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      West Virginia High Schools & Middle Schools

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AmherstdaleAmherstdale Elementary School(304) 583-9468

AnstedAnsted Middle School(304) 658-5170

AshtonHannan High School(304) 576-2571

AvondaleSandy River Middle School(304) 938-2407

BakerEast Hardy High School(304) 897-5948

BarboursvilleBarboursville Middle School(304) 733-3003

BeaverShady Spring Junior High School(304) 256-4570

BeckleyAcademy Of Careers And Technology(304) 256-4615

BeckleyBeckley/Stratton Junior High School(304) 256-4616

BeckleyBurlington Beckley Center(304) 637-0351

BeckleyPark Junior High School(304) 256-4586

BeckleyWoodrow Wilson High School(304) 256-4646

BelingtonBelington Middle School(304) 823-1281

BelleDupont Middle School(304) 348-1978

BelleRiverside High School(304) 347-7487

BelmontPleasants County Middle School(304) 665-2415

BenwoodUnion Junior High School(304) 232-7190

Berkeley SpringsBerkeley Springs High School(304) 258-2871

Berkeley SpringsWarm Springs Middle School(304) 248-1500

BlacksvilleClay Battelle High School(304) 432-8208

BluefieldBluefield High School(304) 325-9116

BluefieldBluefield Middle School(304) 325-2481

BranchlandGuyan Valley High School(304) 824-3235

BrentonBaileysville High School(304) 732-7254

BridgeportBridgeport High School(304) 842-3693

BridgeportBridgeport Middle School(304) 842-6251

BuckeyeMarlinton Middle School(304) 799-6773

BuckhannonBuckhann Upshur High School(304) 472-3720

BuckhannonBuckhannon-Upshur Middle School(304) 472-1520

BuffaloBuffalo High School(304) 937-2661

Bunker HillMill Creek Intermediate School(304) 274-6592

Bunker HillMussellman Middle School(304) 229-1965

CameronCameron High School(304) 686-3336

Capon BridgeCapon Bridge Middle High(304) 856-2534

CeredoCeredo-Kenova Middle School(304) 453-3588

ChapmanvilleChapmanville High School(304) 855-4522 W

ChapmanvilleChapmanville Middle School(304) 855-9168 W

Charles TownCharles Town Junior High School(304) 725-7821

Charles TownWright Denny Elementary School(304) 725-2513

CharlestonAndrew Jackson Middle School(304) 776-3310

CharlestonCabell Alternative School(304) 348-6133

CharlestonCarver Vocational Center(304) 348-1965




CharlestonGeo Washington High School(304) 348-7729

CharlestonHorace Mann Middle School(304) 348-1971

CharlestonJohn Adams Junior High School(304) 348-6652

CharlestonKanawha County Schools Academy(304) 348-7731

CharlestonSissonville High School(304) 348-1954

CharlestonStonewall Jackson Middle School(304) 348-6123

ChesterOak Glen Middle School(304) 387-2363

ClarksburgGore Middle School(304) 624-3260

ClarksburgLiberty High School(304) 624-3264

ClarksburgRobert C. Byrd High School(304) 623-2453

ClarksburgTri-County High School(304) 624-3290

ClarksburgUnited Technical Center(304) 624-3280

ClarksburgWashington Irving Middle School(304) 624-3271

ClayClay County High School(304) 587-4226

ClayClay County Middle School(304) 587-2343

ClendeninClendenin Middle School(304) 965-5221

ClendeninHerbert Hoover High School(304) 965-3394

Coal CityIndependence High School(304) 683-3228

CraigsvilleNicholas County Career/Technical Center(304) 742-5416

CrawleyWestern Greenbrier Junior High School(304) 392-6446

CrumCrum Middle School(304) 393-3200

DanvilleBoone Career-Technical Center(304) 369-4585

DanvilleBoone County Alternative School(304) 369-4585

DavisDavis Correctional Center(304) 259-5252

DelbartonBurch High School(304) 475-5106

DelbartonBurch Middle School(304) 475-2141

DelbartonMingo County Vocational Technical Center(304) 475-3347

DunbarBen Franklin Vocational Center(304) 766-0369

DunbarDunbar Middle School(304) 766-0363

DunbarSouth Central Regional Juvenile Detention Center(304) 766-0376

DunmorePocahontas County High School(304) 799-6565

East BankEast Bank Middle School(304) 949-2482

EleanorGeorge Washington Middle School(304) 586-2875

EleanorPutnam Career Technical Center(304) 586-3494

ElizabethWirt County High School(304) 275-4241

ElizabethWirt County Middle School(304) 275-3977

ElkinsElkins High School(304) 636-9170

ElkinsElkins Middle School(304) 636-9176

ElkviewElkview Middle School(304) 348-1947

EllenboroRitchie County High School(304) 869-3526

EllenboroRitchie County Middle School(304) 869-3512

Elm GroveBridge Street Middle School(304) 243-0381

FairmontDunbar Middle School(304) 367-2131

FairmontEast Fairmont High School(304) 367-2140

FairmontEast Fairmont Junior High School(304) 367-2123

FairmontFairmont High School(304) 367-2150

FairmontMiller Junior High School(304) 367-2147

FairviewFairview Middle School(304) 449-1312

FarmingtonNorth Marion High School(304) 986-3063

FayettevilleFayetteville High School(304) 574-0560

FayettevilleFayetteville Middle School(304) 574-2449

FollansbeeFollansbee Middle School(304) 527-1942

Fort GayFort Gay Middle School(304) 648-5404

Fort GayTolsia High School(304) 648-5566

FranklinPendleton County High School(304) 358-2573

GilbertGilbert High School(304) 664-8197

GilbertGilbert Middle School(304) 664-3330

Glen DaleJohn Marshall High School(304) 843-4444

Glen DanielLiberty High School(304) 934-5306

GlenvilleGilmer County High School(304) 462-7960

GraftonGrafton High School(304) 265-3046

GraftonTaylor County Middle School(304) 265-0722

GrantsvilleCalhoun Gilmer Center(304) 354-6151

GriffithsvilleDuval High School(304) 524-2101

HambletonTucker County High School(304) 478-2651

HamlinHamlin High School(304) 824-3036

HamlinYeager Career Center(304) 824-5449

Harpers FerryHarpers Ferry Junior High School(304) 535-6357

HartsHarts High School(304) 855-4881

HedgesvilleHedgesville High School(304) 754-3354

HedgesvilleHedgesville Middle School(304) 754-3313

HicoMidland Trail High School(304) 658-5184

HintonSummers County High School(304) 466-6040

HintonSummers Middle School(304) 466-6030

HundredHundred High School(304) 775-5221

HuntingtonAlternative Education High School(304) 528-5060

HuntingtonBeverly Hills Middle School(304) 528-5102

HuntingtonCammack Middle School(304) 528-5116

HuntingtonEnslow Middle School(304) 528-5121

HuntingtonHuntington High School(304) 528-6400

HuntingtonSpring Valley High School(304) 429-1699

HuntingtonVinson Middle School(304) 429-1641

HuntingtonWest Middle School(304) 528-5180

HurricaneHurricane High School(304) 562-3991

HurricaneHurricane Middle School(304) 562-9271

IaegerIaeger High School(304) 938-2431

InwoodMusselman High School(304) 229-1950

KenovaBuffalo Middle School(304) 429-6062

KeyserKeyser High School(304) 788-4230

KeyserMineral County Alternative School(304) 788-4213

KeyserMineral County Vocational Technical Center(304) 788-4240

KingwoodCentral Preston Middle School(304) 329-0033

KingwoodPreston High School(304) 329-0400

Le RoyRoane-Jackson Technical Center(304) 372-7335

LenoreLenore Middle School(304) 475-2411

LindsideJames Monroe High School(304) 753-5182

LindsideMonroe County Vocational/Technical Center(304) 753-9971

LoganLogan High School(304) 752-6606

LoganLogan Middle School(304) 752-8501

LoganRalph R Willis Vocational Center(304) 752-4687

LookoutNuttall Middle School(304) 574-0429

Lost CreekSouth Harrison High School(304) 745-3315



Lost CreekSouth Harrison Middle School(304) 745-5582

LumberportLumberport Middle School(304) 584-4090

MadisonMadison Middle School(304) 369-4464

MadisonScott High School(304) 369-3011

ManChristian Elementary School(304) 583-9766

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ManMan High School(304) 583-6521

ManMan Junior High School(304) 583-7441

ManningtonMannington Middle School(304) 986-1050

MartinsburgEagle Intermediate School

MartinsburgEastern Regional Juvenile Detention Center(304) 267-0075

MartinsburgJames Rumsey Technical Institute(304) 754-7925

MartinsburgMartinsburg North Middle School(304) 267-3540

MartinsburgMartinsburg Senior High School(304) 267-3530

MartinsburgMartinsburg South Middle School(304) 267-3545

MartinsburgPikeside Learning Center(304) 267-3555

MasonWahama High School(304) 773-5539

MasontownWest Preston Middle School(304) 864-5221

MatewanMatewan High School(304) 426-6555

MatewanMatewan Middle School(304) 426-4480

Meadow BridgeMeadow Bridge High School(304) 484-7917

MiltonMilton Middle School(304) 743-7308

MonongahMonongah Middle School(304) 367-2164

MontcalmMontcalm High School(304) 589-3719

MontgomeryMontgomery Middle School(304) 442-4132

MoorefieldMoorefield High School(304) 538-6034

MoorefieldMoorefield Middle School(304) 434-3000

MorgantownCheat Lake Middle School(304) 594-1165

MorgantownMorgantown High School(304) 291-2960

MorgantownSouth Middle School(304) 291-9340

MorgantownSuncrest Middle School(304) 291-9335

MorgantownUniversity High School(304) 291-9270

MorgantownWestwood Middle School(304) 291-9300

MoundsvilleMoundsville Junior High School(304) 843-4440

Mount HopeMount Hope High School(304) 877-2121

Mount HopeMount Hope Middle School(304) 877-6641

Mt. ZionCalhoun County High School(304) 354-6148

Mt. ZionCalhoun County Middle School(304) 354-6148

MullensMullens Middle School(304) 294-5757

NaomaMarsh Fork High School(304) 854-1151

NaugatuckTug Valley High School(304) 235-2266

New CumberlandOak Glen High School(304) 564-3500

New MartinsvilleMagnolia High School(304) 455-1990

New RichmondWyoming County East High School(304) 294-5200

NitroNitro High School(304) 755-4321

NorthforkNorthfork Middle School(304) 862-3331

Oak HillCollins Middle School(304) 469-3711

Oak HillOak Hill High School(304) 469-3551

OceanaOceana High School(304) 682-6259

OceanaOceana Middle School(304) 682-6296

OnaCabell Midland High School(304) 743-7400

Paden CityPaden City High School(304) 337-2266

ParkersburgBlennerhasset Junior High School(304) 863-3356

ParkersburgEdison Junior High School(304) 420-9525

ParkersburgHamilton Junior High School(304) 420-9547

ParkersburgNorth Central Regional Juvenile Detention Center(304) 420-4544

ParkersburgParkersburg High School(304) 420-9595

ParkersburgParkersburg South High School(304) 420-9610

ParkersburgVan Devender Junior High School(304) 420-9645

ParkersburgWood County Voc/Tech Center(304) 420-9501

Paw PawPaw Paw High School(304) 947-7425

PetersburgPetersburg High School(304) 257-1444

PetersburgSouth Branch Vocational Center(304) 257-1331

PeterstownPeterstown Middle School(304) 753-4322

PhilippiPhilip Barbour High School(304) 457-1360

PhilippiPhilippi Middle School(304) 457-2999

Pine GroveValley High School(304) 889-3151

PinevillePineville Middle School(304) 732-6442

PinevilleWyoming County Career And Technical Center(304) 732-8050

PocaPoca High School(304) 755-5001

PocaPoca Middle School(304) 755-7343

Point PleasantMason County Vocational-Technical Center(304) 675-3039

Point PleasantPoint Pleasant High School(304) 675-1350

Point PleasantPoint Pleasant Middle School(304) 675-3820

PrincetonAlternative Learning Center(304) 487-1551

PrincetonMercer County Technical Education Center(304) 425-9551

PrincetonPikeview High School(304) 384-7586

PrincetonPrinceton High School(304) 425-8101

PrincetonPrinceton Middle School(304) 425-7517

PrincetonSouthern Regional Juvenile Detention Center(304) 425-9721

RavenswoodRavenswood High School(304) 273-9301

RavenswoodRavenswood Middle School(304) 273-5480

RichwoodRichwood High School(304) 846-2591

RichwoodRichwood Junior High School(304) 846-2638

RidgeleyFrankfort High School(304) 726-4767

RidgeleyFrankfort Middle School(304) 726-4339

RipleyRipley High School(304) 372-7355

RipleyRipley Middle School(304) 372-7350

RomneyHampshire High School(304) 822-5016

RomneyRomney Middle School(304) 822-5014

RonceverteEastern Greenbrier Junior High School(304) 647-6498

Saint AlbansHayes Junior High School(304) 722-0222

Saint AlbansMckinley Junior High School(304) 722-0218

Saint AlbansSaint Albans High School(304) 722-0212

Saint MarysPrt Vocational/Technical Center(304) 684-2464

Saint MarysSaint Marys High School(304) 684-2421

SalemSalem Middle School(304) 782-1131

SethSherman High School(304) 837-3301

SethSherman Junior High School(304) 837-3694

Shady SpringShady Spring High School(304) 256-4647

Shenandoah JunctioJefferson High School(304) 725-8491

ShepherdstownShepherdstown Junior High School(304) 876-6120

ShinnstonLincoln High School(304) 592-2248

SissonvilleSissonville Middle School(304) 348-1993

SistersvilleTyler Consolidated Middle School(304) 758-9000

SmithersValley High School(304) 442-8284

SophiaIndependence Junior High School(304) 683-4542

SophiaSophia Alternative Education Learning Center(304) 683-4392

South CharlestonSouth Charleston High School(304) 766-0352

South CharlestonSouth Charleston Middle School(304) 348-1918

SpencerRoane County High School(304) 927-6420

SpencerSpencer Middle School(304) 927-6415

SummersvilleNicholas County High School(304) 872-2141

SummersvilleSummersville Junior High School(304) 872-5092

SurveyorTrap Hill Middle School(304) 934-5392

SuttonBraxton County High School(304) 765-7331

SuttonBraxton County Middle School(304) 765-2644

TunneltonSouth Preston Middle School(304) 568-2331

UppergladeWebster County High School(304) 226-5772

VanVan High School(304) 245-8237

ViennaJackson Junior High School(304) 420-9551

WarBig Creek High School(304) 875-2287

WayneWayne High School(304) 272-5639

WayneWayne Middle School(304) 272-3227

WeirtonWeir High School(304) 748-7600

WeirtonWeir Middle School(304) 748-6080

WelchMount View High School(304) 436-2939

WelchWelch Middle School(304) 436-3222

WellsburgBrooke County Alternative(304) 737-2770

WellsburgWellsburg Middle School(304) 737-2922

West UnionDoddridge County High School(304) 873-2521

West UnionDoddridge County Middle School(304) 873-2390

WestonLewis County High School(304) 269-8315

WestonRobert L Bland Middle School(304) 269-8325

WheelingNorthern Regional Juvenile Detention Center(304) 242-5633

WheelingSherrard Junior High School(304) 233-3331

WheelingTriadelphia Middle School(304) 243-0387

WheelingWheeling Middle School(304) 243-0425

WheelingWheeling Park High School(304) 243-0400

WilliamsonWilliamson High School(304) 235-2518

WilliamsonWilliamson Middle School(304) 235-3430

WilliamstownWilliamstown High School(304) 375-6151

WinfieldWinfield High School(304) 586-3279

WinfieldWinfield Middle School(304) 586-3072

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