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Adams Central Jr-Sr High SchHastings(402) 463-3285 M S

Adams Middle SchoolNorth Platte(308) 535-7112 M S

Ainsworth High SchoolAinsworth(402) 387-2082 M S

Ainsworth Middle SchoolAinsworth(402) 387-2082 M S

Allen High SchoolAllen(402) 635-2484 M S

Alliance East SecondaryAlliance(308) 762-4331 M S

Alliance High SchoolAlliance(308) 762-3359 M S

Alliance Middle SchoolAlliance(308) 762-3079 M S

Alma High SchoolAlma(308) 928-2131 M S

Alternative Middle SchoolGrand Island(308) 385-5723 M S

Alternatives For Success SchNorfolk(402) 844-3515 M S

Amherst High SchoolAmherst(308) 826-3131 M S

Ansley High SchoolAnsley(308) 935-1121 M S

Arapahoe High SchoolArapahoe(308) 962-5458 M S

Arcadia High SchoolArcadia(308) 789-6522 M S

Arlington High SchoolArlington(402) 478-4171 M S

Arnold High SchoolArnold(308) 848-2226 M S

Arthur County High SchoolArthur(308) 764-2253 M S

Ashland-Greenwood High SchoolAshland(402) 944-2114 M S

Ashland-Greenwood Middle SchAshland(402) 944-2114 M S

Auburn High SchoolAuburn(402) 274-4328 M S

Auburn Middle SchoolAuburn(402) 274-4220 M S

Aurora High SchoolAurora(402) 694-6968 M S

Aurora Middle SchoolAurora(402) 694-6915 M S

Axtell High SchoolAxtell(308) 743-2415 M S

Banner County High SchoolHarrisburg(308) 436-5263 M S

Battle Creek High SchoolBattle Creek(402) 675-3705 M S

Bayard Secondary SchoolBayard(308) 586-1700 M S

Beadle Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 894-6100 M S

Beatrice High SchoolBeatrice(402) 223-1515 M S

Beatrice Middle SchoolBeatrice(402) 223-1545 M S

Beemer High SchoolBeemer(402) 528-3232 M S

Bellevue East Sr High SchoolBellevue(402) 293-4150 M S

Bellevue Mission Middle SchoolBellevue(402) 293-4260 M S

Bellevue West Sr High SchoolBellevue(402) 293-4040 M S

Bennington Secondary SchoolBennington(402) 238-2447 M S

Benson High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3000 M S

Bertrand High SchoolBertrand(308) 472-3427 M S

Beveridge Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4000 M S

Blackburn Alternative Ed CntrOmaha(402) 344-3385 M S

Blair High SchoolBlair(402) 426-4941 M S

Bloomfield Jr-Sr High SchoolBloomfield(402) 373-4800 M S

Blue Hill High SchoolBlue Hill(402) 756-3043 M S

Bluffs Middle SchoolScottsbluff(308) 635-6270 M S

Boone Central High SchoolAlbion(402) 395-2134 M S

Boone Central Middle SchoolPetersburg(402) 386-5302 M S

Brady High SchoolBrady(308) 584-3317 M S

Bridgeport High SchoolBridgeport(308) 262-0346 M S

Broken Bow High SchoolBroken Bow(308) 872-2475 M S

Broken Bow Middle SchoolBroken Bow(308) 872-6441 M S

Bruning-Davenport High SchoolBruning(402) 353-4445 M S

Bruning-Davenport Middle SchDavenport(402) 364-2225 M S

Bryan Community SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1308 M S

Bryan High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3100 M S

Bryan Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4100 M S

Burke High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3200 M S

Burwell Jr-Sr High SchoolBurwell(308) 346-4150 M S

Butte High SchoolButte(402) 775-2201 M S




C Culler Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1210 M S

C L Jones Middle SchoolMinden(308) 832-2338 M S

Callaway High SchoolCallaway(308) 836-2272 M S

Cambridge High SchoolCambridge(308) 697-3322 M S

Cedar Bluffs High SchoolCedar Bluffs(402) 628-2080 M S

Cedar Rapids Jr-Sr HighCedar Rapids(308) 358-0640 M S

Centennial Jr-Sr High SchoolUtica(402) 534-2321 M S

Central City High SchoolCentral City(308) 946-3086 M S

Central City Middle SchoolCentral City(308) 946-3056 M S

Central High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3300 M S

Centura Secondary SchoolCairo(308) 485-4258 M S

Chadron Middle SchoolChadron(308) 432-0708 M S

Chadron Senior High SchoolChadron(308) 432-0707 M S

Chambers High SchoolChambers(402) 482-5233 M S

Chappell Secondary SchoolChappell(308) 874-3310 M S

Chase County High SchoolImperial(308) 882-4304 M S

Clarkson Jr-Sr High SchoolClarkson(402) 892-3454 M S

Clay Center High SchoolClay Center(402) 762-3561 M S

Clearwater High SchoolClearwater(402) 485-2505 M S

Cody-Kilgore High SchoolCody(402) 823-4190 M S

Coleridge High SchoolColeridge(402) 283-4844 M S

Columbus High SchoolColumbus(402) 563-7050 M S

Columbus Middle SchoolColumbus(402) 563-7060 M S

Conestoga High SchoolMurray(402) 235-2271 M S

Cozad High SchoolCozad(308) 784-2744 M S

Cozad Middle SchoolCozad(308) 784-2746 M S

Crawford High SchoolCrawford(308) 665-1531 M S

Creighton Community High SchCreighton(402) 358-3663 M S

Crete High SchoolCrete(402) 471-3463 M S

Crofton High SchoolCrofton(402) 388-2440 M S

Cross County Hs-BenedictBenedict(402) 732-6677 M S

Cross County Hs-StromsburgStromsburg(402) 764-5521 M S

Cross County Ms-BenedictBenedict(402) 732-6677 M S

Culbertson High SchoolCulbertson(308) 278-2131 M S

David City Secondary SchoolDavid City(402) 367-3187 M S

Dawes Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1211 M S

Deshler High SchoolDeshler(402) 365-7272 M S

Detention CenterLincoln(402) 441-7090 M S

Detention Center-AirparkLincoln(402) 441-6501 M S

Diller-Odell Secondary SchoolOdell(402) 766-4171 M S

Dodge High SchoolDodge(402) 693-2207 M S

Doniphan-Trumbull SecondaryDoniphan(402) 845-6531 M S

Dorchester High SchoolDorchester(402) 946-2781 M S

Dundy County High SchoolBenkelman(308) 423-2738 M S

Elba Secondary SchoolElba(308) 863-2228 M S

Elgin High SchoolElgin(402) 843-2457 M S

Elkhorn High SchoolElkhorn(402) 289-4239 M S

Elkhorn Middle SchoolElkhorn(402) 289-2428 M S

Elkhorn Valley High SchoolTilden(402) 368-5301 M S

Elm Creek High SchoolElm Creek(308) 856-4300 M S

Elmwood-Murdock Jr/Sr High SchMurdock(402) 867-2341 M S

Elwood High SchoolElwood(308) 785-2491 M S

Emerson-Hubbard High SchoolEmerson(402) 695-2636 M S

Eustis-Farnam High SchoolEustis(308) 486-3991 M S

Eustis-Farnam Middle SchoolFarnam(308) 569-2331 M S

Ewing High SchoolEwing(402) 626-7235 M S

Exeter High SchoolExeter(402) 266-5911 M S

Expelled Students ProgramLincoln(402) 436-1694 M S

Fairbury Jr-Sr High SchoolFairbury(402) 729-6116 M S

Falls City Middle SchoolFalls City(402) 245-3455 M S

Falls City Senior HighFalls City(402) 245-2116 M S

Fillmore Central High SchoolGeneva(402) 759-3141 M S

Fillmore Central Middle SchoolFairmont(402) 268-3411 M S

Fine Arts Focus High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1785 M S

Fort Calhoun High SchoolFort Calhoun(402) 468-5591 M S

Franklin Secondary SchoolFranklin(308) 425-6283 M S

Freeman High SchoolAdams(402) 988-2525 M S

Fremont Learning CenterFremont(402) 727-3180 M S

Fremont Middle SchoolFremont(402) 727-3100 M S

Fremont Senior High SchoolFremont(402) 727-3050 M S

Friend High SchoolFriend(402) 947-2781 M S

Fullerton High SchoolFullerton(308) 536-2431 M S

Garden County High SchoolOshkosh(308) 772-3242 M S

Geneva North High SchoolGeneva(402) 759-3164 M S

Gerald Otte Blair Middle SchBlair(402) 426-3678 M S

Gering High SchoolGering(308) 436-3121 M S

Gering Junior High SchoolGering(308) 436-3123 M S

Gibbon High SchoolGibbon(308) 468-5721 M S

Giltner High SchoolGiltner(402) 849-2238 M S

Goodrich Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1213 M S

Gordon High SchoolGordon(308) 282-1322 M S

Gordon Jr High SchoolGordon(308) 282-1322 M S

Gothenburg Secondary SchoolGothenburg(308) 537-3651 M S

Grand Island Senior High SchGrand Island(308) 385-5950 M S

Grant High SchoolGrant(308) 352-4735 M S

Greeley High SchoolGreeley(308) 428-3145 M S

Gretna High SchoolGretna(402) 332-3936 M S

Gretna Middle SchoolGretna(402) 332-3048 M S

Hale Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4200 M S

Hampton High SchoolHampton(402) 725-3116 M S

Harry Andersen Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 895-8440 M S

Hartington High SchoolHartington(402) 254-3947 M S

Harvard High SchoolHarvard(402) 772-2171 M S

Hastings Middle SchoolHastings(402) 461-7520 M S

Hastings Senior High SchoolHastings(402) 461-7550 M S

Hay Springs High SchoolHay Springs(308) 638-4434 M S

Hayes Center Secondary SchoolHayes Center(308) 286-3341 M S

Heartland Community High SchHenderson(402) 723-4434 M S

Heartland Community Jr HighBradshaw(402) 736-4353 M S

Hemingford High SchoolHemingford(308) 487-3328 M S

Hershey High SchoolHershey(308) 368-5573 M S

High Plains Community High SchPolk(402) 765-3331 M S

High Plains Community MsClarks(308) 548-2216 M S

High School At BancroftBancroft(402) 648-3336 M S

High School At BrainardBrainard(402) 545-2081 M S

High School At DawsonDawson(402) 855-2645 M S

High School At DunningDunning(308) 538-2224 M S

High School At JohnsonJohnson(402) 868-5235 M S

High School At MernaMerna(308) 643-2224 M S

High School At ScotiaScotia(308) 245-3201 M S

High School At SyracuseSyracuse(402) 269-2381 M S

High School At TekamahTekamah(402) 374-2156 M S

High School At WisnerWisner(402) 529-3249 M S

High School Focus ProgramLincoln(402) 436-1780 M S

Hildreth High SchoolHildreth(308) 938-3825 M S

Holdrege High SchoolHoldrege(308) 995-6558 M S

Holdrege Middle SchoolHoldrege(308) 995-5421 M S

Homer High SchoolHomer(402) 698-2377 M S

Horizon Middle SchoolKearney(308) 237-6900 M S

Howells Jr/Sr High SchoolHowells(402) 986-1621 M S

Humboldt/Tr-Stein Usd7 HsHumboldt(402) 862-2151 M S

Humboldt/Tr-Stein Usd7 MsTable Rock(402) 839-2085 M S

Humphrey Jr-Sr High SchoolHumphrey(402) 923-1230 M S

Hyannis High SchoolHyannis(308) 458-2202 M S

Ideal SchoolPapillion(402) 898-0400 M S

Instructional Tech Focus SchLincoln(402) 436-1776 M S

Irving Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1214 M S

Jr-Sr High School At CookCook(402) 864-4171 M S

Jr-Sr High School At PalmyraPalmyra(402) 780-5327 M S


Junior High Sch At BancroftBancroft(402) 648-3336 M S

Junior-Senior High At SumnerSumner(308) 752-2925 M S

Kearney Sr High SchoolKearney(308) 237-6100 M S

Kearney West High SchoolKearney(308) 338-2011 M S

Kenesaw Secondary SchoolKenesaw(402) 752-3215 M S

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Keya Paha County High SchoolSpringview(402) 497-3501 M S

Kiewit Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 691-1470 M S

Kimball Jr/Sr High SchoolKimball(308) 235-4861 M S

King Science Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3720 M S

La Vista Junior High SchoolLa Vista(402) 898-0436 M S

Lakeside Central High SchoolTrenton(308) 334-5575 M S

Lakeview High SchoolColumbus(402) 563-2345 M S

Laurel-Concord High SchoolLaurel(402) 256-3731 M S

Lawrence/Nelson Secondary SchNelson(402) 225-3371 M S

Leigh High SchoolLeigh(402) 487-2228 M S

Lewis & Clark Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4300 M S

Lewiston High SchoolLewiston(402) 865-4675 M S

Lexington High SchoolLexington(308) 324-4691 M S

Lexington Middle SchoolLexington(308) 324-2349 M S

Leyton High SchoolDalton(308) 377-2303 M S

Lincoln East High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1302 M S

Lincoln High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1301 M S

Lincoln Northeast High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1303 M S

Lincoln Southeast High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1304 M S

Litchfield High SchoolLitchfield(308) 446-2244 M S

Lodgepole High SchoolLodgepole(308) 483-5252 M S

Logan Fontenelle Middle SchoolBellevue(402) 293-4360 M S

Logan View Jr/Sr High SchoolHooper(402) 654-3317 M S

Loomis Secondary SchoolLoomis(308) 876-2111 M S

Louisville High SchoolLouisville(402) 234-3585 M S

Louisville Middle SchoolLouisville(402) 234-3585 M S

Loup City High SchoolLoup City(308) 745-0548 M S

Loup County High SchoolTaylor(308) 942-6115 M S

Lux Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1220 M S

Lynch Secondary SchoolLynch(402) 569-2081 M S

Madison Middle SchoolNorth Platte(308) 535-7126 M S

Madison Middle SchoolMadison(402) 454-3336 M S

Madison Senior High SchoolMadison(402) 454-3336 M S

Magnet Career CenterOmaha(402) 557-3700 M S

Malcolm High SchoolMalcolm(402) 796-2151 M S

Maxwell High SchoolMaxwell(308) 582-4585 M S

Maywood High SchoolMaywood(308) 362-4223 M S

Mc Cook Alternative EducationMc Cook(308) 345-5631 M S

Mc Cook Junior High SchoolMc Cook(308) 345-6940 M S

Mc Cook Senior High SchoolMc Cook(308) 345-5422 M S

Mc Millan Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4500 M S

Mc Pherson County High SchoolTryon(308) 587-2262 M S

Mccool Junction Jr-Sr High SchMccool Junction(402) 724-2231 M S

Mead High SchoolMead(402) 624-3435 M S

Medicine Valley Jr-Sr High SchCurtis(308) 367-4106 M S

Meridian High SchoolDaykin(402) 446-7265 M S

Middle School At FirthFirth(402) 791-0020 M S

Milford High SchoolMilford(402) 761-2525 M S

Millard Central Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 895-8225 M S

Millard Lefler Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1215 M S

Millard North High SchoolOmaha(402) 691-1365 M S

Millard North Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 691-1280 M S

Millard South High SchoolOmaha(402) 895-8268 M S

Millard West High SchoolOmaha(402) 894-6000 M S

Milligan High SchoolMilligan(402) 629-4265 M S

Minatare High SchoolMinatare(308) 783-1232 M S

Minden High SchoolMinden(308) 832-2254 M S

Mitchell Secondary SchoolMitchell(308) 623-1707 M S

Monroe Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4600 M S

Morrill High SchoolMorrill(308) 247-2149 M S

Morton Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4700 M S

Mullen High SchoolMullen(308) 546-2223 M S

Nebraska City High SchoolNebraska City(402) 873-3360 M S

Nebraska City Middle SchoolNebraska City(402) 873-5591 M S

Neligh-Oakdale Jr/Sr High SchNeligh(402) 887-4166 M S

Newcastle High SchoolNewcastle(402) 355-2231 M S

Newman Grove High SchoolNewman Grove(402) 447-6294 M S

Niobrara Secondary SchoolNiobrara(402) 857-3322 M S

Norfolk Jr High SchoolNorfolk(402) 644-2516 M S

Norfolk Middle SchoolNorfolk(402) 644-2569 M S

Norfolk Senior High SchoolNorfolk(402) 644-2529 M S

Norris High SchoolFirth(402) 791-0010 M S

Norris Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 557-4800 M S

North Bend Central Jr/Sr HighNorth Bend(402) 652-3268 M S

North Platte High SchoolNorth Platte(308) 535-7105 M S

North Star High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1305 M S

Northeast Secondary SchoolLyons(402) 687-2349 M S

Northwest High SchoolGrand Island(308) 385-6394 M S

O`Neill Alternative SchoolO`Neill(402) 340-3457 M S

O`Neill High SchoolOneill(402) 336-1544 M S

Oakland Craig Junior HighOakland(402) 685-5661 M S

Oakland Craig Senior HighOakland(402) 685-5661 M S

Ogallala High SchoolOgallala(308) 284-4029 M S

Ogallala Middle SchoolOgallala(308) 284-4478 M S

Omaha North High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3400 M S

Omaha Northwest High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3500 M S

Omaha South High SchoolOmaha(402) 557-3600 M S

Orchard High SchoolOrchard(402) 893-3215 M S

Ord Jr-Sr High SchoolOrd(308) 728-3241 M S

Osceola High SchoolOsceola(402) 747-3121 M S

Osceola Middle SchoolOsceola(402) 747-3121 M S

Osmond High SchoolOsmond(402) 748-3777 M S

Overton High SchoolOverton(308) 987-2424 M S

Palmer Junior-Senior HighPalmer(308) 894-3065 M S

Papillion Junior High SchoolPapillion(402) 898-0424 M S

Papillion-La Vista Senior HighPapillion(402) 898-0400 M S

Park Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1212 M S

Parrish Alternative Ed CenterOmaha(402) 554-8460 M S

Pawnee City Secondary SchoolPawnee City(402) 852-2988 M S

Paxton High SchoolPaxton(308) 239-4283 M S

Pender High SchoolPender(402) 385-3044 M S

Phoenix Center EastMinden(308) 832-1546 M S

Phoenix Center WestHolbrook(308) 493-5479 M S

Pierce Jr/Sr High SchoolPierce(402) 329-6217 M S

Pine Ridge Job CorpsChadron(308) 432-3316 M S

Plainview Secondary SchoolPlainview(402) 582-4991 M S

Platteview Central Jr Hi SchSpringfield(402) 339-5052 M S

Platteview Senior High SchoolSpringfield(402) 339-3606 M S

Plattsmouth Alternative SchPlattsmouth(402) 296-3416 M S

Plattsmouth High SchoolPlattsmouth(402) 296-3322 M S

Plattsmouth Middle SchoolPlattsmouth(402) 296-3174 M S

Pleasanton High SchoolPleasanton(308) 388-2041 M S

Ponca High SchoolPonca(402) 755-2241 M S

Potter-Dix High SchoolPotter(308) 879-4434 M S

Potter-Dix Middle SchoolDix(308) 682-5231 M S

Pound Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1217 M S

Prague High SchoolPrague(402) 663-4388 M S

R J Barr Middle SchoolGrand Island(308) 385-5875 M S

Ralston High SchoolRalston(402) 331-7373 M S

Ralston Middle SchoolRalston(402) 331-4701 M S

Randolph High SchoolRandolph(402) 337-0252 M S

Ravenna Senior HighRavenna(308) 452-3249 M S

Red Cloud High SchoolRed Cloud(402) 746-2818 M S

Republican Valley High SchoolIndianola(308) 364-2202 M S

Residential Treatment CenterLincoln(402) 434-2674 M S

Rising City High SchoolRising City(402) 542-2216 M S

Robin Mickle Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1216 M S

Rock County High SchoolBassett(402) 684-3411 M S

Rushville High SchoolRushville(308) 327-2491 M S

Rushville Jr High SchoolRushville(308) 327-2682 M S

Russell Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 895-8500 M S

Sandy Creek Jr/Sr High SchoolFairfield(402) 726-2151 M S

Santee High SchoolNiobrara(402) 857-2741 M S

Sargent High SchoolSargent(308) 527-4119 M S

Schuyler Central High SchoolSchuyler(402) 352-2421 M S

Scott Middle SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1218 M S

Scottsbluff Senior High SchoolScottsbluff(308) 635-6230 M S

Scribner-Snyder Secondary SchScribner(402) 664-2567 M S

Se Nebr Consolidated High SchStella(402) 883-2400 M S

Secondary Behavioral SkillsLincoln(402) 436-1924 M S

Secondary Sch At RaymondRaymond(402) 785-2685 M S

Seward High SchoolSeward(402) 643-2988 M S

Seward Middle SchoolSeward(402) 643-2986 M S

Shelby High SchoolShelby(402) 527-5946 M S

Shelton High SchoolShelton(308) 647-5459 M S

Shickley High SchoolShickley(402) 627-3375 M S

Sidney High SchoolSidney(308) 254-5893 M S

Sidney Middle SchoolSidney(308) 254-5853 M S

Silver Lake High SchoolRoseland(402) 756-6611 M S

Sioux County High SchoolHarrison(308) 668-2415 M S

So Platte Middle Sch At BruleBrule(308) 287-2354 M S

South Platte High SchoolBig Springs(308) 889-3622 M S

South Sioux City Junior HighSo Sioux City(402) 494-3061 M S

South Sioux City Middle SchoolSo Sioux City(402) 494-4238 M S

South Sioux Senior High SchoolSo Sioux City(402) 494-2433 M S

Southern High SchoolWymore(402) 645-3326 M S

Southern Valley Jr/Sr HighOxford(308) 868-2222 M S

Southwest High SchoolLincoln(402) 436-1306 M S

Spalding Secondary SchoolSpalding(308) 497-2431 M S

Spencer/Naper High SchoolSpencer(402) 589-1333 M S

St Edward High SchoolSt Edward(402) 678-2282 M S

St Paul High SchoolSt Paul(308) 754-4433 M S

Stanton High SchoolStanton(402) 439-2250 M S

Stapleton High SchoolStapleton(308) 636-2252 M S

Step SchoolMc Cook(308) 345-7341 M S

Sterling High SchoolSterling(402) 866-4761 M S

Stuart High SchoolStuart(402) 924-3302 M S

Sunrise Middle SchoolKearney(308) 237-6450 M S

Superior Secondary SchoolSuperior(402) 879-3257 M S

Sutherland High SchoolSutherland(308) 386-4656 M S

Sutton Secondary SchoolSutton(402) 773-4303 M S

Tecumseh High SchoolTecumseh(402) 335-3328 M S

Thayer Central High SchoolHebron(402) 768-6117 M S

Thayer Central Middle SchoolChester(402) 324-5555 M S

The Learning CenterNorth Platte(308) 535-5311 M S

Thedford Rural High SchoolThedford(308) 645-2230 M S

Tri County Jr-Sr High SchoolDewitt(402) 683-2015 M S

Twin River Jr High SchoolSilver Creek(308) 773-2233 M S

Twin River Sr High SchoolGenoa(402) 993-2911 M S

Twin Valley High SchoolBartley(308) 692-3223 M S

Umo N Ho N Nation High SchoolMacy(402) 837-5260 M S

Unl Independent Study High SchLincoln(402) 472-4422 M S

Valentine Middle SchoolValentine(402) 376-3367 M S

Valentine Rural High SchoolValentine(402) 376-2730 M S

Valley High SchoolValley(402) 359-2121 M S

Verdigre High SchoolVerdigre(402) 668-2275 M S

Visions Middle SchoolNorth Platte(308) 535-5382 M S

Wahoo High SchoolWahoo(402) 443-4332 M S

Wahoo Middle SchoolWahoo(402) 443-3101 M S

Wakefield High SchoolWakefield(402) 287-2012 M S

Wallace High SchoolWallace(308) 387-4323 M S

Walnut Middle SchoolGrand Island(308) 385-5990 M S

Walthill High SchoolWalthill(402) 846-5432 M S

Waterloo Secondary SchoolWaterloo(402) 779-2646 M S

Wauneta Palisade Jr HighWauneta(308) 394-5650 M S

Wauneta-Palisade High SchoolWauneta(308) 394-5650 M S

Wausa High SchoolWausa(402) 586-2255 M S

Waverly High SchoolWaverly(402) 786-2765 M S

Waverly Middle SchoolWaverly(402) 786-2348 M S

Wayne High SchoolWayne(402) 375-3150 M S

Wayne Middle SchoolWayne(402) 375-2230 M S

Weeping Water High SchoolWeeping Water(402) 267-4265 M S

West Holt Rural High SchoolAtkinson(402) 925-2890 M S

West Point High SchoolWest Point(402) 372-5546 M S

Westridge Middle SchoolGrand Island(308) 385-5886 M S

Westside High SchoolOmaha(402) 343-2600 M S

Westside Middle SchoolOmaha(402) 390-6464 M S

Wheatland High SchoolMadrid(308) 326-4201 M S

Wheeler Central HighBartlett(308) 654-3273 M S

Wilber-Clatonia High SchoolWilber(402) 821-2508 M S

Wilcox Secondary SchoolWilcox(308) 478-5265 M S

Wilson Alternative Ed CenterOmaha(402) 733-1785 M S

Winnebago High SchoolWinnebago(402) 878-2224 M S

Winside High SchoolWinside(402) 286-4465 M S

Wisner-Pilger Middle SchoolPilger(402) 396-3566 M S

Wolbach High SchoolWolbach(308) 246-5232 M S

Wood River Rural High SchoolWood River(308) 583-2249 M S

Wynot Middle SchoolWynot(402) 357-2121 M S

Wynot Secondary SchoolWynot(402) 357-2121 M S

York High SchoolYork(402) 362-6655 M S

York Middle SchoolYork(402) 362-6655 M S

Yutan High SchoolYutan(402) 625-2241 M S

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