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21St Century SchoolhouseSalem(503) 763-8958 M S

Ackerman Middle SchoolCanby(503) 266-2751 M S

Adrian High SchoolAdrian(541) 372-2335 M S

Agnes Stewart Middle SchoolSpringfield(541) 988-2520 M S

Aim High SchoolPortland(503) 256-6530 M S

Alder Creek Middle SchoolMilwaukie(503) 353-5700 M S

Alice Ott Middle SchoolPortland(503) 256-6510 M S

Aloha High SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-4700 M S

Alpha High SchoolGresham(503) 262-4050 M S

Alsea High SchoolAlsea(541) 487-4305 M S

Amity High SchoolAmity(503) 835-2181 M S

Amity Middle SchoolAmity(503) 835-0518 M S

Arlington High SchoolArlington(541) 454-2632 M S

Armand Larive Middle SchoolHermiston(541) 667-6200 M S

Arts & Communication Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 672-3700 M S

Arts & Communicaton High SchooBeaverton(503) 672-3700 M S

Ashland High SchoolAshland(541) 482-8771 M S

Ashland Middle SchoolAshland(541) 482-1611 M S

Astoria High SchoolAstoria(503) 325-3911 M S

Astoria Middle SchoolAstoria(503) 325-4331 M S

Athena - Weston Middle SchoolWeston(541) 566-3548 M S

Athey Creek Middle SchoolWest Linn(503) 673-7400 M S

Azalea Middle SchoolBrookings(541) 469-7427 M S

Baker Alternative SchoolBaker City(541) 523-5091 M S

Baker High SchoolBaker City(541) 524-2600 M S

Baker Middle SchoolBaker City(541) 524-2500 M S

Bandon High SchoolBandon(541) 347-4413 M S

Banks High SchoolBanks(503) 324-2281 M S

Banks Jr High SchoolBanks(503) 324-3111 M S

Beaumont Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5610 M S

Beaverton High SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-5000 M S

Bend High SchoolBend(541) 383-6290 M S

Benson Polytechnic High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5100 M S

Binnsmead Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5700 M S

Blue Mt. Jr High SchoolJohn Day(541) 575-1969 M S

Boring Middle SchoolBoring(503) 668-9393 M S

Briggs Middle SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-6350 M S

Brixner Junior High SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-5025 M S

Broadway Middle SchoolSeaside(503) 738-6892 M S

Brookings-Harbor High SchoolBrookings(541) 469-2108 M S

Brown Education CenterRedmond(541) 923-4868 M S

Burns High SchoolBurns(541) 573-2044 M S

Butte Falls High SchoolButte Falls(541) 865-3563 M S

Cal Young Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3234 M S

Calapooia Middle SchoolAlbany(541) 967-4555 M S

Camp FlorenceFlorence(541) 997-2076 M S

Camp HilgardLa Grande(541) 963-3611 M S

Camp TillamookTillamook(503) 842-2565 M S

Canby High SchoolCanby(503) 266-5811 M S

Cascade High SchoolTurner(503) 749-8490 M S

Cascade Jr High SchoolTurner(503) 749-8489 M S

Cascade Middle SchoolEugene(541) 689-0641 M S

Cascade Middle SchoolBend(541) 383-6230 M S

Cedar Park Middle SchoolPortland(503) 672-3620 M S

Cedar Ridge Middle SchoolSandy(503) 668-8067 M S

Centennial High SchoolGresham(503) 661-7612 M S

Centennial Learning CenterPortland(503) 762-3202 M S

Centennial Middle SchoolPortland(503) 762-3206 M S

Central High SchoolIndependence(503) 838-0480 M S

Central Linn High SchoolHalsey(541) 369-2811 M S

Central Middle SchoolMilton-Freewater(541) 938-5504 M S

Century High SchoolHillsboro(503) 848-6500 M S

Chapman Elem. SchoolSheridan(503) 843-3732 M S

Chehalem Valley Middle SchoolNewberg(503) 554-4600 M S

Cheldelin Middle SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-5971 M S

Chenowith Middle SchoolThe Dalles(541) 296-5446 M S

Chiloquin High SchoolChiloquin(541) 783-2321 M S

Churchill Alternative EducatioEugene(541) 687-3421 M S

Churchill Elem. SchoolBaker City(541) 524-2400 M S

Clackamas AdtOregon City(503) 655-8264 M S

Clackamas High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3722 M S

Claggett Creek Middle SchoolKeizer(503) 399-3701 M S

Clara Brownell Middle SchoolUmatilla(541) 922-6625 M S

Clear Creek Middle SchoolGresham(503) 492-6700 M S




Cleveland High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5120 M S

Clinton Street SchoolPortland(503) 916-5133 M S

Coffenberry Middle SchoolMyrtle Creek(541) 863-3104 M S

Colin Kelly Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3224 M S

Colton High SchoolColton(503) 824-2311 M S

Colton Middle SchoolColton(503) 824-2319 M S

Columbia Middle SchoolIrrigon(541) 922-5551 M S

Community SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-5575 M S

Condon High SchoolCondon(541) 384-2441 M S

Conestoga Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 524-1345 M S

Coquille High SchoolCoquille(541) 396-2163 M S

Coquille Valley Middle SchoolCoquille(541) 396-2914 M S

Corbett High SchoolCorbett(503) 695-3600 M S

Corbett Middle SchoolCorbett(503) 695-3636 M S

Corvallis High SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-5871 M S

Corvallis HouseCorvallis(541) 757-4144 M S

Cottage Grove High SchoolCottage Grove(541) 942-3391 M S

Crane Union High SchoolCrane(541) 493-2641 M S

Crater High SchoolCentral Point(541) 664-7193 M S

Crescent Valley High SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-5801 M S

Creswell High SchoolCreswell(541) 895-6020 M S

Creswell Middle SchoolCreswell(541) 895-6090 M S

Crook County High SchoolPrineville(541) 416-6900 M S

Crook County Middle SchoolPrineville(541) 447-6283 M S

Crossler Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3444 M S

Crow High SchoolEugene(541) 935-2227 M S

Culver High SchoolCulver(541) 546-2251 M S

Culver Middle SchoolCulver(541) 546-3090 M S

Da Vinci SchoolPortland(503) 916-5356 M S

Dallas High SchoolDallas(503) 623-8336 M S

Daly Middle SchoolLakeview(541) 947-2257 M S

Damascus Middle SchoolBoring(503) 658-3171 M S

David Douglas High SchoolPortland(503) 261-8300 M S

Dayton High SchoolDayton(503) 864-2273 M S

Dayton Jr High SchoolDayton(503) 864-2246 M S

Destinations Charter SchoolCoos Bay(541) 267-1485 M S

Dexter D Mccarty MidlleGresham(503) 665-0148 M S

Donald E LongPortland(503) 988-3577 M S

Douglas High SchoolWinston(541) 679-3001 M S

Duniway Middle SchoolMcminnville(503) 565-4400 M S

Eagle Point High SchoolEagle Point(541) 830-1300 M S

Eagle Point Jr High SchoolEagle Point(541) 830-1250 M S

Elgin High SchoolElgin(541) 437-2021 M S

Elkton High SchoolElkton(541) 584-2228 M S

Elmira High SchoolElmira(541) 935-8200 M S

Enterprise High SchoolEnterprise(541) 426-3193 M S

Environmental Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-6490 M S

Estacada High SchoolEstacada(503) 630-8675 M S

Estacada Jr High SchoolEstacada(503) 630-8516 M S

Evergreen Jr High SchoolHillsboro(503) 844-1400 M S

Falls City High SchoolFalls City(503) 787-3521 M S

Fariss Street SchoolGresham(503) 667-4669 M S

Fern Ridge Middle SchoolElmira(541) 935-8230 M S

Fernwood Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-6480 M S

Five Oaks Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 533-1890 M S

Fleming Middle SchoolGrants Pass(541) 476-8284 M S

Floyd Light Middle SchoolPortland(503) 256-6511 M S

Forest Grove High SchoolForest Grove(503) 359-2432 M S

Franklin High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5140 M S

French Prairie Middle SchoolWoodburn(503) 981-2650 M S

Gaston Jr/Sr High SchoolGaston(503) 985-7516 M S

Gateways Learning CenterSpringfield(541) 744-8862 M S

George Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-6262 M S

Gervais Elem. SchoolGervais(503) 792-3803 M S

Gervais High SchoolGervais(503) 792-3803 M S

Gladstone High SchoolGladstone(503) 655-2544 M S

Glencoe High SchoolHillsboro(503) 844-1900 M S

Glendale High SchoolGlendale(541) 832-2171 M S

Glide High SchoolGlide(541) 496-3554 M S

Glide Middle SchoolGlide(541) 496-3516 M S

Gold Beach High SchoolGold Beach(541) 247-6647 M S

Gordon Russell Middle SchoolGresham(503) 667-6900 M S

Grant High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5160 M S

Grant Union High SchoolJohn Day(541) 575-1799 M S

Grants Pass High SchoolGrants Pass(541) 474-5710 M S

Gray Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5676 M S

Gregory Hts Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5600 M S

Gresham High SchoolGresham(503) 674-5500 M S

Hamlin Middle SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-6356 M S

Hanby Middle SchoolGold Hill(541) 664-7291 M S

Harbor Lights Middle SchoolBandon(541) 347-4415 M S

Harold Oliver Intermediate SchPortland(503) 762-3207 M S

Harriet Tubman Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5630 M S

Harrisburg High SchoolHarrisburg(541) 995-6626 M S

Harrisburg Middle SchoolHarrisburg(541) 995-6551 M S

Hauton B Lee Middle SchoolPortland(503) 255-5686 M S

Hazelbrook Middle SchoolTualatin(503) 431-5100 M S

Hedrick Jr High SchoolMedford(541) 842-3700 M S

Henley High SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-5040 M S

Henley Middle SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-5050 M S

Henry D Sheldon High SchoolEugene(541) 687-3381 M S

Heppner High SchoolHeppner(541) 676-9138 M S

Hermiston High SchoolHermiston(541) 667-6100 M S

Hidden Valley High SchoolGrants Pass(541) 862-2124 M S

High Desert Middle SchoolBend(541) 383-6480 M S

Highland Park Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 672-3640 M S

Highland View Middle SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-5975 M S

Hillsboro High SchoolHillsboro(503) 844-1980 M S

Hines Elem. SchoolHines(541) 573-6436 M S

Hood River Middle SchoolHood River(541) 386-2114 M S

Hood River Valley High SchoolHood River(541) 386-4500 M S

Hosford Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5640 M S

Houck Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3446 M S

Houston Lake High SchoolPrineville(541) 447-6768 M S

Howard Street SchoolSalem(503) 399-3408 M S

Hugh Hartman Middle SchoolRedmond(541) 923-4840 M S

Illinois Valley High SchoolCave Junction(541) 592-2116 M S

Imbler High SchoolImbler(541) 534-5331 M S

Inza R. Wood Middle SchoolWilsonville(503) 673-7500 M S

Isaac Newton Magnet SchoolNewport(541) 574-2238 M S

J B Thomas Jr High SchoolHillsboro(503) 844-1050 M S

J W Poynter Jr High SchoolHillsboro(503) 844-1580 M S

Jackson Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5680 M S

James Madison Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3278 M S

James Monroe Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3254 M S

Jefferson County MidlleMadras(541) 475-7253 M S

Jefferson High SchoolJefferson(541) 327-3337 M S

Jefferson High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5180 M S

Jefferson Middle SchoolJefferson(541) 327-3337 M S

John C. Fremont Jr High SchoolRoseburg(541) 440-4055 M S

John F Kennedy High SchoolMt Angel(503) 845-6128 M S

John F Kennedy Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3241 M S

John`S Landing SchoolPortland(503) 222-9661 M S

Jordan Valley High SchoolJordan Valley(541) 586-2213 M S

Joseph High SchoolJoseph(541) 432-7311 M S

Joseph Lane Jr High SchoolRoseburg(541) 440-4104 M S

Joseph Middle SchoolJoseph(541) 432-7311 M S

Judson Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3201 M S

Junction City High SchoolJunction City(541) 998-2343 M S

Kalapuya High SchoolEugene(541) 607-9853 M S

Kellogg Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5707 M S

Klamath High SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-4710 M S

Knappa High SchoolAstoria(503) 458-6166 M S

La Creole Middle SchoolDallas(503) 623-6662 M S

La Grande High SchoolLa Grande(541) 663-3301 M S

La Grande Middle SchoolLa Grande(541) 663-3421 M S

La Pine High SchoolLapine(541) 322-5360 M S

La Pine Middle SchoolLapine(541) 536-5967 M S


Lake Oswego High SchoolLake Oswego(503) 534-2313 M S

Lake Oswego Jr High SchoolLake Oswego(503) 534-2335 M S

Lakeridge High SchoolLake Oswego(503) 534-2319 M S

Lakeview High SchoolLakeview(541) 947-2287 M S

Lane Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-6355 M S

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Lebanon Middle SchoolLebanon(541) 451-8487 M S

Lebanon Union High SchoolLebanon(541) 451-8555 M S

Leslie Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3206 M S

Lincoln City Career Technical HighLincoln City(541) 996-5534 M S

Lincoln Elem. SchoolOakland(541) 459-3407 M S

Lincoln High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5200 M S

Lincoln Jr High SchoolBurns(541) 573-2058 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolCottage Grove(541) 942-3316 M S

Lincoln Savage Middle SchoolGrants Pass(541) 862-2171 M S

Lorna Byrne Middle SchoolCave Junction(541) 592-2163 M S

Lost River High SchoolMerrill(541) 798-5666 M S

Lowell High SchoolLowell(541) 937-2124 M S

Madison High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5220 M S

Madras High SchoolMadras(541) 475-7265 M S

Mapleton High SchoolMapleton(541) 268-4322 M S

Mark Twain Elem. SchoolSilverton(503) 873-5317 M S

Marshall High SchoolBend(541) 383-6580 M S

Marshall High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5240 M S

Marshfield High SchoolCoos Bay(541) 267-1405 M S

Mazama High SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-4730 M S

Mc Kay High SchoolSalem(503) 399-3080 M S

Mc Loughlin High SchoolMilton-Freewater(541) 938-5591 M S

Mc Loughlin Jr High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3704 M S

Mc Loughlin Jr High SchoolMedford(541) 842-3720 M S

Mc Minnville High SchoolMcminnville(503) 565-4200 M S

Mc Nary High SchoolKeizer(503) 399-3233 M S

Mckenzie River High SchoolFinn Rock(541) 822-3313 M S

Meadow Park Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 672-3660 M S

Medford Opportunity High SchoolMedford(541) 842-3626 M S

Memorial Middle SchoolAlbany(541) 967-4537 M S

Merlo Night SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-5575 M S

Mill City Middle SchoolMill City(503) 897-2368 M S

Millicoma Middle SchoolCoos Bay(541) 267-1466 M S

Milwaukie High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3750 M S

Milwaukie Jr High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3709 M S

Mohawk High SchoolMarcola(541) 933-2512 M S

Molalla High SchoolMolalla(503) 829-2355 M S

Molalla River Middle SchoolMolalla(503) 829-6133 M S

Monroe High SchoolMonroe(541) 847-5161 M S

Monroe Middle SchoolMonroe(541) 847-5139 M S

Monroe ProgramPortland(503) 916-5754 M S

Monroe SchoolBurns(541) 573-3133 M S

Mountain View Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-3890 M S

Mountain View Middle SchoolNewberg(503) 554-4500 M S

Mt Angel Middle SchoolMt Angel(503) 845-6137 M S

Mt Tabor Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5646 M S

Mt View High SchoolBend(541) 383-6360 M S

Mt. Vernon Middle SchoolMount Vernon(541) 932-4733 M S

Myrtle Point High SchoolMyrtle Point(541) 572-2811 M S

Neah-Kah-Nie Jr/Sr High SchoolRockaway Beach(503) 355-2272 M S

Neil Armstrong Jr High SchoolForest Grove(503) 359-2465 M S

Nestucca High SchoolCloverdale(503) 392-3194 M S

Nestucca Valley Middle SchoolBeaver(503) 398-5545 M S

Newberg High SchoolNewberg(503) 554-4400 M S

Newport High SchoolNewport(541) 265-9281 M S

Newport Middle SchoolNewport(541) 265-6601 M S

North Albany Middle SchoolAlbany(541) 967-4541 M S

North Bend High SchoolNorth Bend(541) 756-8328 M S

North Bend Jr High SchoolNorth Bend(541) 756-8341 M S

North Douglas High SchoolDrain(541) 836-2222 M S

North Eugene Alternative SchoolEugene(541) 687-3261 M S

North Eugene High SchoolEugene(541) 687-3261 M S

North Marion High SchoolAurora(503) 678-7123 M S

North Marion Middle SchoolAurora(503) 678-5835 M S

North Medford High SchoolMedford(541) 842-3670 M S

North Middle SchoolGrants Pass(541) 474-5740 M S

North Salem High SchoolSalem(503) 399-3241 M S

North Valley High SchoolGrants Pass(541) 479-3388 M S

Nyssa High SchoolNyssa(541) 372-2287 M S

Nyssa Middle SchoolNyssa(541) 372-3891 M S

Oak Creek SchoolAlbany(541) 967-2036 M S

Oakland High SchoolOakland(541) 459-2597 M S

Oaklea Middle SchoolJunction City(541) 998-3381 M S

Oakridge Jr-Sr High SchoolOakridge(541) 782-2231 M S

Obsidian Middle SchoolRedmond(541) 923-4900 M S

Ockley Green Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5660 M S

Ogden Middle SchoolOregon City(503) 657-2425 M S

Ontario High SchoolOntario(541) 889-5309 M S

Ontario Middle SchoolOntario(541) 889-5377 M S

Opportunity CenterEugene(541) 687-3488 M S

Oregon City Senior HsOregon City(503) 657-2411 M S

Otto H Petersen Elem SchoolScappoose(503) 543-7111 M S

P.I.V.O.T.Portland(503) 916-6170 M S

Pacific High SchoolPort Orford(541) 348-2293 M S

Parkrose High SchoolPortland(503) 408-2600 M S

Parkrose Middle SchoolPortland(503) 408-2700 M S

Parrish Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3210 M S

Patton Middle SchoolMcminnville(503) 565-4500 M S

Pedee Elem. SchoolMonmouth(503) 838-1933 M S

Pendleton High SchoolPendleton(541) 276-3621 M S

Philomath High SchoolPhilomath(541) 929-3211 M S

Philomath Middle SchoolPhilomath(541) 929-3167 M S

Phoenix High SchoolPhoenix(541) 535-1526 M S

Pilot Butte Middle SchoolBend(541) 383-6260 M S

Pilot Rock High SchoolPilot Rock(541) 443-2671 M S

Pine Eagle High SchoolHalfway(541) 742-2421 M S

Pleasant Hill Elem. SchoolPleasant Hill(541) 736-0400 M S

Pleasant Hill High SchoolPleasant Hill(541) 747-4541 M S

Pleasant Hill Jr High SchoolPleasant Hill(541) 746-8311 M S

Polk Adolscent DtcDallas(503) 623-5588 M S

Ponderosa Middle SchoolKlamath Falls(541) 883-4740 M S

Portsmouth Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5666 M S

Powers High SchoolPowers(541) 439-3093 M S

Ptld Night High School At GrantPortland(503) 916-5160 M S

R S Farrell High SchoolSalem(503) 986-0440 M S

Rainier High SchoolRainier(503) 556-4215 M S

Rainier Middle SchoolRainier(503) 556-4218 M S

Raymond A. Brown Jr High SchooHillsboro(503) 844-1070 M S

Redmond High SchoolRedmond(541) 923-4800 M S

Reedsport High SchoolReedsport(541) 271-2141 M S

Rex Putnam High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3800 M S

Reynolds High SchoolTroutdale(503) 667-3186 M S

Reynolds Middle SchoolFairview(503) 665-8166 M S

Riddle High SchoolRiddle(541) 874-2251 M S

Rimrock AcademyBend(541) 389-3224 M S

Riverbend Youth CenterOregon City(503) 656-8005 M S

Riverdale High SchoolMarylhurst(503) 699-9707 M S

Riverside High SchoolBoardman(541) 481-2525 M S

Robert Frost Elem. SchoolSilverton(503) 873-5301 M S

Roberts HscSalem(503) 399-3105 M S

Rogue River High SchoolRogue River(541) 582-3297 M S

Rogue River Middle SchoolRogue River(541) 582-3233 M S

Roosevelt High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5260 M S

Roseburg High SchoolRoseburg(541) 440-4142 M S

Rosemont Ridge Middle SchoolWest Linn(503) 673-7550 M S

Rosemont SchoolPortland(503) 283-2205 M S

Sam Barlow High SchoolGresham(503) 674-5600 M S

Sandstone Middle SchoolHermiston(541) 667-6300 M S

Sandy High SchoolSandy(503) 668-8011 M S

Santiam High SchoolMill City(503) 897-2311 M S

Scappoose High SchoolScappoose(503) 543-6376 M S

Scappoose Middle SchoolScappoose(503) 543-7163 M S

Scenic Middle SchoolCentral Point(541) 664-7383 M S

School Of Science & TechnologyBeaverton(503) 259-5575 M S

Scio High SchoolScio(503) 394-3276 M S

Scio Middle SchoolScio(503) 394-3271 M S

Seaside High SchoolSeaside(503) 738-5586 M S

Sellwood Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5656 M S

Seven Oak Middle SchoolLebanon(541) 451-8416 M S

Shasta Middle SchoolEugene(541) 688-9611 M S

Sheridan High SchoolSheridan(503) 843-2162 M S

Sherman High SchoolMoro(541) 565-3500 M S

Sherwood High SchoolSherwood(503) 625-8200 M S

Sherwood Intermediate SchoolSherwood(503) 925-2600 M S

Silverton High SchoolSilverton(503) 873-6331 M S

Sisters High SchoolSisters(541) 549-4045 M S

Sisters Middle SchoolSisters(541) 549-2099 M S

Siuslaw High SchoolFlorence(541) 997-3448 M S

Siuslaw Middle SchoolFlorence(541) 997-8241 M S

Sky View Middle SchoolBend(541) 383-6479 M S

South Albany High SchoolAlbany(541) 967-4522 M S

South Eugene High SchoolEugene(541) 687-3201 M S

South Jetty HighWarrenton(503) 861-7388 M S

South Medford High SchoolMedford(541) 842-3680 M S

South Middle SchoolGrants Pass(541) 474-5750 M S

South Salem High SchoolSalem(503) 399-3252 M S

South Umpqua High SchoolMyrtle Creek(541) 863-3118 M S

Southridge High SchoolBeaverton(503) 259-5400 M S

Spencer Butte Middle SchoolEugene(541) 687-3237 M S

Sprague High SchoolSalem(503) 399-3261 M S

Springfield High SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-4700 M S

Springfield Middle SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-6362 M S

Springwater Trail HighGresham(503) 667-4669 M S

St Helens High SchoolSt Helens(503) 397-1900 M S

St Helens Middle SchoolSt Helens(503) 366-7300 M S

St Paul High SchoolSt Paul(503) 633-2541 M S

Stanfield High SchoolStanfield(541) 449-3851 M S

Stayton High SchoolStayton(503) 769-2171 M S

Stayton Middle SchoolStayton(503) 769-2198 M S

Stephens Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3442 M S

Stoller Middle SchoolPortland(503) 533-1910 M S

Straight Ahead ShelterCornelius(503) 357-7543 M S

Sunnyslope Intermediate SchoolRoseburg(541) 440-4193 M S

Sunridge Middle SchoolPendleton(541) 276-4560 M S

Sunrise Jr. High SchoolClackamas(503) 353-5750 M S

Sunset High SchoolPortland(503) 259-5050 M S

Sunset Middle SchoolCoos Bay(541) 888-1242 M S

Sutherlin High SchoolSutherlin(541) 459-9551 M S

Sutherlin Middle SchoolSutherlin(541) 459-2668 M S

Sweet Home High SchoolSweet Home(541) 367-7145 M S

Sweet Home Jr High SchoolSweet Home(541) 367-7187 M S

Taft High SchoolLincoln City(541) 996-2115 M S

Taft Middle SchoolLincoln City(541) 996-6706 M S

Talent Middle SchoolTalent(541) 535-1552 M S

Talmadge Middle SchoolIndependence(503) 838-1424 M S

The Dalles High SchoolThe Dalles(541) 296-4601 M S

The Dalles Middle SchoolThe Dalles(541) 296-4616 M S

Theo. Roosevelt MidlleEugene(541) 687-3227 M S

Thomas Jefferson MidlleEugene(541) 687-3221 M S

Thomas R. Fowler MidlleTigard(503) 431-5000 M S

Thora B. Gardiner Middle SchooOregon City(503) 657-2415 M S

Three Rivers Charter SchoolWest Linn(503) 723-6019 M S

Thurston High SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-5000 M S

Thurston Middle SchoolSpringfield(541) 744-6368 M S

Tigard High SchoolTigard(503) 431-5400 M S

Tillamook High SchoolTillamook(503) 842-2566 M S

Tillamook Jr High SchoolTillamook(503) 842-7531 M S

Toledo High SchoolToledo(541) 336-5104 M S

Toledo Middle SchoolToledo(541) 336-2299 M S

Tom Mccall Middle SchoolForest Grove(503) 359-2506 M S

Trask River High SchoolTillamook(503) 842-2565 M S

Tualatin High SchoolTualatin(503) 431-5600 M S

Twality Middle SchoolTigard(503) 431-5200 M S

Umatilla High SchoolUmatilla(541) 922-6525 M S

Union High SchoolUnion(541) 562-5166 M S

Upper Chetco Elem. SchoolBrookings(541) 469-2509 M S

Vale High SchoolVale(541) 473-3181 M S

Vale Middle SchoolVale(541) 473-3291 M S

Valor Middle SchoolWoodburn(503) 981-2750 M S

Vernonia High SchoolVernonia(503) 429-3521 M S

Vocational VillagePortland(503) 916-5747 M S

W L Kraxberger Middle SchoolGladstone(503) 655-3636 M S

W P Lord High SchoolWoodburn(503) 981-2522 M S

W. F. Jewett Middle SchoolGardiner(541) 271-3696 M S

Wahtonka High SchoolThe Dalles(541) 296-4633 M S

Waldo Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3215 M S

Waldport High SchoolWaldport(541) 563-3243 M S

Waldport Middle SchoolWaldport(541) 563-3235 M S

Walker Middle SchoolSalem(503) 399-3220 M S

Wallowa High SchoolWallowa(541) 886-2951 M S

Walt Morey Middle SchoolTroutdale(503) 491-1935 M S

Waluga Jr High SchoolLake Oswego(503) 534-2343 M S

Warrenton High SchoolWarrenton(503) 861-3317 M S

Warrenton High South Jetty CampusWarrenton(503) 861-7388 M S

Wasco County High SchoolMaupin(541) 395-2225 M S

Welches Middle SchoolWelches(503) 622-3166 M S

West Albany High SchoolAlbany(541) 967-4545 M S

West Linn High SchoolWest Linn(503) 673-7800 M S

West Orient Middle SchoolGresham(503) 663-3323 M S

West Salem High SchoolSalem(503) 399-5533 M S

West Sutherlin Intermediate ScSutherlin(541) 459-3688 M S

West Sylvan Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5690 M S

Western View Middle SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-5961 M S

Weston Mc Ewen High SchoolAthena(541) 566-3555 M S

Westridge Elem. SchoolWestfir(541) 782-2731 M S

Westview High SchoolPortland(503) 259-5218 M S

Wheeler High SchoolFossil(541) 763-4146 M S

Whitaker Middle SchoolPortland(503) 916-5620 M S

White Shield HomePortland(503) 239-1248 M S

Whiteaker Middle SchoolKeizer(503) 399-3224 M S

Whitford Middle SchoolBeaverton(503) 672-3680 M S

Wilbur D Rowe Jr High SchoolMilwaukie(503) 653-3718 M S

Willamette High SchoolEugene(541) 689-0731 M S

Willamette Valley Community SchoolCorvallis(541) 757-9880 M S

Willamina High SchoolWillamina(503) 876-9122 M S

Willamina Middle SchoolWillamina(503) 876-2545 M S

Wilson High SchoolPortland(503) 916-5280 M S

Wilsonville High SchoolWilsonville(503) 673-7600 M S

Winston Churchill High SchoolEugene(541) 687-3421 M S

Winston Middle SchoolWinston(541) 679-3002 M S

Woodburn High SchoolWoodburn(503) 981-2600 M S

Wy`East Middle SchoolHood River(541) 354-1548 M S

Yamhill-Carlton High SchoolYamhill(503) 662-3228 M S

Yoncalla High SchoolYoncalla(541) 849-2175 M S

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