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Adele C Young InterBrigham City(435) 734-4940 M S

Adult HighCedar City(435) 586-2870 M S

Albert R Lyman MiddleBlanding(435) 678-1398 M S

Albion Middle SchoolSandy(801) 412-2700 M S

Alice C Harris InterTremonton(435) 257-2560 M S

Alpine Life & Learning CtrOrem(801) 227-2440 M S

Alta HighSandy(801) 256-5000 M S

Altamont HighAltamont(435) 454-3314 M S

American Fork HighAmerican Fork(801) 756-8547 M S

American Fork Jr HighAmerican Fork(801) 756-8543 M S

Arrow High (Yic)Clearfield(801) 402-0540 M S

Bear River HighGarland(435) 257-2500 M S

Beaver HighBeaver(435) 438-2301 M S

Ben Lomond HighOgden(801) 625-8885 M S

Bennion Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 964-7665 M S

Bingham HighSouth Jordan(801) 256-5100 M S

Bonneville HighOgden(801) 476-5806 M S

Bonneville Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2130 M S

Bountiful HighBountiful(801) 402-3900 M S

Bountiful Jr HighBountiful(801) 402-6000 M S

Box Elder HighBrigham City(435) 734-4840 M S

Brighton HighSalt Lake City(801) 256-5200 M S

Brockbank Jr HighMagna(801) 250-8645 M S

Bryant MiddleSalt Lake City(801) 578-8118 M S

Bryce Valley HighTropic(435) 679-8835 M S

Butler Middle SchoolSalt Lake City(801) 412-2250 M S

Cache Alternative HighLogan(435) 755-0716 M S

Canyon HeightsKaysville(801) 402-0550 M S

Canyon View HighCedar City(435) 586-2813 M S

Canyon View Jr HighOrem(801) 227-8748 M S

Canyon View Jr HighHuntington(435) 687-2265 M S

Carbon HighPrice(435) 637-2463 M S

Cba CenterDelta(435) 864-5695 M S

Cedar City HighCedar City(435) 586-2820 M S

Cedar City MiddleCedar City(435) 586-2830 M S

Cedar Ridge HighRichfield(435) 896-9464 M S

Cedar Ridge MiddleHyde Park(435) 563-6229 M S

Centennial MiddleProvo(801) 370-4621 M S

Center For Hs StudiesProvo(801) 374-4840 M S

Centerville Jr HighCenterville(801) 402-6100 M S

Central Davis Jr HighLayton(801) 402-7100 M S

Central MiddleOgden(801) 625-8845 M S

Central Utah Youth HomeRichfield(435) 893-8177 M S

Churchill Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2015 M S

Clayton MiddleSalt Lake City(801) 481-4810 M S

Clearfield HighClearfield(801) 402-8200 M S

Clearfield Job CorpsClearfield(801) 774-4000 M S

Copper Hills HighWest Jordan(801) 256-5300 M S

Coral Cliffs Elem SchSt George(435) 652-4712 M S

Cottonwood HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2100 M S

Creekside HighMurray(801) 264-7470 M S

Crescent View MiddleSandy(801) 412-2750 M S

Cross Hollows InterCedar City(435) 586-2810 M S

Cyprus HighMagna(801) 250-8600 M S




Davis HighKaysville(801) 402-8800 M S

Davis Jr HighKaysville(801) 402-0350 M S

Decker Lake Youth CenterWest Valley City(801) 954-9203 M S

Delta HighDelta(435) 864-5610 M S

Delta MiddleDelta(435) 864-5660 M S

Desert Hills MiddleSt George(435) 628-0001 M S

Discovery Elem SchVernal(435) 781-3146 M S

Dixie HighSt George(435) 673-4682 M S

Dixie MiddleSt George(435) 628-0441 M S

Dixon MiddleProvo(801) 374-4980 M S

Duchesne Adult HighRoosevelt(435) 722-4523 M S

Duchesne HighDuchesne(435) 738-2211 M S

Dugway HighDugway(435) 831-4566 M S

East Carbon HighSunnyside(435) 888-4461 M S

East HighSalt Lake City(801) 583-1661 M S

Eastmont Middle SchoolSandy(801) 412-2000 M S

Ecker Hill MiddlePark City(435) 645-5610 M S

Eisenhower Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 263-6165 M S

Elk Ridge MiddleSouth Jordan(801) 412-2800 M S

Emery County HighCastle Dale(435) 381-2689 M S

Enterprise HighEnterprise(435) 878-2248 M S

Ephraim MiddleEphraim(435) 283-4037 M S

Escalante HighEscalante(435) 826-4205 M S

Eskdale HighEskdale(435) 855-2148 M S

Evergreen Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 481-7215 M S

Fairfield Jr HighKaysville(801) 402-7000 M S

Farmington Bay Youth CtrFarmington(801) 451-8633 M S

Farmington Jr HighFarmington(801) 402-6900 M S

Farrer MiddleProvo(801) 374-4970 M S

Fillmore MiddleFillmore(435) 743-5660 M S

Foothill HighCedar City(435) 867-2513 M S

Fremont HighPlain City(801) 732-6026 M S

Glendale MiddleSalt Lake City(801) 974-8320 M S

Grand County HighMoab(435) 259-8931 M S

Grand County MiddleMoab(435) 259-7158 M S

Granger HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7600 M S

Granite HighSalt Lake City(801) 481-7150 M S

Granite Park Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 481-7139 M S

Grantsville HighGrantsville(435) 884-4500 M S

Grantsville MiddleGrantsville(435) 884-4510 M S

Green River HighGreen River(435) 564-3461 M S

Gunnison Valley HighGunnison(435) 528-7256 M S

Gunnison Valley MiddleGunnison(435) 528-5337 M S

Helen M Knight Int SchMoab(435) 259-7350 M S

Helper Jr HighHelper(435) 472-5441 M S

Heritage YicProvo(801) 226-4600 M S

Highland HighSalt Lake City(801) 484-4343 M S

Highland MiddleOgden(801) 625-8855 M S

Hillcrest HighMidvale(801) 256-5400 M S

Hillcrest Jr HighMurray(801) 264-7442 M S

Hillside MiddleSalt Lake City(801) 481-4828 M S

Horizonte Instr & Train CtrSalt Lake City(801) 578-8574 M S

Hunter HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7585 M S

Hunter Jr HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7900 M S

Hurricane HighHurricane(435) 635-3280 M S

Hurricane MiddleHurricane(435) 635-4634 M S

Independence HighProvo(801) 374-4920 M S

Indian Hills MiddleSandy(801) 412-2550 M S

Joel P Jensen MiddleWest Jordan(801) 412-2850 M S

John F Kennedy Jr HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7640 M S

Jordan HighSandy(801) 256-5500 M S

Juab High SchoolNephi(435) 623-1764 M S

Juab Middle SchoolNephi(435) 623-1541 M S


Kanab HighKanab(435) 644-5821 M S

Kanab MiddleKanab(435) 644-5800 M S

Kaysville Jr HighKaysville(801) 402-7200 M S

Kearns HighKearns(801) 964-7500 M S

Kearns Jr HighKearns(801) 964-7650 M S

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Lakeridge Jr HighOrem(801) 227-8752 M S

Landmark HighSpanish Fork(801) 798-4030 M S

Layton HighLayton(801) 402-4800 M S

Lehi HighLehi(801) 768-7000 M S

Lehi Jr HighLehi(801) 768-7010 M S

LifelineN Salt Lake(801) 298-4000 M S

Lighthouse Learning CtrPrice(435) 637-7540 M S

Logan HighLogan(435) 755-2380 M S

Logan South CampusLogan(435) 755-2395 M S

Lone Peak HighHighland(801) 763-7050 M S

Manila HighManila(435) 784-3474 M S

Manti High SchoolManti(435) 835-2281 M S

Midvale Middle SchoolMidvale(801) 412-2150 M S

Milford HighMilford(435) 387-2751 M S

Mill Creek Youth CenterOgden(801) 625-8775 M S

Millard HighFillmore(435) 743-5610 M S

Millcreek HighSt George(435) 628-2462 M S

Millcreek Jr HighBountiful(801) 402-6200 M S

Mont Harmon Jr HighPrice(435) 637-0510 M S

Monticello HighMonticello(435) 587-2465 M S

Monument Valley HighMonument Valley(435) 678-1259 M S

Morgan HighMorgan(801) 829-3418 M S

Morgan MiddleMorgan(801) 829-3467 M S

Mound Fort MiddleOgden(801) 625-8865 M S

Mount Ogden MiddleOgden(801) 625-8875 M S

Mountain Crest HighHyrum(435) 245-6093 M S

Mountain View HighOrem(801) 227-8759 M S

Mt Jordan MiddleSandy(801) 412-2050 M S

Mt Logan MiddleLogan(435) 755-2370 M S

Mt Ridge Jr HighHighland(801) 763-7010 M S

Mt View Learning CtrSalt Lake City(801) 284-0259 M S

Mueller Park Jr HighBountiful(801) 402-6300 M S

Murray HighMurray(801) 264-7460 M S

Navajo Mountain HighNavajo Mt(435) 678-1287 M S

North Community HighGarland(435) 257-2559 M S

North Davis Jr HighClearfield(801) 402-6500 M S

North Layton Jr HighLayton(801) 402-6600 M S

North Ogden Jr HighOgden(801) 786-2015 M S

North Sanpete HighMt Pleasant(435) 462-2452 M S

North Sanpete MiddleMoroni(435) 436-8206 M S

North Sevier HighSalina(435) 529-3717 M S

North Sevier MiddleSalina(435) 529-3841 M S

North Summit HighCoalville(435) 336-5656 M S

North Summit MiddleCoalville(435) 336-5678 M S

Northridge HighLayton(801) 402-8500 M S

Northwest MiddleSalt Lake City(801) 578-8547 M S

O&A Youth CorrectionsSpringville(801) 491-0135 M S

Oak Canyon Jr HighLindon(801) 785-8760 M S

Ogden HighOgden(801) 625-8910 M S

Olympus HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2000 M S

Olympus Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2120 M S

Oquirrh Hills MiddleRiverton(801) 412-2350 M S

Orem HighOrem(801) 227-8765 M S

Orem Jr HighOrem(801) 227-8756 M S

Pahvant Elem SchRichfield(435) 896-4403 M S

Panguitch HighPanguitch(435) 676-8805 M S

Panguitch MiddlePanguitch(435) 676-8225 M S

Park City HighPark City(435) 645-5650 M S

Park City Sch Dist Learn CtrPark City(435) 645-5626 M S

Parowan HighParowan(435) 477-3366 M S

Payson HighPayson(801) 465-6025 M S

Payson MiddlePayson(801) 465-6040 M S

Pineview HighSt George(435) 628-5255 M S

Piute HighJunction(435) 577-2881 M S

Pleasant Grove HighPleasant Grove(801) 785-8700 M S

Pleasant Grove Jr HighPleasant Grove(801) 785-8707 M S

Provo HighProvo(801) 373-6550 M S

Red Hills MiddleRichfield(435) 896-6421 M S

Reflections (Yic)Layton(801) 779-6527 M S

Rich HighRandolph(435) 793-2365 M S

Rich Middle SchoolLaketown(435) 946-3359 M S

Richfield HighRichfield(435) 896-8247 M S

Riverton HighRiverton(801) 256-5800 M S

Riverview Jr HighMurray(801) 264-7446 M S

Rocky Mountain Jr HighWest Haven City(801) 732-6029 M S

Rocky Mountain MiddleHeber City(435) 654-9350 M S

Roosevelt Jr HighRoosevelt(435) 722-2991 M S

Roosevelt MiddleRoosevelt(435) 722-2439 M S

Roy HighRoy(801) 774-4922 M S

Roy Jr HighRoy(801) 774-4906 M S

San Juan HighBlanding(435) 678-1301 M S

San Rafael Jr HighFerron(435) 384-2335 M S

Sand Ridge Jr HighRoy(801) 732-6012 M S

Sky View HighSmithfield(435) 563-6273 M S

Skyline HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2080 M S

Snow Canyon HighSt George(435) 634-1967 M S

Snow Canyon MiddleSt George(435) 674-6474 M S

Snowcrest Jr HighEden(801) 745-2608 M S

South Community HighBrigham City(435) 734-4834 M S

South Davis Jr HighBountiful(801) 402-6400 M S

South Hills MiddleRiverton(801) 412-2400 M S

South Jordan MiddleSouth Jordan(801) 412-2900 M S

South Ogden Jr HighOgden(801) 476-5816 M S

South Sevier HighMonroe(435) 527-4651 M S

South Sevier MiddleMonroe(435) 527-4607 M S

South Summit HighKamas(435) 783-4313 M S

South Summit MiddleKamas(435) 783-4341 M S

Spanish Fork HighSpanish Fork(801) 798-4060 M S

Spanish Fork MiddleSpanish Fork(801) 798-4052 M S

Spring Creek MiddleProvidence(435) 753-6200 M S

Springville HighSpringville(801) 489-2870 M S

Springville MiddleSpringville(801) 489-2810 M S

Storm Ridge (Yic)Monroe(435) 527-2749 M S

Success SchoolTaylorsville(801) 964-4258 M S

Summit ProgramMurray(801) 284-4256 M S

Sunset Jr HighSunset(801) 402-6700 M S

Syracuse Jr HighSyracuse(801) 402-6800 M S

T H Bell Jr HighOgden(801) 476-5829 M S

Tabiona HighTabiona(435) 848-5635 M S

Taylorsville HighSalt Lake City(801) 263-6153 M S

Teen ParentWest Valley City(801) 964-7519 M S

Thomas Jefferson Jr HighKearns(801) 964-7970 M S

Timpanogos HighOrem(801) 223-3120 M S

Timpview High SchoolProvo(801) 221-9720 M S

Tintic HighEureka(435) 433-6939 M S

Tooele HighTooele(435) 833-1978 M S

Tooele Jr HighTooele(435) 833-1921 M S

Tooele Valley HighTooele(435) 833-1928 M S

Treasure Mtn MiddlePark City(435) 645-5640 M S

Trident School (Drug & Alcoh)Layton(801) 773-7051 M S

Tuacahn High For Perform ArtsIvins(435) 652-3201 M S

Uintah HighVernal(435) 781-3110 M S

Uintah River HighFort Duchesne(435) 722-2331 M S

Union HighRoosevelt(435) 722-2474 M S

Union MiddleSandy(801) 412-2200 M S

Valley HighSandy(801) 572-7035 M S

Valley HighOrderville(435) 648-2278 M S

Valley Jr HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7635 M S

Vernal MiddleVernal(435) 781-3140 M S

Viewmont HighBountiful(801) 402-4200 M S

Wahlquist Jr HighOgden(801) 626-2512 M S

Wasatch Alternative HighHeber City(435) 654-4231 M S

Wasatch HighHeber City(435) 654-0640 M S

Wasatch Jr HighSalt Lake City(801) 273-2115 M S

Wasatch Youth CenterSalt Lake City(801) 265-5825 M S

Wayne HighBicknell(435) 425-3411 M S

Wayne MiddleBicknell(435) 425-3421 M S

Weber Basin Job CorpsOgden(801) 479-9806 M S

Weber HighOgden(801) 786-2000 M S

Weber Valley Detention CtrRoy(801) 774-4903 M S

Wendover HighWendover(435) 665-2343 M S

West Desert HighVia Wendover(435) 693-3112 M S

West HighSalt Lake City(801) 578-8500 M S

West Hills MiddleWest Jordan(801) 412-2300 M S

West Jordan HighWest Jordan(801) 256-5600 M S

West Jordan MiddleWest Jordan(801) 412-2100 M S

West Lake Jr HighWest Valley City(801) 964-7630 M S

West MiddleRoosevelt(435) 722-4563 M S

Westridge MiddlePrice(435) 637-0781 M S

White Pine MiddleRichmond(435) 258-2111 M S

Whitehorse HighMontezuma Creek(435) 678-1209 M S

Willow Valley MiddleWellsville(435) 245-0505 M S

Woods Cross HighWoods Cross(801) 402-4500 M S

Young ParentsSpanish Fork(801) 794-0065 M S

Young/Perry Elem SchPerry(435) 734-4930 M S


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