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Academic CenterColfax(715) 962-3155 M S

Academic Center-Middle SchoolColfax(715) 962-3676 M S

Accelerated Learning Academy MMadison(608) 663-1607 M S

Adams-Friendship HiAdams(608) 339-3921 M S

Adams-Friendship MidAdams(608) 339-4064 M S

Albany HiAlbany(608) 862-3135 M S

Albany MidAlbany(608) 862-3135 M S

Aldrich MidBeloit(608) 361-3610 M S

Alexander MidNekoosa(715) 886-8040 M S

Algoma HiAlgoma(920) 487-7001 M S

Alma HiAlma(608) 685-4416 M S

Alternative Education SchoolAdams(608) 339-3379 M S

Alternative HiHayward(715) 634-2619 M S

Alternative HiStevens Point(715) 345-5592 M S

Alternative Learning SiteOconto Falls(920) 846-4445 M S

Altoona HiAltoona(715) 839-6031 M S

Altoona MidAltoona(715) 839-6030 M S

Amery HiAmery(715) 268-0233 M S

Amery MidAmery(715) 268-0303 M S

Amherst HiAmherst(715) 824-5522 M S

Amherst MidAmherst(715) 824-5522 M S

Antigo HiAntigo(715) 623-7611 M S

Antigo MidAntigo(715) 623-4173 M S

Appleton Central Alternative SAppleton(920) 832-6136 M S

Appleton Community Learning CeAppleton(920) 832-6136 M S

Arcadia HiArcadia(608) 323-3334 M S

Arkansaw MidArkansaw(715) 285-5315 M S

Arrowhead HiHartland(262) 367-3611 M S

Asa Clark MidPewaukee(262) 691-2100 M S

Ascend AcademyDrummond(715) 739-6231 M S

Ashland HiAshland(715) 682-7089 M S

Ashland MidAshland(715) 682-7087 M S

Ashwaubenon HiGreen Bay(920) 492-2955 M S

AssataMilwaukee(414) 536-6742 M S

Athens HiAthens(715) 257-7511 M S

Athens JrAthens(715) 257-7511 M S

Auburndale HiAuburndale(715) 652-2115 M S

Audubon MidMilwaukee(414) 902-7800 M S

Aurora Weier Educational CenteMilwaukee(414) 562-8398 M S

Badger HiLake Geneva(262) 348-2050 M S

Badger MidWest Bend(262) 335-5456 M S

Badger Ridge Middle SchoolVerona(608) 845-4110 M S

Baldwin-Woodville HiBaldwin(715) 684-3321 M S

Baraboo HiBaraboo(608) 355-3940 M S

Baraboo MidBaraboo(608) 355-3930 M S

Barron County Learning CenterRice Lake(715) 234-9007 M S

Barron HiBarron(715) 537-5627 M S

Bay Lane MidMuskego(414) 422-0430 M S

Bay Port HiGreen Bay(920) 662-7000 M S

Bay View HiMilwaukee(414) 294-2400 M S

Bay View MidGreen Bay(920) 662-8196 M S

Bayfield HiBayfield(715) 779-3201 M S

Bayfield MidBayfield(715) 779-3201 M S

Bayside MidMilwaukee(414) 351-7486 M S

Beaver Dam HiBeaver Dam(920) 885-7324 M S

Beaver Dam MidBeaver Dam(920) 885-7365 M S

Bell MidMilwaukee(414) 604-7800 M S




Belleville HiBelleville(608) 424-1902 M S

Belleville MidBelleville(608) 424-1902 M S

Belmont HiBelmont(608) 762-5131 M S

Benjamin Franklin JrStevens Point(715) 345-5413 M S

Benton HiBenton(608) 759-4002 M S

Berlin HiBerlin(920) 361-2000 M S

Berlin MidBerlin(920) 361-2441 M S

Bessie Allen MidN Fond Du Lac(920) 929-3754 M S

Big Foot HiWalworth(262) 275-2116 M S

Birchwood HiBirchwood(715) 354-3471 M S

Black Hawk HiSouth Wayne(608) 439-5371 M S

Black Hawk MidMadison(608) 204-4360 M S

Black Hawk MidGratiot(608) 922-6457 M S

Black River Correctional CenteBlack River Fls(715) 333-5681 M S

Black River Falls HiBlack River Fls(715) 284-4324 M S

Black River Falls MidBlack River Fls(715) 284-5315 M S

Blair-Taylor HiBlair(608) 989-2525 M S

Bloomer HiBloomer(715) 568-5300 M S

Bloomer Middle SchoolBloomer(715) 568-1025 M S

Bonduel HiBonduel(715) 758-4850 M S

Bonduel MidBonduel(715) 758-4840 M S

Boscobel HiBoscobel(608) 375-4161 M S

Boscobel JrBoscobel(608) 375-4161 M S

Bowler HiBowler(715) 793-4301 M S

Boyceville HiBoyceville(715) 643-4321 M S

Boyceville Middle SchBoyceville(715) 643-4341 M S

Bradford HiKenosha(262) 653-6200 M S

Brandon MidBrandon(920) 346-2915 M S

Brillion HiBrillion(920) 756-9238 M S

Brillion MidBrillion(920) 756-2166 M S

Brodhead HiBrodhead(608) 897-2155 M S

Brodhead MidBrodhead(608) 897-2184 M S

Brookwood HiOntario(608) 337-4401 M S

BrookwoodGenoa City(262) 279-1053 M S

Brown Deer HiBrown Deer(414) 371-7000 M S

Brown Deer MidBrown Deer(414) 371-6900 M S

Bruce HiBruce(715) 868-2585 M S

Bruce MidBruce(715) 868-2585 M S

Bullen MidKenosha(262) 597-4460 M S

Burlington HiBurlington(262) 763-0200 M S

Burroughs MidMilwaukee(414) 393-3500 M S

Butler MidWaukesha(262) 970-2910 M S

Butternut HiButternut(715) 769-3434 M S

Cadott HiCadott(715) 289-4211 M S

Cadott JrCadott(715) 289-4211 M S

Cambria Friesland HiCambria(920) 348-5135 M S

Cambria Friesland MidCambria(920) 348-5135 M S

Cambridge HiCambridge(608) 423-3262 M S

Cameron HiCameron(715) 458-4510 M S

Cameron MidCameron(715) 458-4563 M S

Campbellsport HiCampbellsport(920) 533-4811 M S

Campbellsport Jr HiCampbellsport(920) 533-3411 M S

CareStevens Point(715) 345-5620 M S

Case HiRacine(262) 619-4200 M S

Cashton HiCashton(608) 654-5131 M S

Cassville HiCassville(608) 725-5116 M S

Catawba MidCatawba(715) 474-3368 M S

Cedar Grove HiCedar Grove(920) 668-8686 M S

Cedar Grove MidCedar Grove(920) 668-8518 M S

Cedarburg HiCedarburg(262) 376-6201 M S

Central HiBrookfield(262) 785-3910 M S

Central HiLa Crosse(608) 789-7900 M S

Central HiSalem(262) 843-1987 M S

Central HiWest Allis(414) 604-3110 M S

Central MidSuperior(715) 394-8740 M S

Central MidHartford(262) 673-8040 M S

Central MidWaukesha(262) 970-3110 M S

Chaseburg MidChaseburg(608) 483-2111 M S

Cherokee Heights MidMadison(608) 204-1240 M S

Chetek HiChetek(715) 924-3137 M S

Chetek MidChetek(715) 924-3136 M S

Chilton HiChilton(920) 849-2358 M S

Chilton MidChilton(920) 849-9152 M S

Chippewa Falls HiChippewa Falls(715) 726-2406 M S

Chrysalis Family Charter SchAntigo(715) 623-4173 M S

Clark Co Alternative CharterNeillsville(715) 743-7443 M S

Clarke MidTwo Rivers(920) 794-1614 M S

Clayton HiClayton(715) 948-2163 M S

Clayton MidClayton(715) 948-2163 M S

Clear Lake HiClear Lake(715) 263-2113 M S

Clear Lake JrClear Lake(715) 263-2113 M S

Clinton HiClinton(608) 676-2223 M S

Clinton MidClinton(608) 676-2275 M S

Clintonville HiClintonville(715) 823-7215 M S

Clintonville MidClintonville(715) 823-7245 M S

Cochrane-Fountain City HiFountain City(608) 687-4391 M S

Colby HiColby(715) 223-2338 M S

Colby MidColby(715) 223-8869 M S

Coleman HiColeman(920) 897-2291 M S

Colfax HiColfax(715) 962-3155 M S

Columbia Correctional InstitutPortage(608) 742-9100 M S

Columbus HiColumbus(920) 623-5956 M S

Columbus MidColumbus(920) 623-5954 M S

Competency-Based Diploma ProgrWest Allis(414) 546-3000 M S

Comprehensive Learning CenterRichland Center(608) 647-9177 M S

Connects Learning CenterOak Creek(414) 768-6309 M S

Cornell HiCornell(715) 239-6464 M S

Cornerstone Achievement AcadMilwaukee(414) 562-1797 M S

County Alternative HiChippewa Falls(715) 723-5542 M S

Craig HiJanesville(608) 743-5205 M S

Crandon Alternative ResourceCrandon(715) 478-3713 M S

Crandon HiCrandon(715) 478-3583 M S

Crandon MidCrandon(715) 478-3713 M S

Crivitz HiCrivitz(715) 854-7492 M S

Crivitz MidCrivitz(715) 854-7491 M S

Cuba City HiCuba City(608) 744-8888 M S

Cuba City JrCuba City(608) 744-2174 M S

Cudahy HiCudahy(414) 769-2320 M S

Cudahy MidCudahy(414) 769-2357 M S

Cumberland HiCumberland(715) 822-5121 M S

Cumberland MidCumberland(715) 822-5122 M S

Custer HiMilwaukee(414) 393-4900 M S

D C Everest HiSchofield(715) 359-6561 M S

D C Everest JrSchofield(715) 359-0511 M S

Dane County Transition SchMadison(608) 834-8253 M S

Darlington HiDarlington(608) 776-4001 M S

De Forest HiDe Forest(608) 842-6600 M S

De Forest MidDe Forest(608) 842-6000 M S

De Pere HiDe Pere(920) 337-1020 M S

De Pere MidDe Pere(920) 337-1024 M S

De Soto HiDe Soto(608) 648-0105 M S

De Soto MidDe Soto(608) 648-0105 M S

Deerfield Charter HiDeerfield(608) 764-5431 M S

Deerfield HiDeerfield(608) 764-8261 M S

Deerfield MidDeerfield(608) 764-8261 M S

Delavan-Darien HiDelavan(262) 728-2642 M S

Delong MidEau Claire(715) 839-6292 M S

Denmark Empowerment Charter ScGreen Bay(920) 863-3450 M S

Denmark HiDenmark(920) 863-2176 M S

Denmark MidDenmark(920) 863-8611 M S

Diploma Completion HiMadison(608) 267-7023 M S

Dodgeland HiJuneau(920) 386-2601 M S

Dodgeland MidReeseville(920) 927-3831 M S

Dodgeville HiDodgeville(608) 935-3307 M S

Dodgeville MidDodgeville(608) 935-3307 M S

Douglas Community AcademyMilwaukee(414) 875-6415 M S

Dr Edward G Dyer SchBurlington(262) 763-0220 M S

Drummond HiDrummond(715) 739-6231 M S

Drummond JrDrummond(715) 739-6231 M S

Dupont MidWashburn(715) 373-6188 M S

Durand HiDurand(715) 672-8917 M S

East HiWest Bend(262) 335-5532 M S

East HiGreen Bay(920) 448-2090 M S

East HiAppleton(920) 832-6212 M S

East HiMadison(608) 204-1605 M S

East HiBrookfield(262) 781-3500 M S

East HiWausau(715) 261-3562 M S

East HiWauwatosa(414) 773-2000 M S

East JrWisconsin Rapids(715) 422-6116 M S

East MidSuperior(715) 398-3405 M S

East Troy HiEast Troy(262) 642-6760 M S

East Troy MidEast Troy(262) 642-6740 M S

Edgar HiEdgar(715) 352-2352 M S

Edgar MidEdgar(715) 352-2727 M S

Edgerton HiEdgerton(608) 884-9402 M S

Edgerton MidEdgerton(608) 884-9402 M S

Edison MidJanesville(608) 743-5905 M S

Edison MidGreen Bay(920) 391-2450 M S

Edison MidMilwaukee(414) 616-5400 M S

Educational PossentemMilwaukee(414) 466-9263 M S

Einstein MidAppleton(920) 832-6240 M S

Eisenhower HiNew Berlin(262) 789-6300 M S

Eisenhower MidNew Berlin(262) 789-6300 M S

El Puente HiMilwaukee(414) 672-1237 M S

Elcho HiElcho(715) 275-3707 M S

Eleva ElEleva(715) 287-4217 M S

Elk Mound HiElk Mound(715) 879-5521 M S

Elk Mound MidElk Mound(715) 879-5502 M S

Elkhart Lake HiElkhart Lake(920) 876-3381 M S

Elkhorn Area HiElkhorn(262) 723-4920 M S

Elkhorn Area MidElkhorn(262) 723-6800 M S

Ellsworth HiEllsworth(715) 273-3904 M S

Ellsworth MidEllsworth(715) 273-3908 M S

Elmwood HiElmwood(715) 639-2721 M S

Elmwood MidElmwood(715) 639-2721 M S


Ethan Allen SchoolWales(262) 646-3341 M S

Evansville HiEvansville(608) 882-4600 M S

Excel Charter SchSouth Wayne(608) 439-5444 M S

Fall Creek HiFall Creek(715) 877-2809 M S

Fall Creek MidFall Creek(715) 877-2511 M S

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Farnsworth MidSheboygan(920) 459-3658 M S

Fennimore HiFennimore(608) 822-3245 M S

Flambeau HiTony(715) 532-3183 M S

Flambeau JrTony(715) 532-3183 M S

Florence HiFlorence(715) 528-3215 M S

Florence MiddleFlorence(715) 528-3215 M S

Fond Du Lac High SchoolFond Du Lac(920) 906-6750 M S

Forest Park MidFranklin(414) 529-8250 M S

Fort Atkinson HiFort Atkinson(920) 563-7811 M S

Fort Atkinson Middle SchoolFort Atkinson(920) 563-7833 M S

Fox Lake Correctional InstitutFox Lake(920) 928-3151 M S

Fox River MidWaterford(262) 534-3146 M S

Frank Lloyd Wright MidWest Allis(414) 604-3410 M S

Franklin HiFranklin(414) 423-4640 M S

Franklin MidGreen Bay(920) 492-2670 M S

Franklin MidJanesville(608) 743-6005 M S

Frederic 7-12 SchFrederic(715) 327-4223 M S

Freedom HiFreedom(920) 788-7940 M S

Freedom MidFreedom(920) 788-7945 M S

Fritsche (Leap)Milwaukee(414) 294-1000 M S

Fritsche MidMilwaukee(414) 294-1000 M S

Galesville-Ettrick-TrempealeauGalesville(608) 582-2291 M S

Galesville-Ettrick-TrempealeauTrempealeau(608) 534-6391 M S

Germantown HiGermantown(262) 253-3400 M S

Gerritts MidKimberly(920) 788-7905 M S

Gibraltar HiFish Creek(920) 868-3284 M S

Gibraltar MidFish Creek(920) 868-3284 M S

Gillett HiGillett(920) 855-2137 M S

Gillett JrGillett(920) 855-2137 M S

Gilman Charter SchGilman(715) 447-8211 M S

Gilman HiGilman(715) 447-8211 M S

Gilmanton HiGilmanton(715) 946-3158 M S

Gilmore MidRacine(262) 619-4260 M S

Glacier Creek MidCross Plains(608) 798-5420 M S

Glen Hills MidGlendale(414) 351-7160 M S

Glenwood City HiGlenwood City(715) 265-4266 M S

Glenwood City JrGlenwood City(715) 265-4266 M S

Glidden HiGlidden(715) 264-2141 M S

Glidden MidGlidden(715) 264-2141 M S

Global Learning CenterMilwaukee(414) 227-3166 M S

Goodman HiGoodman(715) 336-2575 M S

Grafton HiGrafton(262) 376-5500 M S

Grand Ave MidMilwaukee(414) 934-4200 M S

Granton HiGranton(715) 238-7175 M S

Grantsburg HiGrantsburg(715) 463-2531 M S

Grantsburg MidGrantsburg(715) 463-2455 M S

Green Bay Correctional InstituGreen Bay(920) 432-4877 M S

Green Lake HiGreen Lake(920) 294-6411 M S

Greendale HiGreendale(414) 423-0110 M S

Greendale MidGreendale(414) 423-2800 M S

Greenfield HiGreenfield(414) 281-6200 M S

Greenfield MidGreenfield(414) 282-4700 M S

Gresham HiGresham(715) 787-3211 M S

Hale HiWest Allis(414) 604-3210 M S

Hamilton HiMilwaukee(414) 327-9300 M S

Hamilton HiSussex(262) 246-6471 M S

Hamilton MidMadison(608) 204-4620 M S

Hartford HiHartford(262) 673-8950 M S

Harvey Philip Alternative CharWaukesha(262) 970-1102 M S

Hayward HiHayward(715) 634-2616 M S

Hayward MidHayward(715) 634-2619 M S

Hilbert HiHilbert(920) 853-3558 M S

Hilbert MidHilbert(920) 853-3558 M S

Hillsboro HiHillsboro(608) 489-2221 M S

Holcombe HiHolcombe(715) 595-4241 M S

Holmen HiHolmen(608) 526-3372 M S

Holmen MidHolmen(608) 526-3391 M S

Homestead HiMequon(262) 238-5646 M S

Horace Mann HiN Fond Du Lac(920) 929-3740 M S

Horace Mann MidNeenah(920) 751-6940 M S

Horace Mann MidSheboygan(920) 459-3668 M S

Horicon HiHoricon(920) 485-4441 M S

Horizon AcademySaint Francis(414) 801-7636 M S

Horlick HiRacine(262) 619-4300 M S

Horning MidWaukesha(262) 970-3310 M S

Hortonville HiHortonville(920) 779-7933 M S

Hortonville MidHortonville(920) 779-7922 M S

Howards Grove HiHowards Grove(920) 565-4450 M S

Howards Grove MidHowards Grove(920) 565-4452 M S

Hr AcademyMilwaukee(414) 374-1500 M S

Hudson HiHudson(715) 386-4226 M S

Hudson MidHudson(715) 386-4222 M S

Hustisford HiHustisford(920) 349-3261 M S

Indian Mound MidMcfarland(608) 838-8980 M S

Indian Trail AcademyKenosha(262) 653-0317 M S

Intermediate SchoolDe Pere(920) 337-1032 M S

Iola-Scandinavia HiIola(715) 445-2411 M S

Iowa-Grant HiLivingston(608) 943-6312 M S

Ithaca HiRichland Center(608) 585-2311 M S

Ithaca MiddleRichland Center(608) 585-2311 M S

J C Mckenna MidEvansville(608) 882-4780 M S

Jackson Correctional InstitutiBlack River Fls(715) 284-7360 M S

James E Dottke AlternativeWest Allis(414) 604-3780 M S

James Wright MidMadison(608) 204-1340 M S

Jefferson County Alternative SJefferson(920) 675-1100 M S

Jefferson HiJefferson(920) 675-1100 M S

Jefferson MidMadison(608) 663-6403 M S

Jefferson MidJefferson(920) 675-1300 M S

Jerstad-Agerholm MidRacine(262) 664-6075 M S

John Edwards HiPort Edwards(715) 887-9000 M S

John Edwards MidPort Edwards(715) 887-9000 M S

John Long MidGrafton(262) 376-5800 M S

John Muir MidWausau(715) 261-2451 M S

Johnson Creek HiJohnson Creek(920) 699-3481 M S

Juda HiJuda(608) 934-5251 M S

Juneau County Charter SchNecedah(608) 565-7494 M S

Juneau HiMilwaukee(414) 256-8200 M S

Kaukauna HiKaukauna(920) 766-6113 M S

Keith R Mack Achievement CenteRacine(262) 664-6600 M S

Kennedy MidGermantown(262) 253-3450 M S

Kenosha House Of CorrectionsKenosha(262) 653-6320 M S

Kettle Moraine Correctional InPlymouth(920) 526-9202 M S

Kettle Moraine HiWales(262) 968-6200 M S

Kettle Moraine MidDousman(262) 965-6515 M S

Kewaskum HiKewaskum(262) 626-8427 M S

Kewaskum MidKewaskum(262) 626-8427 M S

Kewaunee HiKewaunee(920) 388-2951 M S

Kickapoo HiViola(608) 627-0100 M S

Kiel HiKiel(920) 894-5151 M S

Kiel MidKiel(920) 894-2264 M S

Kilbourn AcademyWisconsin Dells(608) 253-1461 M S

Kilmer South Alternative HiMilwaukee(414) 769-7140 M S

Kimberly HiKimberly(920) 687-3024 M S

King HiMilwaukee(414) 374-5450 M S

Knight`S AcademyBeloit(608) 361-3111 M S

Kohler HiKohler(920) 459-2921 M S

Kosciuszko MidMilwaukee(414) 902-7200 M S

Kromrey MidMiddleton(608) 828-1640 M S

La Crosse High School CharterLa Crosse(608) 789-7700 M S

La Farge HiLa Farge(608) 625-2400 M S

La Farge MidLa Farge(608) 625-2400 M S

Laconia HiRosendale(920) 872-2161 M S

Lady Pitts School Age ParentMilwaukee(414) 393-2900 M S

Ladysmith HiLadysmith(715) 532-5531 M S

Ladysmith MidLadysmith(715) 532-5252 M S

Lafollette HiMadison(608) 204-3604 M S

Lake Denoon MidMuskego(262) 662-1454 M S

Lake Geneva MidLake Geneva(262) 348-3000 M S

Lake Mills HiLake Mills(920) 648-2355 M S

Lake Mills MidLake Mills(920) 648-2358 M S

Lake Shore MidMequon(262) 238-7613 M S

Lakeland HiMinocqua(715) 356-5252 M S

Lakeshore Alternative SchoolKewaunee(920) 388-2951 M S

Lakeview Technology AcademyPleasant Prairie(262) 653-6320 M S

Lancaster AcademyLancaster(608) 723-2175 M S

Lancaster HiLancaster(608) 723-2173 M S

Lancaster MidLancaster(608) 723-6425 M S

Lance MidKenosha(262) 942-2240 M S

Laona HiLaona(715) 674-3801 M S

Laurel HiViroqua(608) 637-2612 M S

Learning Enterprise Voc & TrngMilwaukee(414) 362-9710 M S

Lena HiLena(920) 829-5244 M S

Lena MidLena(920) 829-5244 M S

Lincoln HiAlma Center(715) 964-5311 M S

Lincoln HiManitowoc(920) 683-4861 M S

Lincoln HiWisconsin Rapids(715) 422-7123 M S

Lincoln Hills SchoolIrma(715) 536-8386 M S

Lincoln JrAlma Center(715) 964-5311 M S

Lincoln JrPark Falls(715) 762-3815 M S

Lincoln MidLa Crosse(608) 789-7780 M S

Lincoln MidKenosha(262) 653-6296 M S

Lincoln Middle School Of The AMilwaukee(414) 212-3300 M S

Lineville Intermediate SchGreen Bay(920) 662-7871 M S

Little Chute HiLittle Chute(920) 788-7600 M S

Little Chute MidLittle Chute(920) 788-7607 M S

Little Wolf HiManawa(920) 596-2524 M S

Lodi Charter SchLodi(608) 592-3851 M S

Lodi HiLodi(608) 592-3853 M S

Lodi MidLodi(608) 592-3854 M S

Logan HiLa Crosse(608) 789-7700 M S

Logan MidLa Crosse(608) 789-7740 M S

Lombardi MidGreen Bay(920) 492-2625 M S

Lomira HiLomira(920) 269-4396 M S

Lomira JrLomira(920) 269-4396 M S

Longfellow MidLa Crosse(608) 789-7672 M S

Longfellow MidWauwatosa(414) 773-2400 M S

Loyal HiLoyal(715) 255-8511 M S

Loyal JrLoyal(715) 255-8511 M S

Loyola AcademyMilwaukee(414) 672-6868 M S

Lucas Charter SchoolMenomonie(715) 232-1790 M S

Luck HiLuck(715) 472-2152 M S

Luther Alternative Education SFort Atkinson(920) 568-7804 M S

Luxemburg-Casco HiLuxemburg(920) 845-2336 M S

Luxemburg-Casco MidCasco(920) 837-2205 M S

Mack Alternative CenterRacine(262) 664-6610 M S

Madison HiMilwaukee(414) 393-6100 M S

Madison MidAppleton(920) 832-6276 M S

Magellan MidAppleton(920) 832-6226 M S

Malcolm X AcademyMilwaukee(414) 267-8600 M S

Manawa MidManawa(920) 596-2551 M S

Maple Dale ElMilwaukee(414) 351-7380 M S

Maplewood MidMenasha(920) 832-5780 M S

Marathon HiMarathon(715) 443-2226 M S

Marinette HiMarinette(715) 732-7920 M S

Marion HiMarion(715) 754-5273 M S

Markesan HiMarkesan(920) 398-2373 M S

Markesan MidMarkesan(920) 398-2373 M S

Marshall HiMilwaukee(414) 393-2300 M S

Marshall HiMarshall(608) 655-1310 M S

Marshall MidJanesville(608) 743-6205 M S

Marshall MidMarshall(608) 655-1571 M S

Marshfield HiMarshfield(715) 387-8464 M S

Marshfield JrMarshfield(715) 387-1249 M S

Mauston Alternative ResourceMauston(608) 847-6603 M S

Mauston HiMauston(608) 847-4410 M S

Mayville HiMayville(920) 387-7960 M S

Mcfarland HiMc Farland(608) 838-3166 M S

Mckinley Charter SchoolEau Claire(715) 839-2831 M S

Mckinley MidRacine(262) 664-6150 M S

Mckinley MidKenosha(262) 653-6367 M S

Mcneel MidBeloit(608) 361-3810 M S

MecasMilton(608) 868-9200 M S

Medford HiMedford(715) 748-5951 M S

Medford MidMedford(715) 748-2516 M S

Medical PartnershipLa Crosse(608) 789-7780 M S

Mellen HiMellen(715) 274-3601 M S

Melrose-Mindoro HiMelrose(608) 488-2201 M S

Memorial HiBeloit(608) 361-3005 M S

Memorial HiMadison(608) 663-6040 M S

Memorial HiEau Claire(715) 839-1500 M S

Menasha HiMenasha(920) 751-5010 M S

Menominee Indian HiKeshena(715) 799-3846 M S

Menominee Indian MiddleNeopit(715) 756-2324 M S

Menomonee Falls HiMenomonee Falls(262) 255-8444 M S

Menomonie HiMenomonie(715) 232-2609 M S

Menomonie MidMenomonie(715) 232-1673 M S

Merrill HiMerrill(715) 536-4594 M S

Merrill MidOshkosh(920) 424-0177 M S

Merton IntermediateMerton(262) 538-1130 M S

Metropolitan HiMilwaukee(414) 267-5400 M S

Meyer MidRiver Falls(715) 425-1820 M S

Middle School AcademyRacine(262) 635-5600 M S

Middleton Alternative HiMiddleton(608) 828-1620 M S

Middleton HiMiddleton(608) 828-1620 M S

Milton HiMilton(608) 868-9300 M S

Milton MidMilton(608) 868-9350 M S

Milwaukee Area Technical ColleMilwaukee(414) 297-6309 M S

Milwaukee County Youth EducatiMilwaukee(414) 226-7330 M S

Milwaukee Education CenterMilwaukee(414) 212-2900 M S

Milwaukee High School Of The AMilwaukee(414) 934-7000 M S

Milwaukee School Of EntrepreneMilwaukee(414) 438-5200 M S

Milwaukee Spectrum SchoolMilwaukee(414) 442-8011 M S

Milwaukee Trade & Tech HiMilwaukee(414) 212-2400 M S

Milwaukee Village SchMilwaukee(414) 267-5181 M S

Mineral Point HiMineral Point(608) 987-2321 M S

Mineral Point MidMineral Point(608) 987-2371 M S

Mishicot HiMishicot(920) 755-4633 M S

Mishicot MidMishicot(920) 755-4633 M S

Mitchell MidRacine(262) 664-6400 M S

Mondovi HiMondovi(715) 926-3656 M S

Mondovi MidMondovi(715) 926-3457 M S

Monona Grove Alternative HiMonona(608) 221-7666 M S

Monona Grove HiMonona(608) 221-7666 M S

Monroe Alternative Charter SchMonroe(608) 328-7128 M S

Monroe HiMonroe(608) 328-7117 M S

Monroe MidMonroe(608) 328-7120 M S

Montello Jr/Sr HiMontello(608) 297-2126 M S

Monticello HiMonticello(608) 938-4194 M S

Monticello MidMonticello(608) 938-4194 M S

Morse MidMilwaukee(414) 616-5800 M S

Mosinee HiMosinee(715) 693-2550 M S

Mosinee MidMosinee(715) 693-3660 M S

Mount Horeb HiMount Horeb(608) 437-2400 M S

Mount Horeb MidMount Horeb(608) 437-2400 M S

Muir MidMilwaukee(414) 393-3100 M S

Mukwonago HiMukwonago(262) 363-6200 M S

Muskego HiMuskego(262) 679-2300 M S


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