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AberdeenAberdeen High School(208) 397-4152

American FallsAmerican Falls Academy(208) 226-5008

American FallsAmerican Falls High School(208) 226-2531

American FallsWilliam Thomas Middle School(208) 226-5203

ArcoButte County High School(208) 527-8237

ArcoButte County Middle School(208) 527-3077

ArcoLost River Alternative High(208) 527-8235

ArimoMarsh Valley High School(208) 254-3711

ArimoMarsh Valley Middle School(208) 254-3260

AshtonNorth Fremont Junior-Senior High School(208) 652-7468

BancroftNorth Gem Junior-Senior High School(208) 648-7848

BlackfootBlackfoot High School(208) 785-8810

BlackfootIndependence Alternate High School(208) 785-8825

BlackfootMountain View Middle School(208) 785-8820

BlackfootMountain View Middle School Alternate(208) 785-8820

BlackfootSixth Grade Elementary School(208) 785-8838

BlackfootSnake River High School(208) 684-3061

BlackfootSnake River Junior High School(208) 684-3018

BlackfootSnake River Middle School(208) 684-5171

BoiseBoise Extended Day Program(208) 338-5394

BoiseBoise Senior High School(208) 338-3575

BoiseBorah Senior High School(208) 322-3855

BoiseCapital Senior High School(208) 322-3875

BoiseCentennial High School(208) 939-1404

BoiseDehryl A. Dennis Professional-Technical Education(208) 384-3116

BoiseEast Junior High School(208) 338-3535

BoiseFairmont Junior High School(208) 322-3835

BoiseHillside Junior High School(208) 338-3545

BoiseLake Hazel Middle School(208) 362-3703

BoiseLes Bois Junior High School(208) 338-3664

BoiseLowell Scott Middle School(208) 939-2101

BoiseMountain Cove Learning Center(208) 338-3618

BoiseNorth Junior High School(208) 338-3555

BoiseRiverglen Junior High School(208) 322-3870

BoiseSouth Junior High School(208) 338-3565

BoiseTimberline High School(208) 384-3142

BoiseWest Junior High School(208) 322-3845

Bonners FerryBonners Ferry High School(208) 267-3149

Bonners FerryBoundary County Alternative High School(208) 267-9519

Bonners FerryBoundary County Jr High School(208) 267-5852

BruneauRimrock Junior-Senior High School(208) 834-2260

BuhlBuhl High School(208) 543-8262

BuhlBuhl Middle School(208) 543-8292

BurleyBurley Junior High School(208) 678-6613

BurleyBurley Senior High School(208) 678-6606

BurleyCassia County Education Center(208) 678-6690

BurleyCassia Regional Technical Center(208) 678-6610

BurleyWhite Pine Intermediate(208) 678-6632

CaldwellCaldwell Alternative High School(208) 455-3325

CaldwellCaldwell Senior High School(208) 455-3304

CaldwellCallwell Junior High Alternative(208) 455-3333

CaldwellCenterpoint Alternative High(208) 454-0255

CaldwellSouthwest Idaho Professional-Technical Academy(208) 454-2087

CaldwellSyringa Middle School(208) 455-3305

CaldwellVallivue High School(208) 454-9253

CaldwellVallivue Middle School(208) 454-1426

CascadeCascade Junior-Senior High School(208) 382-4227

ChallisChallis Middle School(208) 879-5063

ChallisChallis Senior High School(208) 879-2255

Clark ForkClark Fork Junior-Senior High School(208) 266-1131

Coeur D AleneCanfield Middle School(208) 664-9188

Coeur D AleneCoeur D`Alene High School(208) 667-4507

Coeur D AleneLake City High School(208) 769-0769

Coeur D AleneLakes Middle School(208) 667-4544

Coeur D AleneProject Coeur D`Alene-Alternative High School(208) 667-7460

Coeur D AleneWoodland Middle School(208) 667-5996

CottonwoodPrairie High School(208) 962-3901

CottonwoodPrairie Middle School(208) 962-3521

CouncilCouncil Jr-Sr High School(208) 253-4297

CraigmontHighland Junior-Senior High School(208) 924-5452

DaytonHarold B Lee Middle School(208) 747-3303

DaytonWest Side Senior High School(208) 747-3411

DecloDeclo Junior High School(208) 654-9960

DecloDeclo Senior High School(208) 654-2030

DriggsTeton High School(208) 354-2952

DriggsTeton Middle School(208) 354-2971

DuboisClark County Junior-Senior High School(208) 374-5215




EagleEagle Academy(208) 939-5386

EagleEagle High School(208) 939-2189

EagleEagle Middle School(208) 939-2216

EmmettBlack Canyon Alternative Education Center(208) 365-5552

EmmettEmmett High School(208) 365-6323

EmmettEmmett Junior High School(208) 365-2921

EmmettKenneth Carberry Intermediate School(208) 365-0839

FairfieldCamas County High School(208) 764-2472

FilerFiler High School(208) 326-5945

FilerFiler Middle School(208) 326-5906

FirthFirth High School(208) 346-6812

FirthFirth Middle School(208) 346-6240

FruitlandFruitland High School(208) 452-4411

FruitlandFruitland Middle School(208) 452-3350

Garden ValleyGarden Valley Jr-Sr High School(208) 462-3756

GeneseeGenesee Junior-Senior High School(208) 285-1162

Glenns FerryGlenns Ferry Middle School(208) 366-7438

Glenns FerryGlenns Ferry Senior High School(208) 366-7434

GoodingGooding Accelarated Learning Center(208) 934-4214

GoodingGooding High School(208) 934-4831

GoodingGooding Middle School(208) 934-8443

GraceGrace Junior-Senior High School(208) 425-3731

GrangevilleGrangeville High School(208) 983-0580

HagermanHagerman Junior-Senior High School(208) 837-4572

HaileySilver Creek Alternative School(208) 788-9410

HaileyWood River High School(208) 788-3481

HaileyWood River Middle School(208) 788-3523

HansenHansen Junior-Senior High School(208) 423-5593

HarrisonKootenai Junior-Senior High School(208) 689-3311

HomedaleHomedale Middle School(208) 337-5780

HomedaleHomedale Senior High School(208) 337-4613

Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend Elem-Jr Hi Sch(208) 793-2225

Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend High School(208) 793-2225

Idaho CityIdaho City High School(208) 392-4183

Idaho Falls3-B Detention Center(208) 542-2947

Idaho FallsBonneville High School(208) 525-4406

Idaho FallsClair E. Gale Junior High School(208) 525-7720

Idaho FallsEagle Rock Junior High School(208) 525-7700

Idaho FallsEastern Idaho Professional-Technical Academy(208) 525-7513

Idaho FallsHillcrest High School(208) 525-4429

Idaho FallsIdaho Falls Senior High School(208) 525-7740

Idaho FallsLincoln Alternative High School(208) 525-4447

Idaho FallsRocky Mountain Middle School(208) 525-4403

Idaho FallsSandcreek Middle School(208) 525-4416

Idaho FallsSkyline Senior High School(208) 525-7770

Idaho FallsTaylorview Junior High School(208) 524-7850

Idaho FallsWestview Alternative High Sch(208) 525-7795

JeromeCentral Elementary School(208) 324-3396

JeromeJerome High School(208) 324-8137

JeromeJerome Middle School(208) 324-8134

JeromeNorthside Alternative Night School(208) 324-8137

KamiahKamiah High School(208) 935-4067

KamiahKamiah Middle School(208) 935-4040

KelloggKellogg High School(208) 784-1371

KelloggKellogg Middle School(208) 784-1311

KendrickKendrick Junior-Senior High School(208) 289-4202

KimberlyKimberly High School(208) 423-4170

KimberlyKimberly Middle School(208) 423-4170

KunaKuna High School(208) 922-1002

KunaKuna Junior High School(208) 922-1005

KunaKuna/Melba Alternative School(208) 922-1002

LapwaiLapwai Alternative Junior-Senior High School(208) 843-2241

LapwaiLapwai Junior-Senior High School(208) 843-2241

LewistonJenifer Junior High School(208) 748-3300

LewistonLewiston Senior High School(208) 748-3100

LewistonSacajawea Junior High School(208) 748-3400

LewistonTammany Alternative Learning(208) 748-3270

MackayMackay Junior-Senior High School(208) 588-2262

Malad CityMalad Middle School(208) 766-9235

Malad CityMalad Senior High School(208) 766-4728

MaltaRaft River Junior-Senior High School(208) 645-2220



MarsingMarsing High School(208) 896-4111

MarsingMarsing Intermediate School(208) 896-4111

Mc CallHeartland Alternative High School(208) 634-3686

Mc CallMc Call-Donnelly High School(208) 634-2218

Mc CallPayette Lakes Middle School(208) 634-5994

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Mc CallValley County Juvenile Detention(208) 634-4131

MelbaMelba High School(208) 495-2221

MelbaMelba Middle School(208) 495-2230

MenanMidway Middle School(208) 754-4550

MeridianAda Professional-Technical Center(208) 855-0173

MeridianCrossroads Middle School(208) 888-3567

MeridianLewis & Clark Middle School(208) 377-1353

MeridianMeridian Academy(208) 887-4759

MeridianMeridian Charter High School(208) 288-2928

MeridianMeridian High School(208) 888-4905

MeridianMeridian Middle School(208) 888-3002

MiddletonMiddleton High School(208) 585-6657

MiddletonMiddleton Middle School(208) 585-3251

MiddletonMiddleton Transition School(208) 585-6657

MidvaleMidvale Junior-Senior High School(208) 355-2234

MontpelierBear Lake High School(208) 847-0294

MontpelierBear Lake Middle School(208) 847-2255

MoscowMoscow Alternative Ed Program(208) 892-1133

MoscowMoscow Junior High School(208) 882-3577

MoscowMoscow Senior High School(208) 882-2591

Mountain HomeHacker Middle School(208) 587-2500

Mountain HomeMountain Home Junior High School(208) 587-2590

Mountain HomeMountain Home Senior High School(208) 587-2570

Mountain HomeRichard Mckenna Alterniative High School(208) 587-2594

Mountain Home AfbStephensen Middle School(208) 832-4601

MullanMullan Junior-Senior High School(208) 744-1126

MurtaughMurtaugh High School(208) 432-5451

MurtaughMurtaugh Middle School(208) 432-5451

NampaAlpha I Alternative School(208) 465-2700

NampaIdaho Center Of Advanced Technology(208) 465-2700

NampaNampa Alternative High(208) 442-4542

NampaNampa Senior High School(208) 465-2760

NampaNampa Teen Parent Alternative School(208) 465-2792

NampaRidgecrest Alternative High School(208) 442-4542

NampaSkyview High School(208) 468-7820

NampaSouth Middle School(208) 465-2747

NampaWest Middle School(208) 465-2752

New MeadowsMeadows Valley Jr-Sr High Sch(208) 347-2411

New PlymouthNew Plymouth High School(208) 278-5311

New PlymouthNew Plymouth Middle School(208) 278-5788

NezperceNezperce Junior-Senior High School(208) 937-2551

NotusNotus Junior-Senior High School(208) 459-4633

OakleyOakley Junior-Senior High School(208) 862-3328

OrofinoClearwater Alternative High School(208) 476-7919

OrofinoOrofino High School(208) 476-5557

OrofinoOrofino Junior High School(208) 476-4613

ParmaParma High School(208) 722-5115

ParmaParma Middle School(208) 722-5115

PaulWest Minico Junior High School(208) 438-5018

PayetteMc Cain Middle School(208) 642-4122

PayettePayette Alternative High School(208) 642-4705

PayettePayette High School(208) 642-3327

PlummerLakeside High School(208) 686-1937

PlummerLakeside Middle School(208) 686-1627

PocatelloAlameda Junior High School(208) 232-7119

PocatelloCentury High School(208) 478-6863

PocatelloFranklin Junior High School(208) 233-5590

PocatelloGateway Professional-Technical School(208) 235-3243

PocatelloHawthorne Junior High School(208) 237-1680

PocatelloHighland Senior High School(208) 237-1300

PocatelloIrving Junior High School(208) 232-3039

PocatelloKinport (Alternative) Academy(208) 233-1161

PocatelloNew Horizons High School(208) 235-3267

PocatelloPocatello Night School Program(208) 237-8955

PocatelloPocatello Senior High School(208) 233-2056

PocatelloPocatello Teen Parenting Program(208) 237-7660

Post FallsNew Visions Alternative(208) 773-3541

Post FallsPost Falls High School(208) 773-0581

Post FallsPost Falls Middle School(208) 773-7554

Post FallsRiverbend Professional-Technical Academy(208) 769-5960

PotlatchPotlatch Junior-Senior High School(208) 875-1231

PotlatchRegion Ii Professional-Technical Academy(208) 875-0327

PrestonFranklin County Alternative High School(208) 852-2272

PrestonPreston High School(208) 852-0280

PrestonPreston Junior High School(208) 852-0751

Priest RiverPriest River High School(208) 448-1211

Priest RiverPriest River Junior High School(208) 448-1118

Priest RiverWest Bonner County Alt School(208) 448-2860

RathdrumLakeland Junior High School(208) 687-0661

RathdrumLakeland Senior High School(208) 687-0181

RathdrumMountainview Alternatve High School(208) 687-0025

RexburgCentral Alternative High School(208) 359-2337

RexburgFive-County Juvenile Detention Center(208) 359-2801

RexburgMadison Middle School(208) 359-3320

RexburgMadison Senior High School(208) 359-3305

RigbyJefferson High Alternative(208) 745-0137

RigbyRigby Senior High School(208) 745-7704

RigginsSalmon River Junior-Seniior High School(208) 628-3431

RirieRirie High School(208) 538-7311

RirieRirie Middle School(208) 538-5175

RobertsRoberts Middle School(208) 228-3577

RupertEast Minico Junior High School(208) 436-3178

RupertMini-Cassia Junior High Alternative School(208) 436-6252

RupertMini-Cassia Opportunity Center(208) 436-6252

RupertMinico Senior High School(208) 436-4721

Saint AnthonyLincoln Primary School(208) 624-3372

Saint AnthonySouth Fremont Alternative High School(208) 624-3416

Saint AnthonySouth Fremont Alternative Junior High School(208) 624-7880

Saint AnthonySouth Fremont High School(208) 624-3416

SalmonBrooklyn Intermediate School(208) 756-3186

SalmonSalmon Alternative School(208) 756-6277

SalmonSalmon Elementary-Junior High School(208) 756-2207

SalmonSalmon High School(208) 756-2415

SandpointBonner County Juvenile Detention Center(208) 263-4213

SandpointLake Pend Oreille Alternative High School(208) 263-6121

SandpointSandpoint Charter School(208) 255-7771

SandpointSandpoint High School(208) 263-3034

SandpointSandpoint Junior High School(208) 265-4169

ShelleyDonald J. Hobbs Middle School(208) 357-7667

ShelleyShelley Senior High School(208) 357-7400

ShoshoneShoshone Junior-Senior High School(208) 886-2381

Soda SpringsCaribou (Alt) High School(208) 547-4306

Soda SpringsHooper Avenue Intermediate(208) 547-3313

Soda SpringsSoda Springs High School(208) 547-4308

Soda SpringsTigert Middle School(208) 547-4922

Spirit LakeTimberlake Junior-Senior High School(208) 623-6303

St AnthonySouth Fremont Junior High School(208) 624-7880

St MariesCommunity Youth Resource Center(208) 245-2152

St MariesSt Maries High School(208) 245-2142

St MariesSt Maries Middle School(208) 245-3495

Sugar CityKershaw Intermediate School(208) 356-0241

Sugar CitySugar-Salem High School(208) 356-0274

Sugar CitySugar-Salem Junior High School(208) 356-4437

TerretonWest Jefferson High School(208) 663-4391

TroyTroy Junior-Senior High School(208) 835-2361

Twin FallsMagic Hot Springs Youth Camp(208) 735-8890

Twin FallsMagic Valley Alternative High School(208) 733-8823

Twin FallsMagic Valley Cooperative Service Agency/Artec(208) 733-9554

Twin FallsRobert Stuart Junior High School(208) 733-4875

Twin FallsTwin Falls Bridge Academy(208) 733-8823

Twin FallsTwin Falls Senior High School(208) 733-6551

Twin FallsVera C O`Leary Junior High School(208) 733-2155

WallaceSilver Valley Alternative School(208) 556-1547

WallaceWallace High School(208) 753-5315

WeippeTimberline High School(208) 435-4411

WeiserPark Intermediate School(208) 549-2861

WeiserWeiser High School(208) 549-2595

WeiserWeiser Middle School(208) 549-2620

WendellWendell High School(208) 536-2100

WendellWendell Middle School(208) 536-5531


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