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      North Dakota High Schools & Middle Schools

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A L Hagen Junior High SchoolDickinson(701) 456-0020 M S

Adolescent/Child Treatment CtrJamestown(701) 253-3200 M S

Agassiz Middle SchoolFargo(701) 446-3205 M S

Alexander High SchoolAlexander(701) 828-3335 M S

Anamoose High SchoolAnamoose(701) 465-3258 M S

Ashley High SchoolAshley(701) 288-3456 M S

Beach High SchoolBeach(701) 872-4161 M S

Belfield High SchoolBelfield(701) 575-4275 M S

Ben Franklin Junior High SchoolFargo(701) 446-3604 M S

Berthold High SchoolBerthold(701) 453-3484 M S

Beulah High SchoolBeulah(701) 873-2261 M S

Beulah Middle SchoolBeulah(701) 873-4325 M S

Bisbee-Egeland High SchoolBisbee(701) 656-3536 M S

Bismarck High SchoolBismarck(701) 221-3500 M S

Bismarck Vocational CenterBismarck(701) 224-5596 M S

Border Central High SchoolCalvin(701) 697-5111 M S

Bottineau High SchoolBottineau(701) 228-2266 M S

Bowbells High SchoolBowbells(701) 377-2398 M S

Bowman High SchoolBowman(701) 523-3283 M S

Burke Central High SchoolLignite(701) 933-2821 M S

Cando High SchoolCando(701) 968-4416 M S

Carrington High SchoolCarrington(701) 652-3136 M S

Cavalier High SchoolCavalier(701) 265-8417 M S

Cavalier Middle SchoolCavalier(701) 265-8417 M S

Center High SchoolCenter(701) 794-8778 M S

Central Cass High SchoolCasselton(701) 347-5352 M S

Central High SchoolGrand Forks(701) 746-2375 M S

Central Middle SchoolDevils Lake(701) 662-7664 M S

Central Valley High SchoolBuxton(701) 847-2220 M S

Century High SchoolBismarck(701) 221-3545 M S

Community Alt High SchoolGrand Forks(701) 795-2777 M S

Dakota Prairie High SchoolPetersburg(701) 345-8233 M S

Dakota Prairie Junior HighTolna(701) 262-4413 M S

Des Lacs-Burlington High SchoolDes Lacs(701) 725-4334 M S

Devils Lake High SchoolDevils Lake(701) 662-1200 M S

Dickinson High SchoolDickinson(701) 456-0030 M S

Divide County High SchoolCrosby(701) 965-6392 M S

Drake High SchoolDrake(701) 465-3735 M S




Drayton High SchoolDrayton(701) 454-3324 M S

Dunseith High SchoolDunseith(701) 244-5249 M S

Edgeley High SchoolEdgeley(701) 493-2292 M S

Edinburg High SchoolEdinburg(701) 993-8312 M S

Edmore High SchoolEdmore(701) 644-2282 M S

Eight Mile High SchoolTrenton(701) 774-8221 M S

Elgin High SchoolElgin(701) 584-2374 M S

Ellendale High SchoolEllendale(701) 349-4148 M S

Enderlin High SchoolEnderlin(701) 437-2240 M S

Enderlin Middle SchoolEnderlin(701) 437-2240 M S

Fairmount High SchoolFairmount(701) 474-5469 M S

Fessenden-Bowdon High SchoolFessenden(701) 547-3296 M S

Fessenden-Bowdon Middle SchoolFessenden(701) 547-3296 M S

Finley-Sharon High SchoolFinley(701) 524-2090 M S

Flasher High SchoolFlasher(701) 597-3355 M S

Fordville High SchoolFordville(701) 229-3297 M S

Fort Yates High SchoolFort Yates(701) 854-3819 M S

Four Winds Community High SchoolFort Totten(701) 766-1435 M S

Gackle-Streeter High SchoolGackle(701) 485-3692 M S

Garrison High SchoolGarrison(701) 463-2818 M S

Glen Ullin High SchoolGlen Ullin(701) 348-3365 M S

Glenburn High SchoolGlenburn(701) 362-7426 M S

Golden Valley High SchoolGolden Valley(701) 983-4256 M S

Goodrich High SchoolGoodrich(701) 884-2469 M S

Grafton Central SchoolGrafton(701) 352-1469 M S

Grafton High SchoolGrafton(701) 352-1930 M S

Granville High SchoolGranville(701) 728-6641 M S

Grenora High SchoolGrenora(701) 694-2711 M S

Griggs Co Central High SchoolCooperstown(701) 797-3114 M S

Griggs Co Cnt Elem-HannafordHannaford(701) 769-2116 M S

Halliday High SchoolHalliday(701) 938-4391 M S

Hankinson High SchoolHankinson(701) 242-7138 M S

Harvey High SchoolHarvey(701) 324-2267 M S

Hatton High SchoolHatton(701) 543-3455 M S

Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock High SchoolHazelton(701) 782-6231 M S

Hazen High SchoolHazen(701) 748-2345 M S

Hazen Middle SchoolHazen(701) 748-6649 M S

Hebron High SchoolHebron(701) 878-4442 M S

Hettinger High SchoolHettinger(701) 567-4501 M S

Hillsboro High SchoolHillsboro(701) 636-4360 M S

Hope High SchoolHope(701) 945-2473 M S

Horizon Middle SchoolBismarck(701) 221-3555 M S

James Valley Area Voc Tech CtrJamestown(701) 252-8841 M S

Jamestown High SchoolJamestown(701) 252-0559 M S

Jamestown Middle SchoolJamestown(701) 252-0317 M S

Jim Hill Middle SchoolMinot(701) 857-4477 M S

Kenmare High SchoolKenmare(701) 385-4996 M S

Kensal High SchoolKensal(701) 435-2484 M S

Killdeer High SchoolKilldeer(701) 764-5877 M S

Kindred High SchoolKindred(701) 428-3646 M S

Kulm High SchoolKulm(701) 647-2341 M S

Lake Area Voc/Technical CenterDevils Lake(701) 662-7650 M S


Lakota High SchoolLakota(701) 247-2992 M S

Lamoure High SchoolLamoure(701) 883-5397 M S

Langdon Area High SchoolLangdon(701) 256-5291 M S

Langdon Area Middle SchoolLangdon(701) 256-5291 M S

Larimore High SchoolLarimore(701) 343-2366 M S

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Leeds High SchoolLeeds(701) 466-2461 M S

Lidgerwood High SchoolLidgerwood(701) 538-7341 M S

Linton High SchoolLinton(701) 254-4717 M S

Lisbon High SchoolLisbon(701) 683-4106 M S

Lisbon Middle SchoolLisbon(701) 683-4106 M S

Litchville-Marion High SchoolMarion(701) 669-2262 M S

Maddock High SchoolMaddock(701) 438-2531 M S

Magic City Campus High SchoolMinot(701) 857-4500 M S

Mandan High SchoolMandan(701) 663-9532 M S

Mandan Junior High SchoolMandan(701) 663-7491 M S

Mandaree High SchoolMandaree(701) 759-3311 M S

Mandaree Middle SchoolMandaree(701) 759-3188 M S

Maple Valley High SchoolTower City(701) 749-2570 M S

Marmot High School 7-12Mandan(701) 667-1402 M S

Max High SchoolMax(701) 679-2685 M S

May-Port Cg High SchoolMayville(701) 786-2281 M S

May-Port Cg Middle SchoolMayville(701) 786-2281 M S

Mcclusky High SchoolMcclusky(701) 363-2470 M S

Medina High SchoolMedina(701) 486-3121 M S

Memorial Middle SchoolMinot Afb(701) 727-3300 M S

Midkota High SchoolGlenfield(701) 785-2126 M S

Midway High SchoolInkster(701) 869-2432 M S

Midway Middle SchoolInkster(701) 869-2432 M S

Milnor High SchoolMilnor(701) 427-5237 M S

Minnewaukan High SchoolMinnewaukan(701) 473-5306 M S

Minto High SchoolMinto(701) 248-3400 M S

Mohall High SchoolMohall(701) 756-6660 M S

Montpelier High SchoolMontpelier(701) 489-3348 M S

Mott High SchoolMott(701) 824-2795 M S

Mt Pleasant High SchoolRolla(701) 477-3151 M S

Munich High SchoolMunich(701) 682-5321 M S

Napoleon High SchoolNapoleon(701) 754-2244 M S

Nathan Twining Middle SchoolGrand Forks Af(701) 787-5100 M S

Neche High SchoolNeche(701) 886-7777 M S

New England High SchoolNew England(701) 579-4160 M S

New Leipzig Elementary SchoolNew Leipzig(701) 584-2518 M S

New Rockford High SchoolNew Rockford(701) 947-5036 M S

New Salem High SchoolNew Salem(701) 843-7610 M S

New Town High SchoolNew Town(701) 627-3658 M S

New Town Middle SchoolNew Town(701) 627-3660 M S

Newburg-United High SchoolNewburg(701) 272-6151 M S

North Central High SchoolRogers(701) 646-6202 M S

North Central High SchoolRock Lake(701) 266-5539 M S

North High SchoolFargo(701) 446-2404 M S

North Sargent High SchoolGwinner(701) 678-2492 M S

North Shore High SchoolMakoti(701) 726-5591 M S

North Valley Vocational CenterGrafton(701) 352-3705 M S

Northern Cass High SchoolHunter(701) 874-2322 M S

Northern Cass Middle SchoolHunter(701) 874-2322 M S

Northwood High SchoolNorthwood(701) 587-5221 M S

Oakes High SchoolOakes(701) 742-3234 M S

Park River High SchoolPark River(701) 284-7164 M S

Parshall High SchoolParshall(701) 862-3129 M S

Pembina High SchoolPembina(701) 825-6261 M S

Pingree-Buchanan High SchoolPingree(701) 252-5563 M S

Powers Lake High SchoolPowers Lake(701) 464-5432 M S

Ray High SchoolRay(701) 568-3301 M S

Red River High SchoolGrand Forks(701) 746-2400 M S

Rhame High SchoolRhame(701) 279-5753 M S

Richardton-Taylor High SchoolRichardton(701) 974-2111 M S

Richland Co Vocational Technical CenterWahpeton(701) 642-8701 M S

Richland Junior-Senior HighColfax(701) 372-3713 M S

Rolette High SchoolRolette(701) 246-3596 M S

Roosevelt High SchoolCarson(701) 622-3263 M S

Rugby High SchoolRugby(701) 776-5201 M S

Saint John High SchoolSaint John(701) 477-5651 M S

Saint Thomas High SchoolSaint Thomas(701) 257-6424 M S

Sargent Central High SchoolForman(701) 724-3205 M S

Sawyer High SchoolSawyer(701) 624-5167 M S

School For The Deaf 9-12Devils Lake(701) 662-9025 M S

Schroeder Middle SchoolGrand Forks(701) 746-2333 M S

Scranton High SchoolScranton(701) 275-8266 M S

Selfridge High SchoolSelfridge(701) 422-3353 M S

Sherwood High SchoolSherwood(701) 459-2214 M S

Sheyenne High SchoolSheyenne(701) 996-3461 M S

Simle Middle SchoolBismarck(701) 221-3570 M S

Solen High SchoolSolen(701) 445-3331 M S

Souris River Campus Alt HighMinot(701) 857-4507 M S

South Central AlternativeBismarck(701) 221-3790 M S

South Heart High SchoolSouth Heart(701) 677-5671 M S

South High SchoolFargo(701) 446-2000 M S

South Middle SchoolGrand Forks(701) 746-2345 M S

Southeast Area Voc Tech CenterOakes(701) 742-3248 M S

Stanley High SchoolStanley(701) 628-2342 M S

Stanton High SchoolStanton(701) 745-3319 M S

Starkweather High SchoolStarkweather(701) 292-4381 M S

Steele-Dawson High SchoolSteele(701) 475-2243 M S

Strasburg High SchoolStrasburg(701) 336-2667 M S

Surrey High SchoolSurrey(701) 838-3282 M S

Sykes High SchoolSykeston(701) 984-2377 M S

Tappen High SchoolTappen(701) 327-4256 M S

Thompson High SchoolThompson(701) 599-2765 M S

Tioga High SchoolTioga(701) 664-2333 M S

Towner High SchoolTowner(701) 537-5414 M S

Turtle Lake-Mercer High SchoolTurtle Lake(701) 448-2365 M S

Turtle Mt Community High SchoolBelcourt(701) 477-6471 M S

Turtle Mt Community Middle SchoolBelcourt(701) 477-6471 M S

Tuttle-Pettibone High SchoolTuttle(701) 867-2564 M S

Underwood High SchoolUnderwood(701) 442-3201 M S

Valley City High SchoolValley City(701) 845-1498 M S

Valley City Junior High SchoolValley City(701) 845-4181 M S

Valley City Voc Tech CenterValley City(701) 845-0256 M S

Valley High SchoolHoople(701) 894-6226 M S

Valley Middle SchoolGrand Forks(701) 746-2360 M S

Velva High SchoolVelva(701) 338-2022 M S

Verona High SchoolVerona(701) 432-5544 M S

Wachter Middle SchoolBismarck(701) 221-3585 M S

Wahpeton High SchoolWahpeton(701) 642-2604 M S

Wahpeton Middle SchoolWahpeton(701) 642-6688 M S

Walhalla High SchoolWalhalla(701) 549-3751 M S

Warwick High SchoolWarwick(701) 294-2561 M S

Washburn High SchoolWashburn(701) 462-3221 M S

Watford City High SchoolWatford City(701) 444-3624 M S

West Fargo High SchoolWest Fargo(701) 356-2050 M S

West Fargo Middle SchoolWest Fargo(701) 356-2090 M S

Westhope High SchoolWesthope(701) 245-6444 M S

White Shield High SchoolWhite Shield(701) 743-4350 M S

Wildrose-Alamo High SchoolWildrose(701) 539-2261 M S

Williston High SchoolWilliston(701) 572-0967 M S

Williston Junior High SchoolWilliston(701) 572-5618 M S

Willow City High SchoolWillow City(701) 366-4595 M S

Wilton High SchoolWilton(701) 734-6331 M S

Wimbledon-Court High SchoolWimbledon(701) 435-2494 M S

Wing High SchoolWing(701) 943-2319 M S

Wishek High SchoolWishek(701) 452-2995 M S

Wolford High SchoolWolford(701) 583-2387 M S

Woodrow Wilson Alt High SchoolFargo(701) 446-2800 M S

Wyndmere High SchoolWyndmere(701) 439-2287 M S

Zeeland High SchoolZeeland(701) 423-5429 M S

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