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Aberdeen High SchoolAberdeen(208) 397-4152 M S

Ada Professional-Technical CenterMeridian(208) 855-0173 M S

Alameda Junior High SchoolPocatello(208) 232-7119 M S

Alpha I Alternative SchoolNampa(208) 465-2700 M S

American Falls AcademyAmerican Falls(208) 226-5008 M S

American Falls High SchoolAmerican Falls(208) 226-2531 M S

Bear Lake High SchoolMontpelier(208) 847-0294 M S

Bear Lake Middle SchoolMontpelier(208) 847-2255 M S

Black Canyon Alternative Education CenterEmmett(208) 365-5552 M S

Blackfoot High SchoolBlackfoot(208) 785-8810 M S

Boise Extended Day ProgramBoise(208) 338-5394 M S

Boise Senior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3575 M S

Bonner County Juvenile Detention CenterSandpoint(208) 263-4213 M S

Bonners Ferry High SchoolBonners Ferry(208) 267-3149 M S

Bonneville High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-4406 M S

Borah Senior High SchoolBoise(208) 322-3855 M S

Boundary County Alternative High SchoolBonners Ferry(208) 267-9519 M S

Boundary County Jr High SchoolBonners Ferry(208) 267-5852 M S

Brooklyn Intermediate SchoolSalmon(208) 756-3186 M S

Buhl High SchoolBuhl(208) 543-8262 M S

Buhl Middle SchoolBuhl(208) 543-8292 M S

Burley Junior High SchoolBurley(208) 678-6613 M S

Burley Senior High SchoolBurley(208) 678-6606 M S

Butte County High SchoolArco(208) 527-8237 M S

Butte County Middle SchoolArco(208) 527-3077 M S

Caldwell Alternative High SchoolCaldwell(208) 455-3325 M S

Caldwell Senior High SchoolCaldwell(208) 455-3304 M S

Callwell Junior High AlternativeCaldwell(208) 455-3333 M S

Camas County High SchoolFairfield(208) 764-2472 M S

Canfield Middle SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 664-9188 M S

Capital Senior High SchoolBoise(208) 322-3875 M S

Caribou (Alt) High SchoolSoda Springs(208) 547-4306 M S

Cascade Junior-Senior High SchoolCascade(208) 382-4227 M S

Cassia County Education CenterBurley(208) 678-6690 M S

Cassia Regional Technical CenterBurley(208) 678-6610 M S

Centennial High SchoolBoise(208) 939-1404 M S

Centerpoint Alternative HighCaldwell(208) 454-0255 M S

Central Alternative High SchoolRexburg(208) 359-2337 M S

Central Elementary SchoolJerome(208) 324-3396 M S

Century High SchoolPocatello(208) 478-6863 M S

Challis Middle SchoolChallis(208) 879-5063 M S

Challis Senior High SchoolChallis(208) 879-2255 M S

Clair E. Gale Junior High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-7720 M S

Clark County Junior-Senior High SchoolDubois(208) 374-5215 M S

Clark Fork Junior-Senior High SchoolClark Fork(208) 266-1131 M S

Clearwater Alternative High SchoolOrofino(208) 476-7919 M S




Coeur D`Alene High SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 667-4507 M S

Community Youth Resource CenterSt Maries(208) 245-2152 M S

Council Jr-Sr High SchoolCouncil(208) 253-4297 M S

Crossroads Middle SchoolMeridian(208) 888-3567 M S

Declo Junior High SchoolDeclo(208) 654-9960 M S

Declo Senior High SchoolDeclo(208) 654-2030 M S

Dehryl A. Dennis Professional-Technical EducationBoise(208) 384-3116 M S

Donald J. Hobbs Middle SchoolShelley(208) 357-7667 M S

Eagle AcademyEagle(208) 939-5386 M S

Eagle High SchoolEagle(208) 939-2189 M S

Eagle Middle SchoolEagle(208) 939-2216 M S

Eagle Rock Junior High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-7700 M S

East Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3535 M S

East Minico Junior High SchoolRupert(208) 436-3178 M S

Eastern Idaho Professional-Technical AcademyIdaho Falls(208) 525-7513 M S

Emmett High SchoolEmmett(208) 365-6323 M S

Emmett Junior High SchoolEmmett(208) 365-2921 M S

Fairmont Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 322-3835 M S

Filer High SchoolFiler(208) 326-5945 M S

Filer Middle SchoolFiler(208) 326-5906 M S

Firth High SchoolFirth(208) 346-6812 M S

Firth Middle SchoolFirth(208) 346-6240 M S

Five-County Juvenile Detention CenterRexburg(208) 359-2801 M S

Franklin County Alternative High SchoolPreston(208) 852-2272 M S

Franklin Junior High SchoolPocatello(208) 233-5590 M S

Fruitland High SchoolFruitland(208) 452-4411 M S

Fruitland Middle SchoolFruitland(208) 452-3350 M S

Garden Valley Jr-Sr High SchoolGarden Valley(208) 462-3756 M S

Gateway Professional-Technical SchoolPocatello(208) 235-3243 M S

Genesee Junior-Senior High SchoolGenesee(208) 285-1162 M S

Glenns Ferry Middle SchoolGlenns Ferry(208) 366-7438 M S

Glenns Ferry Senior High SchoolGlenns Ferry(208) 366-7434 M S

Gooding Accelarated Learning CenterGooding(208) 934-4214 M S

Gooding High SchoolGooding(208) 934-4831 M S

Gooding Middle SchoolGooding(208) 934-8443 M S

Grace Junior-Senior High SchoolGrace(208) 425-3731 M S

Grangeville High SchoolGrangeville(208) 983-0580 M S

Hacker Middle SchoolMountain Home(208) 587-2500 M S

Hagerman Junior-Senior High SchoolHagerman(208) 837-4572 M S

Hansen Junior-Senior High SchoolHansen(208) 423-5593 M S

Harold B Lee Middle SchoolDayton(208) 747-3303 M S

Hawthorne Junior High SchoolPocatello(208) 237-1680 M S

Heartland Alternative High SchoolMc Call(208) 634-3686 M S

Highland Junior-Senior High SchoolCraigmont(208) 924-5452 M S

Highland Senior High SchoolPocatello(208) 237-1300 M S

Hillcrest High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-4429 M S

Hillside Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3545 M S

Homedale Middle SchoolHomedale(208) 337-5780 M S

Homedale Senior High SchoolHomedale(208) 337-4613 M S

Hooper Avenue IntermediateSoda Springs(208) 547-3313 M S

Horseshoe Bend Elem-Jr Hi SchHorseshoe Bend(208) 793-2225 M S

Horseshoe Bend High SchoolHorseshoe Bend(208) 793-2225 M S

Idaho Center Of Advanced TechnologyNampa(208) 465-2700 M S

Idaho City High SchoolIdaho City(208) 392-4183 M S

Idaho Falls Senior High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-7740 M S

Independence Alternate High SchoolBlackfoot(208) 785-8825 M S

Irving Junior High SchoolPocatello(208) 232-3039 M S

Jefferson High AlternativeRigby(208) 745-0137 M S

Jenifer Junior High SchoolLewiston(208) 748-3300 M S

Jerome High SchoolJerome(208) 324-8137 M S

Jerome Middle SchoolJerome(208) 324-8134 M S

Kamiah High SchoolKamiah(208) 935-4067 M S

Kamiah Middle SchoolKamiah(208) 935-4040 M S

Kellogg High SchoolKellogg(208) 784-1371 M S

Kellogg Middle SchoolKellogg(208) 784-1311 M S

Kendrick Junior-Senior High SchoolKendrick(208) 289-4202 M S

Kenneth Carberry Intermediate SchoolEmmett(208) 365-0839 M S

Kershaw Intermediate SchoolSugar City(208) 356-0241 M S

Kimberly High SchoolKimberly(208) 423-4170 M S

Kimberly Middle SchoolKimberly(208) 423-4170 M S

Kinport (Alternative) AcademyPocatello(208) 233-1161 M S

Kootenai Junior-Senior High SchoolHarrison(208) 689-3311 M S

Kuna High SchoolKuna(208) 922-1002 M S

Kuna Junior High SchoolKuna(208) 922-1005 M S

Kuna/Melba Alternative SchoolKuna(208) 922-1002 M S

Lake City High SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 769-0769 M S

Lake Hazel Middle SchoolBoise(208) 362-3703 M S

Lake Pend Oreille Alternative High SchoolSandpoint(208) 263-6121 M S


Lakeland Junior High SchoolRathdrum(208) 687-0661 M S

Lakeland Senior High SchoolRathdrum(208) 687-0181 M S

Lakes Middle SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 667-4544 M S

Lakeside High SchoolPlummer(208) 686-1937 M S

Lakeside Middle SchoolPlummer(208) 686-1627 M S

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Lapwai Alternative Junior-Senior High SchoolLapwai(208) 843-2241 M S

Lapwai Junior-Senior High SchoolLapwai(208) 843-2241 M S

Les Bois Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3664 M S

Lewis & Clark Middle SchoolMeridian(208) 377-1353 M S

Lewiston Senior High SchoolLewiston(208) 748-3100 M S

Lincoln Alternative High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-4447 M S

Lincoln Primary SchoolSaint Anthony(208) 624-3372 M S

Lost River Alternative HighArco(208) 527-8235 M S

Lowell Scott Middle SchoolBoise(208) 939-2101 M S

Mackay Junior-Senior High SchoolMackay(208) 588-2262 M S

Madison Middle SchoolRexburg(208) 359-3320 M S

Madison Senior High SchoolRexburg(208) 359-3305 M S

Magic Hot Springs Youth CampTwin Falls(208) 735-8890 M S

Magic Valley Alternative High SchoolTwin Falls(208) 733-8823 M S

Magic Valley Cooperative Service Agency/ArtecTwin Falls(208) 733-9554 M S

Malad Middle SchoolMalad City(208) 766-9235 M S

Malad Senior High SchoolMalad City(208) 766-4728 M S

Marsh Valley High SchoolArimo(208) 254-3711 M S

Marsh Valley Middle SchoolArimo(208) 254-3260 M S

Marsing High SchoolMarsing(208) 896-4111 M S

Marsing Intermediate SchoolMarsing(208) 896-4111 M S

Mc Cain Middle SchoolPayette(208) 642-4122 M S

Mc Call-Donnelly High SchoolMc Call(208) 634-2218 M S

Meadows Valley Jr-Sr High SchNew Meadows(208) 347-2411 M S

Melba High SchoolMelba(208) 495-2221 M S

Melba Middle SchoolMelba(208) 495-2230 M S

Meridian AcademyMeridian(208) 887-4759 M S

Meridian Charter High SchoolMeridian(208) 288-2928 M S

Meridian High SchoolMeridian(208) 888-4905 M S

Meridian Middle SchoolMeridian(208) 888-3002 M S

Middleton High SchoolMiddleton(208) 585-6657 M S

Middleton Middle SchoolMiddleton(208) 585-3251 M S

Middleton Transition SchoolMiddleton(208) 585-6657 M S

Midvale Junior-Senior High SchoolMidvale(208) 355-2234 M S

Midway Middle SchoolMenan(208) 754-4550 M S

Mini-Cassia Junior High Alternative SchoolRupert(208) 436-6252 M S

Mini-Cassia Opportunity CenterRupert(208) 436-6252 M S

Minico Senior High SchoolRupert(208) 436-4721 M S

Moscow Alternative Ed ProgramMoscow(208) 892-1133 M S

Moscow Junior High SchoolMoscow(208) 882-3577 M S

Moscow Senior High SchoolMoscow(208) 882-2591 M S

Mountain Cove Learning CenterBoise(208) 338-3618 M S

Mountain Home Junior High SchoolMountain Home(208) 587-2590 M S

Mountain Home Senior High SchoolMountain Home(208) 587-2570 M S

Mountain View Middle School AlternateBlackfoot(208) 785-8820 M S

Mountain View Middle SchoolBlackfoot(208) 785-8820 M S

Mountainview Alternatve High SchoolRathdrum(208) 687-0025 M S

Mullan Junior-Senior High SchoolMullan(208) 744-1126 M S

Murtaugh High SchoolMurtaugh(208) 432-5451 M S

Murtaugh Middle SchoolMurtaugh(208) 432-5451 M S

Nampa Alternative HighNampa(208) 442-4542 M S

Nampa Senior High SchoolNampa(208) 465-2760 M S

Nampa Teen Parent Alternative SchoolNampa(208) 465-2792 M S

New Horizons High SchoolPocatello(208) 235-3267 M S

New Plymouth High SchoolNew Plymouth(208) 278-5311 M S

New Plymouth Middle SchoolNew Plymouth(208) 278-5788 M S

New Visions AlternativePost Falls(208) 773-3541 M S

Nezperce Junior-Senior High SchoolNezperce(208) 937-2551 M S

North Fremont Junior-Senior High SchoolAshton(208) 652-7468 M S

North Gem Junior-Senior High SchoolBancroft(208) 648-7848 M S

North Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3555 M S

Northside Alternative Night SchoolJerome(208) 324-8137 M S

Notus Junior-Senior High SchoolNotus(208) 459-4633 M S

Oakley Junior-Senior High SchoolOakley(208) 862-3328 M S

Orofino High SchoolOrofino(208) 476-5557 M S

Orofino Junior High SchoolOrofino(208) 476-4613 M S

Park Intermediate SchoolWeiser(208) 549-2861 M S

Parma High SchoolParma(208) 722-5115 M S

Parma Middle SchoolParma(208) 722-5115 M S

Payette Alternative High SchoolPayette(208) 642-4705 M S

Payette High SchoolPayette(208) 642-3327 M S

Payette Lakes Middle SchoolMc Call(208) 634-5994 M S

Pocatello Night School ProgramPocatello(208) 237-8955 M S

Pocatello Senior High SchoolPocatello(208) 233-2056 M S

Pocatello Teen Parenting ProgramPocatello(208) 237-7660 M S

Post Falls High SchoolPost Falls(208) 773-0581 M S

Post Falls Middle SchoolPost Falls(208) 773-7554 M S

Potlatch Junior-Senior High SchoolPotlatch(208) 875-1231 M S

Prairie High SchoolCottonwood(208) 962-3901 M S

Prairie Middle SchoolCottonwood(208) 962-3521 M S

Preston High SchoolPreston(208) 852-0280 M S

Preston Junior High SchoolPreston(208) 852-0751 M S

Priest River High SchoolPriest River(208) 448-1211 M S

Priest River Junior High SchoolPriest River(208) 448-1118 M S

Project Coeur D`Alene-Alternative High SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 667-7460 M S

Raft River Junior-Senior High SchoolMalta(208) 645-2220 M S

Region Ii Professional-Technical AcademyPotlatch(208) 875-0327 M S

Richard Mckenna Alterniative High SchoolMountain Home(208) 587-2594 M S

Ridgecrest Alternative High SchoolNampa(208) 442-4542 M S

Rigby Senior High SchoolRigby(208) 745-7704 M S

Rimrock Junior-Senior High SchoolBruneau(208) 834-2260 M S

Ririe High SchoolRirie(208) 538-7311 M S

Ririe Middle SchoolRirie(208) 538-5175 M S

Riverbend Professional-Technical AcademyPost Falls(208) 769-5960 M S

Riverglen Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 322-3870 M S

Robert Stuart Junior High SchoolTwin Falls(208) 733-4875 M S

Roberts Middle SchoolRoberts(208) 228-3577 M S

Rocky Mountain Middle SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-4403 M S

Sacajawea Junior High SchoolLewiston(208) 748-3400 M S

Salmon Alternative SchoolSalmon(208) 756-6277 M S

Salmon Elementary-Junior High SchoolSalmon(208) 756-2207 M S

Salmon High SchoolSalmon(208) 756-2415 M S

Salmon River Junior-Seniior High SchoolRiggins(208) 628-3431 M S

Sandcreek Middle SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-4416 M S

Sandpoint Charter SchoolSandpoint(208) 255-7771 M S

Sandpoint High SchoolSandpoint(208) 263-3034 M S

Sandpoint Junior High SchoolSandpoint(208) 265-4169 M S

Shelley Senior High SchoolShelley(208) 357-7400 M S

Shoshone Junior-Senior High SchoolShoshone(208) 886-2381 M S

Silver Creek Alternative SchoolHailey(208) 788-9410 M S

Silver Valley Alternative SchoolWallace(208) 556-1547 M S

Sixth Grade Elementary SchoolBlackfoot(208) 785-8838 M S

Skyline Senior High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 525-7770 M S

Skyview High SchoolNampa(208) 468-7820 M S

Snake River High SchoolBlackfoot(208) 684-3061 M S

Snake River Junior High SchoolBlackfoot(208) 684-3018 M S

Snake River Middle SchoolBlackfoot(208) 684-5171 M S

Soda Springs High SchoolSoda Springs(208) 547-4308 M S

South Fremont Alternative High SchoolSaint Anthony(208) 624-3416 M S

South Fremont Alternative Junior High SchoolSaint Anthony(208) 624-7880 M S

South Fremont High SchoolSaint Anthony(208) 624-3416 M S

South Fremont Junior High SchoolSt Anthony(208) 624-7880 M S

South Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 338-3565 M S

South Middle SchoolNampa(208) 465-2747 M S

Southwest Idaho Professional-Technical AcademyCaldwell(208) 454-2087 M S

St Maries High SchoolSt Maries(208) 245-2142 M S

St Maries Middle SchoolSt Maries(208) 245-3495 M S

Stephensen Middle SchoolMountain Home Afb(208) 832-4601 M S

Sugar-Salem High SchoolSugar City(208) 356-0274 M S

Sugar-Salem Junior High SchoolSugar City(208) 356-4437 M S

Syringa Middle SchoolCaldwell(208) 455-3305 M S

Tammany Alternative LearningLewiston(208) 748-3270 M S

Taylorview Junior High SchoolIdaho Falls(208) 524-7850 M S

Teton High SchoolDriggs(208) 354-2952 M S

Teton Middle SchoolDriggs(208) 354-2971 M S

Tigert Middle SchoolSoda Springs(208) 547-4922 M S

Timberlake Junior-Senior High SchoolSpirit Lake(208) 623-6303 M S

Timberline High SchoolWeippe(208) 435-4411 M S

Timberline High SchoolBoise(208) 384-3142 M S

Troy Junior-Senior High SchoolTroy(208) 835-2361 M S

Twin Falls Bridge AcademyTwin Falls(208) 733-8823 M S

Twin Falls Senior High SchoolTwin Falls(208) 733-6551 M S

Valley County Juvenile DetentionMc Call(208) 634-4131 M S

Vallivue High SchoolCaldwell(208) 454-9253 M S

Vallivue Middle SchoolCaldwell(208) 454-1426 M S

Vera C O`Leary Junior High SchoolTwin Falls(208) 733-2155 M S

Wallace High SchoolWallace(208) 753-5315 M S

Weiser High SchoolWeiser(208) 549-2595 M S

Weiser Middle SchoolWeiser(208) 549-2620 M S

Wendell High SchoolWendell(208) 536-2100 M S

Wendell Middle SchoolWendell(208) 536-5531 M S

West Bonner County Alt SchoolPriest River(208) 448-2860 M S

West Jefferson High SchoolTerreton(208) 663-4391 M S

West Junior High SchoolBoise(208) 322-3845 M S

West Middle SchoolNampa(208) 465-2752 M S

West Minico Junior High SchoolPaul(208) 438-5018 M S

West Side Senior High SchoolDayton(208) 747-3411 M S

Westview Alternative High SchIdaho Falls(208) 525-7795 M S

White Pine IntermediateBurley(208) 678-6632 M S

William Thomas Middle SchoolAmerican Falls(208) 226-5203 M S

Wood River High SchoolHailey(208) 788-3481 M S

Wood River Middle SchoolHailey(208) 788-3523 M S

Woodland Middle SchoolCoeur D Alene(208) 667-5996 M S

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