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AdamsFreeman High School(402) 988-2525

AinsworthAinsworth High School(402) 387-2082

AinsworthAinsworth Middle School(402) 387-2082

AlbionBoone Central High School(402) 395-2134

AllenAllen High School(402) 635-2484

AllianceAlliance East Secondary(308) 762-4331

AllianceAlliance High School(308) 762-3359

AllianceAlliance Middle School(308) 762-3079

AlmaAlma High School(308) 928-2131

AmherstAmherst High School(308) 826-3131

AnsleyAnsley High School(308) 935-1121

ArapahoeArapahoe High School(308) 962-5458

ArcadiaArcadia High School(308) 789-6522

ArlingtonArlington High School(402) 478-4171

ArnoldArnold High School(308) 848-2226

ArthurArthur County High School(308) 764-2253

AshlandAshland-Greenwood High School(402) 944-2114

AshlandAshland-Greenwood Middle Sch(402) 944-2114

AtkinsonWest Holt Rural High School(402) 925-2890

AuburnAuburn High School(402) 274-4328

AuburnAuburn Middle School(402) 274-4220

AuroraAurora High School(402) 694-6968

AuroraAurora Middle School(402) 694-6915

AxtellAxtell High School(308) 743-2415

BancroftHigh School At Bancroft(402) 648-3336

BancroftJunior High Sch At Bancroft(402) 648-3336

BartlettWheeler Central High(308) 654-3273

BartleyTwin Valley High School(308) 692-3223

BassettRock County High School(402) 684-3411

Battle CreekBattle Creek High School(402) 675-3705

BayardBayard Secondary School(308) 586-1700

BeatriceBeatrice High School(402) 223-1515

BeatriceBeatrice Middle School(402) 223-1545

BeemerBeemer High School(402) 528-3232

BellevueBellevue East Sr High School(402) 293-4150

BellevueBellevue Mission Middle School(402) 293-4260

BellevueBellevue West Sr High School(402) 293-4040

BellevueLogan Fontenelle Middle School(402) 293-4360

BenedictCross County Hs-Benedict(402) 732-6677

BenedictCross County Ms-Benedict(402) 732-6677

BenkelmanDundy County High School(308) 423-2738

BenningtonBennington Secondary School(402) 238-2447

BertrandBertrand High School(308) 472-3427

Big SpringsSouth Platte High School(308) 889-3622

BlairBlair High School(402) 426-4941

BlairGerald Otte Blair Middle Sch(402) 426-3678

BloomfieldBloomfield Jr-Sr High School(402) 373-4800

Blue HillBlue Hill High School(402) 756-3043

BradshawHeartland Community Jr High(402) 736-4353

BradyBrady High School(308) 584-3317

BrainardHigh School At Brainard(402) 545-2081

BridgeportBridgeport High School(308) 262-0346

Broken BowBroken Bow High School(308) 872-2475

Broken BowBroken Bow Middle School(308) 872-6441

BruleSo Platte Middle Sch At Brule(308) 287-2354

BruningBruning-Davenport High School(402) 353-4445

BurwellBurwell Jr-Sr High School(308) 346-4150

ButteButte High School(402) 775-2201

CairoCentura Secondary School(308) 485-4258

CallawayCallaway High School(308) 836-2272

CambridgeCambridge High School(308) 697-3322

Cedar BluffsCedar Bluffs High School(402) 628-2080

Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Jr-Sr High(308) 358-0640

Central CityCentral City High School(308) 946-3086

Central CityCentral City Middle School(308) 946-3056




ChadronChadron Middle School(308) 432-0708

ChadronChadron Senior High School(308) 432-0707

ChadronPine Ridge Job Corps(308) 432-3316

ChambersChambers High School(402) 482-5233

ChappellChappell Secondary School(308) 874-3310

ChesterThayer Central Middle School(402) 324-5555

ClarksHigh Plains Community Ms(308) 548-2216

ClarksonClarkson Jr-Sr High School(402) 892-3454

Clay CenterClay Center High School(402) 762-3561

ClearwaterClearwater High School(402) 485-2505

CodyCody-Kilgore High School(402) 823-4190

ColeridgeColeridge High School(402) 283-4844

ColumbusColumbus High School(402) 563-7050

ColumbusColumbus Middle School(402) 563-7060

ColumbusLakeview High School(402) 563-2345

CookJr-Sr High School At Cook(402) 864-4171

CozadCozad High School(308) 784-2744

CozadCozad Middle School(308) 784-2746

CrawfordCrawford High School(308) 665-1531

CreightonCreighton Community High Sch(402) 358-3663

CreteCrete High School(402) 471-3463

CroftonCrofton High School(402) 388-2440

CulbertsonCulbertson High School(308) 278-2131

CurtisMedicine Valley Jr-Sr High Sch(308) 367-4106

DaltonLeyton High School(308) 377-2303

DavenportBruning-Davenport Middle Sch(402) 364-2225

David CityDavid City Secondary School(402) 367-3187

DawsonHigh School At Dawson(402) 855-2645

DaykinMeridian High School(402) 446-7265

DeshlerDeshler High School(402) 365-7272

DewittTri County Jr-Sr High School(402) 683-2015

DixPotter-Dix Middle School(308) 682-5231

DodgeDodge High School(402) 693-2207

DoniphanDoniphan-Trumbull Secondary(402) 845-6531

DorchesterDorchester High School(402) 946-2781

DunningHigh School At Dunning(308) 538-2224

ElbaElba Secondary School(308) 863-2228

ElginElgin High School(402) 843-2457

ElkhornElkhorn High School(402) 289-4239

ElkhornElkhorn Middle School(402) 289-2428

Elm CreekElm Creek High School(308) 856-4300

ElwoodElwood High School(308) 785-2491

EmersonEmerson-Hubbard High School(402) 695-2636

EustisEustis-Farnam High School(308) 486-3991

EwingEwing High School(402) 626-7235

ExeterExeter High School(402) 266-5911

FairburyFairbury Jr-Sr High School(402) 729-6116

FairfieldSandy Creek Jr/Sr High School(402) 726-2151

FairmontFillmore Central Middle School(402) 268-3411

Falls CityFalls City Middle School(402) 245-3455

Falls CityFalls City Senior High(402) 245-2116

FarnamEustis-Farnam Middle School(308) 569-2331

FirthMiddle School At Firth(402) 791-0020

FirthNorris High School(402) 791-0010

Fort CalhounFort Calhoun High School(402) 468-5591

FranklinFranklin Secondary School(308) 425-6283

FremontFremont Learning Center(402) 727-3180

FremontFremont Middle School(402) 727-3100

FremontFremont Senior High School(402) 727-3050

FriendFriend High School(402) 947-2781

FullertonFullerton High School(308) 536-2431

GenevaFillmore Central High School(402) 759-3141

GenevaGeneva North High School(402) 759-3164

GenoaTwin River Sr High School(402) 993-2911

GeringGering High School(308) 436-3121

GeringGering Junior High School(308) 436-3123

GibbonGibbon High School(308) 468-5721

GiltnerGiltner High School(402) 849-2238

GordonGordon High School(308) 282-1322

GordonGordon Jr High School(308) 282-1322

GothenburgGothenburg Secondary School(308) 537-3651

Grand IslandAlternative Middle School(308) 385-5723

Grand IslandGrand Island Senior High Sch(308) 385-5950

Grand IslandNorthwest High School(308) 385-6394

Grand IslandR J Barr Middle School(308) 385-5875

Grand IslandWalnut Middle School(308) 385-5990

Grand IslandWestridge Middle School(308) 385-5886

GrantGrant High School(308) 352-4735

GreeleyGreeley High School(308) 428-3145

GretnaGretna High School(402) 332-3936

GretnaGretna Middle School(402) 332-3048

HamptonHampton High School(402) 725-3116

HarrisburgBanner County High School(308) 436-5263

HarrisonSioux County High School(308) 668-2415

HartingtonHartington High School(402) 254-3947

HarvardHarvard High School(402) 772-2171

HastingsAdams Central Jr-Sr High Sch(402) 463-3285

HastingsHastings Middle School(402) 461-7520

HastingsHastings Senior High School(402) 461-7550

Hay SpringsHay Springs High School(308) 638-4434

Hayes CenterHayes Center Secondary School(308) 286-3341

HebronThayer Central High School(402) 768-6117

HemingfordHemingford High School(308) 487-3328

HendersonHeartland Community High Sch(402) 723-4434

HersheyHershey High School(308) 368-5573

HildrethHildreth High School(308) 938-3825

HolbrookPhoenix Center West(308) 493-5479

HoldregeHoldrege High School(308) 995-6558

HoldregeHoldrege Middle School(308) 995-5421

HomerHomer High School(402) 698-2377

HooperLogan View Jr/Sr High School(402) 654-3317

HowellsHowells Jr/Sr High School(402) 986-1621

HumboldtHumboldt/Tr-Stein Usd7 Hs(402) 862-2151

HumphreyHumphrey Jr-Sr High School(402) 923-1230

HyannisHyannis High School(308) 458-2202

ImperialChase County High School(308) 882-4304

IndianolaRepublican Valley High School(308) 364-2202

JohnsonHigh School At Johnson(402) 868-5235

KearneyHorizon Middle School(308) 237-6900

KearneyKearney Sr High School(308) 237-6100

KearneyKearney West High School(308) 338-2011

KearneySunrise Middle School(308) 237-6450

KenesawKenesaw Secondary School(402) 752-3215

KimballKimball Jr/Sr High School(308) 235-4861

La VistaLa Vista Junior High School(402) 898-0436

LaurelLaurel-Concord High School(402) 256-3731

LeighLeigh High School(402) 487-2228

LewistonLewiston High School(402) 865-4675

LexingtonLexington High School(308) 324-4691

LexingtonLexington Middle School(308) 324-2349

LincolnBryan Community School(402) 436-1308

LincolnC Culler Middle School(402) 436-1210

LincolnDawes Middle School(402) 436-1211

LincolnDetention Center(402) 441-7090

LincolnDetention Center-Airpark(402) 441-6501

LincolnExpelled Students Program(402) 436-1694

LincolnFine Arts Focus High School(402) 436-1785

LincolnGoodrich Middle School(402) 436-1213

LincolnHigh School Focus Program(402) 436-1780

LincolnInstructional Tech Focus Sch(402) 436-1776

LincolnIrving Middle School(402) 436-1214

LincolnLincoln East High School(402) 436-1302

LincolnLincoln High School(402) 436-1301

LincolnLincoln Northeast High School(402) 436-1303

LincolnLincoln Southeast High School(402) 436-1304

LincolnLux Middle School(402) 436-1220

LincolnMillard Lefler Middle School(402) 436-1215

LincolnNorth Star High School(402) 436-1305

LincolnPark Middle School(402) 436-1212

LincolnPound Middle School(402) 436-1217

LincolnResidential Treatment Center(402) 434-2674

LincolnRobin Mickle Middle School(402) 436-1216



LincolnScott Middle School(402) 436-1218

LincolnSecondary Behavioral Skills(402) 436-1924

LincolnSouthwest High School(402) 436-1306

LincolnUnl Independent Study High Sch(402) 472-4422

LitchfieldLitchfield High School(308) 446-2244

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LodgepoleLodgepole High School(308) 483-5252

LoomisLoomis Secondary School(308) 876-2111

LouisvilleLouisville High School(402) 234-3585

LouisvilleLouisville Middle School(402) 234-3585

Loup CityLoup City High School(308) 745-0548

LynchLynch Secondary School(402) 569-2081

LyonsNortheast Secondary School(402) 687-2349

MacyUmo N Ho N Nation High School(402) 837-5260

MadisonMadison Middle School(402) 454-3336

MadisonMadison Senior High School(402) 454-3336

MadridWheatland High School(308) 326-4201

MalcolmMalcolm High School(402) 796-2151

MaxwellMaxwell High School(308) 582-4585

MaywoodMaywood High School(308) 362-4223

Mc CookMc Cook Alternative Education(308) 345-5631

Mc CookMc Cook Junior High School(308) 345-6940

Mc CookMc Cook Senior High School(308) 345-5422

Mc CookStep School(308) 345-7341

Mccool JunctionMccool Junction Jr-Sr High Sch(402) 724-2231

MeadMead High School(402) 624-3435

MernaHigh School At Merna(308) 643-2224

MilfordMilford High School(402) 761-2525

MilliganMilligan High School(402) 629-4265

MinatareMinatare High School(308) 783-1232

MindenC L Jones Middle School(308) 832-2338

MindenMinden High School(308) 832-2254

MindenPhoenix Center East(308) 832-1546

MitchellMitchell Secondary School(308) 623-1707

MorrillMorrill High School(308) 247-2149

MullenMullen High School(308) 546-2223

MurdockElmwood-Murdock Jr/Sr High Sch(402) 867-2341

MurrayConestoga High School(402) 235-2271

Nebraska CityNebraska City High School(402) 873-3360

Nebraska CityNebraska City Middle School(402) 873-5591

NelighNeligh-Oakdale Jr/Sr High Sch(402) 887-4166

NelsonLawrence/Nelson Secondary Sch(402) 225-3371

NewcastleNewcastle High School(402) 355-2231

Newman GroveNewman Grove High School(402) 447-6294

NiobraraNiobrara Secondary School(402) 857-3322

NiobraraSantee High School(402) 857-2741

NorfolkAlternatives For Success Sch(402) 844-3515

NorfolkNorfolk Jr High School(402) 644-2516

NorfolkNorfolk Middle School(402) 644-2569

NorfolkNorfolk Senior High School(402) 644-2529

North BendNorth Bend Central Jr/Sr High(402) 652-3268

North PlatteAdams Middle School(308) 535-7112

North PlatteMadison Middle School(308) 535-7126

North PlatteNorth Platte High School(308) 535-7105

North PlatteThe Learning Center(308) 535-5311

North PlatteVisions Middle School(308) 535-5382

O`NeillO`Neill Alternative School(402) 340-3457

OaklandOakland Craig Junior High(402) 685-5661

OaklandOakland Craig Senior High(402) 685-5661

OdellDiller-Odell Secondary School(402) 766-4171

OgallalaOgallala High School(308) 284-4029

OgallalaOgallala Middle School(308) 284-4478

OmahaBeadle Middle School(402) 894-6100

OmahaBenson High School(402) 557-3000

OmahaBeveridge Middle School(402) 557-4000

OmahaBlackburn Alternative Ed Cntr(402) 344-3385

OmahaBryan High School(402) 557-3100

OmahaBryan Middle School(402) 557-4100

OmahaBurke High School(402) 557-3200

OmahaCentral High School(402) 557-3300

OmahaHale Middle School(402) 557-4200

OmahaHarry Andersen Middle School(402) 895-8440

OmahaKiewit Middle School(402) 691-1470

OmahaKing Science Middle School(402) 557-3720

OmahaLewis & Clark Middle School(402) 557-4300

OmahaMagnet Career Center(402) 557-3700

OmahaMc Millan Middle School(402) 557-4500

OmahaMillard Central Middle School(402) 895-8225

OmahaMillard North High School(402) 691-1365

OmahaMillard North Middle School(402) 691-1280

OmahaMillard South High School(402) 895-8268

OmahaMillard West High School(402) 894-6000

OmahaMonroe Middle School(402) 557-4600

OmahaMorton Middle School(402) 557-4700

OmahaNorris Middle School(402) 557-4800

OmahaOmaha North High School(402) 557-3400

OmahaOmaha Northwest High School(402) 557-3500

OmahaOmaha South High School(402) 557-3600

OmahaParrish Alternative Ed Center(402) 554-8460

OmahaRussell Middle School(402) 895-8500

OmahaWestside High School(402) 343-2600

OmahaWestside Middle School(402) 390-6464

OmahaWilson Alternative Ed Center(402) 733-1785

OneillO`Neill High School(402) 336-1544

OrchardOrchard High School(402) 893-3215

OrdOrd Jr-Sr High School(308) 728-3241

OsceolaOsceola High School(402) 747-3121

OsceolaOsceola Middle School(402) 747-3121

OshkoshGarden County High School(308) 772-3242

OsmondOsmond High School(402) 748-3777

OvertonOverton High School(308) 987-2424

OxfordSouthern Valley Jr/Sr High(308) 868-2222

PalmerPalmer Junior-Senior High(308) 894-3065

PalmyraJr-Sr High School At Palmyra(402) 780-5327

PapillionIdeal School(402) 898-0400

PapillionPapillion Junior High School(402) 898-0424

PapillionPapillion-La Vista Senior High(402) 898-0400

Pawnee CityPawnee City Secondary School(402) 852-2988

PaxtonPaxton High School(308) 239-4283

PenderPender High School(402) 385-3044

PetersburgBoone Central Middle School(402) 386-5302

PiercePierce Jr/Sr High School(402) 329-6217

PilgerWisner-Pilger Middle School(402) 396-3566

PlainviewPlainview Secondary School(402) 582-4991

PlattsmouthPlattsmouth Alternative Sch(402) 296-3416

PlattsmouthPlattsmouth High School(402) 296-3322

PlattsmouthPlattsmouth Middle School(402) 296-3174

PleasantonPleasanton High School(308) 388-2041

PolkHigh Plains Community High Sch(402) 765-3331

PoncaPonca High School(402) 755-2241

PotterPotter-Dix High School(308) 879-4434

PraguePrague High School(402) 663-4388

RalstonRalston High School(402) 331-7373

RalstonRalston Middle School(402) 331-4701

RandolphRandolph High School(402) 337-0252

RavennaRavenna Senior High(308) 452-3249

RaymondSecondary Sch At Raymond(402) 785-2685

Red CloudRed Cloud High School(402) 746-2818

Rising CityRising City High School(402) 542-2216

RoselandSilver Lake High School(402) 756-6611

RushvilleRushville High School(308) 327-2491

RushvilleRushville Jr High School(308) 327-2682

SargentSargent High School(308) 527-4119

SchuylerSchuyler Central High School(402) 352-2421

ScotiaHigh School At Scotia(308) 245-3201

ScottsbluffBluffs Middle School(308) 635-6270

ScottsbluffScottsbluff Senior High School(308) 635-6230

ScribnerScribner-Snyder Secondary Sch(402) 664-2567

SewardSeward High School(402) 643-2988

SewardSeward Middle School(402) 643-2986

ShelbyShelby High School(402) 527-5946

SheltonShelton High School(308) 647-5459

ShickleyShickley High School(402) 627-3375

SidneySidney High School(308) 254-5893

SidneySidney Middle School(308) 254-5853

Silver CreekTwin River Jr High School(308) 773-2233

So Sioux CitySouth Sioux City Junior High(402) 494-3061

So Sioux CitySouth Sioux City Middle School(402) 494-4238

So Sioux CitySouth Sioux Senior High School(402) 494-2433

SpaldingSpalding Secondary School(308) 497-2431

SpencerSpencer/Naper High School(402) 589-1333

SpringfieldPlatteview Central Jr Hi Sch(402) 339-5052

SpringfieldPlatteview Senior High School(402) 339-3606

SpringviewKeya Paha County High School(402) 497-3501

St EdwardSt Edward High School(402) 678-2282

St PaulSt Paul High School(308) 754-4433

StantonStanton High School(402) 439-2250

StapletonStapleton High School(308) 636-2252

StellaSe Nebr Consolidated High Sch(402) 883-2400

SterlingSterling High School(402) 866-4761

StromsburgCross County Hs-Stromsburg(402) 764-5521

StuartStuart High School(402) 924-3302

SumnerJunior-Senior High At Sumner(308) 752-2925

SuperiorSuperior Secondary School(402) 879-3257

SutherlandSutherland High School(308) 386-4656

SuttonSutton Secondary School(402) 773-4303

SyracuseHigh School At Syracuse(402) 269-2381

Table RockHumboldt/Tr-Stein Usd7 Ms(402) 839-2085

TaylorLoup County High School(308) 942-6115

TecumsehTecumseh High School(402) 335-3328

TekamahHigh School At Tekamah(402) 374-2156

ThedfordThedford Rural High School(308) 645-2230

TildenElkhorn Valley High School(402) 368-5301

TrentonLakeside Central High School(308) 334-5575

TryonMc Pherson County High School(308) 587-2262

UticaCentennial Jr-Sr High School(402) 534-2321

ValentineValentine Middle School(402) 376-3367

ValentineValentine Rural High School(402) 376-2730

ValleyValley High School(402) 359-2121

VerdigreVerdigre High School(402) 668-2275

WahooWahoo High School(402) 443-4332

WahooWahoo Middle School(402) 443-3101

WakefieldWakefield High School(402) 287-2012

WallaceWallace High School(308) 387-4323

WalthillWalthill High School(402) 846-5432

WaterlooWaterloo Secondary School(402) 779-2646

WaunetaWauneta Palisade Jr High(308) 394-5650

WaunetaWauneta-Palisade High School(308) 394-5650

WausaWausa High School(402) 586-2255

WaverlyWaverly High School(402) 786-2765

WaverlyWaverly Middle School(402) 786-2348

WayneWayne High School(402) 375-3150

WayneWayne Middle School(402) 375-2230

Weeping WaterWeeping Water High School(402) 267-4265

West PointWest Point High School(402) 372-5546

WilberWilber-Clatonia High School(402) 821-2508

WilcoxWilcox Secondary School(308) 478-5265

WinnebagoWinnebago High School(402) 878-2224

WinsideWinside High School(402) 286-4465

WisnerHigh School At Wisner(402) 529-3249

WolbachWolbach High School(308) 246-5232

Wood RiverWood River Rural High School(308) 583-2249

WymoreSouthern High School(402) 645-3326

WynotWynot Middle School(402) 357-2121

WynotWynot Secondary School(402) 357-2121

YorkYork High School(402) 362-6655

YorkYork Middle School(402) 362-6655

YutanYutan High School(402) 625-2241

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