 M S

Browning Springs Middle SchoolMadisonville(270) 825-6006 M S

Bryan Station High SchoolLexington(859) 381-3308 M S

Bryan Station Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3288 M S

Buckhorn High SchoolBuckhorn(606) 398-7176 M S

Buechel Metropolitan High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8316 M S

Bullitt Central High SchoolShepherdsville(502) 543-7021 M S

Bullitt East High SchoolMt Washington(502) 538-7322 M S

Bullitt Lick Middle SchoolShepherdsville(502) 543-6806 M S

Butler County High SchoolMorgantown(270) 526-2204 M S

Butler County Middle SchoolMorgantown(270) 526-5647 M S

Butler Traditional High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8220 M S

Cadet Leadership & Education PgmJackson(606) 295-2267 M S

Caldwell County High SchoolPrinceton(270) 365-8010 M S

Caldwell County Middle SchoolPrinceton(270) 365-9566 M S

Calloway County High SchoolMurray(270) 762-7374 M S

Calloway County Middle SchoolMurray(270) 762-7355 M S

Campbell County High SchoolAlexandria(859) 635-4161 M S

Campbell County Middle SchoolAlexandria(859) 635-6077 M S

Campbellsville High SchoolCampbellsville(270) 465-8774 M S

Campbellsville Middle SchoolCampbellsville(270) 465-5121 M S

Carl D Perkins Job Corp AcademyPrestonsburg(606) 886-1037 M S

Carlisle County High SchoolBardwell(270) 628-3119 M S

Carlisle County Middle SchoolBardwell(270) 628-5414 M S

Carrithers Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8224 M S

Carroll County High SchoolCarrollton(502) 732-7075 M S

Carroll County Middle SchoolCarrollton(502) 732-7080 M S

Carter County Vocational SchoolOlive Hill(606) 286-4022 M S

Casey County High SchoolLiberty(606) 787-6151 M S

Casey County Middle SchoolLiberty(606) 787-6769 M S

Caverna High SchoolHorse Cave(270) 773-2828 M S

Caverna Middle SchoolHorse Cave(270) 773-2828 M S

Central Hardin High SchoolCecilia(270) 737-6800 M S

Central High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8226 M S

Central High SchoolMadisonville(270) 825-6133 M S

Christian County High SchoolHopkinsville(270) 887-1100 M S

Christian County Middle SchoolHopkinsville(270) 887-1130 M S

Clark Alternative SchoolWinchester(859) 744-4618 M S

Clark Middle SchoolWinchester(859) 744-0427 M S

Clark Moores Middle SchoolRichmond(859) 624-4545 M S

Clay County High SchoolManchester(606) 598-3737 M S

Clay County Middle SchoolManchester(606) 598-1810 M S

Clements Victory Technical Hs #2Morganfield(270) 389-2419 M S

Clinton County High SchoolAlbany(606) 387-5569 M S

Clinton County Middle SchoolAlbany(606) 387-6466 M S

College View Middle SchoolOwensboro(270) 686-1912 M S

Conner High SchoolHebron(859) 334-4400 M S

Conner Middle SchoolHebron(859) 334-4410 M S

Conway Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8233 M S

Corbin East Alternative SchoolCorbin(606) 523-3637 M S

Corbin High SchoolCorbin(606) 528-3902 M S

Corbin Middle SchoolCorbin(606) 523-3619 M S

Corbin Teen Parent Program AlternativeCorbin(606) 523-3637 M S

Cordia High SchoolHazard(606) 785-4457 M S

Covington Adult Alt High SchoolCovington(859) 292-5937 M S

Crawford Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3370 M S

Crittenden County High SchoolMarion(270) 965-2248 M S

Crittenden County Middle SchoolMarion(270) 965-5221 M S

Crosby Middle SchoolMiddletown(502) 485-8235 M S

Cumberland County High SchoolBurkesville(270) 864-3451 M S

Cumberland County Middle SchoolBurkesville(270) 864-5818 M S

Cumberland High SchoolCumberland(606) 589-4625 M S

Danville Bate Middle SchoolDanville(859) 936-8559 M S

Danville High SchoolDanville(859) 936-8400 M S

Daviess County High SchoolOwensboro(270) 684-5285 M S

Daviess County Middle SchoolOwensboro(270) 684-9632 M S

Dawson Springs High SchoolDawson Springs(270) 797-2957 M S

Dawson Springs Middle SchoolDawson Springs(270) 797-2957 M S

Day Treatment Ctr High SchoolBowling Green(270) 781-2814 M S

Dayton High SchoolDayton(859) 292-7486 M S

Dayton Middle SchoolDayton(859) 292-7486 M S

Deming High SchoolMt Olivet(606) 724-5421 M S

Dixie Heights High SchoolFt Mitchell(859) 341-7650 M S

Doss High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8239 M S

Drakes Creek Middle SchoolBowling Green(270) 843-0165 M S

Dupont Manual High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8241 M S

Eagle Creek Learning CenterDry Ridge(859) 824-7706 M S

Earle C Clements Victory Tech HsMorganfield(270) 389-5310 M S

Earle D Jones Elementary SchoolMaysville(606) 564-7672 M S

East Carter County High SchoolGrayson(606) 474-5714 M S

East Carter Middle SchoolGrayson(606) 474-5156 M S

East Hardin Middle SchoolGlendale(270) 369-7370 M S

East Jessamine County Middle SchoolNicholasville(859) 885-5561 M S

East Jessamine High SchoolNicholasville(859) 885-7240 M S

Eastern High SchoolMiddletown(502) 485-8243 M S

Eastside Center For Applied TechnologyLexington(859) 381-3740 M S

Edmonson County High SchoolBrownsville(270) 597-2151 M S

Edmonson County Middle SchoolBrownsville(270) 597-2932 M S

Educational Development CenterFrankfort(502) 695-6720 M S

Elizabethtown High SchoolElizabethtown(270) 769-3381 M S

Elkhorn City High SchoolElkhorn City(606) 754-9098 M S

Elkhorn Middle SchoolFrankfort(502) 695-6740 M S

Elliott County High SchoolSandy Hook(606) 738-8052 M S

Estill County High SchoolIrvine(606) 723-3537 M S

Estill County Middle SchoolIrvine(606) 723-5136 M S

Evarts High SchoolEvarts(606) 837-2502 M S

F T Burns Middle SchoolOwensboro(270) 683-2803 M S

Fairdale High SchoolFairdale(502) 485-8248 M S

Fairview High SchoolAshland(606) 324-9226 M S

Farnsley Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8242 M S

Feds Creek High SchoolFedscreek(606) 835-2286 M S

Fern Creek Traditional High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8251 M S

Fleming County High SchoolFlemingsburg(606) 845-6601 M S

Fleming Neon High SchoolFleming-Neon(606) 855-7597 M S

Florence Crittenton SchoolLexington(859) 252-8636 M S

Foley Middle SchoolBerea(859) 986-8473 M S

Fort Logan High SchoolStanford(606) 365-1333 M S

Foster Meade Vocational Education CenterVanceburg(606) 796-6106 M S

Fraize Middle SchoolCloverport(270) 788-3388 M S

Frankfort High SchoolFrankfort(502) 875-8655 M S

Franklin County Area Vocational Ed CtrFrankfort(502) 695-6790 M S

Franklin County High SchoolFrankfort(502) 695-6750 M S

Franklin-Simpson High SchoolFranklin(270) 586-3273 M S

Franklin-Simpson Middle SchoolFranklin(270) 586-4401 M S

Frederick Fraize High SchoolCloverport(270) 788-3388 M S

Frenchburg AcademyFrenchburg(859) 768-2111 M S

Fulton City High SchoolFulton(270) 472-1741 M S

Fulton County High SchoolHickman(270) 236-3904 M S

Fulton County Middle SchoolHickman(270) 236-3923 M S

Gallatin County High SchoolWarsaw(859) 567-7901 M S

Gallatin County Middle SchoolWarsaw(859) 567-5791 M S

Gallatin County Upper Elementary SchoolWarsaw(859) 567-4646 M S

Garrard County High SchoolLancaster(859) 792-2146 M S

Garrard Middle SchoolLancaster(859) 792-2108 M S

George M Verity Middle SchoolAshland(606) 327-2727 M S

George Rogers Clark High SchoolWinchester(859) 744-6111 M S

Georgetown Middle SchoolGeorgetown(502) 863-3805 M S

Georgia Chaffee Tapp-Westport HsLouisville(502) 485-8347 M S

Glasgow High SchoolGlasgow(270) 651-8801 M S

Glasgow Middle SchoolGlasgow(270) 651-2256 M S

Goebel Detention Center Alternative SchOwensboro(270) 685-8427 M S

Grant County High SchoolDry Ridge(859) 824-9739 M S

Grant County Middle SchoolDry Ridge(859) 824-7161 M S

Graves County High SchoolMayfield(270) 247-6242 M S

Graves County Middle SchoolMayfield(270) 251-3670 M S

Gray Middle SchoolUnion(859) 384-5333 M S

Grayson County High SchoolLeitchfield(270) 259-4078 M S

Grayson County Middle SchoolLeitchfield(270) 259-4175 M S

Green County High SchoolGreensburg(270) 932-7481 M S

Green County Middle SchoolGreensburg(270) 932-7773 M S

Greenup County High SchoolGreenup(606) 473-9812 M S

Greenwood High SchoolBowling Green(270) 842-3627 M S

Hancock County High SchoolLewisport(270) 927-6255 M S

Hancock County Middle SchoolLewisport(270) 927-6712 M S

Harrison County High SchoolCynthiana(859) 234-7117 M S

Harrison County Middle SchoolCynthiana(859) 234-7123 M S

Harrodsburg High SchoolHarrodsburg(859) 734-8420 M S

Harrodsburg Middle SchoolHarrodsburg(859) 734-8415 M S

Hart County High SchoolMunfordville(270) 524-9341 M S

Hazard High SchoolHazard(606) 439-1318 M S

Heath High SchoolWest Paducah(270) 744-4090 M S

Heath Middle SchoolWest Paducah(270) 744-4070 M S

Hebron Middle SchoolShepherdsville(502) 957-3540 M S

Henderson County North Middle SchoolHenderson(270) 831-5060 M S

Henderson County Senior High SchoolHenderson(270) 831-5020 M S

Henderson County South Middle SchoolHenderson(270) 831-5050 M S

Henry Clay High SchoolLexington(859) 381-3423 M S

Henry County High SchoolNew Castle(502) 845-8670 M S

Henry County Middle SchoolNew Castle(502) 845-8660 M S

Henry F Moss Middle SchoolBowling Green(270) 843-0166 M S

Herald Whitaker Middle SchoolSalyersville(606) 349-5190 M S

Hickman County High SchoolClinton(270) 653-4044 M S

Highland Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8266 M S

Highlands High SchoolFt Thomas(859) 781-5900 M S

Highlands Middle SchoolFt Thomas(859) 781-5900 M S

Hillcrest Hall Treatment CenterMt Sterling(859) 498-6574 M S

Holmes High SchoolCovington(859) 655-9545 M S

Holmes Middle SchoolCovington(859) 655-9545 M S

Hopkinsville High SchoolHopkinsville(270) 887-1200 M S

Hopkinsville Middle SchoolHopkinsville(270) 887-1230 M S

Inez Middle SchoolInez(606) 298-3264 M S

Iroquois High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8269 M S

Iroquois Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8270 M S

Jackson County High SchoolMckee(606) 287-7155 M S

Jackson County Middle SchoolMckee(606) 287-8351 M S

James A Cawood High SchoolHarlan(606) 573-5029 M S

James D Adams Middle SchoolPrestonsburg(606) 886-2671 M S

James E Bazzell Middle SchoolScottsville(270) 622-7140 M S

James Madison Middle SchoolMadisonville(270) 825-6160 M S

James T Alton Middle SchoolVine Grove(270) 877-2135 M S

Jefferson County Traditional Middle SchoLouisville(502) 485-8272 M S

Jeffersontown High SchoolJeffersontown(502) 485-8275 M S

Jessie M Clark Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3036 M S


John Adair IntermediateColumbia(270) 384-3341 M S

John Hardin High SchoolElizabethtown(270) 769-8906 M S

Johnson Breckinridge Elementary SchoolLouisville(502) 425-7128 M S

Johnson Central High SchoolPaintsville(606) 789-2500 M S

Johnson County Alternative SchoolHagerhill(606) 789-2077 M S

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Johnson County Middle SchoolPaintsville(606) 789-4133 M S

Johnson Traditional Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8277 M S

Kammerer Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8279 M S

Kennedy Metro Alternative Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-6950 M S

Kenneth D King Middle SchoolHarrodsburg(859) 734-2766 M S

Kentucky Youth AcademyAshcamp(606) 754-9996 M S

Knight Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8287 M S

Knott County Central High SchoolHindman(606) 785-3166 M S

Knox Central High SchoolBarbourville(606) 546-9253 M S

Knox County Learning AcademyCorbin(606) 528-9918 M S

Lafayette High SchoolLexington(859) 381-3474 M S

Larry A. Ryle High SchoolUnion(859) 384-5300 M S

Larue County High SchoolHodgenville(270) 358-2210 M S

Larue County Intermediate SchoolHodgenville(270) 358-8786 M S

Larue County Middle SchoolHodgenville(270) 358-3196 M S

Lassiter Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8288 M S

Laurel Day Treatment CenterLondon(606) 862-6605 M S

Lawrence County High SchoolLouisa(606) 638-9676 M S

Learning Opportunities CenterFranklin(270) 586-2019 M S

Lebanon Middle SchoolLebanon(270) 692-3441 M S

Lee County High SchoolBeattyville(606) 464-5005 M S

Lee County Middle SchoolBeattyville(606) 464-5010 M S

Leestown Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3181 M S

Leslie County High SchoolHyden(606) 672-2337 M S

Leslie County Middle SchoolHyden(606) 672-5580 M S

Letcher County Alternative SchoolWhitesburg(606) 633-2459 M S

Letcher High SchoolLetcher(606) 633-0707 M S

Lewis County High SchoolVanceburg(606) 796-2823 M S

Lewis County Middle SchoolVanceburg(606) 796-6228 M S

Lexington Trad Magnet Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3192 M S

Liberty High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-7100 M S

Lighthouse AcademyBowling Green(270) 782-5410 M S

Lincoln County High SchoolStanford(606) 365-9111 M S

Lincoln County Middle SchoolStanford(606) 365-8400 M S

Lincoln Elementary SchoolFranklin(270) 586-7133 M S

Livingston Central High SchoolSmithland(270) 928-2065 M S

Livingston County Middle SchoolBurna(270) 988-3263 M S

Lloyd High SchoolErlanger(859) 727-1555 M S

Logan County High SchoolRussellville(270) 726-8454 M S

Lone Oak High SchoolPaducah(270) 744-4150 M S

Lone Oak Middle SchoolPaducah(270) 744-4130 M S

Louisa Middle SchoolLouisa(606) 638-4090 M S

Louisville Male High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8292 M S

Ludlow High SchoolLudlow(859) 261-8211 M S

Ludlow Middle SchoolLudlow(859) 655-7500 M S

Lyndon Education CenterLyndon(502) 485-3173 M S

Lyon County Junior/Senior High SchoolEddyville(270) 388-9715 M S

Madison Central High SchoolRichmond(859) 624-4505 M S

Madison Day Treatment CenterRichmond(859) 624-4565 M S

Madison Middle SchoolRichmond(859) 624-4550 M S

Madison Southern High SchoolBerea(859) 986-8424 M S

Madisonville North Hopkins HSchMadisonville(270) 825-6017 M S

Magoffin County High SchoolSalyersville(606) 349-2011 M S

Maplewood Home High SchoolBurlington(859) 586-8728 M S

Marion County High SchoolLebanon(270) 692-6066 M S

Marshall County High SchoolBenton(270) 527-1453 M S

Marshall County Technical CenterBenton(270) 527-8648 M S

Mary Kendall Secondary CampusOwensboro(270) 684-7673 M S

Mary Ryan AcademyLouisville(502) 485-8988 M S

Mason County High SchoolMaysville(606) 564-3393 M S

Mason County Middle SchoolMaysville(606) 564-6748 M S

Mayfield Boys Treatment CenterMayfield(270) 247-3237 M S

Mayfield High SchoolMayfield(270) 247-4461 M S

Mayfield Middle SchoolMayfield(270) 247-7521 M S

Mccreary Central High SchoolStearns(606) 376-5051 M S

Mckell Middle SchoolSouth Shore(606) 932-3221 M S

Mckell Upper Elementary SchoolSouth Shore(606) 932-2699 M S

Mclean County High SchoolCalhoun(270) 273-5278 M S

Mclean County Middle SchoolCalhoun(270) 273-5191 M S

Mcnabb Middle SchoolMt Sterling(859) 497-8770 M S

Meade County High SchoolBrandenburg(270) 422-7515 M S

Meece Middle SchoolSomerset(606) 678-5821 M S

Menifee County AcademyMariba(606) 768-2111 M S

Menifee County High SchoolFrenchburg(606) 768-8102 M S

Menifee County Middle SchoolFrenchburg(606) 768-8252 M S

Mercer County High SchoolHarrodsburg(859) 734-4364 M S

Metcalfe County High SchoolEdmonton(270) 432-2481 M S

Metcalfe County Middle SchoolEdmonton(270) 432-3359 M S

Meyzeek Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8299 M S

Middle School Alt Learning CtrBowling Green(270) 780-9696 M S

Middlesboro Central High SchoolMiddlesboro(606) 242-8816 M S

Middlesboro High SchoolMiddlesboro(606) 242-8820 M S

Middlesboro Middle SchoolMiddlesboro(606) 242-8880 M S

Millard High SchoolPikeville(606) 432-3380 M S

Model Laboratory High SchoolRichmond(859) 622-3766 M S

Model Laboratory Middle SchoolRichmond(859) 622-3766 M S

Monroe County High SchoolTompkinsville(270) 487-6217 M S

Monroe County Middle SchoolTompkinsville(270) 487-9624 M S

Montgomery County High SchoolMt Sterling(859) 497-8765 M S

Monticello High SchoolMonticello(606) 348-5312 M S

Monticello Middle SchoolMonticello(606) 348-5312 M S

Moore Traditional High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8304 M S

Moore Traditional Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8219 M S

Morehead Youth Dev Ctr Alt SchMorehead(606) 784-6421 M S

Morgan County High SchoolWest Liberty(606) 743-8052 M S

Morgan County Middle SchoolWest Liberty(606) 743-8102 M S

Morton Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3533 M S

Mount Washington Middle SchoolMt Washington(502) 538-4227 M S

Muhlenberg North High SchoolGreenville(270) 338-0040 M S

Muhlenberg North Middle SchoolGreenville(270) 338-3550 M S

Muhlenberg South High SchoolGreenville(270) 338-9404 M S

Muhlenberg South Middle SchoolGreenville(270) 338-4650 M S

Murray High SchoolMurray(270) 753-5202 M S

Murray Middle SchoolMurray(270) 753-5125 M S

Myers Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8305 M S

Nelson County High SchoolBardstown(502) 349-7010 M S

New Horizons High SchoolBardstown(502) 349-7010 M S

Newburg Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8306 M S

Newport High SchoolNewport(859) 292-3023 M S

Newport Middle SchoolNewport(859) 292-3017 M S

Newton Alt Education CenterCampbellsville(270) 465-6337 M S

Nicholas County High SchoolCarlisle(859) 289-3780 M S

Noe Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8307 M S

North Bullitt High SchoolShepherdsville(502) 957-2186 M S

North Drive Middle SchoolHopkinsville(270) 887-1250 M S

North Hardin High SchoolRadcliff(270) 351-3167 M S

North Laurel High SchoolLondon(606) 862-4699 M S

North Laurel Middle SchoolLondon(606) 862-4715 M S

North Marshall Middle SchoolCalvert City(270) 395-7108 M S

North Oldham Middle SchoolGoshen(502) 228-9998 M S

Northern Ky Youth Development CtrCrittenden(859) 356-3172 M S

Northern Middle SchoolSomerset(606) 678-5230 M S

Northside Elementary SchoolShelbyville(502) 633-2521 M S

Ockerman Middle SchoolFlorence(859) 282-3240 M S

Ohio County Alt Learning ProgramHartford(270) 298-9092 M S

Ohio County Day Treatment CenterHartford(270) 298-9092 M S

Ohio County High SchoolHartford(270) 274-3366 M S

Ohio County Middle SchoolHartford(270) 274-7893 M S

Old Kentucky Home Middle SchoolBardstown(502) 349-7040 M S

Oldham County Alternative SchoolBuckner(502) 222-3767 M S

Oldham County Area Technology CenterBuckner(502) 222-0131 M S

Oldham County High SchoolBuckner(502) 222-9461 M S

Oldham County Middle SchoolBuckner(502) 222-1451 M S

Opportunities UnlimitedMartin(606) 285-3634 M S

Owen County High SchoolOwenton(502) 484-5509 M S

Owensboro 5-6 Elementary CenterOwensboro(270) 686-1128 M S

Owensboro Alt Middle Night SchOwensboro(270) 686-1130 M S

Owensboro Alt Night SchoolOwensboro(270) 686-1110 M S

Owensboro High SchoolOwensboro(270) 686-1110 M S

Owensboro Middle SchoolOwensboro(270) 686-1130 M S

Owsley County High SchoolBooneville(606) 593-5185 M S

Paducah Adult/Alternative High SchoolPaducah(270) 444-5790 M S

Paducah Middle SchoolPaducah(270) 444-5750 M S

Paducah Tilghman High SchoolPaducah(270) 444-5650 M S

Paintsville High SchoolPaintsville(606) 789-2656 M S

Paris High SchoolParis(859) 987-2168 M S

Paris Middle SchoolParis(859) 987-2163 M S

Paul G Blazer High SchoolAshland(606) 327-6040 M S

Paul Lawrence Dunbar High SchoolLexington(859) 381-3546 M S

Pearl Combs Learning CenterHindman(606) 785-5188 M S

Pendleton County High SchoolFalmouth(859) 654-3355 M S

Perry County Central High SchoolHazard(606) 439-5888 M S

Phelps High SchoolPhelps(606) 456-3482 M S

Phillip A Sharp Middle SchoolButler(859) 472-7000 M S

Pike Central High SchoolPikeville(606) 432-4352 M S

Pikeville High SchoolPikeville(606) 432-0185 M S

Pine Knot Career InstitutePine Knot(606) 354-2176 M S

Pine Knot Middle SchoolPine Knot(606) 354-2511 M S

Pineville High SchoolPineville(606) 337-2361 M S

Pleasure Ridge Park High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8311 M S

Powell County Alternative SchoolStanton(606) 663-3505 M S

Powell County High SchoolStanton(606) 663-3320 M S

Powell County Middle SchoolStanton(606) 663-3308 M S

Prestonsburg High SchoolPrestonsburg(606) 886-2252 M S

Providence High SchoolProvidence(270) 667-7065 M S

Pulaski Central SchoolSomerset(606) 679-1123 M S

Pulaski County Day Treatment CenterSomerset(606) 679-1123 M S

Pulaski County High SchoolSomerset(606) 679-1574 M S

Quest Alternative Learning CenterCorbin(606) 523-3637 M S

Raceland-Worthington High SchoolRaceland(606) 836-8221 M S

Radcliff Middle SchoolRadcliff(270) 351-1171 M S

Rector A Jones Middle SchoolFlorence(859) 282-4610 M S

Reidland High SchoolPaducah(270) 744-4210 M S

Reidland Middle SchoolPaducah(270) 744-4190 M S

Rice Audubon Youth Dev CenterLouisville(502) 425-6933 M S

Rivendell Psychiatric High SchoolBowling Green(270) 843-1199 M S

River Valley Behavioral Health CtrOwensboro(270) 686-8477 M S

Riverview High Alternative SchoolShepherdsville(502) 543-1884 M S

Robert Frost Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8256 M S

Rockcastle County High SchoolMt Vernon(606) 256-4816 M S

Rockcastle County Middle SchoolMt Vernon(606) 256-5118 M S

Rowan County Middle SchoolMorehead(606) 784-8911 M S

Rowan County Senior High SchoolMorehead(606) 784-8956 M S

Roy G Eversole Middle SchoolHazard(606) 436-4721 M S

Royal Springs Middle SchoolGeorgetown(502) 570-2390 M S W

Russell County High SchoolRussell Springs(270) 866-3341 M S

Russell County Middle SchoolRussell Springs(270) 866-2224 M S

Russell High SchoolRussell(606) 836-9658 M S

Russell Middle SchoolRussell(606) 836-8135 M S

Russell-Mcdowell ElementaryFlatwoods(606) 836-8186 M S

Russellville High SchoolRussellville(270) 726-8421 M S

Russellville Middle SchoolRussellville(270) 726-8428 M S

Saint Charles Middle SchoolLebanon(270) 692-4578 M S

Scapa At Bluegrass ElementaryLexington(859) 381-3332 M S

Scott County High SchoolGeorgetown(502) 863-4131 M S

Scott County Middle SchoolGeorgetown(502) 863-9882 M S

Scott High SchoolTaylor Mill(859) 356-3146 M S

Sebastian Middle SchoolJackson(606) 666-8894 M S

Second Chance ProgramCynthiana(859) 234-7160 M S

Seneca High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8323 M S

Shawnee High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8326 M S

Shelby County East Middle SchoolShelbyville(502) 633-1478 M S

Shelby County High SchoolShelbyville(502) 633-2344 M S

Shelby County West Middle SchoolShelbyville(502) 633-4869 M S

Shelby Valley High SchoolPikeville(606) 639-0033 M S

Sheldon Clark High SchoolInez(606) 298-3591 M S

Simon Kenton High SchoolIndependence(859) 363-4100 M S

Simons Middle SchoolFlemingsburg(606) 845-9331 M S

Somerset High SchoolSomerset(606) 678-4721 M S

South Floyd High SchoolHi Hat(606) 452-9600 M S

South Floyd Middle SchoolHi Hat(606) 452-9606 M S

South Hopkins Middle SchoolNortonville(270) 825-6125 M S

South Laurel High SchoolLondon(606) 862-4727 M S

South Laurel Middle SchoolLondon(606) 862-4745 M S

South Marshall Middle SchoolBenton(270) 527-3828 M S

South Oldham High SchoolCrestwood(502) 241-6681 M S

South Oldham Middle SchoolCrestwood(502) 241-0320 M S

Southern High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8330 M S

Southern Middle SchoolSomerset(606) 679-6855 M S

Southern Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3582 M S

Southern Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8331 M S

Southside Vocational SchoolLexington(859) 381-3603 M S

Southwestern Pulaski County High SchoolSomerset(606) 678-9000 M S

Sparks Elementary SchoolMayfield(270) 247-5588 M S

Spencer County High SchoolTaylorsville(502) 477-3255 M S

Spencer County Middle SchoolTaylorsville(502) 477-3260 M S

Stuart Middle SchoolValley Station(502) 485-8334 M S

Stuart Pepper Middle SchoolBrandenburg(270) 422-7550 M S

Summit View Middle SchoolIndependence(859) 363-4800 M S

Talton K Stone Middle SchoolElizabethtown(270) 769-6343 M S

Tates Creek High SchoolLexington(859) 381-3620 M S

Tates Creek Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3052 M S

Taylor County High SchoolCampbellsville(270) 465-4431 M S

Taylor County Middle SchoolCampbellsville(270) 465-2877 M S

The Genesis SchoolMayfield(270) 623-6144 M S

Thomas Jefferson Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8273 M S

Tichenor Middle SchoolErlanger(859) 727-2255 M S

Todd County Central High SchoolElkton(270) 265-2506 M S

Todd County Middle SchoolElkton(270) 265-2511 M S

Trigg County High SchoolCadiz(270) 522-2200 M S

Trigg County Middle SchoolCadiz(270) 522-2210 M S

Trimble County High SchoolBedford(502) 255-7781 M S

Trimble County Middle SchoolBedford(502) 255-7361 M S

Turkey Creek Middle SchoolTurkey Creek(606) 237-4691 M S

Turkey Foot Middle SchoolFt Mitchell(859) 341-0216 M S

Turner Elementary SchoolMonticello(606) 348-6122 M S

Twenhofel Middle SchoolIndependence(859) 356-5559 M S

Union County High SchoolMorganfield(270) 389-1454 M S

Union County Middle SchoolMorganfield(270) 389-0224 M S

Valley Model ProgramLouisville(502) 485-8971 M S

Valley Traditional High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8339 M S

Valley Transitional Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8971 M S

Virgie Middle SchoolVirgie(606) 639-2774 M S

Waggener Traditional High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8340 M S

Walton-Verona High SchoolWalton(859) 485-7721 M S

Warfield Middle SchoolWarfield(606) 395-5900 M S

Warren Central High SchoolBowling Green(270) 842-7302 M S

Warren East High SchoolBowling Green(270) 781-1277 M S

Warren East Middle SchoolBowling Green(270) 843-0181 M S

Washington County High SchoolSpringfield(859) 336-5475 M S

Wayne County High SchoolMonticello(606) 348-5575 M S

Webster County High SchoolDixon(270) 639-5092 M S

West Carter County High SchoolOlive Hill(606) 286-2481 M S

West Carter Middle SchoolOlive Hill(606) 286-5354 M S

West Hardin Middle SchoolCecilia(270) 862-3924 M S

West Jessamine High SchoolNicholasville(859) 887-2421 M S

West Jessamine Middle SchoolNicholasville(859) 885-2244 M S

Western High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8344 M S

Western Hills High SchoolFrankfort(502) 875-8400 M S

Western Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8345 M S

Westport Traditional Middle SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8346 M S

White Plains Elementary SchoolScottsville(270) 237-4141 M S

Whitesburg High SchoolWhitesburg(606) 633-2339 M S

Whitesburg Middle SchoolWhitesburg(606) 633-2761 M S

Whitley City Middle SchoolStearns(606) 376-5081 M S

Whitley County Alternative SchoolRockholds(606) 539-9280 M S

Whitley County High SchoolWilliamsburg(606) 549-7025 M S

Whitley County Middle SchoolWilliamsburg(606) 549-7050 M S

Whitley Day Treatment Ctr AlternativeCorbin(606) 528-4080 M S

William G Conkwright Middle SchoolWinchester(859) 744-8433 M S

Williamstown High SchoolWilliamstown(859) 824-4421 M S

Winburn Middle SchoolLexington(859) 381-3967 M S

Wolfe County High SchoolCampton(606) 668-8202 M S

Wolfe County Middle SchoolCampton(606) 668-8152 M S

Woodford County High SchoolVersailles(859) 873-5434 M S

Woodford County Middle SchoolVersailles(859) 873-4721 M S

Woodland Middle SchoolTaylor Mill(859) 356-7300 M S

Worthington Elementary SchoolWorthington(606) 836-8014 M S

Wurtland Middle SchoolWurtland(606) 836-1023 M S

Youth Performing Arts High SchoolLouisville(502) 485-8355 M S

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