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AnchorageAlternative Career Education(907) 742-3950

AnchorageAnchorage Outreach/Private(907) 263-9207

AnchorageAvail School(907) 742-4930

AnchorageBartlett High School(907) 337-1585

AnchorageBenson/S.E.A.R.C.H Secondary School(907) 337-0016

AnchorageBooth Memorial Home(907) 279-0522

AnchorageCentral Middle School Of Science(907) 742-5100

AnchorageClark Middle School(907) 742-4700

AnchorageDimond High School(907) 243-1141

AnchorageEast High School(907) 277-3575

AnchorageGoldenview Middle School(907) 348-8626

AnchorageHanshew Middle School(907) 349-1561

AnchorageKing Career Center(907) 278-9631

AnchorageMears Middle School(907) 349-3332

AnchorageRomig Middle School(907) 274-0541

AnchorageS.A.V.E. High School(907) 742-1250

AnchorageService High School(907) 742-8100

AnchorageSteller Secondary School(907) 742-4950

AnchorageWendler Middle School(907) 277-3591

AnchorageWest High School(907) 274-2502

AniakAniak High School(907) 675-4330

AniakAniak Middle School(907) 675-4339

BarrowBarrow High School(907) 852-8950

BarrowEben Hopson Sr. Mem. Middle School(907) 852-3880

BethelBethel Alternative Boarding School(907) 543-5610

BethelBethel Regional High School(907) 543-3957




Big LakeHouston Jr./Sr. High School(907) 892-9250

CordovaCordova Jr/Sr High School(907) 424-3266

CraigCraig High School(907) 826-2274

CraigCraig Middle School(907) 826-3274

Delta JunctionDelta Greely Alternative High(907) 895-4460

Delta JunctionDelta Junction Jr./Sr. High School(907) 895-4460

Eagle RiverChugiak High School(907) 742-3050

Eagle RiverGruening Middle School(907) 694-5554

Eagle RiverMckinley Heights(907) 694-3336

Eagle RiverMirror Lake Middle School(907) 688-3399

Eielson AfbBen Eielson Jr/Sr High School(907) 372-3110



FairbanksHoward Luke Academy(907) 474-0958

FairbanksHutchison Career Center(907) 479-2261

FairbanksLathrop High School(907) 456-7794

FairbanksNew Beginnings Charter School(907) 452-2000

FairbanksRandy Smith Middle School(907) 458-7600


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FairbanksRyan Middle School(907) 452-4751

FairbanksTanana Middle School(907) 452-8145

FairbanksWest Valley High School(907) 479-4221

GalenaGalena Jr/Sr High School(907) 656-1205

GalenaProject Education Residential School(907) 656-2053

GlennallenGlennallen Jr./Sr. High School(907) 822-5286

HainesHaines High School(907) 766-2411

HainesHaines Junior High School(907) 766-2811

HomerHomer Flex School(907) 235-5558

HomerHomer High School(907) 235-8186

HomerHomer Middle School(907) 235-5291

HydaburgHydaburg Jr/Sr High School(907) 285-3491

JuneauDzantik`I Heeni Middle School(907) 463-1899

JuneauFloyd Dryden Middle School(907) 463-1850

JuneauJuneau-Douglas High School(907) 463-1900

JuneauYaakoosge Daakahidi Alt. High School(907) 586-5742

KakeKake High School(907) 785-3741

KenaiKenai Alternative High School(907) 283-7844

KenaiKenai Central High School(907) 283-7524

KenaiKenai Middle School(907) 283-4896

KetchikanKetchikan High School(907) 225-9815

KetchikanRevilla Jr/Sr High School(907) 225-6681

KetchikanSchoenbar Middle School(907) 225-5138

KodiakKodiak Alternative High School(907) 486-9251

KodiakKodiak High School(907) 486-9211

KodiakKodiak Middle School(907) 486-9213

MetlakatlaLeask Middle School(907) 886-6003

MetlakatlaMetlakatla High School(907) 886-6000

NaknekBristol Bay High School(907) 246-4265

NikiskiNikiski Middle/Senior High School(907) 776-3456

NomeAnvil City Science Academy(907) 443-2126

NomeLeonard Seppala Alternative Hs(907) 443-5969

NomeNome Youth Facility(907) 443-2231

NomeNome-Beltz Jr/Sr High School(907) 443-5201

North PoleNorth Pole High School(907) 488-3761

North PoleNorth Pole Middle School(907) 488-2271

PalmerColony High School(907) 746-9572

PalmerColony Middle School(907) 761-1500

PalmerMat-Su Youth Facility(907) 761-7241

PalmerPalmer High School(907) 745-3241

PalmerPalmer Middle School(907) 745-3812

PetersburgMitkof Middle School(907) 772-3860

PetersburgPetersburg High School(907) 772-3861

Sand PointAleutians East Correspondence School(907) 383-5222

SewardSeward High School(907) 224-3351

SewardSeward Middle School(907) 224-3351

SewardSpring Creek School(907) 224-3351

SitkaBlatchley Middle School(907) 747-8672

SitkaMt. Edgecumbe High School(907) 966-3200

SitkaPacific High School(907) 747-7732

SitkaSitka High School(907) 747-3263

SoldotnaSkyview High School(907) 262-7675

SoldotnaSoldotna High School(907) 262-7411

SoldotnaSoldotna Middle School(907) 262-4344

TalkeetnaSusitna Valley High(907) 733-2241

UnalaskaUnalaska Alternative High School(907) 581-1222

UnalaskaUnalaska Jr/Sr High School(907) 581-1222

Upper KalskagGeorge Morgan Jr/Sr High School(907) 471-2288

Upper KalskagJoseph And Olinga Gregory Elem(907) 471-2289

ValdezGeorge H Gilson Junior High School(907) 835-2244

ValdezValdez High School(907) 835-4767

WasillaBurchell High School(907) 373-7775

WasillaTeeland Middle School(907) 352-7500

WasillaWasilla High School(907) 376-5341

WasillaWasilla Middle School(907) 376-5308

WrangellStikine Middle School(907) 874-3393

WrangellWrangell High School(907) 874-3395

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