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Acad Tech. & ClassicSanta Fe(505) 474-1787 M S

Academy Del Sol Alt.Alamogordo(505) 443-2028 M S

Adams MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 831-0400 M S

Alameda MiddleSanta Fe(505) 989-5464 M S

Alamogordo HighAlamogordo(505) 437-3010 M S

Albuquerque EveningAlbuquerque(505) 247-4200 M S

Albuquerque HighAlbuquerque(505) 843-6400 M S

Alta Vista Intermed.Questa(505) 586-0541 M S

Alta Vista MiddleCarlsbad(505) 887-1114 M S

Alternative HighHobbs(505) 397-3241 M S

Alternative SchoolLovington(505) 739-2415 M S

Amy Biehl Charter H.Albuquerque(505) 899-3349 M S

Animas HighAnimas(505) 548-2296 M S

Animas MiddleAnimas(505) 548-2333 M S

Anton Chico MiddleAnton Chico(505) 472-6038 M S

Artesia HighArtesia(505) 746-9816 M S

Artesia IntermediateArtesia(505) 746-2766 M S

Aztec HighAztec(505) 334-9414 M S

Belen AlternativeBelen(505) 861-3720 M S

Belen HighBelen(505) 864-7469 M S

Belen Middle SchoolBelen(505) 864-7453 M S

Bernalillo HighBernalillo(505) 867-2361 M S

Bernalillo Mid HighBernalillo(505) 867-3300 M S

Berrendo MiddleRoswell(505) 625-8175 M S

Bloomfield HighBloomfield(505) 632-3373 M S

Broad Horizons Alt.Portales(505) 356-5831 M S

Camino Real MiddleLas Cruces(505) 527-6030 M S

Capital HighSanta Fe(505) 989-5562 M S

Capitan HighCapitan(505) 354-2567 M S

Capitan MiddleCapitan(505) 354-2567 M S

Capshaw Jr HighSanta Fe(505) 989-5438 M S

Career Enrichment CnAlbuquerque(505) 247-3658 M S

Career Prep HsShiprock(505) 368-4984 M S

Carlsbad HighCarlsbad(505) 887-3511 M S

Carrizozo HighCarrizozo(505) 648-2346 M S

Carrizozo MiddleCarrizozo(505) 648-2346 M S

Caton MiddleEunice(505) 394-3338 M S

Central ElemLordsburg(505) 542-9222 M S

Central ElemBelen(505) 864-4041 M S

Central HighKirtland(505) 598-5881 M S

Century AlternativeLos Lunas(505) 866-2153 M S

CessAlbuquerque(505) 243-4493 M S

Chama MiddleChama(505) 756-2161 M S

Chaparral Jr HighAlamogordo(505) 437-1423 M S

Chaparral MiddleChaparral(505) 824-4847 M S

Charlie Y. BrownBloomfield(505) 632-3316 M S

Chaves County JdcRoswell(505) 625-8100 M S

Cibola HighAlbuquerque(505) 897-0110 M S

Cimarron HighCimarron(505) 376-2241 M S

Cimarron MiddleCimarron(505) 376-2241 M S

Clayton HighClayton(505) 374-2596 M S

Clayton Jr HighClayton(505) 374-9543 M S

Cleveland MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 881-9227 M S

Cliff HighCliff(505) 535-2051 M S

Cloudcroft HighCloudcroft(505) 682-2524 M S

Cloudcroft MiddleCloudcroft(505) 682-2524 M S

Clovis HighClovis(505) 769-4350 M S

Clovis JdcClovis(505) 769-4300 M S




Cobre HighBayard(505) 537-3321 M S

Cochiti MiddlePena Blanca(505) 867-5547 M S

Corona HighCorona(505) 849-1711 M S

Coronado HighGallina(505) 638-5549 M S

Crownpoint HighCrownpoint(505) 786-5664 M S

Cuba HighCuba(505) 289-3211 M S

Cuba Middle SchoolCuba(505) 289-3211 M S

Cv Koogler Jr HighAztec(505) 334-6102 M S

Daniel Fernandez IntLos Lunas(505) 865-9652 M S

De Vargas Jr HighSanta Fe(505) 989-5453 M S

Del Norte HighAlbuquerque(505) 883-7222 M S

Deming Detention CtrDeming(505) 546-8841 M S

Deming HighDeming(505) 546-2678 M S

Deming MiddleDeming(505) 546-6560 M S

Deming Secure SchoolDeming(505) 546-8841 M S

Des Moines HighDes Moines(505) 278-2611 M S

Desert Ridge MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 857-9282 M S

Desert View Interm.Los Lunas(505) 865-9636 M S

Dexter HighDexter(505) 734-6184 M S

Dexter MiddleDexter(505) 734-5414 M S

Dora HighDora(505) 477-2211 M S

Dugan-Tarango MidLordsburg(505) 542-9806 M S

Dulce HighDulce(505) 759-3282 M S

Dulce MiddleDulce(505) 759-3082 M S

Eagle Nest MiddleEagle Nest(505) 377-6991 M S

Eagle Ridge MiddleRio Rancho(505) 892-6630 M S

East Mt. Charter HighSandia Park(505) 286-3228 M S

Edgewood MiddleEdgewood(505) 281-7181 M S

Eisenhower MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 292-2530 M S

Eldorado HighAlbuquerque(505) 296-4871 M S

Elida HighElida(505) 274-6211 M S

Enos Garcia ElemTaos(505) 758-5252 M S

Ernie Pyle MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 877-3770 M S

Escalante HighTierra Amaril(505) 588-7201 M S

Espanola MiddleEspanola(505) 753-2294 M S

Espanola Valley HiEspanola(505) 753-7357 M S

Esperanza High SchTucumcari(505) 461-3830 M S

Estancia HighEstancia(505) 384-2363 M S

Estancia MiddleEstancia(505) 384-2363 M S

Eunice HighEunice(505) 394-2332 M S

Farm.Day ReportingFarmington(505) 324-9840 M S

Farmington HighFarmington(505) 327-7431 M S

Floyd HighFloyd(505) 478-2212 M S

Floyd Middle Sch.Floyd(505) 478-2212 M S

Fort Sumner HighFort Sumner(505) 355-2231 M S

Fort Sumner MiddleFort Sumner(505) 355-7633 M S

Freedom HighAlbuquerque(505) 884-6012 M S

Gadsden HighAnthony(505) 882-4551 M S

Gadsden MiddleAnthony(505) 882-2372 M S

Gallina MiddleGallina(505) 638-5549 M S

Gallup HighGallup(505) 863-3821 M S

Gallup MiddleGallup(505) 863-3824 M S

Garfield MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 344-1647 M S

Gattis Jr HighClovis(505) 769-4400 M S

Geronimo Trails Alt.T Or C(505) 894-4603 M S

Goddard HighRoswell(505) 625-8115 M S

Grady HighGrady(505) 357-2192 M S

Granger ElemTucumcari(505) 461-3271 M S

Grant MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 299-2113 M S

Grants HighGrants(505) 285-4676 M S

Hagerman HighHagerman(505) 752-3283 M S

Hagerman Mid SchoolHagerman(505) 752-6611 M S

Harrison MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 877-1279 M S

Hatch Valley HighHatch(505) 267-3051 M S

Hatch Valley Mid SchHatch(505) 267-3051 M S

Hayes MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 265-7741 M S

Heights Jr HighFarmington(505) 599-8611 M S

Heizer Jr HighHobbs(505) 393-4614 M S

Hermosa Jr HighFarmington(505) 599-8612 M S

Highland HighAlbuquerque(505) 265-3711 M S

Highland Jr HighHobbs(505) 392-5511 M S

Hobbs HighHobbs(505) 397-3241 M S

Holloman MiddleHolloman Af(505) 479-2282 M S

Hondo HighHondo(505) 653-4411 M S

Hoover MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 298-6896 M S

Hot Springs HighT Or C(505) 894-2839 M S

House HighHouse(505) 279-7353 M S

Houston Jr HighHobbs(505) 393-7129 M S


Jackson MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 299-7377 M S

Jal HighJal(505) 395-2277 M S

Jal Jr HighJal(505) 395-2277 M S

James Monroe MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 897-0101 M S

Jefferson MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 255-8691 M S

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Jemez Valley HighJemez Pueblo(505) 834-7392 M S

Jemez Valley MidJemez Pueblo(505) 834-7392 M S

Jimmy Carter MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 833-7540 M S

Juv Detent CntrSilver City(505) 538-5885 M S

Juvenile Det. CenterGallup(505) 722-7711 M S

Kearney ElemRaton(505) 445-3871 M S

Kennedy MiddleGallup(505) 722-7721 M S

Kennedy MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 298-6701 M S

Kirtland Middle SchKirtland(505) 598-6114 M S

Kiser ElemClayton(505) 374-2741 M S

L.B. Johnson MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 898-1492 M S

La Cueva HighAlbuquerque(505) 823-2327 M S

La Plata MiddleSilver City(505) 538-3774 M S

Laguna Acoma HighNew Laguna(505) 287-3796 M S

Laguna-Acoma MiddleNew Laguna(505) 287-3796 M S

Lake Arthur HighLake Arthur(505) 365-2001 M S

Lake Arthur MidLake Arthur(505) 365-2001 M S

Las Cruces HighLas Cruces(505) 526-2406 M S

Lea Cy. Detention CnLovington(505) 739-2200 M S

Lincoln MiddleRio Rancho(505) 892-1100 M S

Lindsey MiddlePortales(505) 356-5411 M S

Logan HighLogan(505) 487-2252 M S

Loma Linda ElemAnthony(505) 882-6000 M S

Lordsburg HighLordsburg(505) 542-3782 M S

Los Alamitos MidGrants(505) 287-4414 M S

Los Alamos HighLos Alamos(505) 662-4136 M S

Los Alamos MiddleLos Alamos(505) 662-5251 M S

Los Lunas HighLos Lunas(505) 865-4646 M S

Los Lunas MiddleLos Lunas(505) 865-7273 M S

Loving HighLoving(505) 745-3349 M S

Loving Mid SchoolLoving(505) 745-3612 M S

Lovington HighLovington(505) 739-2230 M S

Lynn MiddleLas Cruces(505) 524-2831 M S

Madison MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 299-4735 M S

Magdalena HighMagdalena(505) 854-2241 M S

Magdalena MiddleMagdalena(505) 854-2241 M S

Manzano HighAlbuquerque(505) 292-0090 M S

Manzano Vista MidTome(505) 865-1703 M S

Marshall Jr HighClovis(505) 769-4410 M S

Maxwell HighMaxwell(505) 375-2371 M S

Maxwell MiddleMaxwell(505) 375-2371 M S

Mayfield HighLas Cruces(505) 524-8611 M S

Mc Kinley MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 881-9390 M S

Melrose HighMelrose(505) 253-4267 M S

Memorial MiddleLas Vegas(505) 425-6729 M S

Mesa ElementaryShiprock(505) 368-4529 M S

Mesa MiddleRoswell(505) 625-8179 M S

Mesa View Jr. HighFarmington(505) 599-8622 M S

Mesa Vista MidOjo Caliente(505) 583-2275 M S

Monte Del Sol CharteSanta Fe(505) 670-6807 M S

Mora HighMora(505) 387-2224 M S

Mora Middle SchoolMora(505) 387-2125 M S

Moriarty HighMoriarty(505) 832-4254 M S

Moriarty MiddleMoriarty(505) 832-6200 M S

Mosquero HighMosquero(505) 673-2271 M S

Mountain View MidRio Rancho(505) 891-8526 M S

Mountain View MiddlRoswell(505) 625-8173 M S

Mountainair HighMountainair(505) 847-2211 M S

Mt. View Middle Sch.Alamogordo(505) 439-3330 M S

Navajo Pine HighNavajo(505) 777-2288 M S

New Futures SchoolAlbuquerque(505) 883-5680 M S

Newcomb HighNewcomb(505) 696-3417 M S

Newcomb Middle Sch.Newcomb(505) 696-3417 M S

Nuestros Valores CharterAlbuquerque(505) 873-7758 M S

Onate HighLas Cruces(505) 525-0101 M S

Ortiz MiddleSanta Fe(505) 989-5576 M S

P.R. Leyva MiddleCarlsbad(505) 887-3586 M S

Park Avenue ElemAztec(505) 334-9469 M S

Pecos HighPecos(505) 757-6126 M S

Pecos Mid HighPecos(505) 757-6126 M S

Penasco HighPenasco(505) 587-2503 M S

Penasco Jr HighPenasco(505) 587-2503 M S

Picacho MiddleLas Cruces(505) 523-5851 M S

Piedra Vista HsFarmington(505) 599-8880 M S

Pojoaque HighSanta Fe(505) 455-2234 M S

Pojoaque IntermedSanta Fe(505) 455-2282 M S

Pojoaque MiddleSanta Fe(505) 455-2928 M S

Polk MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 877-6444 M S

Portales HighPortales(505) 356-5831 M S

Portales Jr HighPortales(505) 356-8578 M S

Quemado HighQuemado(505) 773-4645 M S

Questa HighQuesta(505) 586-0199 M S

Questa Junior HighQuesta(505) 586-0541 M S

R Gabaldon Inter.Los Lunas(505) 865-9313 M S

R. Kennedy CharterAlbuquerque(505) 243-1118 M S

R. S. Sarracino MidSocorro(505) 835-0283 M S

Ramah High SchoolRamah(505) 783-4211 M S

Raton HighRaton(505) 445-3541 M S

Raton MiddleRaton(505) 445-9881 M S

Reserve HighReserve(505) 533-6242 M S

Rio Grande HighAlbuquerque(505) 873-0220 M S

Rio Rancho AlternRio Rancho(505) 771-4922 M S

Rio Rancho High Sch.Rio Rancho(505) 896-0667 M S

Rio Vista MidBloomfield(505) 632-2212 M S

Robertson HighLas Vegas(505) 425-9385 M S

Rocinante High SchlFarmington(505) 599-8627 M S

Roosevelt MiddleTijeras(505) 281-3316 M S

Roswell HighRoswell(505) 625-8130 M S

Roy HighRoy(505) 485-2242 M S

Ruidoso HighRuidoso(505) 258-4910 M S

Ruidoso MiddleRuidoso(505) 257-7324 M S

San Andres HighMesilla(505) 526-2125 M S

San Jon HighSan Jon(505) 576-2466 M S

San Jon Middle SchooSan Jon(505) 576-2466 M S

Sandia HighAlbuquerque(505) 294-1511 M S

Santa Fe HighSanta Fe(505) 989-5507 M S

Santa Rosa HighSanta Rosa(505) 472-3422 M S

Santa Rosa MidSanta Rosa(505) 472-3633 M S

Santa Teresa HighAnthony(505) 589-5447 M S

Santa Teresa MiddleSanta Teresa(505) 589-5447 M S

Santo Domingo MidSn Dmngo Pblo(505) 867-4441 M S

School On Wheels HigAlbuquerque(505) 247-0489 M S

Shiprock HighShiprock(505) 368-5161 M S

Sidney Gutierrez Mid ChRoswell(505) 627-8357 M S

Sierra Alternative HAlbuquerque(505) 296-6708 M S

Sierra ComplexT Or C(505) 894-9215 M S

Sierra MiddleLas Cruces(505) 527-9640 M S

Sierra MiddleRoswell(505) 625-8183 M S

Silver HighSilver City(505) 388-1563 M S

Snell MiddleBayard(505) 537-3359 M S

Socorro HighSocorro(505) 835-0700 M S

South Valley Charter H.Albuquerque(505) 877-3150 M S

Springer HighSpringer(505) 483-2436 M S

Sw Learning Cnt. CharterAlbuquerque(505) 296-7677 M S

T Or C MiddleT Or C(505) 894-2257 M S

Taft MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 344-7670 M S

Taos County JdcTaos(505) 758-5202 M S

Taos HighTaos(505) 758-5233 M S

Taos Mid SchoolTaos(505) 758-5242 M S

Tatum HighTatum(505) 398-4555 M S

Tatum Jr HighTatum(505) 398-4555 M S

Taylor Mid SchoolLovington(505) 739-2435 M S

Taylor MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 898-3666 M S

Texico HighTexico(505) 482-3305 M S

Texico Middle SchTexico(505) 482-9520 M S

The AcademySanta Fe(505) 982-2631 M S

The Learning CenterHouse(505) 279-6133 M S

Thoreau HighThoreau(505) 862-7488 M S

Thoreau MiddleThoreau(505) 862-7463 M S

Tibbetts Jr HighFarmington(505) 599-8613 M S

Tierra Amarilla MidTierra Amaril(505) 588-7297 M S

Tohatchi HighTohatchi(505) 733-2216 M S

Tohatchi MiddleTohatchi(505) 733-2555 M S

Tse`Bit`Ai MidShiprock(505) 368-4741 M S

Tucumcari HighTucumcari(505) 461-3830 M S

Tucumcari JdcTucumcari(505) 461-3910 M S

Tucumcari MiddleTucumcari(505) 461-2310 M S

Tularosa HighTularosa(505) 585-2282 M S

Tularosa MiddleTularosa(505) 585-4561 M S

Twenty-First Century Ch.Albuquerque(505) 244-3248 M S

Twin Buttes HighZuni(505) 782-4446 M S

University HighRoswell(505) 625-8245 M S

Valencia ElemPortales(505) 356-2707 M S

Valley HighAlbuquerque(505) 345-9021 M S

Valley MiddleEl Pueblo(505) 421-5069 M S

Valmora HighValmora(505) 425-8107 M S

Van Buren MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 268-3833 M S

Vaughn HighVaughn(505) 584-2313 M S

Vista MiddleLas Cruces(505) 525-3166 M S

Vista Nueva Alt. HigAztec(505) 334-4186 M S

W Las Vegas HighLas Vegas(505) 425-3531 M S

W Las Vegas MiddleLas Vegas(505) 425-9301 M S

Wagon Mound HighWagon Mound(505) 666-2206 M S

Washington MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 764-2000 M S

West Mesa HighAlbuquerque(505) 831-6993 M S

White Mountain IntrRuidoso(505) 258-4150 M S

White Sands MiddleWht Sands Msl(505) 678-3241 M S

Wilson MiddleAlbuquerque(505) 268-3961 M S

Yarbro ElementaryLovington(505) 739-2490 M S

Yucca Jr HighClovis(505) 769-4420 M S

Zia MiddleLas Cruces(505) 524-3541 M S

Zimmerly ElemSocorro(505) 835-1436 M S

Zuni HighZuni(505) 782-4451 M S

Zuni Mid SchoolZuni(505) 782-5562 M S

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