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Albert D. Lawton SchoolEssex Junction(802) 878-1388 M S

Arlington MemorialArlington(802) 375-2589 M S

Barre Regional Voc Tech CtrBarre(802) 476-6237 M S

Bellows Falls Middle SchoolBellows Falls(802) 463-4366 M S

Bellows Falls Uhsd #27Bellows Falls(802) 463-3944 M S

Bellows Free AcademySt Albans(802) 527-7576 M S

Black River Usd #39Ludlow(802) 228-4721 M S

Bratt. Area Middle Sch UhsdBrattleboro(802) 257-3029 M S

Brattleboro Sr. Uhsd #6Brattleboro(802) 257-0356 M S

Browns River Middle Usd #17Jericho(802) 899-3711 M S

Burlington Senior High SchBurlington(802) 864-8411 M S

Burlington Technical CenterBurlington(802) 864-8426 M S

Burr & Burton SeminaryManchester(802) 362-1775 M S

Camels Hump Middle Usd #17Richmond(802) 434-2188 M S

Champlain Valley Uhsd #15Hinesburg(802) 482-7100 M S

Colchester High SchoolColchester(802) 658-1570 M S

Colchester Middle SchoolColchester(802) 655-1772 M S

Cold Hollow Career CenterEnosburg Falls(802) 933-4003 M S

Crossett Brook Middle Usd #Duxbury(802) 244-6100 M S

Edmunds Middle SchoolBurlington(802) 864-8486 M S

Enosburg Falls Jr/Sr High SEnosburg Falls(802) 933-7777 M S

Essex Comm. Ed. Ctr. Uhsd #Essex Junction(802) 879-5500 M S

Essex Jct Regional Tech CtrEssex Jct(802) 879-5562 M S

Essex Middle SchoolEssex Junction(802) 879-7173 M S

Frederick H. Tuttle MiddleSo Burlington(802) 652-7100 M S

Green Mountain Uhsd #35Chester(802) 875-2146 M S

Hartford Career & Tech CentWhite River Jct(802) 295-8630 M S

Hartford High SchoolWhite River Jct(802) 295-8610 M S

Hartford Mem. Middle SchoolWhite River Jct(802) 295-8640 M S






Harwood Uhsd #19Duxbury(802) 244-5186 M S

Hazen Uhsd #26Hardwick(802) 472-6511 M S

Lake Region Uhsd #24Orleans(802) 754-6521 M S

Lamoille Area Voc CenterHyde Park(802) 888-4447 M S

Lamoille Uhsd #18Hyde Park(802) 888-4261 M S

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Leland & Gray Uhsd #34Townshend(802) 365-7355 M S

Lyman C. Hunt Middle SchoolBurlington(802) 864-8469 M S

Lyndon InstituteLyndon Center(802) 626-3357 M S

Main Street SchoolMontpelier(802) 223-3404 M S

Middlebury Sr. Uhsd #3Middlebury(802) 382-1500 M S

Middlebury Union Middle SchMiddlebury(802) 382-1600 M S

Mill River Usd #40North Clarendon(802) 775-3451 M S

Milton Junior High SchoolMilton(802) 893-3230 M S

Milton Senior High SchoolMilton(802) 893-3230 M S

Missisquoi Valley Uhsd #7Swanton(802) 868-7311 M S

Montpelier High SchoolMontpelier(802) 223-6366 M S

Mount Abraham Uhsd #28Bristol(802) 453-2333 M S

Mt. Anthony Sr. Uhsd #14Bennington(802) 447-7511 M S

Mt. Anthony Union Middle ScBennington(802) 447-7541 M S

Mt. Mansfield Usd #17Jericho(802) 899-4690 M S

North Country Career CenterNewport(802) 334-5469 M S

North Country Jr Uhsd #22Derby(802) 766-2276 M S

North Country Sr Uhsd #22Newport(802) 334-7921 M S

OntopBurlington(802) 864-0496 M S

Otter Valley Uhsd #8Brandon(802) 247-6833 M S

Oxbow Uhsd #30Bradford(802) 222-5214 M S

Patricia Hannaford Career CMiddlebury(802) 382-1021 M S

Peoples Academy Middle SchoMorrisville(802) 888-1402 M S

Peoples AcademyMorrisville(802) 888-4600 M S

Poultney High SchoolPoultney(802) 287-5861 M S

Proctor Jr/Sr High SchoolProctor(802) 459-3353 M S

Randolph Area Voc CenterRandolph(802) 728-9595 M S

Randolph Uhsd #2Randolph(802) 728-3397 M S

Richford Jr/Sr High SchoolRichford(802) 848-7416 M S

River Bend Career & Tech CtBradford(802) 222-5212 M S

Riverside SchoolSpringfield(802) 885-8490 M S

Rutland Middle SchoolRutland(802) 773-1960 M S

Rutland Senior High SchoolRutland(802) 770-1070 M S

So. Burlington High SchoolSo Burlington(802) 652-7000 M S

Southeastern Vt Career Ed CBrattleboro(802) 257-7335 M S

Spaulding Hsud #41Barre(802) 476-4811 M S

Springfield High SchoolSpringfield(802) 885-8482 M S

St. Johnsbury AcademySt Johnsbury(802) 748-8171 M S

Stafford Technical CenterRutland(802) 773-1990 M S

Sw Vt Career Development CtBennington(802) 447-0220 M S

Tech Ctr At SpringfieldSpringfield(802) 885-8484 M S

Thetford AcademyThetford(802) 785-4805 M S

Thomas Fleming SchoolEssex Junction(802) 878-1381 M S

U-32 High School (Uhsd #32)Montpelier(802) 229-0321 M S

Vergennes Uhsd #5Vergennes(802) 877-2858 M S

Weathersfield Middle SchoolAscutney(802) 674-5400 M S

Whitcomb Jr/Sr High SchoolBethel(802) 234-9966 M S

Windsor High SchoolWindsor(802) 674-6344 M S

Woodstock Sr. Uhsd #4Woodstock(802) 457-1317 M S

Woodstock Union Middle SchoWoodstock(802) 457-1330 M S

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