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A. Baldwin Middle SchoolGuilford(203) 457-0222 M S T W

Academy SchoolGlastonbury(860) 652-7800 M S T W

Alt. Center For EducationDanbury(203) 797-4786 M S T W

Alt. Community EducationThomaston(860) 283-3029 M S

Alternate Education ProgramMilford(203) 783-3679 M S

Amistad AcademyNew Haven(203) 773-0390 M S T W

Amity Reg Junior HSOrange(203) 392-3200 M S T W

Amity Reg Junior HSBethany(203) 393-3102 M S T W

Amity Reg Senior HSWoodbridge(203) 397-4830 M S T W

Ansonia High SchoolAnsonia(203) 736-5060 M S W

Ansonia Middle SchoolAnsonia(203) 736-5070 M S W

Avon High SchoolAvon(860) 404-4740 M S W

Avon Middle SchoolAvon(860) 404-4770 M S

Avon Old Farms SchoolAvon(860) 404-4100 M S T W

Bacon AcademyColchester(860) 537-2378 M S T W

Baldwin Middle SchoolCanterbury(860) 546-9421 M S

Bassick High SchoolBridgeport(203) 576-7350 M S W

Bedford Middle SchoolWestport(203) 341-1510 M S W

Bennet Middle SchoolManchester(860) 647-3571 M S W

Bennie Dover Jackson MiddleNew London(860) 447-6480 M S

Berean Christian AcademyMilford(203) 874-1233 M S

Berlin High SchoolBerlin(860) 828-6577 M S W

Bethel High SchoolBethel(203) 794-8624 M S W

Bethel Middle SchoolBethel(203) 794-8663 M S W

Betsy Ross Arts Magnet SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8974 M S T W

Bloomfield High SchoolBloomfield(860) 286-2630 M S W

Bolton High SchoolBolton(860) 643-2768 M S W

Branford High SchoolBranford(203) 488-7291 M S W

Brien Mcmahon High SchoolNorwalk(203) 852-9488 M S T W

Briggs High SchoolNorwalk(203) 899-2820 M S

Bristol Central High SchoolBristol(860) 584-7732 M S T W

Bristol Eastern High SchoolBristol(860) 584-7852 M S W

Bristol TEC V-T SchoolBristol(860) 584-8433 M S T W

Broadview Middle SchoolDanbury(203) 797-4861 M S T W

Brookfield High SchoolBrookfield(203) 775-7725 M S T W

Brooklawn AcademyFairfield(203) 333-7553 M S

Brooklyn Middle SchoolBrooklyn(860) 774-9153 M S T W

Brown Middle SchoolMadison(203) 245-6400 M S T W

Bulkeley High SchoolHartford(860) 728-3300 M S

Bullard-Havens V-T SchoolBridgeport(203) 579-6333 M S T W

Bunnell High SchoolStratford(203) 385-4250 M S T W




Canterbury SchoolNew Milford(860) 210-3832 M S T W

Canton Intermediate SchoolCollinsville(860) 693-7717 M S T W

Canton Jr Sr High SchoolCollinsville(860) 693-7707 M S T W

Capt. Nathan Hale MSCoventry(860) 742-7334 M S T W

Carmen Arace Middle SchoolBloomfield(860) 286-2622 M S W

Center SchoolEast Hampton(860) 365-4050 M S T W

Central High SchoolBridgeport(203) 576-7377 M S T W

Central Middle SchoolGreenwich(203) 661-8500 M S W

Chalk Hill Middle SchoolMonroe(203) 452-5837 M S T W

Charter Oak Prep AcademyNew Britain(860) 827-8311 M S

Cheney V-T SchoolManchester(860) 649-5396 M S T W

Cheshire High SchoolCheshire(203) 250-2511 M S T W

Chesire AcademyChesire(203) 272-5396 M S T W

Chippens Hill Middle SchoolBristol(860) 584-3881 M S W

Choate Rosemary HallWallingford(203) 697-2000 M S T W

City Hill Middle SchoolNaugatuck(203) 720-5246 M S T W

Clark Lane Middle SchoolWaterford(860) 443-2837 M S T W

Clemente Middle SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8886 M S

Cloonan SchoolStamford(203) 977-4544 M S W

Coginchaug Regional High SchoolDurham(860) 349-7215 M S T

Colchester Intermediate SchoolColchester(860) 537-9421 M S

Coleytown Middle SchoolWestport(203) 341-1610 M S T W

Collaborative Alt. High SchoolNorth Haven(203) 234-0303 M S

Common Ground High SchoolNew Haven(203) 389-4333 M S W

Community SchoolProspect(203) 758-6674 M S T W

Conard High SchoolWest Hartford(860) 521-1350 M S T W

Cooperative High SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-5923 M S

Coventry High SchoolCoventry(860) 742-7346 M S W

Cromwell High SchoolCromwell(860) 632-4841 M S T W

Cromwell Middle SchoolCromwell(860) 632-4853 M S T W

Crosby High SchoolWaterbury(203) 574-8061 M S T W

Cutler Middle SchoolMystic(860) 572-5830 M S T W

Dag Hammarskjold MSWallingford(203) 294-5340 M S T W

Danbury High SchoolDanbury(203) 797-4808 M S T W

Daniel Hand High SchoolMadison(203) 245-6350 M S T W

Darien High SchoolDarien(203) 655-3981 M S T W

Derby High SchoolDerby(203) 736-5032 M S W

Dodd Middle SchoolCheshire(203) 272-3249 M S T W

Dolan SchoolStamford(203) 977-4441 M S

E. O. Smith High SchoolStorrs(860) 486-2732 M S W

E.C. Adams Middle SchoolGuilford(203) 453-2755 M S T W

E.C. Goodwin V-T SchoolNew Britain(860) 827-7736 M S T W

East Granby High SchoolEast Granby(860) 653-2541 M S W

East Granby Middle SchoolEast Granby(860) 653-2541 M S W

East Hampton High SchoolEast Hampton(860) 365-4030 M S T W

East Hampton Middle SchoolEast Hampton(860) 365-4060 M S T W

East Hartford High SchoolEast Hartford(860) 622-5201 M S W

East Hartford Middle SchoolEast Hartford(860) 622-5600 M S W

East Haven High SchoolEast Haven(203) 468-3267 M S T W

East Lyme High SchoolEast Lyme(860) 739-6946 M S T W

East Lyme Middle SchoolNiantic(860) 739-4491 M S T W



East Ridge Middle SchoolRidgefield(203) 438-3744 M S W

East Shore Middle SchoolMilford(203) 783-3559 M S T W

East Windsor Junior HighEast Windsor(860) 623-3361 M S

East Windsor Senior HighEast Windsor(860) 623-3361 M S T W

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Eastconn Alternative AcademyColumbia(860) 228-4317 M S

Eastern Middle SchoolRiverside(203) 637-1744 M S T W

Eli Whitney V-T SchoolHamden(203) 397-4031 M S T W

Ellington High SchoolEllington(860) 872-8537 M S W

Ellington Middle SchoolRockville(860) 875-2400 M S W

Ellis V-T SchoolDanielson(860) 774-8511 M S T W

Emmett O`Brien V-T SchoolAnsonia(203) 732-1800 M S T W

Enfield High SchoolEnfield(860) 253-5540 M S T W

Enrico Fermi High SchoolEnfield(860) 763-8800 M S T W

Ethel Walker SchoolSimsbury(860) 658-4467 M S T W

Explorations Charter SchoolWinsted(860) 738-9070 M S W

Fair Haven Middle SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8430 M S T W

Fairfield High School LudloweFairfield(203) 255-7201 M S T W

Fairfield High SchoolFairfield(203) 255-8354 M S T W

Fairfield Woods MiddleFairfield(203) 255-8334 M S T W

Farmington High SchoolFarmington(860) 673-2514 M S W

Fitch Middle SchoolGroton(860) 449-5620 M S T W

Fitch Senior High SchoolGroton(860) 449-7200 M S T W

Flood Middle SchoolStratford(203) 385-4280 M S T W

Fox Middle SchoolHartford(860) 527-1871 M S W

Francis T. Maloney High SchoolMeriden(203) 238-2334 M S T W

Francis Walsh IntermediateBranford(203) 488-8317 M S W

Gideon Welles SchoolGlastonbury(860) 652-7040 M S T W

Glastonbury High SchoolGlastonbury(860) 652-7204 M S T W

Granby Memorial High SchoolGranby(860) 844-3014 M S T W

Granby Memorial Middle SchoolGranby(860) 844-3029 M S T W

Great Oak Middle SchoolOxford(203) 888-5418 M S T W

Greenwich High SchoolGreenwich(203) 625-8000 M S T W

Griswold Middle SchoolRocky Hill(860) 258-7741 M S T W

Griswold Middle SchoolGriswold(860) 376-7630 M S T W

Griswold Senior High SchoolGriswold(860) 376-7640 M S T W

Guilford High SchoolGuilford(203) 453-2741 M S T W

GunneryWashington(860) 868-7334 M S T W

Haddam-Killingworth HighHigganum(860) 345-8541 M S

Haddam-Killingworth MiddleHigganum(860) 345-8567 M S

Hall High SchoolWest Hartford(860) 232-4561 M S W

Hall Memorial SchoolWest Willington(860) 429-9391 M S

Hamden High SchoolHamden(203) 407-2040 M S W

Hamden Middle SchoolHamden(203) 407-3140 M S

Harborside Middle SchoolMilford(203) 783-3523 M S T W

Har-Bur Middle SchoolBurlington(860) 673-6163 M S

Harding High SchoolBridgeport(203) 576-7730 M S W

Harry M. Bailey Middle SchoolWest Haven(203) 937-4380 M S

Harry S. Fisher SchoolTerryville(860) 314-2790 M S

Hartford Magnet Middle SchoolHartford(860) 757-6201 M S

Hartford Public High SchoolHartford(860) 278-5920 M S W

Hawley SchoolNewtown(203) 426-7666 M S T W

Head O' Meadow SchoolNewtown(203) 426-7670 M S T W

Hebron Elementary SchoolHebron(860) 228-9465 M S

Helen Keller Middle SchoolEaston(203) 268-8651 M S W

Heminway Park SchoolWatertown(860) 945-4860 M S

Henry Abbott V-T SchoolDanbury(203) 797-4460 M S T W

Henry James Memorial SchoolSimsbury(860) 651-3341 M S

Hickory Street SchoolNorwich(860) 892-4342 M S

High School In The CommunityNew Haven(203) 946-7022 M S

Hill Regional Career High SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8400 M S

Hillcrest Middle SchoolTrumbull(203) 452-4466 M S

Hillside Middle SchoolNaugatuck(203) 720-5260 M S

Holy Cross High SchoolWaterbury(203) 757-9248 M S W

Hotchkiss SchoolLakeville(860) 435-1355 M S T W

Housatonic Valley Reg. H.S.Falls Village(860) 824-5123 M S

Hyde Leadership SchoolHamden(203) 946-7181 M S

Illing Middle SchoolManchester(860) 647-3400 M S

Immaculate High SchoolDanbury(203) 744-1510 M S T W

Intermediate SchoolShelton(203) 924-1891 M S

Intrdist Sch For Arts And CommNew London(860) 447-1003 M S

Irving A. Robbins Middle SchoolFarmington(860) 677-2683 M S W

J. Milton Jeffrey ElementaryMadison(203) 245-6460 M S

J. Robinson Middle SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8770 M S

J.M. Wright V-T SchoolStamford(203) 324-7363 M S T W

James H. Moran Middle SchoolWallingford(203) 741-2900 M S

James Hillhouse High SchoolNew Haven(203) 946-8484 M S

Jared Eliot Middle SchoolClinton(860) 664-6503 M S T W

Jockey HollowMonroe(203) 452-2281 M S

Joel Barlow High SchoolRedding(203) 938-2508 M S W

John F. Kennedy High SchoolWaterbury(203) 574-8150 M S

John F. Kennedy Middle SchoolPlantsville(860) 628-3275 M S

John F. Kennedy Middle SchoolEnfield(860) 763-8855 M S T W

John Read Middle SchoolWest Redding(203) 938-2533 M S W

John Wallace Middle SchoolNewington(860) 667-5888 M S

John Winthrop Junior High SchoolDeep River(860) 526-9546 M S

Jonathan Law High SchoolMilford(203) 783-3574 M S T W

Joseph A. Depaolo Middle SchoolSouthington(860) 628-3260 M S

Joseph A. Foran High SchoolMilford(203) 783-3502 M S T W

Joseph Melillo Middle SchoolEast Haven(203) 468-3227 M S

Kaynor V-T SchoolWaterbury(203) 596-4302 M S T W

Keigwin AnnexMiddletown(860) 632-2433 M S

Kelly Middle SchoolNorwich(860) 823-4211 M S

Kent SchoolKent(800) 538-5368 M S T W

Killingly High SchoolDanielson(860) 779-6620 M S W

Killingly Intermediate SchoolDayville(860) 779-6700 M S

King Philip Middle SchoolWest Hartford(860) 233-8236 M S

Kolbe Cathedral High SchoolBridgeport(203) 335-2554 M S W

Lauralton HallMilford(203) 877-2786 M S T W

Lebanon Middle SchoolLebanon(860) 642-4702 M S

Ledyard High SchoolLedyard(860) 464-9600 M S W

Ledyard Middle SchoolGales Ferry(860) 464-0200 M S

Leonard J. Tyl Middle SchoolOakdale(860) 848-2822 M S

Lewis S. Mills High SchoolBurlington(860) 673-0423 M S

Lincoln Middle SchoolMeriden(203) 238-2381 M S

Litchfield High SchoolLitchfield(860) 567-7530 M S W

Litchfield Intermediate SchoolLitchfield(860) 567-7520 M S

Long LaneMiddletown(860) 344-2825 M S

Long River Middle SchoolProspect(203) 758-4421 M S

Loomis Chaffee SchoolWindsor(860) 687-6400 M S T W

Lyman Hall High SchoolWallingford(203) 294-5382 M S

Lyman Memorial High SchoolLebanon(860) 642-7567 M S

Lyme-Old Lyme High SchoolOld Lyme(860) 434-1651 M S

Lyme-Old Lyme Middle SchoolOld Lyme(860) 434-2568 M S

Mabelle B. Avery Middle SchoolSomers(860) 763-0723 M S

Madison Middle SchoolTrumbull(203) 452-4496 M S

Magnet MiddleStamford(203) 977-4350 M S

Maloney High SchoolMeriden(203) 238-2334 M S T W

Manchester High SchoolManchester(860) 647-3530 M S W

Manchester Regional AcademyManchester(860) 647-3495 M S

Mansfield Middle SchoolStorrs(860) 429-9341 M S

Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolWallingford(203) 294-5900 M S

Martin Kellogg Middle SchoolNewington(860) 666-5418 M S

Masuk High SchoolMonroe(203) 452-5823 M S W

May V. Carrigan Middle SchoolWest Haven(203) 937-4390 M S

Mcalister Middle SchoolSuffield(860) 668-3820 M S

Mcgee Middle SchoolBerlin(860) 828-0323 M S T W

Memorial Blvd Middle SchoolBristol(860) 584-7882 M S

Memorial Middle SchoolMiddlebury(203) 758-2496 M S

Mercy High SchoolMiddletown(860) 346-6659 M S W

Metropolitan Learning CenterBloomfield(860) 242-7834 M S

Michael F. Wallace Middle SchoolWaterbury(203) 574-8140 M S

Middle Gate SchoolNewtown(203) 426-7662 M S T W

Middle School Of PlainvillePlainville(860) 793-3250 M S

Middlebrook SchoolWilton(203) 762-8388 M S

Middlefield Memorial SchoolMiddlefield(860) 349-7235 M S

Middlesex Middle SchoolDarien(203) 655-2518 M S

Middletown High SchoolMiddletown(860) 704-4500 M S W

Milford AcademyMilford(203) 878-5921 M S T W

Miss Porters SchoolFarmington(860) 409-3530 M S T W

Montville Alternate EducationMontville(860) 848-7816 M S

Montville High SchoolOakdale(860) 848-9208 M S W

Mystic Middle SchoolMystic(860) 536-9613 M S



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