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Ace Alternative ProgramCuster(605) 673-3592 M S

Agar Hi SchAgar(605) 258-2180 M S

Alcester-Hudson Hi SchAlcester(605) 934-1890 M S

Alcester-Hudson Jr HighAlcester(605) 934-1890 M S

Alpena Hi SchAlpena(605) 849-3258 M S

Alpena Jr HiAlpena(605) 849-3258 M S

Alternative ProgramRapid City(605) 394-4048 M S

Andes Central Hi SchLake Andes(605) 487-7671 M S

Andes Central Jr HiLake Andes(605) 487-7671 M S

Arlington Hi SchArlington(605) 983-5598 M S

Arlington Jr HiArlington(605) 983-5598 M S

Armour Hi SchArmour(605) 724-2153 M S

Armour Middle SchArmour(605) 724-2698 M S

Artesian-Letcher Hi SchArtesian(605) 527-2239 M S

Artesian-Letcher Mid SchLetcher(605) 248-2625 M S

Aspire HighBeresford(605) 763-8011 M S

Avon Hi SchoolAvon(605) 286-3291 M S

Avon Jr HiAvon(605) 286-3291 M S

Axtell Park Middle SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7647 M S

Baltic Hi SchBaltic(605) 529-5461 M S

Baltic Middle SchoolBaltic(605) 529-5461 M S

Belle Fourche Hi SchBelle Fourche(605) 723-3350 M S

Belle Fourche Middle SchBelle Fourche(605) 723-3367 M S

Bennett County Hi SchMartin(605) 685-6330 M S

Bennett County Jr HiMartin(605) 685-6330 M S

Beresford Hi SchBeresford(605) 763-2145 M S

Beresford Jr HiBeresford(605) 763-2139 M S

Big Stone City Jr HiBig Stone City(605) 862-8108 M S

Bison Hi SchBison(605) 244-5961 M S

Bison Jr HiBison(605) 244-5961 M S

Bon Homme High SchoolTyndall(605) 589-3387 M S

Bonesteel-Fairfax High SchBonesteel(605) 654-2314 M S

Bonesteel-Fairfax Jr HiBonesteel(605) 654-2314 M S

Bowdle Hi SchBowdle(605) 285-6590 M S

Bowdle Jr HiBowdle(605) 285-6590 M S

Brandon Valley Hi SchBrandon(605) 582-3211 M S

Brandon Valley Middle SchBrandon(605) 582-3214 M S

Bridgewater Hi SchBridgewater(605) 729-2541 M S

Bridgewater Middle SchBridgewater(605) 729-2541 M S

Bristol Hi SchBristol(605) 492-3149 M S

Britton Hi SchBritton(605) 448-2234 M S

Britton Jr HiBritton(605) 448-2234 M S

Brookings Hi SchBrookings(605) 696-4100 M S

Brown Hi SchSturgis(605) 347-2686 M S

Burke Hi SchBurke(605) 775-2645 M S

Burke Middle SchBurke(605) 775-2645 M S

Canistota Hi SchCanistota(605) 296-3458 M S

Canistota Middle SchCanistota(605) 296-3458 M S

Canton Hi SchCanton(605) 764-2706 M S

Canton Middle SchoolCanton(605) 764-2706 M S

Career AcademySioux Falls(605) 367-7680 M S

Castlewood Hi SchCastlewood(605) 793-2497 M S

Castlewood Jr HiCastlewood(605) 793-2497 M S

Centerville Hi SchCenterville(605) 563-2291 M S

Centerville Jr HiCenterville(605) 563-2291 M S

Central Hi SchRapid City(605) 394-4023 M S

Central High SchoolAberdeen(605) 626-7900 M S




Chamberlain Hi SchChamberlain(605) 734-4467 M S

Chamberlain Middle SchChamberlain(605) 734-4463 M S

Chester Hi SchChester(605) 489-2411 M S

Chester Jr HiChester(605) 489-2411 M S

Clark Hi SchClark(605) 532-3605 M S

Clark Jr HiClark(605) 532-3605 M S

Clear Lake Middle SchClear Lake(605) 874-2162 M S

Colman-Egan Hi SchColman(605) 534-3534 M S

Colman-Egan Jr HiColman(605) 534-3534 M S

Colome Hi SchColome(605) 842-1624 M S

Colome Jr HiColome(605) 842-1624 M S

Conde Hi SchConde(605) 382-5231 M S

Conde Jr HiConde(605) 382-5231 M S

Corsica Hi SchCorsica(605) 946-5475 M S

Corsica Middle SchCorsica(605) 946-5475 M S

Cresbard Hi SchCresbard(605) 324-3382 M S

Cresbard Jr HiCresbard(605) 324-3241 M S

Custer High SchoolCuster(605) 673-4473 M S

Custer Middle SchCuster(605) 673-4540 M S

Dakota Middle SchRapid City(605) 394-4092 M S

Dakota Valley Hi SchNorth Sioux City(605) 232-9595 M S

Dakota Valley Jr Hi SchNorth Sioux City(605) 232-4653 M S

Dakota Valley Upper ElemNorth Sioux City(605) 232-4653 M S

De Smet Hi SchDe Smet(605) 854-3423 M S

De Smet Middle SchDe Smet(605) 854-3423 M S

Dell Rapids High SchoolDell Rapids(605) 428-5473 M S

Dell Rapids Middle SchoolDell Rapids(605) 428-5473 M S

Deubrook Hi SchWhite(605) 629-1114 M S

Deubrook Jr HiWhite(605) 629-1114 M S

Deuel Hi SchClear Lake(605) 874-2163 M S

Doland Hi SchDoland(605) 635-6241 M S

Doland Jr HiDoland(605) 635-6241 M S

Douglas Hi SchBox Elder(605) 923-0030 M S

Douglas Middle SchBox Elder(605) 923-0050 M S

Dupree Hi SchDupree(605) 365-5140 M S

Dupree Jr HiDupree(605) 365-5140 M S

E. Central Multi-DistrictBrookings(605) 696-4754 M S

Eagle Butte Hi SchEagle Butte(605) 964-8744 M S

Eagle Butte Jr HiEagle Butte(605) 964-7841 M S

East ElemSpearfish(605) 642-1210 M S

Edgemont Hi SchEdgemont(605) 662-7294 M S

Edgemont Middle SchEdgemont(605) 662-7294 M S

Edison Middle SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7643 M S

Edmunds Central Hi SchRoscoe(605) 287-4251 M S

Edmunds Central Jr HiRoscoe(605) 287-4251 M S

Elk Point-Jefferson Hi ScElk Point(605) 356-5901 M S

Elk Point-Jefferson MiddleElk Point(605) 356-5901 M S

Elkton Hi SchElkton(605) 542-2541 M S

Elkton Jr HiElkton(605) 542-2541 M S

Elm Valley Jr HiFrederick(605) 329-2145 M S

Emery Hi SchEmery(605) 449-4271 M S

Emery Middle SchEmery(605) 449-4271 M S

Estelline Hi SchEstelline(605) 873-2201 M S

Estelline Jr HiEstelline(605) 873-2203 M S

Ethan Hi SchEthan(605) 227-4211 M S

Ethan Middle SchEthan(605) 227-4211 M S

Eureka Hi SchEureka(605) 284-2521 M S

Eureka Jr HighEureka(605) 284-2521 M S

Faith Hi SchFaith(605) 967-2152 M S

Faith Jr HiFaith(605) 967-2152 M S

Faulkton Hi SchFaulkton(605) 598-6266 M S

Faulkton Jr HiFaulkton(605) 598-6266 M S

Flandreau Hi SchFlandreau(605) 997-2455 M S

Flandreau Middle SchFlandreau(605) 997-2705 M S

Florence Hi SchFlorence(605) 758-2412 M S

Florence Jr HiFlorence(605) 758-2412 M S

Frederick Hi SchFrederick(605) 329-2145 M S

Freeman Hi SchFreeman(605) 925-4214 M S

Freeman Jr HiFreeman(605) 925-4214 M S

Garfield ElemMadison(605) 256-7703 M S

Garretson Hi SchGarretson(605) 594-3452 M S

Garretson Jr HiGarretson(605) 594-3452 M S

Gayville-Volin Hi SchGayville(605) 267-4476 M S

Gayville-Volin Middle SchGayville(605) 267-4476 M S

Geddes Hi SchGeddes(605) 337-3382 M S

Geddes Jr HiGeddes(605) 337-3382 M S

George S Mickelson Alt PrRedfield(605) 472-0560 M S

George S Mickelson Middle SchoolBrookings(605) 696-4500 M S

Georgia Morse Middle SchPierre(605) 773-7330 M S

Gettysburg Hi SchGettysburg(605) 765-2436 M S

Gettysburg Middle SchoolGettysburg(605) 765-2436 M S

Grant-Deuel Hi SchRevillo(605) 623-4241 M S

Grant-Deuel Jr HiRevillo(605) 623-4241 M S

Gregory Hi SchGregory(605) 835-9672 M S

Gregory Middle SchGregory(605) 835-9672 M S

Groton Hi SchGroton(605) 397-8381 M S

Groton Jr HiGroton(605) 397-8381 M S

Hamlin Hi SchHayti(605) 783-3644 M S

Hamlin Middle SchHayti(605) 783-3631 M S

Hanson Hi SchAlexandria(605) 239-4387 M S

Hanson Jr HiAlexandria(605) 239-4387 M S

Harding County Hi SchBuffalo(605) 375-3241 M S

Harding County Jr HiBuffalo(605) 375-3241 M S

Harrisburg Hi SchHarrisburg(605) 743-2567 M S

Harrisburg Jr HiHarrisburg(605) 743-2567 M S

Harrold Hi SchHarrold(605) 875-3298 M S

Harrold Jr HiHarrold(605) 875-3298 M S

Hecla Hi SchHecla(605) 994-2280 M S

Hecla Jr HiHecla(605) 994-2280 M S


Henry Hi SchHenry(605) 532-5364 M S

Henry Jr HiHenry(605) 532-5364 M S

Herreid Hi SchHerreid(605) 437-2263 M S

Herreid Middle SchHerreid(605) 437-2263 M S

Highmore Hi SchHighmore(605) 852-2275 M S

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Highmore Jr HiHighmore(605) 852-2276 M S

Hill City Hi SchHill City(605) 574-3005 M S

Hill City Middle SchHill City(605) 574-3025 M S

Hitchcock Hi SchHitchcock(605) 266-2151 M S

Hitchcock Middle SchHitchcock(605) 266-2151 M S

Holgate Middle SchoolAberdeen(605) 626-7940 M S

Hot Springs Hi SchHot Springs(605) 745-4147 M S

Hot Springs Middle SchHot Springs(605) 745-4146 M S

Hoven Hi SchHoven(605) 948-2252 M S

Hoven Jr HiHoven(605) 945-2252 M S

Howard Hi SchHoward(605) 772-5515 M S

Howard Jr HiHoward(605) 772-5515 M S

Hub Area Multi-DistrictAberdeen(605) 725-7800 M S

Hurley Hi SchHurley(605) 238-5221 M S

Hurley Jr HiHurley(605) 238-5221 M S

Huron Hi SchHuron(605) 353-7800 M S

Huron Middle SchHuron(605) 353-6900 M S

Ipswich Hi SchIpswich(605) 426-6571 M S

Ipswich Jr HiIpswich(605) 426-6571 M S

Irene Hi SchIrene(605) 263-3313 M S

Irene Jr HiIrene(605) 263-3313 M S

Iroquois Hi SchIroquois(605) 546-2210 M S

Iroquois Middle SchIroquois(605) 546-2210 M S

Isabel Hi SchIsabel(605) 466-2125 M S

Jones Co Hi SchMurdo(605) 669-2258 M S

Jones Co Jr HiMurdo(605) 669-2258 M S

Kadoka Hi SchKadoka(605) 837-2172 M S

Kimball Hi SchKimball(605) 778-6232 M S

Kimball Middle SchoolKimball(605) 778-6231 M S

Lake Area Multi-DistrictWatertown(605) 882-6380 M S

Lake Preston Hi SchLake Preston(605) 847-4455 M S

Lake Preston Jr HiLake Preston(605) 847-4455 M S

Langford High SchoolLangford(605) 493-6454 M S

Langford Jr HighLangford(605) 493-6454 M S

Lead-Deadwood High SchoolLead(605) 584-3013 M S

Lead-Deadwood Middle SchLead(605) 722-3698 M S

Lemmon Hi SchLemmon(605) 374-3762 M S

Lemmon Jr HiLemmon(605) 374-3762 M S

Lennox High SchoolLennox(605) 647-2203 M S

Lennox Middle SchLennox(605) 647-2204 M S

Leola Hi SchLeola(605) 439-3477 M S

Leola Jr HiLeola(605) 439-3477 M S

Lincoln Hi SchPlankinton(605) 942-7704 M S

Lincoln Hi SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7990 M S

Lyman Hi SchPresho(605) 895-2579 M S

Lyman Middle SchKennebec(605) 869-2213 M S

Madison Hi SchMadison(605) 256-7706 M S

Madison Middle SchMadison(605) 256-7717 M S

Marion Hi SchMarion(605) 648-3615 M S

Marion Jr HiMarion(605) 648-3615 M S

Mccook Central Hi SchSalem(605) 425-2264 M S

Mccook Central Middle SchSalem(605) 425-2264 M S

Mcintosh Hi SchMcintosh(605) 273-4298 M S

Mcintosh Jr HiMcintosh(605) 273-4298 M S

Mclaughlin Hi SchMclaughlin(605) 823-4482 M S

Mclaughlin Middle SchoolMclaughlin(605) 823-4482 M S

Memorial Middle SchSioux Falls(605) 362-2785 M S

Menno Hi SchMenno(605) 387-5161 M S

Menno Jr HiMenno(605) 387-5161 M S

Midland Hi SchMidland(605) 843-2561 M S

Midland Jr HiMidland(605) 843-2561 M S

Milbank High SchoolMilbank(605) 432-5546 M S

Milbank Middle SchMilbank(605) 432-5510 M S

Miller High SchoolMiller(605) 853-2455 M S

Miller Jr HiMiller(605) 853-2455 M S

Mitchell Hi SchMitchell(605) 995-3034 M S

Mitchell Middle SchMitchell(605) 995-3051 M S

Mobridge Hi SchMobridge(605) 845-3460 M S

Mobridge Middle SchMobridge(605) 845-2768 M S

Montrose Hi SchMontrose(605) 363-5025 M S

Montrose Jr HiMontrose(605) 363-5025 M S

Mount Vernon Hi SchMount Vernon(605) 236-5237 M S

Mount Vernon Middle SchMount Vernon(605) 236-5237 M S

Ne Sd Tech CenterSisseton(605) 698-7613 M S

New Underwood Hi SchNew Underwood(605) 754-6485 M S

New Underwood Jr HiNew Underwood(605) 754-6485 M S

Newell Hi SchNewell(605) 456-2393 M S

Newell Middle SchNewell(605) 456-2393 M S

North Middle SchRapid City(605) 394-4042 M S

Northwestern Hi SchMellette(605) 887-3467 M S

Northwestern Middle SchMellette(605) 887-3467 M S

O.K. Thollehaug Middle SchSisseton(605) 698-7613 M S

Oelrichs Hi SchOelrichs(605) 535-2631 M S

Oelrichs Jr HiOelrichs(605) 535-2631 M S

Oldham-Ramona Hi SchRamona(605) 482-8244 M S

Oldham-Ramona Jr HiRamona(605) 482-8244 M S

Parker Hi SchParker(605) 297-4473 M S

Parker Jr HiParker(605) 297-4473 M S

Parkston Hi SchParkston(605) 928-3368 M S

Parkston Jr HiParkston(605) 928-3368 M S

Patrick Henry Middle SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7639 M S

Philip Hi SchPhilip(605) 859-2680 M S

Philip Jr HiPhilip(605) 859-2680 M S

Plankinton Hi SchPlankinton(605) 942-7743 M S

Plankinton Jr HiPlankinton(605) 942-7743 M S

Platte Hi SchPlatte(605) 337-3391 M S

Platte Jr HiPlatte(605) 337-3391 M S

Pollock Hi SchPollock(605) 889-2831 M S

Pollock Jr HiPollock(605) 889-2831 M S

Pride HighHuron(605) 353-6976 M S

Redfield Hi SchRedfield(605) 472-0560 M S

Redfield Jr HiRedfield(605) 472-0560 M S

Roosevelt Hi SchSioux Falls(605) 362-2860 M S

Rosholt Hi SchRosholt(605) 537-4278 M S

Rosholt Jr HighRosholt(605) 537-4278 M S

Roslyn Hi SchRoslyn(605) 486-4311 M S

Roslyn Jr HiRoslyn(605) 486-4311 M S

Rutland Hi SchRutland(605) 586-4352 M S

Rutland Jr HiRutland(605) 586-4352 M S

Sch For Blind & Vi Hi SchAberdeen(605) 626-2580 M S

School For The Deaf HighSioux Falls(605) 367-5200 M S

Scotland Hi SchScotland(605) 583-2237 M S

Scotland Jr HiScotland(605) 583-2237 M S

Second Chance AlternativeMitchell(605) 995-3086 M S

Selby Hi SchSelby(605) 649-7818 M S

Selby Jr HiSelby(605) 649-7818 M S

Simmons Middle SchoolAberdeen(605) 626-7944 M S

Sioux Valley Hi SchVolga(605) 627-5657 M S

Sioux Valley Middle SchVolga(605) 627-5657 M S

Sisseton Hi SchSisseton(605) 698-7613 M S

South ElemMission(605) 856-4812 M S

South Middle SchRapid City(605) 394-4024 M S

South Shore Hi SchSouth Shore(605) 756-4120 M S

South Shore Jr HiSouth Shore(605) 756-4120 M S

Southwest Middle SchRapid City(605) 394-6792 M S

Spearfish Hi SchSpearfish(605) 642-1212 M S

Spearfish Middle SchSpearfish(605) 642-1215 M S

Springfield Middle SchoolSpringfield(605) 369-2282 M S

Stanley County High SchFort Pierre(605) 223-7743 M S

Stanley County Middle SchFort Pierre(605) 223-7743 M S

Stevens Hi SchRapid City(605) 394-4051 M S

Stickney High SchoolStickney(605) 732-4221 M S

Sturgis AcademySturgis(605) 347-2686 M S

Sully Buttes Hi SchOnida(605) 258-2618 M S

Sully Buttes Jr HiOnida(605) 258-2618 M S

Summit Hi SchSummit(605) 398-6211 M S

Summit Jr HiSummit(605) 398-6211 M S

T. F. Riggs Hi SchPierre(605) 773-7350 M S

Tabor Middle SchoolTabor(605) 463-2271 M S

Tea Middle SchTea(605) 498-2593 M S

Timber Lake High SchoolTimber Lake(605) 865-3646 M S

Timber Lake Jr HiTimber Lake(605) 865-3646 M S

Todd County HighMission(605) 856-2324 M S

Todd County Middle SchMission(605) 856-2341 M S

Tripp-Delmont Hi SchTripp(605) 935-6766 M S

Tripp-Delmont Middle SchTripp(605) 935-6766 M S

Tri-Valley Hi SchColton(605) 446-3538 M S

Tri-Valley Middle SchColton(605) 446-3538 M S

Tulare Hi SchTulare(605) 596-4172 M S

Tyndall Middle SchoolTyndall(605) 589-3389 M S

Vandenberg ElemBox Elder(605) 923-0060 M S

Veblen Hi SchVeblen(605) 738-2391 M S

Veblen Jr HiVeblen(605) 738-2391 M S

Vermillion Hi SchVermillion(605) 677-7035 M S

Vermillion Middle SchVermillion(605) 677-7025 M S

Viborg Hi SchViborg(605) 766-5418 M S

Viborg Jr HiViborg(605) 766-5418 M S

Wagner Hi SchWagner(605) 384-5426 M S

Wagner Jr HiWagner(605) 384-5426 M S

Wakonda Hi SchWakonda(605) 267-2644 M S

Wakonda Jr HiWakonda(605) 267-2644 M S

Wakpala Hi SchWakpala(605) 845-3040 M S

Wakpala Jr HiWakpala(605) 845-3040 M S

Wall Hi SchWall(605) 279-2156 M S

Wall Middle SchWall(605) 279-2156 M S

Warner Hi SchWarner(605) 225-6194 M S

Warner Middle SchWarner(605) 225-6194 M S

Washington Hi SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7970 M S

Watertown Hi SchWatertown(605) 882-6316 M S

Watertown Middle SchWatertown(605) 882-6370 M S

Waubay Hi SchWaubay(605) 947-4529 M S

Waubay Jr HiWaubay(605) 947-4529 M S

Waverly Hi SchWaverly(605) 886-9174 M S

Waverly Jr HiWaverly(605) 886-9174 M S

Webster Hi SchWebster(605) 345-4653 M S

Webster Middle SchoolWebster(605) 345-4653 M S

Wessington Hi SchWessington(605) 458-2248 M S

Wessington MiddleWessington(605) 458-2248 M S

Wessington Springs Hi SchWessington Springs(605) 539-9391 M S

Wessington Springs MiddleWessington Springs(605) 539-1754 M S

West Central Hi SchHartford(605) 528-6236 M S

West Central MiddleHartford(605) 528-3799 M S

West Middle SchRapid City(605) 394-4033 M S

White Lake Hi SchWhite Lake(605) 249-2251 M S

White Lake Jr HiWhite Lake(605) 249-2251 M S

White River Hi SchWhite River(605) 259-3136 M S

White River Middle SchWhite River(605) 259-3135 M S

Whittier Middle SchSioux Falls(605) 367-7620 M S

Williams Middle SchoolSturgis(605) 347-5232 M S

Willow Lake Hi SchWillow Lake(605) 625-5924 M S

Willow Lake Jr HiWillow Lake(605) 625-5924 M S

Wilmot Hi SchWilmot(605) 938-4647 M S

Wilmot Jr HiWilmot(605) 938-4647 M S

Winner Hi SchWinner(605) 842-2427 M S

Winner Middle SchWinner(605) 842-0880 M S

Wolsey Hi SchWolsey(605) 883-4221 M S

Wolsey Middle SchWolsey(605) 883-4221 M S

Woonsocket High SchoolWoonsocket(605) 796-4431 M S

Yankton Hi SchYankton(605) 665-2073 M S

Yankton Middle SchoolYankton(605) 665-2419 M S

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