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Academic Plus Charter SchoolMaumelle(501) 851-3333 M S

Accelerated Learning ProgramLittle Rock(501) 570-1400 M S

Acorn High SchoolMena(501) 394-5544 M S

Ahlf Junior High SchoolSearcy(501) 268-3158 M S

Allbritton Upper Elem. SchoolHamburg(870) 853-2820 M S

Alma High SchoolAlma(501) 632-2162 M S

Alma Middle SchoolAlma(501) 632-2168 M S

Alpena High SchoolAlpena(870) 437-2228 M S

Alpha AlternativeCrossett(870) 364-8192 M S

Alread High SchoolClinton(501) 745-5337 M S

Alternative AgenciesLittle Rock(501) 660-6606 M S

Altheimer-Sherrill High SchoolAltheimer(870) 766-0005 M S

Altus-Denning High SchoolAltus(501) 468-6111 M S

Anna Strong Middle SchoolMarianna(870) 295-7140 M S

Ark. School For The Blind H.S.Little Rock(501) 296-1810 M S

Ark. School For The Deaf H.S.Little Rock(501) 324-9514 M S

Arkadelphia High SchoolArkadlephia(870) 246-7373 M S

Arkansas City High SchoolArkansas City(870) 877-2474 M S

Arkansas High SchoolTexarkana(870) 774-7641 M S

Armorel High SchoolArmorel(870) 763-7121 M S

Ashdown High SchoolAshdown(870) 898-3562 M S

Ashdown Junior High SchoolAshdown(870) 898-5138 M S

Atkins High SchoolAtkins(501) 641-1000 M S

Atkins Middle SchoolAtkins(501) 641-1008 M S

Augusta High SchoolAugusta(870) 347-2515 M S

Bald Knob High SchoolBald Knob(501) 724-3843 M S

Bald Knob Middle SchoolBald Knob(501) 724-5652 M S

Barton High SchoolBarton(870) 572-6867 M S

Barton Middle SchoolEl Dorado(870) 864-5051 M S

Batesville High SchoolBatesville(870) 793-6846 M S

Batesville Junior High SchoolBatesville(870) 793-7533 M S

Batesville Middle SchoolBatesville(870) 793-2316 M S

Bauxite High SchoolBauxite(501) 557-5303 M S

Bay High SchoolBay(870) 781-3297 M S




Bearden High SchoolBearden(870) 687-2913 M S

Bearden Middle SchoolBearden(870) 687-3503 M S

Beebe High SchoolBeebe(501) 882-3311 M S

Beebe IntermediateBeebe(501) 882-2800 M S

Beebe Middle SchoolBeebe(501) 882-8414 M S

Belle Point Alternative CenterFort Smith(501) 783-7034 M S

Benton High SchoolBenton(501) 778-3288 M S

Benton Middle SchoolBenton(501) 776-5740 M S

Bentonville High SchoolBentonville(501) 254-5100 M S

Bergman High SchoolBergman(870) 741-8557 M S

Berryville High SchoolBerryville(870) 423-3312 M S

Berryville Middle SchoolBerryville(870) 423-4512 M S

Beryl Henry Upper Elem. SchoolHope(870) 777-6222 M S

Bigelow High SchoolBigelow(501) 759-2602 M S

Biggers-Reyno High SchoolBiggers(870) 769-2480 M S

Bismarck High SchoolBismarck(501) 865-4541 M S

Bismarck Middle SchoolBismarck(501) 865-4543 M S

Black Rock High SchoolBlack Rock(870) 878-6461 M S

Blevins High SchoolBlevins(870) 874-2281 M S

Blytheville Charter And AlcBlytheville(870) 763-7191 M S

Blytheville High SchoolBlytheville(870) 762-2772 M S

Blytheville Intermediate SchBlytheville(870) 763-5924 M S

Blytheville Middle SchoolBlytheville(870) 762-2983 M S

Bob Courtway Middle SchoolConway(501) 450-4832 M S

Booneville High SchoolBooneville(501) 675-3277 M S

Booneville Middle SchoolBooneville(501) 675-5247 M S

Bradford High SchoolBradford(501) 344-8245 M S

Bradley High SchoolBradley(870) 894-3316 M S

Bright Star High SchoolDoddridge(870) 691-2342 M S

Brinkley High SchoolBrinkley(870) 734-5005 M S

Brookland High SchoolBrookland(870) 932-8610 M S

Bruno-Pyatt High SchoolEverton(870) 427-5227 M S

Bryant High SchoolBryant(501) 847-5605 M S

Bryant Middle SchoolBryant(501) 847-5651 M S

Buffalo Is. Central HsMonette(870) 486-5512 M S

Buffalo Is. Central JhsLeachville(870) 539-6883 M S

Butterfield Trail JhsVan Buren(501) 474-6838 M S

C.V. White High SchoolHelena(870) 827-3367 M S

Cabe Middle SchoolGurdon(870) 353-4311 M S

Cabot High SchoolCabot(501) 843-3562 M S

Cabot Junior High NorthCabot(501) 605-8470 M S

Cabot Junior High SchoolCabot(501) 843-2788 M S

Cabot Middle School NorthCabot(501) 605-4192 M S

Cabot Middle School SouthCabot(501) 941-7335 M S

Caddo Hills High SchoolNorman(870) 356-3857 M S

Calico Rock High SchoolCalico Rock(870) 297-3745 M S

Camden Fairview High SchoolCamden(870) 837-1300 M S

Camden Vocational CenterCamden(870) 836-9367 M S

Carl Stuart Middle SchoolConway(501) 329-2782 M S

Carlisle High SchoolCarlisle(870) 552-3196 M S

Carthage High SchoolCarthage(870) 254-2231 M S

Cave City High SchoolCave City(870) 283-5392 M S

Cedarville High SchoolCedarville(501) 474-7021 M S

Cedarville Middle SchoolCedarville(501) 474-5847 M S

Centerpoint High SchoolAmity(870) 356-3612 M S

Central Elementary SchoolHarrison(870) 741-9764 M S

Central Elementary SchoolHarrisburg(870) 578-5401 M S

Central Elementary SchoolMagnolia(870) 234-4911 M S

Central High SchoolWest Helena(870) 572-6744 M S

Central High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 324-2300 M S

Central Middle SchoolVan Buren(501) 474-7059 M S

Central Sixth Grade SchoolNorth Little Rock(501) 771-8275 M S

Charleston High SchoolCharleston(501) 965-7150 M S

Clarendon High SchoolClarendon(870) 747-3326 M S

Clarksville High SchoolClarksville(501) 754-2450 M S

Clarksville Junior High SchoolClarksville(501) 754-6766 M S

Clinton High SchoolClinton(501) 745-6000 M S

Clinton Middle SchoolClinton(501) 745-6000 M S

Cloverdale Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 570-4085 M S

Coleman Elementary SchoolPine Bluff(870) 879-3630 M S

Coleman Junior High SchoolVan Buren(501) 471-3160 M S

College Hill MiddleTexarkana(870) 773-3391 M S

Concord High SchoolConcord(870) 668-3522 M S

Conway High WestConway(501) 450-4880 M S

Conway Vocational CenterConway(501) 470-4888 M S

Cord-Charlotte High SchoolCharlotte(870) 799-3051 M S

Corning High SchoolCorning(870) 857-3041 M S

Cotter High SchoolCotter(870) 435-6323 M S

Cotton Plant High SchoolCotton Plant(870) 459-3471 M S

County Line High SchoolBranch(501) 635-2441 M S

Crawfordsville High SchoolCrawfordsville(870) 823-5533 M S

Cross County High SchoolCherry Valley(870) 588-3337 M S

Crossett High SchoolCrossett(870) 364-2625 M S

Cushman High SchoolCushman(870) 793-6321 M S

Cutter-Morning Star High Sch.Hot Springs(501) 262-1220 M S

Daniel Intermediate SchoolCrossett(870) 364-8971 M S

Danville High SchoolDanville(501) 495-4810 M S

Dardanelle High SchoolDardanelle(501) 229-4655 M S

Dardanelle Middle SchoolDardanelle(501) 229-4550 M S

Decatur High SchoolDecatur(501) 752-2490 M S

Deer High SchoolDeer(870) 428-5288 M S

Delaplaine High SchoolDelaplaine(870) 249-3216 M S

Delight High SchoolDelight(870) 379-2214 M S

Delta High SchoolRohwer(870) 644-3800 M S

Dequeen High SchoolDe Queen(870) 642-2426 M S

Dequeen Middle SchoolDe Queen(870) 642-2428 M S

Dequeen/Mena Technical Ed CenterGillham(870) 386-2251 M S

Dermott High SchoolDermott(870) 538-1030 M S

Dermott MiddleDermott(870) 538-1020 M S

Des Arc High SchoolDes Arc(870) 256-4166 M S

Devalls Bluff High SchoolDe Valls Bluff(870) 998-2361 M S

Dewitt High SchoolDewitt(870) 946-4661 M S

Dewitt Middle SchoolDewitt(870) 946-3708 M S

Dierks High SchoolDierks(870) 286-3234 M S

Dollarway High SchoolPine Bluff(870) 534-3878 M S

Dollarway Junior High SchoolPine Bluff(870) 534-5243 M S

Dora Kimmons Jr. High SchoolFort Smith(501) 785-2451 M S

Douglas Macarthur JhsJonesboro(870) 933-5840 M S

Dover High SchoolDover(501) 331-2120 M S

Dover Middle SchoolDover(501) 331-2750 M S

Drew Central High SchoolMonticello(870) 367-6076 M S

Dumas High SchoolDumas(870) 382-4151 M S

Dumas Junior High SchoolDumas(870) 382-4476 M S

Dunbar Magnet Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 324-2440 M S

Earle High SchoolEarle(870) 792-8716 M S

East Elementary SchoolOsceola(870) 563-6861 M S

East End Intermediate SchoolLittle Rock(501) 888-1477 M S

East Hills Middle SchoolGreenwood(501) 996-0504 M S

East Junior High SchoolWest Memphis(870) 735-2081 M S

East Poinsett Co. High SchoolLepanto(870) 475-2331 M S

El Dorado High SchoolEl Dorado(870) 864-5100 M S

Elaine High SchoolElaine(870) 827-6345 M S

Elkins High SchoolElkins(501) 643-3381 M S

Elkins Middle SchoolElkins(501) 643-2552 M S

Emerson High SchoolEmerson(870) 547-2862 M S

Emmet High SchoolEmmet(870) 887-2319 M S

England High SchoolEngland(501) 842-2031 M S

England Middle SchoolEngland(501) 842-9606 M S

Eudora High SchoolEudora(870) 355-6040 M S

Eureka Springs High SchoolEureka Springs(501) 253-8875 M S

Eureka Springs Middle SchoolEureka Springs(501) 253-7716 M S

Evening High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 570-1400 M S

Evening Shade High SchoolEvening Shade(870) 266-3391 M S

Fairview Middle SchoolCamden(870) 836-6876 M S

Farmington High SchoolFarmington(501) 266-1862 M S

Fayetteville High School EastFayetteville(501) 444-3050 M S

Flippin High SchoolFlippin(870) 453-2233 M S

Flippin Middle SchoolFlippin(870) 453-6464 M S

Foothills Vocational CenterBald Knob(501) 724-3614 M S

Fordyce High SchoolFordyce(870) 352-2126 M S

Fordyce Middle SchoolFordyce(870) 352-7121 M S

Foreman High SchoolForeman(870) 542-7212 M S

Forest Heights Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 671-6390 M S

Forrest City High SchoolForrest City(870) 633-1464 M S

Fouke High SchoolFouke(870) 653-4551 M S

Fouke Middle SchoolFouke(870) 653-2304 M S

Fountain Hill High SchoolFountain Hill(870) 853-5318 M S

Fountain Lake High SchoolHot Springs(501) 623-5101 M S

Fourche Valley High SchoolBriggsville(501) 299-4425 M S

Fuller Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 490-5730 M S

Garland Learning CenterHope(870) 777-3454 M S

Gary E. Cobb Middle SchoolTexarkana(870) 653-2132 M S

Genoa Central High SchoolTexarkana(870) 653-2272 M S

Gentry High SchoolGentry(501) 736-2666 M S

Gentry Middle SchoolGentry(501) 736-2251 M S

Gibbs Albright Elem. SchoolNewport(870) 523-1316 M S

Gillett High SchoolGillett(870) 548-2316 M S

Gingerich Elementary SchoolStuttgart(870) 673-3561 M S

Glen Rose High SchoolMalvern(501) 332-3694 M S

Gosnell High SchoolGosnell(870) 532-4010 M S

Gould Middle SchoolGould(870) 263-4466 M S

Goza Middle SchoolArkadelphia(870) 246-4291 M S

Grady High SchoolGrady(870) 479-3422 M S

Gravette High SchoolGravette(501) 787-4180 M S

Gravette Jr. High SchoolGravette(501) 787-4160 M S

Gravette Upper ElementaryGravette(501) 787-4140 M S

Green Co. Tech Jr. High SchoolParagould(870) 239-2147 M S

Green Forest High SchoolGreen Forest(870) 438-5203 M S

Green Forrest Middle SchoolGreen Forest(870) 438-5129 M S

Greenbrier High SchoolGreenbrier(501) 679-4236 M S

Greenbrier Middle SchoolGreenbrier(501) 679-2113 M S

Greene Co. Tech High SchoolParagould(870) 236-6113 M S

Greene Co. Tech Interm. SchoolParagould(870) 239-6970 M S

Greenland High SchoolGreenland(501) 521-2308 M S

Greenwood High SchoolGreenwood(501) 996-4141 M S

Gurdon High SchoolGurdon(870) 353-5123 M S

Guy Berry Intermediate SchoolMountain Home(870) 425-1261 M S

Guy-Perkins High SchoolGuy(501) 679-3507 M S

Hackett High SchoolHackett(501) 638-8210 M S

Hall High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 671-6200 M S

Hamburg High SchoolHamburg(870) 853-9856 M S

Hamburg Junior High SchoolHamburg(870) 853-2811 M S

Hampton High SchoolHampton(870) 798-2742 M S

Harmony Grove High SchoolBenton(501) 776-2337 M S

Harmony Grove High SchoolCamden(870) 574-0867 M S

Harrisburg High SchoolHarrisburg(870) 578-2417 M S

Harrisburg Middle SchoolHarrisburg(870) 578-2410 M S

Harrison High SchoolHarrison(870) 741-8223 M S

Hartford High SchoolHartford(501) 639-2239 M S

Hatfield High SchoolHatfield(870) 389-6165 M S

Hazen High SchoolHazen(870) 255-4546 M S

Heber Springs High SchoolHeber Springs(501) 362-3141 M S

Heber Springs Middle SchoolHeber Springs(501) 362-2488 M S

Hector High SchoolHector(501) 284-3536 M S

Helen Tyson Middle SchoolSpringdale(501) 750-8720 M S

Henderson Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 228-3050 M S

Hermitage High SchoolHermitage(870) 463-2235 M S

Highland High SchoolHardy(870) 856-3273 M S

Highland Middle SchoolHardy(870) 856-3284 M S

Holly Grove High SchoolHolly Grove(870) 462-8856 M S

Holt Middle SchoolFayetteville(501) 527-3670 M S

Hope High SchoolHope(870) 777-3451 M S

Horatio High SchoolHoratio(870) 832-2341 M S

Hot Springs High SchoolHot Springs(501) 624-5286 M S

Hoxie High SchoolHoxie(870) 886-4254 M S

Hughes High SchoolHughes(870) 339-2570 M S

Humphrey High SchoolHumphrey(870) 873-4326 M S

Huntsville High SchoolHuntsville(501) 738-2500 M S

Huntsville Middle SchoolHuntsville(501) 738-6520 M S

Huttig High SchoolHuttig(870) 943-2202 M S



Izard Co. Cons. High SchoolBrockwell(870) 258-7788 M S

J. O. Kelly Middle SchoolSpringdale(501) 750-8730 M S

J.A. Fair High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 228-3100 M S

J.D. Leftwich High SchoolMagazine(501) 969-2640 M S

J.F. Wahl Elementary SchoolHelena(870) 338-4404 M S

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Jacksonville High SchoolJacksonville(501) 982-2128 M S

Jacksonville Middle SchoolJacksonville(501) 982-9407 M S

Jasper High SchoolJasper(870) 446-2223 M S

Jefferson Area Vocational CenterPine Bluff(870) 534-1944 M S

Jessieville High SchoolJessieville(501) 984-5011 M S

Joe T. Robinson High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 868-2400 M S

Jonesboro High SchoolJonesboro(870) 933-5881 M S

Jonesboro Vocational CenterJonesboro(870) 933-5891 M S

Judsonia Middle SchoolJudsonia(501) 729-3371 M S

Junction City High SchoolJunction City(870) 924-4576 M S

Kensett Middle SchoolKensett(501) 742-3346 M S

Kingsland High SchoolKingsland(870) 348-5335 M S

Kingston High SchoolKingston(501) 665-2835 M S

Kirby High SchoolKirby(501) 398-4211 M S

Kirksey Middle SchoolRogers(501) 631-3625 M S

Kraus Middle SchoolClarksville(501) 754-7734 M S

L. A. Chaffin Jr. High SchoolFort Smith(501) 452-2226 M S

L.F. Henderson Interm. Sch.Ashdown(870) 898-3561 M S

Lake Hamilton High SchoolPearcy(501) 767-9311 M S

Lake Hamilton Interm. SchoolPearcy(501) 767-4111 M S

Lake Hamilton Middle SchoolPearcy(501) 767-3355 M S

Lakeside High SchoolLake Village(870) 265-2232 M S

Lakeside High SchoolHot Springs(501) 262-1530 M S

Lakeside Middle SchoolLake Village(870) 265-2970 M S

Lakeside Middle SchoolHot Springs(501) 262-6244 M S

Lakewood Middle SchoolNorth Little Rock(501) 771-8250 M S

Lamar High SchoolLamar(501) 885-3344 M S

Lavaca High SchoolLavaca(501) 674-5612 M S

Lead Hill High SchoolLead Hill(870) 436-5677 M S

Lee High SchoolMarianna(870) 295-7130 M S

Leslie High SchoolLeslie(870) 447-2431 M S

Lewisville High SchoolLewisville(870) 921-4275 M S

Lincoln High SchoolLincoln(501) 824-3010 M S

Lincoln Junior High SchoolBentonville(501) 464-1230 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolForrest City(870) 633-0310 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolLincoln(501) 824-3010 M S

Lingle Middle SchoolRogers(501) 631-3590 M S

Lockesburg High SchoolLockesburg(870) 289-2431 M S

Lonoke High SchoolLonoke(501) 676-2476 M S

Lonoke Middle SchoolLonoke(501) 676-6670 M S

Lynn High SchoolLynn(870) 528-3462 M S

Mabelvale Middle SchoolMabelvale(501) 455-7400 M S

Magnet Cove High SchoolMalvern(501) 332-5466 M S

Magnolia High SchoolMagnolia(870) 901-2530 M S

Magnolia Jr. High SchoolMagnolia(870) 234-2206 M S

Malvern High SchoolMalvern(501) 332-6905 M S

Malvern Junior High SchoolMalvern(501) 332-7530 M S

Mammoth Spring High SchoolMammoth Spring(870) 625-7212 M S

Manila High SchoolManila(870) 561-4417 M S

Mann Magnet Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 324-2450 M S

Mansfield High SchoolMansfield(501) 928-4451 M S

Marion High SchoolMarion(870) 739-5130 M S

Marion Intermediate SchoolMarion(870) 739-5180 M S

Marion Middle SchoolMarion(870) 739-5173 M S

Marked Tree High SchoolMarked Tree(501) 358-2891 M S

Marmaduke High SchoolMarmaduke(870) 597-4693 M S

Marshall High SchoolMarshall(870) 448-3331 M S

Marvell High SchoolMarvell(870) 829-2594 M S

Mayflower High SchoolMayflower(501) 470-0388 M S

Mayflower Middle SchoolMayflower(501) 470-2111 M S

Maynard High SchoolMaynard(870) 647-2210 M S

Mcclellan Magnet High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 570-4100 M S

Mccrory High SchoolMccrory(870) 731-2851 M S

Mcgehee High SchoolMcgehee(870) 222-3600 M S

Mcnair Middle SchoolFayetteville(501) 527-3660 M S

Mcneil High SchoolMcneil(870) 695-3342 M S

Mcrae High SchoolMcrae(501) 726-3611 M S

Mcrae Middle SchoolPrescott(870) 887-2521 M S

Melbourne High SchoolMelbourne(870) 368-4500 M S

Mena High SchoolMena(501) 394-1144 M S

Mena Middle SchoolMena(501) 394-2572 M S

Metropolitan Vo-Tech SchoolLittle Rock(501) 565-8465 M S

Midland High SchoolPleasant Plains(501) 345-2610 M S

Miller Junior High SchoolWest Helena(870) 572-2885 M S

Mineral Springs High SchoolMineral Springs(870) 287-4747 M S

Monticello High SchoolMonticello(870) 367-4020 M S

Monticello Middle SchoolMonticello(870) 367-4040 M S

Monticello Vocational CenterMonticello(870) 367-4060 M S

Morrilton Middle SchoolMorrilton(501) 354-9476 M S

Morrilton Sr. High SchoolMorrilton(501) 354-9430 M S

Mount Holly High SchoolMt Holly(870) 554-2551 M S

Mount Ida High SchoolMount Ida(870) 867-4517 M S

Mount Judea High SchoolMount Judea(870) 434-5362 M S

Mount Pleasant High SchoolMt Pleasant(870) 346-5481 M S

Mountain Home High SchoolMountain Home(870) 425-1215 M S

Mountain Pine High SchoolMountain Pine(501) 767-6917 M S

Mountain View High SchoolMtn. View(870) 269-3943 M S

Mountainburg High SchoolMountainburg(501) 369-2146 M S

Mountainburg Middle SchoolMountainburg(501) 369-4506 M S

Mt. Vernon/Enola High SchoolMt Vernon(501) 849-2221 M S

Mulberry High SchoolMulberry(501) 997-1363 M S

Murfreesboro High SchoolMurfreesboro(870) 285-3514 M S

Nashville Elementary SchoolNashville(870) 845-3262 M S

Nashville High SchoolNashville(870) 845-3261 M S

Nashville Junior High SchoolNashville(870) 845-3418 M S

Nemo Vista High SchoolCenter Ridge(501) 893-2811 M S

Nettleton High SchoolJonesboro(870) 910-7805 M S

Nettleton Intermediate CenterJonesboro(870) 910-7809 M S

Nettleton Junior High SchoolJonesboro(870) 910-7819 M S

Nevada High SchoolRosston(870) 871-2478 M S

Newark High SchoolNewark(870) 799-8691 M S

Newport High SchoolNewport(870) 523-1321 M S

Newport Junior High SchoolNewport(870) 523-1346 M S

Norfork High SchoolNorfork(870) 499-7191 M S

Norman Junior High SchoolCrossett(870) 364-4739 M S

Norphlet High SchoolNorphlet(870) 546-2512 M S

North Central Vocational CenterLeslie(870) 447-6111 M S

North Heights Jr. High SchoolTexarkana(870) 772-0781 M S

North Pulaski High SchoolJacksonville(501) 982-9436 M S

Northark Technical CenterHarrison(870) 391-3513 M S

Northridge Middle SchoolVan Buren(501) 471-3126 M S

Northside High SchoolFort Smith(501) 783-1171 M S

Northwood Middle SchoolNorth Litte Rock(501) 833-1170 M S

Oak Grove High SchoolNorth Litte Rock(501) 851-5350 M S

Oak Grove Middle SchoolParagould(870) 586-0483 M S

Oak Park Elementary SchoolPine Bluff(870) 543-4384 M S

Oak Ridge Central High SchoolRavenden Springs(870) 869-2479 M S

Oark High SchoolOark(501) 292-3337 M S

Oden High SchoolOden(870) 326-4311 M S

Ola High SchoolOla(501) 489-4154 M S

Old High Middle SchoolBentonville(501) 254-5450 M S

Omaha High SchoolOmaha(870) 426-3366 M S

Omaha Middle SchoolOmaha(870) 426-3366 M S

Osceola High SchoolOsceola(870) 563-2192 M S

Osceola Middle SchoolOsceola(870) 563-2150 M S

Ouachita High SchoolDonaldson(501) 384-2323 M S

Ouachita Vocational CenterMalvern(501) 332-3658 M S

Ozark High SchoolOzark(501) 667-4116 M S

Ozark Junior High SchoolOzark(501) 667-4747 M S

Palestine-Wheatley Junior HighWheatley(870) 457-2121 M S

Palestine-Wheatley Middle Sch.Wheatley(870) 457-3961 M S

Palestine-Wheatley Senior HighPalestine(870) 581-2425 M S

Pangburn High SchoolPangburn(501) 728-3513 M S

Paragould High SchoolParagould(870) 236-7744 M S

Paragould Junior HighParagould(870) 236-7744 M S

Paris High SchoolParis(501) 963-2247 M S

Paris Middle SchoolParis(501) 963-6995 M S

Parkers Chapel High SchoolEl Dorado(870) 862-2360 M S

Parkin High SchoolParkin(870) 755-2791 M S

Parkview Magnet High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 228-3000 M S

Paron High SchoolParon(501) 594-5622 M S

Pea Ridge High SchoolPea Ridge(501) 451-8182 M S

Pea Ridge Middle SchoolPea Ridge(501) 451-1555 M S

Peake Elementary SchoolArkadelphia(870) 246-2361 M S

Perry-Casa High SchoolCasa(501) 233-4112 M S

Perryville High SchoolPerryville(501) 889-2326 M S

Piggott High SchoolPiggott(870) 598-3815 M S

Pine Bluff High SchoolPine Bluff(870) 543-4300 M S

Pinkston Middle SchoolMountain Home(870) 425-1236 M S

Plainview-Rover High SchoolPlainview(501) 272-4241 M S

Pleasant View High SchoolOzark(501) 997-8469 M S

Pocahontas High SchoolPocahontas(870) 892-4573 M S

Pocahontas Junior High SchoolPocahontas(870) 892-4573 M S

Pottsville High SchoolPottsville(501) 968-6334 M S

Pottsville Middle GradePottsville(501) 890-6631 M S

Poyen High SchoolPoyen(501) 332-2939 M S

Prairie Grove Jr. High SchoolPrairie Grove(501) 846-4221 M S

Prairie Grove Upper Elem. Sch.Prairie Grove(501) 846-4211 M S

Prescott High SchoolPrescott(870) 887-3123 M S

Pulaski Heights Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 671-6250 M S

Quapaw Vocational CenterHot Springs(501) 767-9314 M S

Quitman High SchoolQuitman(501) 589-2554 M S

Ramsey Junior High SchoolFort Smith(501) 783-5115 M S

Randall G. Lynch Middle SchoolFarmington(501) 266-1842 M S

Rector High SchoolRector(870) 595-3553 M S

Redfield Junior High SchoolRedfield(501) 397-2253 M S

Ridgeroad Middle SchoolNorth Little Rock(501) 771-8155 M S

Rison High SchoolRison(870) 325-6241 M S

River Valley High SchoolStrawberry(870) 528-3856 M S

River Valley Vocational CenterMorrilton(501) 354-9475 M S

Rivercrest High SchoolWilson(870) 655-8111 M S

Riverside High SchoolLake City(870) 237-4328 M S

Riverside Jr. High SchoolCaraway(870) 482-3327 M S

Riverview High SchoolSearcy(501) 279-7700 M S

Robinson Junior High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 868-2410 M S

Rogers High SchoolRogers(501) 636-2202 M S

Rogers Middle SchoolEl Dorado(870) 864-5032 M S

Rose Bud High SchoolRose Bud(501) 556-5404 M S

Rose City Middle SchoolNorth Little Rock(501) 955-3600 M S

Rural Special High SchoolFox(870) 363-4365 M S

Russellville Area Vocational CenterRussellville(479) 968-5422 M S

Russellville High SchoolRussellville(501) 968-3151 M S

Russellville Middle SchoolRussellville(501) 968-2557 M S

Russellville Upper Elem. Sch.Russellville(501) 968-2650 M S

Salem High SchoolSalem(870) 895-3293 M S

Saline County Career CenterNorth Little Rock(501) 812-2200 M S

Sam Taylor Elementary SchoolPine Bluff(870) 543-4386 M S

Saratoga High SchoolSaratoga(501) 388-9262 M S

Scotland High SchoolScotland(501) 592-3508 M S

Scranton High SchoolScranton(501) 938-7121 M S

Seacbec (Warren)Warren(870) 226-6920 M S

Searcy High SchoolSearcy(501) 268-8315 M S

Sheridan High SchoolSheridan(870) 942-3137 M S

Sheridan Intermediate SchoolSheridan(870) 942-7488 M S

Sheridan Junior High SchoolSheridan(870) 942-3813 M S

Shirley High SchoolShirley(501) 723-8192 M S

Siloam Springs High SchoolSiloam Springs(501) 524-5134 M S

Siloam Springs Middle SchoolSiloam Springs(501) 524-6184 M S

Sixth Grade Academic CenterJonesboro(870) 933-5825 M S

Sloan-Hendrix High SchoolImboden(870) 869-2361 M S

Smackover High SchoolSmackover(870) 725-3101 M S

South Side High SchoolBee Branch(501) 654-2242 M S

Southark Career CenterEl Dorado(870) 864-7110 M S

Southeast Middle SchoolPine Bluff(870) 543-4350 M S

Southside High SchoolFort Smith(501) 646-7371 M S

Southside High SchoolBatesville(870) 251-2662 M S

Southside Middle SchoolBatesville(870) 251-2332 M S

Southside West Elem. SchoolSiloam Springs(501) 524-3183 M S

Southwest Middle SchoolSearcy(501) 268-3125 M S

Southwest Middle SchoolLittle Rock(501) 570-4070 M S

Sparkman High SchoolSparkman(870) 678-2242 M S

Spring Hill High SchoolHope(501) 722-7430 M S

Spring Hill Middle SchoolBentonville(501) 271-1180 M S

Springdale High SchoolSpringdale(501) 750-8832 M S

St. Joe High SchoolSt Joe(870) 439-2213 M S

St. Paul High SchoolSt Paul(501) 677-2624 M S

Stamps High SchoolStamps(870) 533-4464 M S

Star City High SchoolStar City(870) 628-4111 M S

Star City Middle SchoolStar City(870) 628-5125 M S

Stephens High SchoolStephens(870) 786-5442 M S

Strong High SchoolStrong(870) 797-2312 M S

Stuttgart High SchoolStuttgart(870) 673-3561 M S

Sulphur Rock High SchoolSulphur Rock(870) 799-8088 M S

Swifton High SchoolSwifton(870) 485-2336 M S

Sylvan Hills High SchoolSherwood(501) 833-1100 M S

Sylvan Hills Middle SchoolSherwood(501) 833-1120 M S

Taylor High SchoolTaylor(870) 694-2251 M S

Texarkana Area Vocational CenterTexarkana(870) 774-7641 M S

Thirty-Fourth Ave. Elem. Sch.Pine Bluff(870) 543-4392 M S

Thomas C. Brunson Elem. SchoolWarren(870) 226-2351 M S

Timbo High SchoolTimbo(870) 746-4303 M S

Townsend Park Elem. SchoolPine Bluff(870) 534-4185 M S

Trumann High SchoolTrumann(870) 483-5301 M S

Tuckerman High SchoolTuckerman(870) 349-2657 M S

Turrell High SchoolTurrell(870) 343-2655 M S

Umpire High SchoolUmpire(870) 583-2141 M S

Union High SchoolEl Dorado(870) 863-8472 M S

Valley Springs High SchoolValley Springs(870) 429-8120 M S

Valley View High SchoolJonesboro(870) 932-3737 M S

Valley View Jr. HighJonesboro(870) 935-6361 M S

Van Buren High SchoolVan Buren(501) 474-6821 M S

Van Cove High SchoolCove(870) 387-2744 M S

Vilonia High SchoolVilonia(501) 796-2111 M S

Vilonia Middle SchoolVilonia(501) 796-2940 M S

Viola High SchoolViola(870) 458-2213 M S

Waldo High SchoolWaldo(870) 693-5825 M S

Waldron High SchoolWaldron(501) 637-3405 M S

Waldron Middle SchoolWaldron(501) 637-4549 M S

Walker High SchoolMagnolia(870) 234-4424 M S

Walnut Ridge High SchoolWalnut Ridge(870) 886-6623 M S

Warren High SchoolWarren(870) 226-6736 M S

Warren Jr. High SchoolWarren(870) 226-2484 M S

Washington Junior High SchoolBentonville(501) 271-1127 M S

Watson Chapel High SchoolPine Bluff(870) 879-3230 M S

Watson Chapel Jr. High SchoolPine Bluff(870) 879-4420 M S

Weiner High SchoolWeiner(870) 684-2250 M S

West Fork High SchoolWest Fork(501) 839-3131 M S

West Fork Middle SchoolWest Fork(501) 839-3342 M S

West Junior High SchoolWest Memphis(870) 735-3161 M S

West Memphis High SchoolWest Memphis(870) 735-3660 M S

West Side High SchoolGreers Ferry(501) 825-7241 M S

Western Ark Technical CenterFort Smith(479) 788-7720 M S

Western Grove High SchoolWestern Grove(870) 429-5215 M S

Western Yell Co. High SchoolHavana(501) 476-4100 M S

Westside High SchoolJonesboro(870) 935-7501 M S

Westside High SchoolCoal Hill(501) 497-1171 M S

Westside Middle SchoolJonesboro(870) 972-5622 M S

White Co. Central High SchoolJudsonia(501) 729-3947 M S

White Hall High SchoolWhite Hall(870) 247-3255 M S

White Hall Junior High SchoolWhite Hall(870) 247-2711 M S

Whiteside Elementary SchoolCamden(870) 836-4163 M S

Wickes High SchoolWickes(870) 385-2366 M S

Wilbur D. Mills High SchoolLittle Rock(501) 490-5700 M S

Wilburn High SchoolWilburn(501) 362-3302 M S

William O. Darby Jr. High Sch.Fort Smith(501) 783-4159 M S

Williford High SchoolWilliford(870) 966-4330 M S

Wilson Elementary SchoolMalvern(501) 332-6452 M S

Winslow High SchoolWinslow(501) 634-7151 M S

Witts Springs High SchoolWitts Springs(870) 496-2355 M S

Wonder Junior High SchoolWest Memphis(870) 735-8522 M S

Wonderview High SchoolHattieville(501) 354-8668 M S

Woodlawn High SchoolRison(870) 357-8171 M S

Wynne High SchoolWynne(870) 238-5001 M S

Wynne Junior High SchoolWynne(870) 238-5040 M S

Yellville-Summit High SchoolYellville(870) 449-4066 M S

Yellville-Summit Middle SchoolYellville(870) 449-6533 M S

Yerger Junior High SchoolHope(870) 722-2770 M S

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