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AlmaAlma High School(501) 632-2162

AlmaAlma Middle School(501) 632-2168

AlpenaAlpena High School(870) 437-2228

AltheimerAltheimer-Sherrill High School(870) 766-0005

AltusAltus-Denning High School(501) 468-6111

AmityCenterpoint High School(870) 356-3612

ArkadelphiaGoza Middle School(870) 246-4291

ArkadelphiaPeake Elementary School(870) 246-2361

ArkadlephiaArkadelphia High School(870) 246-7373

Arkansas CityArkansas City High School(870) 877-2474

ArmorelArmorel High School(870) 763-7121

AshdownAshdown High School(870) 898-3562

AshdownAshdown Junior High School(870) 898-5138

AshdownL.F. Henderson Interm. Sch.(870) 898-3561

AtkinsAtkins High School(501) 641-1000

AtkinsAtkins Middle School(501) 641-1008

AugustaAugusta High School(870) 347-2515

Bald KnobBald Knob High School(501) 724-3843

Bald KnobBald Knob Middle School(501) 724-5652

Bald KnobFoothills Vocational Center(501) 724-3614

BartonBarton High School(870) 572-6867

BatesvilleBatesville High School(870) 793-6846

BatesvilleBatesville Junior High School(870) 793-7533

BatesvilleBatesville Middle School(870) 793-2316

BatesvilleSouthside High School(870) 251-2662

BatesvilleSouthside Middle School(870) 251-2332

BauxiteBauxite High School(501) 557-5303

BayBay High School(870) 781-3297

BeardenBearden High School(870) 687-2913

BeardenBearden Middle School(870) 687-3503

Bee BranchSouth Side High School(501) 654-2242

BeebeBeebe High School(501) 882-3311

BeebeBeebe Intermediate(501) 882-2800

BeebeBeebe Middle School(501) 882-8414

BentonBenton High School(501) 778-3288

BentonBenton Middle School(501) 776-5740

BentonHarmony Grove High School(501) 776-2337

BentonvilleBentonville High School(501) 254-5100

BentonvilleLincoln Junior High School(501) 464-1230

BentonvilleOld High Middle School(501) 254-5450

BentonvilleSpring Hill Middle School(501) 271-1180

BentonvilleWashington Junior High School(501) 271-1127

BergmanBergman High School(870) 741-8557

BerryvilleBerryville High School(870) 423-3312

BerryvilleBerryville Middle School(870) 423-4512

BigelowBigelow High School(501) 759-2602

BiggersBiggers-Reyno High School(870) 769-2480

BismarckBismarck High School(501) 865-4541

BismarckBismarck Middle School(501) 865-4543

Black RockBlack Rock High School(870) 878-6461

BlevinsBlevins High School(870) 874-2281

BlythevilleBlytheville Charter And Alc(870) 763-7191

BlythevilleBlytheville High School(870) 762-2772

BlythevilleBlytheville Intermediate Sch(870) 763-5924

BlythevilleBlytheville Middle School(870) 762-2983

BoonevilleBooneville High School(501) 675-3277

BoonevilleBooneville Middle School(501) 675-5247




BradfordBradford High School(501) 344-8245

BradleyBradley High School(870) 894-3316

BranchCounty Line High School(501) 635-2441

BriggsvilleFourche Valley High School(501) 299-4425

BrinkleyBrinkley High School(870) 734-5005

BrockwellIzard Co. Cons. High School(870) 258-7788

BrooklandBrookland High School(870) 932-8610

BryantBryant High School(501) 847-5605

BryantBryant Middle School(501) 847-5651

CabotCabot High School(501) 843-3562

CabotCabot Junior High North(501) 605-8470

CabotCabot Junior High School(501) 843-2788

CabotCabot Middle School North(501) 605-4192

CabotCabot Middle School South(501) 941-7335

Calico RockCalico Rock High School(870) 297-3745

CamdenCamden Fairview High School(870) 837-1300

CamdenCamden Vocational Center(870) 836-9367

CamdenFairview Middle School(870) 836-6876

CamdenHarmony Grove High School(870) 574-0867

CamdenWhiteside Elementary School(870) 836-4163

CarawayRiverside Jr. High School(870) 482-3327

CarlisleCarlisle High School(870) 552-3196

CarthageCarthage High School(870) 254-2231

CasaPerry-Casa High School(501) 233-4112

Cave CityCave City High School(870) 283-5392

CedarvilleCedarville High School(501) 474-7021

CedarvilleCedarville Middle School(501) 474-5847

Center RidgeNemo Vista High School(501) 893-2811

CharlestonCharleston High School(501) 965-7150

CharlotteCord-Charlotte High School(870) 799-3051

Cherry ValleyCross County High School(870) 588-3337

ClarendonClarendon High School(870) 747-3326

ClarksvilleClarksville High School(501) 754-2450

ClarksvilleClarksville Junior High School(501) 754-6766

ClarksvilleKraus Middle School(501) 754-7734

ClintonAlread High School(501) 745-5337

ClintonClinton High School(501) 745-6000

ClintonClinton Middle School(501) 745-6000

Coal HillWestside High School(501) 497-1171

ConcordConcord High School(870) 668-3522

ConwayBob Courtway Middle School(501) 450-4832

ConwayCarl Stuart Middle School(501) 329-2782

ConwayConway High West(501) 450-4880

ConwayConway Vocational Center(501) 470-4888

CorningCorning High School(870) 857-3041

CotterCotter High School(870) 435-6323

Cotton PlantCotton Plant High School(870) 459-3471

CoveVan Cove High School(870) 387-2744

CrawfordsvilleCrawfordsville High School(870) 823-5533

CrossettAlpha Alternative(870) 364-8192

CrossettCrossett High School(870) 364-2625

CrossettDaniel Intermediate School(870) 364-8971

CrossettNorman Junior High School(870) 364-4739

CushmanCushman High School(870) 793-6321

DanvilleDanville High School(501) 495-4810

DardanelleDardanelle High School(501) 229-4655

DardanelleDardanelle Middle School(501) 229-4550

De QueenDequeen High School(870) 642-2426

De QueenDequeen Middle School(870) 642-2428

De Valls BluffDevalls Bluff High School(870) 998-2361

DecaturDecatur High School(501) 752-2490

DeerDeer High School(870) 428-5288

DelaplaineDelaplaine High School(870) 249-3216

DelightDelight High School(870) 379-2214

DermottDermott High School(870) 538-1030

DermottDermott Middle(870) 538-1020

Des ArcDes Arc High School(870) 256-4166

DewittDewitt High School(870) 946-4661

DewittDewitt Middle School(870) 946-3708

DierksDierks High School(870) 286-3234

DoddridgeBright Star High School(870) 691-2342

DonaldsonOuachita High School(501) 384-2323

DoverDover High School(501) 331-2120

DoverDover Middle School(501) 331-2750

DumasDumas High School(870) 382-4151

DumasDumas Junior High School(870) 382-4476

EarleEarle High School(870) 792-8716

El DoradoBarton Middle School(870) 864-5051

El DoradoEl Dorado High School(870) 864-5100

El DoradoParkers Chapel High School(870) 862-2360

El DoradoRogers Middle School(870) 864-5032

El DoradoSouthark Career Center(870) 864-7110

El DoradoUnion High School(870) 863-8472

ElaineElaine High School(870) 827-6345

ElkinsElkins High School(501) 643-3381

ElkinsElkins Middle School(501) 643-2552

EmersonEmerson High School(870) 547-2862

EmmetEmmet High School(870) 887-2319

EnglandEngland High School(501) 842-2031

EnglandEngland Middle School(501) 842-9606

EudoraEudora High School(870) 355-6040

Eureka SpringsEureka Springs High School(501) 253-8875

Eureka SpringsEureka Springs Middle School(501) 253-7716

Evening ShadeEvening Shade High School(870) 266-3391

EvertonBruno-Pyatt High School(870) 427-5227

FarmingtonFarmington High School(501) 266-1862

FarmingtonRandall G. Lynch Middle School(501) 266-1842

FayettevilleFayetteville High School East(501) 444-3050

FayettevilleHolt Middle School(501) 527-3670

FayettevilleMcnair Middle School(501) 527-3660

FlippinFlippin High School(870) 453-2233

FlippinFlippin Middle School(870) 453-6464

FordyceFordyce High School(870) 352-2126

FordyceFordyce Middle School(870) 352-7121

ForemanForeman High School(870) 542-7212

Forrest CityForrest City High School(870) 633-1464

Forrest CityLincoln Middle School(870) 633-0310

Fort SmithBelle Point Alternative Center(501) 783-7034

Fort SmithDora Kimmons Jr. High School(501) 785-2451

Fort SmithL. A. Chaffin Jr. High School(501) 452-2226

Fort SmithNorthside High School(501) 783-1171

Fort SmithRamsey Junior High School(501) 783-5115

Fort SmithSouthside High School(501) 646-7371

Fort SmithWestern Ark Technical Center(479) 788-7720

Fort SmithWilliam O. Darby Jr. High Sch.(501) 783-4159

FoukeFouke High School(870) 653-4551

FoukeFouke Middle School(870) 653-2304

Fountain HillFountain Hill High School(870) 853-5318

FoxRural Special High School(870) 363-4365

GentryGentry High School(501) 736-2666

GentryGentry Middle School(501) 736-2251

GillettGillett High School(870) 548-2316

GillhamDequeen/Mena Technical Ed Center(870) 386-2251

GosnellGosnell High School(870) 532-4010

GouldGould Middle School(870) 263-4466

GradyGrady High School(870) 479-3422

GravetteGravette High School(501) 787-4180

GravetteGravette Jr. High School(501) 787-4160

GravetteGravette Upper Elementary(501) 787-4140

Green ForestGreen Forest High School(870) 438-5203

Green ForestGreen Forrest Middle School(870) 438-5129

GreenbrierGreenbrier High School(501) 679-4236

GreenbrierGreenbrier Middle School(501) 679-2113

GreenlandGreenland High School(501) 521-2308

GreenwoodEast Hills Middle School(501) 996-0504

GreenwoodGreenwood High School(501) 996-4141

Greers FerryWest Side High School(501) 825-7241

GurdonCabe Middle School(870) 353-4311

GurdonGurdon High School(870) 353-5123

GuyGuy-Perkins High School(501) 679-3507

HackettHackett High School(501) 638-8210

HamburgAllbritton Upper Elem. School(870) 853-2820

HamburgHamburg High School(870) 853-9856

HamburgHamburg Junior High School(870) 853-2811

HamptonHampton High School(870) 798-2742

HardyHighland High School(870) 856-3273

HardyHighland Middle School(870) 856-3284

HarrisburgCentral Elementary School(870) 578-5401

HarrisburgHarrisburg High School(870) 578-2417

HarrisburgHarrisburg Middle School(870) 578-2410

HarrisonCentral Elementary School(870) 741-9764

HarrisonHarrison High School(870) 741-8223

HarrisonNorthark Technical Center(870) 391-3513

HartfordHartford High School(501) 639-2239

HatfieldHatfield High School(870) 389-6165

HattievilleWonderview High School(501) 354-8668

HavanaWestern Yell Co. High School(501) 476-4100

HazenHazen High School(870) 255-4546

Heber SpringsHeber Springs High School(501) 362-3141

Heber SpringsHeber Springs Middle School(501) 362-2488

HectorHector High School(501) 284-3536

HelenaC.V. White High School(870) 827-3367

HelenaJ.F. Wahl Elementary School(870) 338-4404

HermitageHermitage High School(870) 463-2235

Holly GroveHolly Grove High School(870) 462-8856

HopeBeryl Henry Upper Elem. School(870) 777-6222

HopeGarland Learning Center(870) 777-3454

HopeHope High School(870) 777-3451

HopeSpring Hill High School(501) 722-7430

HopeYerger Junior High School(870) 722-2770

HoratioHoratio High School(870) 832-2341

Hot SpringsCutter-Morning Star High Sch.(501) 262-1220

Hot SpringsFountain Lake High School(501) 623-5101

Hot SpringsHot Springs High School(501) 624-5286

Hot SpringsLakeside High School(501) 262-1530

Hot SpringsLakeside Middle School(501) 262-6244

Hot SpringsQuapaw Vocational Center(501) 767-9314

HoxieHoxie High School(870) 886-4254

HughesHughes High School(870) 339-2570

HumphreyHumphrey High School(870) 873-4326

HuntsvilleHuntsville High School(501) 738-2500

HuntsvilleHuntsville Middle School(501) 738-6520

HuttigHuttig High School(870) 943-2202

ImbodenSloan-Hendrix High School(870) 869-2361

JacksonvilleJacksonville High School(501) 982-2128

JacksonvilleJacksonville Middle School(501) 982-9407

JacksonvilleNorth Pulaski High School(501) 982-9436

JasperJasper High School(870) 446-2223

JessievilleJessieville High School(501) 984-5011

JonesboroDouglas Macarthur Jhs(870) 933-5840

JonesboroJonesboro High School(870) 933-5881

JonesboroJonesboro Vocational Center(870) 933-5891

JonesboroNettleton High School(870) 910-7805

JonesboroNettleton Intermediate Center(870) 910-7809

JonesboroNettleton Junior High School(870) 910-7819

JonesboroSixth Grade Academic Center(870) 933-5825

JonesboroValley View High School(870) 932-3737

JonesboroValley View Jr. High(870) 935-6361

JonesboroWestside High School(870) 935-7501

JonesboroWestside Middle School(870) 972-5622

JudsoniaJudsonia Middle School(501) 729-3371

JudsoniaWhite Co. Central High School(501) 729-3947

Junction CityJunction City High School(870) 924-4576

KensettKensett Middle School(501) 742-3346

KingslandKingsland High School(870) 348-5335

KingstonKingston High School(501) 665-2835

KirbyKirby High School(501) 398-4211

Lake CityRiverside High School(870) 237-4328

Lake VillageLakeside High School(870) 265-2232

Lake VillageLakeside Middle School(870) 265-2970

LamarLamar High School(501) 885-3344



LavacaLavaca High School(501) 674-5612

LeachvilleBuffalo Is. Central Jhs(870) 539-6883

Lead HillLead Hill High School(870) 436-5677

LepantoEast Poinsett Co. High School(870) 475-2331

LeslieLeslie High School(870) 447-2431


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LeslieNorth Central Vocational Center(870) 447-6111

LewisvilleLewisville High School(870) 921-4275

LincolnLincoln High School(501) 824-3010

LincolnLincoln Middle School(501) 824-3010

Little RockAccelerated Learning Program(501) 570-1400

Little RockAlternative Agencies(501) 660-6606

Little RockArk. School For The Blind H.S.(501) 296-1810

Little RockArk. School For The Deaf H.S.(501) 324-9514

Little RockCentral High School(501) 324-2300

Little RockCloverdale Middle School(501) 570-4085

Little RockDunbar Magnet Middle School(501) 324-2440

Little RockEast End Intermediate School(501) 888-1477

Little RockEvening High School(501) 570-1400

Little RockForest Heights Middle School(501) 671-6390

Little RockFuller Middle School(501) 490-5730

Little RockHall High School(501) 671-6200

Little RockHenderson Middle School(501) 228-3050

Little RockJ.A. Fair High School(501) 228-3100

Little RockJoe T. Robinson High School(501) 868-2400

Little RockMann Magnet Middle School(501) 324-2450

Little RockMcclellan Magnet High School(501) 570-4100

Little RockMetropolitan Vo-Tech School(501) 565-8465

Little RockParkview Magnet High School(501) 228-3000

Little RockPulaski Heights Middle School(501) 671-6250

Little RockRobinson Junior High School(501) 868-2410

Little RockSouthwest Middle School(501) 570-4070

Little RockWilbur D. Mills High School(501) 490-5700

LockesburgLockesburg High School(870) 289-2431

LonokeLonoke High School(501) 676-2476

LonokeLonoke Middle School(501) 676-6670

LynnLynn High School(870) 528-3462

MabelvaleMabelvale Middle School(501) 455-7400

MagazineJ.D. Leftwich High School(501) 969-2640

MagnoliaCentral Elementary School(870) 234-4911

MagnoliaMagnolia High School(870) 901-2530

MagnoliaMagnolia Jr. High School(870) 234-2206

MagnoliaWalker High School(870) 234-4424

MalvernGlen Rose High School(501) 332-3694

MalvernMagnet Cove High School(501) 332-5466

MalvernMalvern High School(501) 332-6905

MalvernMalvern Junior High School(501) 332-7530

MalvernOuachita Vocational Center(501) 332-3658

MalvernWilson Elementary School(501) 332-6452

Mammoth SpringMammoth Spring High School(870) 625-7212

ManilaManila High School(870) 561-4417

MansfieldMansfield High School(501) 928-4451

MariannaAnna Strong Middle School(870) 295-7140

MariannaLee High School(870) 295-7130

MarionMarion High School(870) 739-5130

MarionMarion Intermediate School(870) 739-5180

MarionMarion Middle School(870) 739-5173

Marked TreeMarked Tree High School(501) 358-2891

MarmadukeMarmaduke High School(870) 597-4693

MarshallMarshall High School(870) 448-3331

MarvellMarvell High School(870) 829-2594

MaumelleAcademic Plus Charter School(501) 851-3333

MayflowerMayflower High School(501) 470-0388

MayflowerMayflower Middle School(501) 470-2111

MaynardMaynard High School(870) 647-2210

MccroryMccrory High School(870) 731-2851

McgeheeMcgehee High School(870) 222-3600

McneilMcneil High School(870) 695-3342

McraeMcrae High School(501) 726-3611

MelbourneMelbourne High School(870) 368-4500

MenaAcorn High School(501) 394-5544

MenaMena High School(501) 394-1144

MenaMena Middle School(501) 394-2572

Mineral SpringsMineral Springs High School(870) 287-4747

MonetteBuffalo Is. Central Hs(870) 486-5512

MonticelloDrew Central High School(870) 367-6076

MonticelloMonticello High School(870) 367-4020

MonticelloMonticello Middle School(870) 367-4040

MonticelloMonticello Vocational Center(870) 367-4060

MorriltonMorrilton Middle School(501) 354-9476

MorriltonMorrilton Sr. High School(501) 354-9430

MorriltonRiver Valley Vocational Center(501) 354-9475

Mount IdaMount Ida High School(870) 867-4517

Mount JudeaMount Judea High School(870) 434-5362

Mountain HomeGuy Berry Intermediate School(870) 425-1261

Mountain HomeMountain Home High School(870) 425-1215

Mountain HomePinkston Middle School(870) 425-1236

Mountain PineMountain Pine High School(501) 767-6917

MountainburgMountainburg High School(501) 369-2146

MountainburgMountainburg Middle School(501) 369-4506

Mt HollyMount Holly High School(870) 554-2551

Mt PleasantMount Pleasant High School(870) 346-5481

Mt VernonMt. Vernon/Enola High School(501) 849-2221

Mtn. ViewMountain View High School(870) 269-3943

MulberryMulberry High School(501) 997-1363

MurfreesboroMurfreesboro High School(870) 285-3514

NashvilleNashville Elementary School(870) 845-3262

NashvilleNashville High School(870) 845-3261

NashvilleNashville Junior High School(870) 845-3418

NewarkNewark High School(870) 799-8691

NewportGibbs Albright Elem. School(870) 523-1316

NewportNewport High School(870) 523-1321

NewportNewport Junior High School(870) 523-1346

NorforkNorfork High School(870) 499-7191

NormanCaddo Hills High School(870) 356-3857

NorphletNorphlet High School(870) 546-2512

North Litte RockNorthwood Middle School(501) 833-1170

North Litte RockOak Grove High School(501) 851-5350

North Little RockCentral Sixth Grade School(501) 771-8275

North Little RockLakewood Middle School(501) 771-8250

North Little RockRidgeroad Middle School(501) 771-8155

North Little RockRose City Middle School(501) 955-3600

North Little RockSaline County Career Center(501) 812-2200

OarkOark High School(501) 292-3337

OdenOden High School(870) 326-4311

OlaOla High School(501) 489-4154

OmahaOmaha High School(870) 426-3366

OmahaOmaha Middle School(870) 426-3366

OsceolaEast Elementary School(870) 563-6861

OsceolaOsceola High School(870) 563-2192

OsceolaOsceola Middle School(870) 563-2150

OzarkOzark High School(501) 667-4116

OzarkOzark Junior High School(501) 667-4747

OzarkPleasant View High School(501) 997-8469

PalestinePalestine-Wheatley Senior High(870) 581-2425

PangburnPangburn High School(501) 728-3513

ParagouldGreen Co. Tech Jr. High School(870) 239-2147

ParagouldGreene Co. Tech High School(870) 236-6113

ParagouldGreene Co. Tech Interm. School(870) 239-6970

ParagouldOak Grove Middle School(870) 586-0483

ParagouldParagould High School(870) 236-7744

ParagouldParagould Junior High(870) 236-7744

ParisParis High School(501) 963-2247

ParisParis Middle School(501) 963-6995

ParkinParkin High School(870) 755-2791

ParonParon High School(501) 594-5622

Pea RidgePea Ridge High School(501) 451-8182

Pea RidgePea Ridge Middle School(501) 451-1555

PearcyLake Hamilton High School(501) 767-9311

PearcyLake Hamilton Interm. School(501) 767-4111

PearcyLake Hamilton Middle School(501) 767-3355

PerryvillePerryville High School(501) 889-2326

PiggottPiggott High School(870) 598-3815

Pine BluffColeman Elementary School(870) 879-3630

Pine BluffDollarway High School(870) 534-3878

Pine BluffDollarway Junior High School(870) 534-5243

Pine BluffJefferson Area Vocational Center(870) 534-1944

Pine BluffOak Park Elementary School(870) 543-4384

Pine BluffPine Bluff High School(870) 543-4300

Pine BluffSam Taylor Elementary School(870) 543-4386

Pine BluffSoutheast Middle School(870) 543-4350

Pine BluffThirty-Fourth Ave. Elem. Sch.(870) 543-4392

Pine BluffTownsend Park Elem. School(870) 534-4185

Pine BluffWatson Chapel High School(870) 879-3230

Pine BluffWatson Chapel Jr. High School(870) 879-4420

PlainviewPlainview-Rover High School(501) 272-4241

Pleasant PlainsMidland High School(501) 345-2610

PocahontasPocahontas High School(870) 892-4573

PocahontasPocahontas Junior High School(870) 892-4573

PottsvillePottsville High School(501) 968-6334

PottsvillePottsville Middle Grade(501) 890-6631

PoyenPoyen High School(501) 332-2939

Prairie GrovePrairie Grove Jr. High School(501) 846-4221

Prairie GrovePrairie Grove Upper Elem. Sch.(501) 846-4211

PrescottMcrae Middle School(870) 887-2521

PrescottPrescott High School(870) 887-3123

QuitmanQuitman High School(501) 589-2554

Ravenden SpringsOak Ridge Central High School(870) 869-2479

RectorRector High School(870) 595-3553

RedfieldRedfield Junior High School(501) 397-2253

RisonRison High School(870) 325-6241

RisonWoodlawn High School(870) 357-8171

RogersKirksey Middle School(501) 631-3625

RogersLingle Middle School(501) 631-3590

RogersRogers High School(501) 636-2202

RohwerDelta High School(870) 644-3800

Rose BudRose Bud High School(501) 556-5404

RosstonNevada High School(870) 871-2478

RussellvilleRussellville Area Vocational Center(479) 968-5422

RussellvilleRussellville High School(501) 968-3151

RussellvilleRussellville Middle School(501) 968-2557

RussellvilleRussellville Upper Elem. Sch.(501) 968-2650

SalemSalem High School(870) 895-3293

SaratogaSaratoga High School(501) 388-9262

ScotlandScotland High School(501) 592-3508

ScrantonScranton High School(501) 938-7121

SearcyAhlf Junior High School(501) 268-3158

SearcyRiverview High School(501) 279-7700

SearcySearcy High School(501) 268-8315

SearcySouthwest Middle School(501) 268-3125

SheridanSheridan High School(870) 942-3137

SheridanSheridan Intermediate School(870) 942-7488

SheridanSheridan Junior High School(870) 942-3813

SherwoodSylvan Hills High School(501) 833-1100

SherwoodSylvan Hills Middle School(501) 833-1120

ShirleyShirley High School(501) 723-8192

Siloam SpringsSiloam Springs High School(501) 524-5134

Siloam SpringsSiloam Springs Middle School(501) 524-6184

Siloam SpringsSouthside West Elem. School(501) 524-3183

SmackoverSmackover High School(870) 725-3101

SparkmanSparkman High School(870) 678-2242

SpringdaleHelen Tyson Middle School(501) 750-8720

SpringdaleJ. O. Kelly Middle School(501) 750-8730

SpringdaleSpringdale High School(501) 750-8832

St JoeSt. Joe High School(870) 439-2213

St PaulSt. Paul High School(501) 677-2624

StampsStamps High School(870) 533-4464

Star CityStar City High School(870) 628-4111

Star CityStar City Middle School(870) 628-5125

StephensStephens High School(870) 786-5442

StrawberryRiver Valley High School(870) 528-3856

StrongStrong High School(870) 797-2312

StuttgartGingerich Elementary School(870) 673-3561

StuttgartStuttgart High School(870) 673-3561

Sulphur RockSulphur Rock High School(870) 799-8088

SwiftonSwifton High School(870) 485-2336

TaylorTaylor High School(870) 694-2251

TexarkanaArkansas High School(870) 774-7641

TexarkanaCollege Hill Middle(870) 773-3391

TexarkanaGary E. Cobb Middle School(870) 653-2132

TexarkanaGenoa Central High School(870) 653-2272

TexarkanaNorth Heights Jr. High School(870) 772-0781

TexarkanaTexarkana Area Vocational Center(870) 774-7641

TimboTimbo High School(870) 746-4303

TrumannTrumann High School(870) 483-5301

TuckermanTuckerman High School(870) 349-2657

TurrellTurrell High School(870) 343-2655

UmpireUmpire High School(870) 583-2141

Valley SpringsValley Springs High School(870) 429-8120

Van BurenButterfield Trail Jhs(501) 474-6838

Van BurenCentral Middle School(501) 474-7059

Van BurenColeman Junior High School(501) 471-3160

Van BurenNorthridge Middle School(501) 471-3126

Van BurenVan Buren High School(501) 474-6821

ViloniaVilonia High School(501) 796-2111

ViloniaVilonia Middle School(501) 796-2940

ViolaViola High School(870) 458-2213

WaldoWaldo High School(870) 693-5825

WaldronWaldron High School(501) 637-3405

WaldronWaldron Middle School(501) 637-4549

Walnut RidgeWalnut Ridge High School(870) 886-6623

WarrenSeacbec (Warren)(870) 226-6920

WarrenThomas C. Brunson Elem. School(870) 226-2351

WarrenWarren High School(870) 226-6736

WarrenWarren Jr. High School(870) 226-2484

WeinerWeiner High School(870) 684-2250

West ForkWest Fork High School(501) 839-3131

West ForkWest Fork Middle School(501) 839-3342

West HelenaCentral High School(870) 572-6744

West HelenaMiller Junior High School(870) 572-2885

West MemphisEast Junior High School(870) 735-2081

West MemphisWest Junior High School(870) 735-3161

West MemphisWest Memphis High School(870) 735-3660

West MemphisWonder Junior High School(870) 735-8522

Western GroveWestern Grove High School(870) 429-5215

WheatleyPalestine-Wheatley Junior High(870) 457-2121

WheatleyPalestine-Wheatley Middle Sch.(870) 457-3961

White HallWhite Hall High School(870) 247-3255

White HallWhite Hall Junior High School(870) 247-2711

WickesWickes High School(870) 385-2366

WilburnWilburn High School(501) 362-3302

WillifordWilliford High School(870) 966-4330

WilsonRivercrest High School(870) 655-8111

WinslowWinslow High School(501) 634-7151

Witts SpringsWitts Springs High School(870) 496-2355

WynneWynne High School(870) 238-5001

WynneWynne Junior High School(870) 238-5040

YellvilleYellville-Summit High School(870) 449-4066

YellvilleYellville-Summit Middle School(870) 449-6533

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