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Aleutians East Corresp SchoolSand Point(907) 383-5222 M S

Alternative Career EducationAnchorage(907) 742-3950 M S

Anchorage Outreach/PrivateAnchorage(907) 263-9207 M S

Aniak High SchoolAniak(907) 675-4330 M S

Aniak Middle SchoolAniak(907) 675-4339 M S

Anvil City Science AcademyNome(907) 443-2126 M S

Avail SchoolAnchorage(907) 742-4930 M S

Barrow High SchoolBarrow(907) 852-8950 M S

Bartlett High SchoolAnchorage(907) 337-1585 M S

Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High SchoolEielson Afb(907) 372-3110 M S

Benson/SEARCH Secondary SchoolAnchorage(907) 337-0016 M S

Bethel Alternative Boarding SchoolBethel(907) 543-5610 M S

Bethel Regional High SchoolBethel(907) 543-3957 M S

Blatchley Middle SchoolSitka(907) 747-8672 M S

Booth Memorial HomeAnchorage(907) 279-0522 M S

Bristol Bay High SchoolNaknek(907) 246-4265 M S

Burchell High SchoolWasilla(907) 373-7775 M S

Central Middle School Of ScienceAnchorage(907) 742-5100 M S

Chugiak High SchoolEagle River(907) 742-3050 M S

Clark Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 742-4700 M S

Colony High SchoolPalmer(907) 746-9572 M S

Colony Middle SchoolPalmer(907) 761-1500 M S

Cordova Jr/Sr High SchoolCordova(907) 424-3266 M S

Craig High SchoolCraig(907) 826-2274 M S




Craig Middle SchoolCraig(907) 826-3274 M S

Delta Greely Alternative HighDelta Junction(907) 895-4460 M S

Delta Junction Jr/Sr HSDelta Junction(907) 895-4460 M S

Dimond High SchoolAnchorage(907) 243-1141 M S

Dzantik`I Heeni Middle SchoolJuneau(907) 463-1899 M S

East High SchoolAnchorage(907) 277-3575 M S

Eben Hopson Sr. Mem. Middle SchoolBarrow(907) 852-3880 M S

Floyd Dryden Middle SchoolJuneau(907) 463-1850 M S




Galena Jr/Sr High SchoolGalena(907) 656-1205 M S

George H Gilson Junior High SchoolValdez(907) 835-2244 M S

George Morgan Jr/Sr HSUpper Kalskag(907) 471-2288 M S

Glennallen Jr./Sr. High SchoolGlennallen(907) 822-5286 M S

Goldenview Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 348-8626 M S

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Gruening Middle SchoolEagle River(907) 694-5554 M S

Haines High SchoolHaines(907) 766-2411 M S

Haines Junior High SchoolHaines(907) 766-2811 M S

Hanshew Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 349-1561 M S

Homer Flex SchoolHomer(907) 235-5558 M S

Homer High SchoolHomer(907) 235-8186 M S

Homer Middle SchoolHomer(907) 235-5291 M S

Houston Jr./Sr. High SchoolBig Lake(907) 892-9250 M S

Howard Luke AcademyFairbanks(907) 474-0958 M S

Hutchison Career CenterFairbanks(907) 479-2261 M S

Hydaburg Jr/Sr High SchoolHydaburg(907) 285-3491 M S

Juneau-Douglas High SchoolJuneau(907) 463-1900 M S

Kake High SchoolKake(907) 785-3741 M S

Kenai Alternative High SchoolKenai(907) 283-7844 M S

Kenai Central High SchoolKenai(907) 283-7524 M S

Kenai Middle SchoolKenai(907) 283-4896 M S

Ketchikan High SchoolKetchikan(907) 225-9815 M S

King Career CenterAnchorage(907) 278-9631 M S

Kodiak Alternative High SchoolKodiak(907) 486-9251 M S

Kodiak High SchoolKodiak(907) 486-9211 M S

Kodiak Middle SchoolKodiak(907) 486-9213 M S

Lathrop High SchoolFairbanks(907) 456-7794 M S

Leask Middle SchoolMetlakatla(907) 886-6003 M S

Leonard Seppala Alternative HsNome(907) 443-5969 M S

Mat-Su Youth FacilityPalmer(907) 761-7241 M S

Mckinley HeightsEagle River(907) 694-3336 M S

Mears Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 349-3332 M S

Metlakatla High SchoolMetlakatla(907) 886-6000 M S

Mirror Lake Middle SchoolEagle River(907) 688-3399 M S

Mitkof Middle SchoolPetersburg(907) 772-3860 M S

Mt. Edgecumbe High SchoolSitka(907) 966-3200 M S

New Beginnings Charter SchoolFairbanks(907) 452-2000 M S

Nikiski Middle/Senior High SchoolNikiski(907) 776-3456 M S

Nome Youth FacilityNome(907) 443-2231 M S

Nome-Beltz Jr/Sr High SchoolNome(907) 443-5201 M S

North Pole High SchoolNorth Pole(907) 488-3761 M S

North Pole Middle SchoolNorth Pole(907) 488-2271 M S

Pacific High SchoolSitka(907) 747-7732 M S

Palmer High SchoolPalmer(907) 745-3241 M S

Palmer Middle SchoolPalmer(907) 745-3812 M S

Petersburg High SchoolPetersburg(907) 772-3861 M S

Project Education Residential SchoolGalena(907) 656-2053 M S

Randy Smith Middle SchoolFairbanks(907) 458-7600 M S

Revilla Jr/Sr High SchoolKetchikan(907) 225-6681 M S

Romig Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 274-0541 M S

Ryan Middle SchoolFairbanks(907) 452-4751 M S

S.A.V.E. High SchoolAnchorage(907) 742-1250 M S

Schoenbar Middle SchoolKetchikan(907) 225-5138 M S

Service High SchoolAnchorage(907) 742-8100 M S

Seward High SchoolSeward(907) 224-3351 M S

Seward Middle SchoolSeward(907) 224-3351 M S

Sitka High SchoolSitka(907) 747-3263 M S

Skyview High SchoolSoldotna(907) 262-7675 M S

Soldotna High SchoolSoldotna(907) 262-7411 M S

Soldotna Middle SchoolSoldotna(907) 262-4344 M S

Spring Creek SchoolSeward(907) 224-3351 M S

Steller Secondary SchoolAnchorage(907) 742-4950 M S

Stikine Middle SchoolWrangell(907) 874-3393 M S

Susitna Valley HighTalkeetna(907) 733-2241 M S

Tanana Middle SchoolFairbanks(907) 452-8145 M S

Teeland Middle SchoolWasilla(907) 352-7500 M S

Unalaska Alternative High SchoolUnalaska(907) 581-1222 M S

Unalaska Jr/Sr High SchoolUnalaska(907) 581-1222 M S

Valdez High SchoolValdez(907) 835-4767 M S

Wasilla High SchoolWasilla(907) 376-5341 M S

Wasilla Middle SchoolWasilla(907) 376-5308 M S

Wendler Middle SchoolAnchorage(907) 277-3591 M S

West High SchoolAnchorage(907) 274-2502 M S

West Valley High SchoolFairbanks(907) 479-4221 M S

Wrangell High SchoolWrangell(907) 874-3395 M S

Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alt. High SchoolJuneau(907) 586-5742 M S


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