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Aiea High SchoolAiea(808) 483-7300 M S

Aiea Intermediate SchoolAiea(808) 473-7230 M S

Aliamanu Intermediate SchoolHonolulu(808) 421-4100 M S

Baldwin High SchoolWailuku(808) 984-5656 M S

Campbell High SchoolEwa Beach(808) 689-1200 M S

Castle High SchoolKaneohe(808) 233-5600 M S

Central Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 587-4400 M S

Dole Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 832-3340 M S

Farrington High SchoolHonolulu(808) 832-3600 M S

Hakipu`U Charter SchoolKaneohe(808) 235-9155 M S

Hawai`I E-Charter New Century PcsHonolulu(808) 735-6257 M S

Hawaii Academy Of Arts & Sciences PcsPahoa(808) 965-5588 M S

Highlands Intermediate SchoolPearl City(808) 453-6480 M S

Hilo High SchoolHilo(808) 974-4021 M S

Hilo Intermediate SchoolHilo(808) 974-4955 M S

Honokaa High SchoolHonokaa(808) 775-8800 M S

Iao Intermediate SchoolWailuku(808) 984-5610 M S

Ilima Intermediate SchoolEwa Beach(808) 689-1250 M S

Jarrett Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 733-4888 M S

Kahuku High & Intermediate SchoolKahuku(808) 293-9245 M S

Kailua High SchoolKailua(808) 266-7900 M S

Kailua Intermediate SchoolKailua(808) 263-6500 M S




Kaimuki High SchoolHonolulu(808) 733-4900 M S

Kaimuki Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 733-4800 M S

Kaiser High SchoolHonolulu(808) 394-1200 M S

Kalaheo High SchoolKailua(808) 254-7900 M S

Kalakaua Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 832-3130 M S


Kalama Intermediate SchoolMakawao(808) 572-7719 M S

Kalani High SchoolHonolulu(808) 373-2191 M S

Kamakahelei Middle SchoolLihue(808) 241-3200 M S

Kapaa High SchoolKapaa(808) 821-4400 M S

Kapaa Middle SchoolKapaa(808) 821-4460 M S

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Kapolei Middle SchoolKapolei(808) 693-7025 M S

Kauai High SchoolLihue(808) 274-3160 M S

Kawananakoa Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 587-4430 M S

Ke Ana La`Ahana Public Charter SchoolHilo(808) 961-5242 M S

Keaau Middle SchoolKeaau(808) 966-9313 M S

Kealakehe High SchoolKailua Kona(808) 327-4300 M S

Kealakehe Intermediate SchoolKailua Kona(808) 327-4314 M S

Kekaulike High SchoolMakawao(808) 572-5866 M S

Kihei Public Charter High SchoolKihei(808) 875-0700 M S

King Intermediate SchoolKaneohe(808) 233-5727 M S

Kohala High SchoolKapaau(808) 889-7117 M S

Kohala Middle SchoolKapaau(808) 889-7119 M S

Konawaena High SchoolKealakekua(808) 323-4500 M S

Konawaena Middle SchoolKealakekua(808) 323-4566 M S

Lahaina Intermediate SchoolLahaina(808) 662-3965 M S

Lahainaluna High SchoolLahaina(808) 662-4000 M S

Leilehua High SchoolWahiawa(808) 622-4149 M S

Lokelani Intermediate SchoolKihei(808) 875-6800 M S

Maui High SchoolKahului(808) 873-3000 M S

Maui Waena Intermediate SchoolKahului(808) 873-3070 M S

Mckinley High SchoolHonolulu(808) 594-0400 M S

Mililani High SchoolMililani(808) 627-7747 M S

Mililani Middle SchoolMililani(808) 626-7355 M S

Moanalua High SchoolHonolulu(808) 837-8455 M S

Moanalua Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 831-7850 M S

Molokai High & Intermediate SchoolHoolehua(808) 567-6112 M S

Nanakuli High & Intermediate SchoolWaianae(808) 668-5823 M S

Niu Valley Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 377-2440 M S

Olomana High & Intermediate SchoolKailua(808) 266-7866 M S

Pahoa High & Intermediate SchoolPahoa(808) 965-2150 M S

Pearl City High SchoolPearl City(808) 453-6500 M S

Radford High SchoolHonolulu(808) 421-4200 M S

Roosevelt High SchoolHonolulu(808) 587-4600 M S

Stevenson Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 587-4520 M S

Wahiawa Middle SchoolWahiawa(808) 622-1661 M S

Waiakea High SchoolHilo(808) 974-4888 M S

Waiakea Intermediate SchoolHilo(808) 959-3531 M S

Waialua High & Intermediate SchoolWaialua(808) 637-8200 M S

Waianae High SchoolWaianae(808) 697-7017 M S

Waianae Intermediate SchoolWaianae(808) 697-7121 M S

Waimea High SchoolWaimea(808) 338-6800 M S

Waimea Middle SchoolKamuela(808) 887-6090 M S

Waipahu High SchoolWaipahu(808) 675-0222 M S

Waipahu Intermediate SchoolWaipahu(808) 675-0177 M S

Washington Middle SchoolHonolulu(808) 973-0177 M S

West Hawaii Expl Academy SchoolKailua Kona(808) 327-4751 M S

Wheeler Intermediate SchoolWahiawa(808) 622-1674 M S

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