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AlbanyClinton County High School(606) 387-5569

AlbanyClinton County Middle School(606) 387-6466

AlexandriaCampbell County High School(859) 635-4161

AlexandriaCampbell County Middle School(859) 635-6077

AnchorageBellwood Presbyterian Home For Children(502) 244-4933

AshcampKentucky Youth Academy(606) 754-9996

AshlandAshland Central Alternative School(606) 327-2706

AshlandAshland Day Treatment Center(606) 920-2073

AshlandBoyd County Career & Tech. Educ. Cntr.(606) 928-6431

AshlandBoyd County High School(606) 928-7100

AshlandBoyd County Middle School(606) 928-9547

AshlandFairview High School(606) 324-9226

AshlandGeorge M Verity Middle School(606) 327-2727

AshlandPaul G Blazer High School(606) 327-6040

AugustaAugusta High School(606) 756-2105

BarbourvilleBarbourville High School(606) 546-3129

BarbourvilleKnox Central High School(606) 546-9253

BardstownBardstown High School(502) 331-8802

BardstownBardstown Middle School(502) 331-8803

BardstownNelson County High School(502) 349-7010

BardstownNew Horizons High School(502) 349-7010

BardstownOld Kentucky Home Middle School(502) 349-7040

BardwellCarlisle County High School(270) 628-3119

BardwellCarlisle County Middle School(270) 628-5414

BarlowBallard County Middle School(270) 665-8400

BarlowBallard Memorial High School(270) 665-8400

BeattyvilleLee County High School(606) 464-5005

BeattyvilleLee County Middle School(606) 464-5010

BedfordTrimble County High School(502) 255-7781

BedfordTrimble County Middle School(502) 255-7361

BelfryBelfry High School(606) 353-7239

BellevueBellevue High School(859) 261-2980

BentonBenton Middle School(270) 527-9091

BentonMarshall County High School(270) 527-1453

BentonMarshall County Technical Center(270) 527-8648

BentonSouth Marshall Middle School(270) 527-3828

BereaBerea Community High School(859) 986-4911

BereaBerea Community Middle School(859) 986-4911

BereaFoley Middle School(859) 986-8473

BereaMadison Southern High School(859) 986-8424

Betsy LayneBetsy Layne High School(606) 478-9138

BloomfieldBloomfield Middle School(502) 252-8383

BoonevilleOwsley County High School(606) 593-5185

Bowling Green11Th Street Alternative School(270) 746-2321

Bowling GreenBellewood School(270) 782-2756

Bowling GreenBowling Green High School(270) 746-2300

Bowling GreenBowling Green Middle School(270) 746-2290

Bowling GreenDay Treatment Center High School(270) 781-2814

Bowling GreenDrakes Creek Middle School(270) 843-0165

Bowling GreenGreenwood High School(270) 842-3627

Bowling GreenHenry F Moss Middle School(270) 843-0166

Bowling GreenLighthouse Academy(270) 782-5410

Bowling GreenMiddle School Alternative Learning Ctr(270) 780-9696

Bowling GreenRivendell Psychiatric High School(270) 843-1199

Bowling GreenWarren Central High School(270) 842-7302

Bowling GreenWarren East High School(270) 781-1277

Bowling GreenWarren East Middle School(270) 843-0181




BrandenburgBrandenburg Elementary School(270) 422-7450

BrandenburgBrandenburg High School(270) 422-7515

BrandenburgMeade County High School(270) 422-7515

BrandenburgStuart Pepper Middle School(270) 422-7550

BrooksvilleBracken County High School(606) 735-3153

BrooksvilleBracken County Middle School(606) 735-3425

BrownsvilleEdmonson County High School(270) 597-2151

BrownsvilleEdmonson County Middle School(270) 597-2932

BuckhornBuckhorn High School(606) 398-7176

BucknerOldham County Alternative School(502) 222-3767

BucknerOldham County Area Technology Center(502) 222-0131

BucknerOldham County High School(502) 222-9461

BucknerOldham County Middle School(502) 222-1451

BurkesvilleCumberland County High School(270) 864-3451

BurkesvilleCumberland County Middle School(270) 864-5818

BurlingtonMaplewood Home Alternative High School(859) 586-8728

BurnaLivingston County Middle School(270) 988-3263

ButlerPhillip A Sharp Middle School(859) 472-7000

CadizTrigg County High School(270) 522-2200

CadizTrigg County Middle School(270) 522-2210

CalhounMclean County High School(270) 273-5278

CalhounMclean County Middle School(270) 273-5191

Calvert CityNorth Marshall Middle School(270) 395-7108

CampbellsvilleCampbellsville High School(270) 465-8774

CampbellsvilleCampbellsville Middle School(270) 465-5121

CampbellsvilleNewton Alternative Education Center(270) 465-6337

CampbellsvilleTaylor County High School(270) 465-4431

CampbellsvilleTaylor County Middle School(270) 465-2877

CamptonWolfe County High School(606) 668-8202

CamptonWolfe County Middle School(606) 668-8152

CarlisleNicholas County High School(859) 289-3780

CarrolltonCarroll County High School(502) 732-7075

CarrolltonCarroll County Middle School(502) 732-7080

CeciliaCentral Hardin High School(270) 737-6800

CeciliaWest Hardin Middle School(270) 862-3924

ClintonHickman County High School(270) 653-4044

CloverportFraize Middle School(270) 788-3388

CloverportFrederick Fraize High School(270) 788-3388

ColumbiaAdair County High School(270) 384-2751

ColumbiaAdair County Middle School(270) 384-5308

ColumbiaAdair County Youth Dev Alternative Ctr(270) 384-0811

ColumbiaJohn Adair Intermediate(270) 384-3341

CorbinCorbin East Alternative School(606) 523-3637

CorbinCorbin High School(606) 528-3902

CorbinCorbin Middle School(606) 523-3619

CorbinCorbin Teen Parent Program Alternative(606) 523-3637

CorbinKnox County Learning Academy(606) 528-9918

CorbinQuest Alternative Learning Center(606) 523-3637

CorbinWhitley Day Treatment Ctr Alternative(606) 528-4080

CovingtonCovington Adult Alternative High School(859) 292-5937

CovingtonHolmes High School(859) 655-9545

CovingtonHolmes Middle School(859) 655-9545

CrestwoodSouth Oldham High School(502) 241-6681

CrestwoodSouth Oldham Middle School(502) 241-0320

CrittendenNorthern Ky Youth Development Ctr(859) 356-3172

CumberlandCumberland High School(606) 589-4625

CynthianaHarrison County High School(859) 234-7117

CynthianaHarrison County Middle School(859) 234-7123

CynthianaSecond Chance Program(859) 234-7160

DanvilleBoyle County Detention Center Alt Sch(859) 238-1127

DanvilleBoyle County High School(859) 236-5047

DanvilleBoyle County Middle School(859) 236-4212

DanvilleDanville Bate Middle School(859) 936-8559

DanvilleDanville High School(859) 936-8400

Dawson SpringsDawson Springs High School(270) 797-2957

Dawson SpringsDawson Springs Middle School(270) 797-2957

DaytonDayton High School(859) 292-7486

DaytonDayton Middle School(859) 292-7486

DixonWebster County High School(270) 639-5092

Dry RidgeEagle Creek Learning Center(859) 824-7706

Dry RidgeGrant County High School(859) 824-9739

Dry RidgeGrant County Middle School(859) 824-7161

EasternAllen Central High School(606) 358-9543

EasternAllen Central Middle School(606) 358-0110

EddyvilleLyon County Junior/Senior High School(270) 388-9715

EdmontonMetcalfe County High School(270) 432-2481

EdmontonMetcalfe County Middle School(270) 432-3359

ElizabethtownBluegrass Middle School(270) 765-2658

ElizabethtownElizabethtown High School(270) 769-3381

ElizabethtownJohn Hardin High School(270) 769-8906

ElizabethtownTalton K Stone Middle School(270) 769-6343

Elkhorn CityElkhorn City High School(606) 754-9098

ElktonTodd County Central High School(270) 265-2506

ElktonTodd County Middle School(270) 265-2511

ErlangerLloyd High School(859) 727-1555

ErlangerTichenor Middle School(859) 727-2255

EvartsEvarts High School(606) 837-2502

FairdaleFairdale High School(502) 485-8248

FalmouthPendleton County High School(859) 654-3355

FedscreekFeds Creek High School(606) 835-2286

FlatwoodsRussell-Mcdowell Elementary(606) 836-8186

Fleming-NeonFleming Neon High School(606) 855-7597

FlemingsburgFleming County High School(606) 845-6601

FlemingsburgSimons Middle School(606) 845-9331

FlorenceBoone County High School(859) 282-5655

FlorenceOckerman Middle School(859) 282-3240

FlorenceRector A Jones Middle School(859) 282-4610

FrankfortBondurant Middle School(502) 875-8440

FrankfortEducational Development Center(502) 695-6720

FrankfortElkhorn Middle School(502) 695-6740

FrankfortFrankfort High School(502) 875-8655

FrankfortFranklin County Area Vocational Ed Ctr(502) 695-6790

FrankfortFranklin County High School(502) 695-6750

FrankfortWestern Hills High School(502) 875-8400

FranklinFranklin-Simpson High School(270) 586-3273

FranklinFranklin-Simpson Middle School(270) 586-4401

FranklinLearning Opportunities Center(270) 586-2019

FranklinLincoln Elementary School(270) 586-7133

FrenchburgFrenchburg Academy(859) 768-2111

FrenchburgMenifee County High School(606) 768-8102

FrenchburgMenifee County Middle School(606) 768-8252

Ft MitchellBeechwood High School(859) 331-1220

Ft MitchellDixie Heights High School(859) 341-7650

Ft MitchellTurkey Foot Middle School(859) 341-0216

Ft ThomasHighlands High School(859) 781-5900

Ft ThomasHighlands Middle School(859) 781-5900

FultonFulton City High School(270) 472-1741

GeorgetownGeorgetown Middle School(502) 863-3805

GeorgetownRoyal Springs Middle School(502) 570-2390 M S W

GeorgetownScott County High School(502) 863-4131

GeorgetownScott County Middle School(502) 863-9882

GlasgowBarren County Day Treatment Ctr Alt Sch(270) 678-5554

GlasgowBarren County High School(270) 651-6315

GlasgowBarren County Middle School(270) 651-4909

GlasgowGlasgow High School(270) 651-8801

GlasgowGlasgow Middle School(270) 651-2256

GlendaleEast Hardin Middle School(270) 369-7370

GoshenNorth Oldham Middle School(502) 228-9998

GraysonEast Carter County High School(606) 474-5714

GraysonEast Carter Middle School(606) 474-5156

GreensburgGreen County High School(270) 932-7481

GreensburgGreen County Middle School(270) 932-7773

GreenupGreenup County High School(606) 473-9812

GreenvilleAlternative Center(270) 338-0662

GreenvilleMuhlenberg North High School(270) 338-0040

GreenvilleMuhlenberg North Middle School(270) 338-3550

GreenvilleMuhlenberg South High School(270) 338-9404

GreenvilleMuhlenberg South Middle School(270) 338-4650

HagerhillJohnson County Alternative School(606) 789-2077

HarlanJames A Cawood High School(606) 573-5029

HarnedBreckinridge County High School(270) 756-3080

HarnedBreckinridge County Middle School(270) 756-3060

HarrodsburgHarrodsburg High School(859) 734-8420

HarrodsburgHarrodsburg Middle School(859) 734-8415

HarrodsburgKenneth D King Middle School(859) 734-2766

HarrodsburgMercer County High School(859) 734-4364

HartfordOhio County Alternate Learning Program(270) 298-9092

HartfordOhio County Day Treatment Center(270) 298-9092

HartfordOhio County High School(270) 274-3366

HartfordOhio County Middle School(270) 274-7893

HazardCordia High School(606) 785-4457

HazardHazard High School(606) 439-1318

HazardPerry County Central High School(606) 439-5888

HazardRoy G Eversole Middle School(606) 436-4721

HebronConner High School(859) 334-4400

HebronConner Middle School(859) 334-4410

HendersonHenderson County North Middle School(270) 831-5060

HendersonHenderson County Senior High School(270) 831-5020

HendersonHenderson County South Middle School(270) 831-5050

Hi HatSouth Floyd High School(606) 452-9600

Hi HatSouth Floyd Middle School(606) 452-9606

HickmanFulton County High School(270) 236-3904

HickmanFulton County Middle School(270) 236-3923

HindmanKnott County Central High School(606) 785-3166

HindmanPearl Combs Learning Center(606) 785-5188

HodgenvilleLarue County High School(270) 358-2210

HodgenvilleLarue County Intermediate School(270) 358-8786

HodgenvilleLarue County Middle School(270) 358-3196

HopkinsvilleChristian County High School(270) 887-1100

HopkinsvilleChristian County Middle School(270) 887-1130

HopkinsvilleHopkinsville High School(270) 887-1200

HopkinsvilleHopkinsville Middle School(270) 887-1230

HopkinsvilleNorth Drive Middle School(270) 887-1250

Horse CaveCaverna High School(270) 773-2828

Horse CaveCaverna Middle School(270) 773-2828

HydenLeslie County High School(606) 672-2337

HydenLeslie County Middle School(606) 672-5580

IndependenceSimon Kenton High School(859) 363-4100

IndependenceSummit View Middle School(859) 363-4800

IndependenceTwenhofel Middle School(859) 356-5559

InezInez Middle School(606) 298-3264

InezSheldon Clark High School(606) 298-3591

IrvineEstill County High School(606) 723-3537

IrvineEstill County Middle School(606) 723-5136

JacksonBreathitt Co Juvenile Detention Ctr Alt(606) 295-2350

JacksonBreathitt County High School(606) 666-7511

JacksonCadet Leadership & Education Alt Program(606) 295-2267

JacksonSebastian Middle School(606) 666-8894

JeffersontownJeffersontown High School(502) 485-8275

LancasterGarrard County High School(859) 792-2146

LancasterGarrard Middle School(859) 792-2108

LawrenceburgAnderson County High School(502) 839-5118

LawrenceburgAnderson County Middle School(502) 839-9261

LebanonLebanon Middle School(270) 692-3441

LebanonMarion County High School(270) 692-6066

LebanonSaint Charles Middle School(270) 692-4578

LeitchfieldGrayson County High School(270) 259-4078

LeitchfieldGrayson County Middle School(270) 259-4175

LetcherLetcher High School(606) 633-0707

LewisportHancock County High School(270) 927-6255

LewisportHancock County Middle School(270) 927-6712

LexingtonAdult Detention Center(859) 425-2600

LexingtonBeaumont Middle School(859) 381-3094

LexingtonBryan Station High School(859) 381-3308

LexingtonBryan Station Middle School(859) 381-3288

LexingtonCrawford Middle School(859) 381-3370

LexingtonEastside Center For Applied Technology(859) 381-3740

LexingtonFlorence Crittenton School(859) 252-8636

LexingtonHenry Clay High School(859) 381-3423

LexingtonJessie M Clark Middle School(859) 381-3036

LexingtonLafayette High School(859) 381-3474

LexingtonLeestown Middle School(859) 381-3181

LexingtonLexington Trad Magnet Middle School(859) 381-3192

LexingtonMorton Middle School(859) 381-3533

LexingtonPaul Lawrence Dunbar High School(859) 381-3546

LexingtonScapa At Bluegrass Elementary(859) 381-3332



LexingtonSouthern Middle School(859) 381-3582

LexingtonSouthside Vocational School(859) 381-3603

LexingtonTates Creek High School(859) 381-3620

LexingtonTates Creek Middle School(859) 381-3052

LexingtonWinburn Middle School(859) 381-3967

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LibertyCasey County High School(606) 787-6151

LibertyCasey County Middle School(606) 787-6769

LondonLaurel Day Treatment Center(606) 862-6605

LondonNorth Laurel High School(606) 862-4699

LondonNorth Laurel Middle School(606) 862-4715

LondonSouth Laurel High School(606) 862-4727

LondonSouth Laurel Middle School(606) 862-4745

LouisaLawrence County High School(606) 638-9676

LouisaLouisa Middle School(606) 638-4090

LouisvilleAckerly/Bingham Guidance High School(502) 852-6941

LouisvilleAhrens Educational Resource Center(502) 485-8201

LouisvilleAtherton High School(502) 485-8202

LouisvilleBallard High School(502) 485-8206

LouisvilleBarrett Traditional Middle School(502) 485-8207

LouisvilleBrown High School(502) 485-8216

LouisvilleBrown Middle School(502) 485-8216

LouisvilleBuechel Metropolitan High School(502) 485-8316

LouisvilleButler Traditional High School(502) 485-8220

LouisvilleCarrithers Middle School(502) 485-8224

LouisvilleCentral High School(502) 485-8226

LouisvilleConway Middle School(502) 485-8233

LouisvilleDoss High School(502) 485-8239

LouisvilleDupont Manual High School(502) 485-8241

LouisvilleFarnsley Middle School(502) 485-8242

LouisvilleFern Creek Traditional High School(502) 485-8251

LouisvilleGeorgia Chaffee Tapp-Westport Hs(502) 485-8347

LouisvilleHighland Middle School(502) 485-8266

LouisvilleIroquois High School(502) 485-8269

LouisvilleIroquois Middle School(502) 485-8270

LouisvilleJefferson County Traditional Middle Scho(502) 485-8272

LouisvilleJohnson Breckinridge Elementary School(502) 425-7128

LouisvilleJohnson Traditional Middle School(502) 485-8277

LouisvilleKammerer Middle School(502) 485-8279

LouisvilleKennedy Metro Alternative Middle School(502) 485-6950

LouisvilleKnight Middle School(502) 485-8287

LouisvilleLassiter Middle School(502) 485-8288

LouisvilleLiberty High School(502) 485-7100

LouisvilleLouisville Male Traditional High School(502) 485-8292

LouisvilleMary Ryan Academy(502) 485-8988

LouisvilleMeyzeek Middle School(502) 485-8299

LouisvilleMoore Traditional High School(502) 485-8304

LouisvilleMoore Traditional Middle School(502) 485-8219

LouisvilleMyers Middle School(502) 485-8305

LouisvilleNewburg Middle School(502) 485-8306

LouisvilleNoe Middle School(502) 485-8307

LouisvillePleasure Ridge Park High School(502) 485-8311

LouisvilleRice Audubon Youth Dev Center(502) 425-6933

LouisvilleRobert Frost Middle School(502) 485-8256

LouisvilleSeneca High School(502) 485-8323

LouisvilleShawnee High School(502) 485-8326

LouisvilleSouthern High School(502) 485-8330

LouisvilleSouthern Middle School(502) 485-8331

LouisvilleThomas Jefferson Middle School(502) 485-8273

LouisvilleValley Model Program(502) 485-8971

LouisvilleValley Traditional High School(502) 485-8339

LouisvilleValley Transitional Middle School(502) 485-8971

LouisvilleWaggener Traditional High School(502) 485-8340

LouisvilleWestern High School(502) 485-8344

LouisvilleWestern Middle School(502) 485-8345

LouisvilleWestport Traditional Middle School(502) 485-8346

LouisvilleYouth Performing Arts High School(502) 485-8355

LudlowLudlow High School(859) 261-8211

LudlowLudlow Middle School(859) 655-7500

LyndonLyndon Education Center(502) 485-3173

MadisonvilleBrowning Springs Middle School(270) 825-6006

MadisonvilleCentral High School(270) 825-6133

MadisonvilleJames Madison Middle School(270) 825-6160

MadisonvilleMadisonville North Hopkins High School(270) 825-6017

ManchesterClay County High School(606) 598-3737

ManchesterClay County Middle School(606) 598-1810

MaribaMenifee County Academy(606) 768-2111

MarionCrittenden County High School(270) 965-2248

MarionCrittenden County Middle School(270) 965-5221

MartinOpportunities Unlimited(606) 285-3634

MayfieldGraves County High School(270) 247-6242

MayfieldGraves County Middle School(270) 251-3670

MayfieldMayfield Boys Treatment Center(270) 247-3237

MayfieldMayfield High School(270) 247-4461

MayfieldMayfield Middle School(270) 247-7521

MayfieldSparks Elementary School(270) 247-5588

MayfieldThe Genesis School(270) 623-6144

MaysvilleEarle D Jones Elementary School(606) 564-7672

MaysvilleMason County High School(606) 564-3393

MaysvilleMason County Middle School(606) 564-6748

MckeeJackson County High School(606) 287-7155

MckeeJackson County Middle School(606) 287-8351

MiddlesboroMiddlesboro Central High School(606) 242-8816

MiddlesboroMiddlesboro High School(606) 242-8820

MiddlesboroMiddlesboro Middle School(606) 242-8880

MiddletownCrosby Middle School(502) 485-8235

MiddletownEastern High School(502) 485-8243

MonticelloA J Lloyd Middle School(606) 348-6691

MonticelloMonticello High School(606) 348-5312

MonticelloMonticello Middle School(606) 348-5312

MonticelloTurner Elementary School(606) 348-6122

MonticelloWayne County High School(606) 348-5575

MoreheadMorehead Youth Development Ctr Alt Sch(606) 784-6421

MoreheadRowan County Middle School(606) 784-8911

MoreheadRowan County Senior High School(606) 784-8956

MorganfieldClements Victory Technical Hs #2(270) 389-2419

MorganfieldEarle C Clements Victory Tech Hs(270) 389-5310

MorganfieldUnion County High School(270) 389-1454

MorganfieldUnion County Middle School(270) 389-0224

MorgantownButler County High School(270) 526-2204

MorgantownButler County Middle School(270) 526-5647

Mt OlivetDeming High School(606) 724-5421

Mt SterlingHillcrest Hall Treatment Center(859) 498-6574

Mt SterlingMcnabb Middle School(859) 497-8770

Mt SterlingMontgomery County High School(859) 497-8765

Mt VernonRockcastle County High School(606) 256-4816

Mt VernonRockcastle County Middle School(606) 256-5118

Mt WashingtonBullitt East High School(502) 538-7322

Mt WashingtonMount Washington Middle School(502) 538-4227

MunfordvilleHart County High School(270) 524-9341

MurrayCalloway County High School(270) 762-7374

MurrayCalloway County Middle School(270) 762-7355

MurrayMurray High School(270) 753-5202

MurrayMurray Middle School(270) 753-5125

New CastleHenry County High School(502) 845-8670

New CastleHenry County Middle School(502) 845-8660

NewportNewport High School(859) 292-3023

NewportNewport Middle School(859) 292-3017

NicholasvilleEast Jessamine County Middle School(859) 885-5561

NicholasvilleEast Jessamine High School(859) 885-7240

NicholasvilleWest Jessamine High School(859) 887-2421

NicholasvilleWest Jessamine Middle School(859) 885-2244

NortonvilleSouth Hopkins Middle School(270) 825-6125

Olive HillCarter County Vocational School(606) 286-4022

Olive HillWest Carter County High School(606) 286-2481

Olive HillWest Carter Middle School(606) 286-5354

OwensboroApollo High School(270) 685-3121

OwensboroCollege View Middle School(270) 686-1912

OwensboroDaviess County High School(270) 684-5285

OwensboroDaviess County Middle School(270) 684-9632

OwensboroF T Burns Middle School(270) 683-2803

OwensboroGoebel Detention Center Alternative Sch(270) 685-8427

OwensboroMary Kendall Secondary Campus(270) 684-7673

OwensboroOwensboro 5-6 Elementary Center(270) 686-1128

OwensboroOwensboro Alternative Middle Night Sch(270) 686-1130

OwensboroOwensboro Alternative Night School(270) 686-1110

OwensboroOwensboro High School(270) 686-1110

OwensboroOwensboro Middle School(270) 686-1130

OwensboroRiver Valley Behavioral Health Ctr(270) 686-8477

OwentonBowling Middle School(502) 484-5701

OwentonOwen County High School(502) 484-5509

OwingsvilleBath County High School(606) 674-6325

OwingsvilleBath County Middle School(606) 674-8165

PaducahLone Oak High School(270) 744-4150

PaducahLone Oak Middle School(270) 744-4130

PaducahPaducah Adult/Alternative High School(270) 444-5790

PaducahPaducah Middle School(270) 444-5750

PaducahPaducah Tilghman High School(270) 444-5650

PaducahReidland High School(270) 744-4210

PaducahReidland Middle School(270) 744-4190

PaintsvilleJohnson Central High School(606) 789-2500

PaintsvilleJohnson County Middle School(606) 789-4133

PaintsvillePaintsville High School(606) 789-2656

ParisBourbon County High School(859) 987-2185

ParisBourbon County Middle School(859) 987-2189

ParisParis High School(859) 987-2168

ParisParis Middle School(859) 987-2163

PhelpsPhelps High School(606) 456-3482

PikevilleMillard High School(606) 432-3380

PikevillePike Central High School(606) 432-4352

PikevillePikeville High School(606) 432-0185

PikevilleShelby Valley High School(606) 639-0033

Pine KnotPine Knot Career Institute(606) 354-2176

Pine KnotPine Knot Middle School(606) 354-2511

PinevilleBell County High School(606) 337-7061

PinevillePineville High School(606) 337-2361

PrestonsburgCarl D Perkins Job Corp Academy(606) 886-1037

PrestonsburgJames D Adams Middle School(606) 886-2671

PrestonsburgPrestonsburg High School(606) 886-2252

PrincetonCaldwell County High School(270) 365-8010

PrincetonCaldwell County Middle School(270) 365-9566

ProvidenceProvidence High School(270) 667-7065

RacelandRaceland-Worthington High School(606) 836-8221

RadcliffNorth Hardin High School(270) 351-3167

RadcliffRadcliff Middle School(270) 351-1171

RichmondClark Moores Middle School(859) 624-4545

RichmondMadison Central High School(859) 624-4505

RichmondMadison Day Treatment Center(859) 624-4565

RichmondMadison Middle School(859) 624-4550

RichmondModel Laboratory High School(859) 622-3766

RichmondModel Laboratory Middle School(859) 622-3766

RockholdsWhitley County Alternative School(606) 539-9280

RussellRussell High School(606) 836-9658

RussellRussell Middle School(606) 836-8135

Russell SpringsRussell County High School(270) 866-3341

Russell SpringsRussell County Middle School(270) 866-2224

RussellvilleLogan County High School(270) 726-8454

RussellvilleRussellville High School(270) 726-8421

RussellvilleRussellville Middle School(270) 726-8428

SalyersvilleHerald Whitaker Middle School(606) 349-5190

SalyersvilleMagoffin County High School(606) 349-2011

Sandy HookElliott County High School(606) 738-8052

ScottsvilleAllen County High School(270) 622-4119

ScottsvilleJames E Bazzell Middle School(270) 622-7140

ScottsvilleWhite Plains Elementary School(270) 237-4141

ShelbyvilleNorthside Elementary School(502) 633-2521

ShelbyvilleShelby County East Middle School(502) 633-1478

ShelbyvilleShelby County High School(502) 633-2344

ShelbyvilleShelby County West Middle School(502) 633-4869

ShepherdsvilleBernheim Middle School(502) 543-7614

ShepherdsvilleBullitt Central High School(502) 543-7021

ShepherdsvilleBullitt Lick Middle School(502) 543-6806

ShepherdsvilleHebron Middle School(502) 957-3540

ShepherdsvilleNorth Bullitt High School(502) 957-2186

ShepherdsvilleRiverview High Alternative School(502) 543-1884

SmithlandLivingston Central High School(270) 928-2065

SomersetMeece Middle School(606) 678-5821

SomersetNorthern Middle School(606) 678-5230

SomersetPulaski Central School(606) 679-1123

SomersetPulaski County Day Treatment Center(606) 679-1123

SomersetPulaski County High School(606) 679-1574

SomersetSomerset High School(606) 678-4721

SomersetSouthern Middle School(606) 679-6855

SomersetSouthwestern Pulaski County High School(606) 678-9000

South ShoreMckell Middle School(606) 932-3221

South ShoreMckell Upper Elementary School(606) 932-2699

SpringfieldWashington County High School(859) 336-5475

StanfordFort Logan High School(606) 365-1333

StanfordLincoln County High School(606) 365-9111

StanfordLincoln County Middle School(606) 365-8400

StantonPowell County Alternative School(606) 663-3505

StantonPowell County High School(606) 663-3320

StantonPowell County Middle School(606) 663-3308

StearnsMccreary Central High School(606) 376-5051

StearnsWhitley City Middle School(606) 376-5081

Taylor MillScott High School(859) 356-3146

Taylor MillWoodland Middle School(859) 356-7300

TaylorsvilleSpencer County High School(502) 477-3255

TaylorsvilleSpencer County Middle School(502) 477-3260

TompkinsvilleMonroe County High School(270) 487-6217

TompkinsvilleMonroe County Middle School(270) 487-9624

Turkey CreekTurkey Creek Middle School(606) 237-4691

UnionGray Middle School(859) 384-5333

UnionLarry A. Ryle High School(859) 384-5300

UticaBeacon Central Alternative High School(270) 729-4211

Valley StationStuart Middle School(502) 485-8334

VanceburgFoster Meade Vocational Education Center(606) 796-6106

VanceburgLewis County High School(606) 796-2823

VanceburgLewis County Middle School(606) 796-6228

VersaillesWoodford County High School(859) 873-5434

VersaillesWoodford County Middle School(859) 873-4721

Vine GroveJames T Alton Middle School(270) 877-2135

VirgieVirgie Middle School(606) 639-2774

WaltonWalton-Verona High School(859) 485-7721

WarfieldWarfield Middle School(606) 395-5900

WarsawGallatin County High School(859) 567-7901

WarsawGallatin County Middle School(859) 567-5791

WarsawGallatin County Upper Elementary School(859) 567-4646

West LibertyMorgan County High School(606) 743-8052

West LibertyMorgan County Middle School(606) 743-8102

West PaducahHeath High School(270) 744-4090

West PaducahHeath Middle School(270) 744-4070

WhitesburgLetcher County Alternative School(606) 633-2459

WhitesburgWhitesburg High School(606) 633-2339

WhitesburgWhitesburg Middle School(606) 633-2761

WilliamsburgWhitley County High School(606) 549-7025

WilliamsburgWhitley County Middle School(606) 549-7050

WilliamstownWilliamstown High School(859) 824-4421

WinchesterClark Alternative School(859) 744-4618

WinchesterClark Middle School(859) 744-0427

WinchesterGeorge Rogers Clark High School(859) 744-6111

WinchesterWilliam G Conkwright Middle School(859) 744-8433

WorthingtonWorthington Elementary School(606) 836-8014

WurtlandWurtland Middle School(606) 836-1023

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