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AieaAiea High School(808) 483-7300

AieaAiea Intermediate School(808) 473-7230

Ewa BeachCampbell High School(808) 689-1200

Ewa BeachIlima Intermediate School(808) 689-1250

HiloHilo High School(808) 974-4021

HiloHilo Intermediate School(808) 974-4955

HiloKe Ana La`Ahana Public Charter School(808) 961-5242

HiloWaiakea High School(808) 974-4888

HiloWaiakea Intermediate School(808) 959-3531

HonokaaHonokaa High School(808) 775-8800

HonoluluAliamanu Intermediate School(808) 421-4100

HonoluluCentral Middle School(808) 587-4400

HonoluluDole Middle School(808) 832-3340

HonoluluFarrington High School(808) 832-3600

HonoluluHawai`I E-Charter New Century Pcs(808) 735-6257

HonoluluJarrett Middle School(808) 733-4888

HonoluluKaimuki High School(808) 733-4900

HonoluluKaimuki Middle School(808) 733-4800

HonoluluKaiser High School(808) 394-1200

HonoluluKalakaua Middle School(808) 832-3130

HonoluluKalani High School(808) 373-2191

HonoluluKawananakoa Middle School(808) 587-4430

HonoluluMckinley High School(808) 594-0400

HonoluluMoanalua High School(808) 837-8455

HonoluluMoanalua Middle School(808) 831-7850

HonoluluNiu Valley Middle School(808) 377-2440

HonoluluRadford High School(808) 421-4200

HonoluluRoosevelt High School(808) 587-4600

HonoluluStevenson Middle School(808) 587-4520

HonoluluWashington Middle School(808) 973-0177

HoolehuaMolokai High & Intermediate School(808) 567-6112

KahukuKahuku High & Intermediate School(808) 293-9245

KahuluiMaui High School(808) 873-3000

KahuluiMaui Waena Intermediate School(808) 873-3070

KailuaKailua High School(808) 266-7900

KailuaKailua Intermediate School(808) 263-6500

KailuaKalaheo High School(808) 254-7900

KailuaOlomana High & Intermediate School(808) 266-7866

Kailua KonaKealakehe High School(808) 327-4300

Kailua KonaKealakehe Intermediate School(808) 327-4314



Kailua KonaWest Hawaii Expl Academy Sch(808) 327-4751

KamuelaWaimea Middle School(808) 887-6090

KaneoheCastle High School(808) 233-5600

KaneoheHakipu`U Charter School(808) 235-9155

KaneoheKing Intermediate School(808) 233-5727

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KapaaKapaa High School(808) 821-4400

KapaaKapaa Middle School(808) 821-4460

KapaauKohala High School(808) 889-7117

KapaauKohala Middle School(808) 889-7119

KapoleiKapolei Middle School(808) 693-7025

KeaauKeaau Middle School(808) 966-9313

KealakekuaKonawaena High School(808) 323-4500

KealakekuaKonawaena Middle School(808) 323-4566

KiheiKihei Public Charter High School(808) 875-0700

KiheiLokelani Intermediate School(808) 875-6800

LahainaLahaina Intermediate School(808) 662-3965

LahainaLahainaluna High School(808) 662-4000

LihueKamakahelei Middle School(808) 241-3200

LihueKauai High School(808) 274-3160

MakawaoKalama Intermediate School(808) 572-7719

MakawaoKekaulike High School(808) 572-5866

MililaniMililani High School(808) 627-7747

MililaniMililani Middle School(808) 626-7355

PahoaHawaii Academy Of Arts & Sciences Pcs(808) 965-5588

PahoaPahoa High & Intermediate School(808) 965-2150

Pearl CityHighlands Intermediate School(808) 453-6480

Pearl CityPearl City High School(808) 453-6500

WahiawaLeilehua High School(808) 622-4149

WahiawaWahiawa Middle School(808) 622-1661

WahiawaWheeler Intermediate School(808) 622-1674

WaialuaWaialua High & Intermediate School(808) 637-8200

WaianaeNanakuli High & Intermediate School(808) 668-5823

WaianaeWaianae High School(808) 697-7017

WaianaeWaianae Intermediate School(808) 697-7121

WailukuBaldwin High School(808) 984-5656

WailukuIao Intermediate School(808) 984-5610

WaimeaWaimea High School(808) 338-6800

WaipahuWaipahu High School(808) 675-0222

WaipahuWaipahu Intermediate School(808) 675-0177

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