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AbbevilleAbbeville High School(337) 893-1874

AbbevilleJ. H. Williams Middle School(337) 893-3943

Abita SpringsAbita Springs Middle School(985) 892-2070

AlbanyAlbany High School(225) 567-9319

AlbanyAlbany Middle School(225) 567-5231

AlexandriaAlexandria Middle Magnet School(318) 445-5343

AlexandriaAlexandria Senior High School(318) 448-8234

AlexandriaArthur F. Smith Middle Magnet School(318) 445-6241

AlexandriaBolton High School(318) 448-3628

AlexandriaPeabody Magnet High School(318) 448-3457

AlexandriaScott M. Brame Middle School(318) 443-3688

AmiteAmite High School(985) 748-9301

AmiteNorthwood Preparatory High School(985) 748-3989

AmiteWest Side Middle School(985) 748-9073

AnacocoAnacoco High School(337) 239-3039

AngieAngie Junior High School(985) 986-3105

ArcadiaArcadia High School(318) 263-2264

ArnaudvilleBeau Chene High School(337) 662-5815

AvondaleHenry Ford Junior High School(504) 436-2474

BakerBaker High School(225) 775-1259

BakerBaker Middle School(225) 775-9750

BakerWhite Hills Preparatory Academy(225) 299-3202

BaldwinB Edward Boudreaux Middle School(337) 924-7990

BaldwinWest Saint Mary High School(337) 924-7990

BastropBastrop High School(318) 281-0194

BastropMorehouse Junior High School(318) 281-0776

Baton RougeArlington Prepatory Academy(225) 766-8188

Baton RougeBaton Rouge High School(225) 383-0520

Baton RougeBaton Rouge Preparatory Academy(225) 356-0256

Baton RougeBelaire High School(225) 272-1860

Baton RougeBroadmoor Middle School(225) 272-0540

Baton RougeBroadmoor Senior High School(225) 926-1420

Baton RougeCapitol Middle School(225) 344-7956

Baton RougeCapitol Senior High School(225) 383-0353

Baton RougeCentral High School(225) 261-3438

Baton RougeCentral Middle School(225) 261-2237

Baton RougeCommunity Sch For Apprenticeship Learning (Chtr)(225) 356-1410

Baton RougeCrestworth Middle School(225) 775-6845

Baton RougeGlasgow Middle School(225) 925-2942

Baton RougeGlen Oaks Middle School(225) 357-3790

Baton RougeGlen Oaks Senior High School(225) 356-4306

Baton RougeIstrouma Middle Magnet School(225) 357-6464

Baton RougeIstrouma Senior High School(225) 355-7701

Baton RougeKenilworth Middle School(225) 766-8111

Baton RougeMckinley Middle Magnet School(225) 388-0089

Baton RougeMckinley Senior High School(225) 344-7696

Baton RougeNorthdale Alternative Magnet Academy(225) 272-2036

Baton RougePark Forest Middle School(225) 275-6650

Baton RougePrescott Middle School(225) 357-6481

Baton RougeRobert E. Lee High School(225) 387-1418

Baton RougeScotlandville Magnet High School(225) 775-3715

Baton RougeScotlandville Middle School(225) 775-1688

Baton RougeSherwood Middle School(225) 272-3090

Baton RougeSoutheast Middle School(225) 293-5930

Baton RougeStaring Education Center(225) 767-1477

Baton RougeTara High School(225) 927-6100

Baton RougeWestdale Middle School(225) 924-1308

Baton RougeWoodlawn High School(225) 753-2665

Belle ChasseBelle Chasse High School(504) 394-2810

Belle ChasseBelle Chasse Middle School(504) 656-2315

Belle RoseBelle Rose Middle School(225) 473-8917




BentonBenton High School(318) 549-5240

BentonBenton Middle School(318) 549-5310

BerwickBerwick High School(985) 384-8450

BerwickBerwick Junior High School(985) 384-5665

BogalusaBogalusa High School(985) 735-8161

BogalusaBogalusa Junior High School(985) 732-3706

BogalusaTerrace Elementary School(985) 732-3926

Bossier CityAirline High School(318) 549-5080

Bossier CityBossier Achievement Center(318) 549-7080

Bossier CityBossier High School(318) 549-6680

Bossier CityCope Middle School(318) 549-5380

Bossier CityCurtis Elementary School(318) 549-6450

Bossier CityGreenacres Middle School(318) 549-6210

Bossier CityParkway High School(318) 549-6910

Bossier CityRusheon Middle School(318) 549-6610

BourgSouth Terrebonne High School(985) 868-7850

BoutteHahnville High School(985) 758-7537

Breaux BridgeBreaux Bridge High School(337) 332-3131

Breaux BridgeBreaux Bridge Junior High School(337) 332-2844

Breaux BridgeCecilia High School(337) 667-6221

Breaux BridgeCecilia Junior High School(337) 667-6226

Breaux BridgeTeche Elementary School(337) 667-6400

BroussardBroussard Middle School(337) 837-9031

BruslyBrusly High School(225) 749-2815

BruslyBrusly Middle School(225) 749-3123

BuckeyeHayden R Lawrence Middle School(318) 466-5858

BunkieBunkie High School(318) 346-6216

BunkieBunkie Middle School(318) 346-7227

BurasBuras Middle School(985) 657-7721

CalhounCalhoun Middle School(318) 644-0094

CarencroCarencro Middle School(337) 896-6127

ChalmetteAndrew Jackson Fundamental High School(504) 301-1500

ChalmetteChalmette High School(504) 271-4506

ChalmetteChalmette Middle School(504) 301-0500

ChauvinLacache Middle School(985) 594-3945

ChoudrantChoudrant High School(318) 768-2541

Church PointChurch Point High School(337) 684-5472

Church PointChurch Point Middle School(337) 684-6381

ClintonClinton High School(225) 683-3321

ClintonClinton Middle School(225) 683-5267

ColumbiaCaldwell Parish Junior High School(318) 649-2340

CoushattaRed River High School(318) 932-4913

CoushattaRed River Junior High School(318) 932-5264

CoushattaSpringville Junior High School(318) 932-5265

CovingtonCovington High School(985) 892-3422

CovingtonPine View Middle School(985) 892-6204

CovingtonWilliam Pitcher Junior High School(985) 892-3021

CrowleyCrowley High School(337) 783-5313

CrowleyCrowley Middle School(337) 783-5305

CrowvilleCrowville High School(318) 722-3244

Cut OffLarose Middle School(985) 693-7597

Cut OffLarose-Cut Off Junior High School(985) 693-3273

DelhiDelhi High School(318) 878-2235

Denham SpringsDenham Springs High School(225) 665-8851

Denham SpringsDenham Springs Junior High School(225) 665-8898

Denham SpringsSouthside Junior High School(225) 664-4221

DequincyDequincy High School(337) 786-5251

DequincyDequincy Middle School(337) 786-3000

DeridderDeridder High School(337) 463-3266

DeridderDeridder Junior High School(337) 463-9083

DestrehanDestrehan High School(985) 764-9946

DestrehanEthel Schoeffner Elementary School(985) 725-0123

DevilleBuckeye High School(318) 466-5678

DonaldsonvilleDonaldsonville High School(225) 474-2730

DonaldsonvilleLowery Middle School(225) 474-2760

Dry ProngDry Prong Junior High School(318) 899-5697

Dry ProngGrant High School(318) 899-3331

DubachDubach High School(318) 777-3470

DusonJudice Middle School(337) 984-1250

EdgardWest Saint John High School(985) 497-3271

Elm GroveElm Grove Middle School(318) 549-6500

ErathErath High School(337) 937-8451

ErathErath Middle School(337) 937-4441

EuniceCentral Middle School(337) 457-5895

EuniceEunice Career & Technical Education Center(337) 457-8686

EuniceEunice High School(337) 457-3011

EuniceEunice Junior High School(337) 457-7386

FarmervilleFarmerville High School(318) 368-2661

FarmervilleFarmerville Junior High School(318) 368-9235

FerridayFerriday High School(318) 757-8626

FerridayFerriday Junior High School(318) 757-8695

FlorienFlorien High School(318) 586-3681

FolsomFolsom Junior High School(985) 796-3724

FranklinFranklin Junior High School(337) 828-0855

FranklinFranklin Senior High School(337) 828-0143

FranklinLagrange Elementary School(337) 828-1991

FranklintonFranklinton High School(985) 839-6781

FranklintonFranklinton Junior High School(985) 839-3501

FranklintonVocational Career Center(985) 839-6218

French SettlementFrench Settlement High School(225) 698-3561

GallianoSouth Lafourche High School(985) 632-5721

GeismarDutchtown Middle School(225) 621-2355

GibsonGreenwood Middle School(985) 575-3261

GlenmoraGlenmora High School(318) 748-8145

Golden MeadowGolden Meadow Junior High School(985) 475-7314

Golden MeadowGolden Meadow Middle School(985) 475-7669

GonzalesEast Ascension High School(225) 621-2400

GonzalesGonzales Middle School(225) 621-2505

GramblingGrambling State University Laboratory High School(318) 274-6153

GramblingGrambling State University Middle School(318) 274-3340

Grand ChenierSouth Cameron High School(337) 542-4628

GrayH. L. Bourgeois High School(985) 872-3277

GreensburgSaint Helena Central High School(225) 222-4402

GreensburgSaint Helena Central Middle School(225) 222-6291

GretnaGretna Junior High School(504) 366-0120

HahnvilleEual J Landry Middle School(985) 783-6636

HammondHammond Eastside Upper Elementary School(985) 345-8494

HammondHammond High School(985) 345-7235

HammondHammond Junior High School(985) 345-2654

HammondHammond Westside Upper Elementary School(985) 345-7233

HammondTangipahoa Parish Pm High School(985) 542-5634

HarrisonburgHarrisonburg High School(318) 744-5273

HarveyHelen Cox Junior High School(504) 367-6388

HarveyWest Jefferson High School(504) 368-6055

HaughtonHaughton High School(318) 549-5450

HaughtonHaughton Middle School(318) 549-5560

HaynesvilleHaynesville High School(318) 624-0905

HaynesvilleHaynesville Junior High School(318) 624-0152

HinestonOak Hill High School(318) 793-2014

HomerHomer High School(318) 927-2985

HomerHomer Junior High School(318) 927-2826

HoumaDularge Middle School(985) 876-0176

HoumaEllender Memorial High School(985) 868-7903

HoumaElysian Fields Elementary School(985) 876-2041

HoumaEvergreen Junior High School(985) 876-2606

HoumaGenesis-Alternative High School(985) 872-3378

HoumaGrand Caillou Middle School(985) 879-3001

HoumaHouma Junior High School(985) 872-1511

HoumaLegion Park Middle School(985) 876-2272

HoumaOaklawn Junior High School(985) 872-3904

HoumaTerrebonne High School(985) 879-3377

HoumaTerrebonne Parish Alternative School(985) 876-2734

HoumaTerrebonne Vo-Tech High School(985) 851-1163

IndependenceIndependence High School(985) 878-9436

IndependenceIndependence Middle School(985) 878-4376

IotaIota High School(337) 779-2534

IotaIota Middle School(337) 779-2536

IowaIowa High School(337) 582-3561

JacksonJackson High School(225) 634-5931

JacksonJackson Middle School(225) 634-5932

JeaneretteJeanerette Middle School(337) 276-4320

JeaneretteJeanerette Senior High School(337) 276-6038

JeffersonJefferson Community Charter School(504) 836-0808

JeffersonRiverdale High School(504) 833-7288

JeffersonRiverdale Middle School(504) 828-2706

JenaGoodpine Middle School(318) 992-5665

JenaJena High School(318) 992-5195

JenaJena Junior High School(318) 992-5815

JenningsJennings High School(337) 824-0642

JenningsNorthside Junior High School(337) 824-0823

JonesboroJonesboro-Hodge High School(318) 259-4138

JonesboroJonesboro-Hodge Junior High School(318) 259-6611

JonesvilleBlock High School(318) 339-7996

JonesvilleJonesville Junior High School(318) 339-9604

KaplanKaplan High School(337) 643-6385

KaplanRene A. Rost Middle School(337) 643-8545

KennerAlfred Bonnabel High School(504) 443-4564

KennerTheodore Roosevelt Middle School(504) 443-1361

KentwoodJewel M. Sumner High School(985) 229-8805

KentwoodKentwood High School(985) 229-2881

KinderKinder High School(337) 738-2886

KinderKinder Middle School(337) 738-3223

LabadievilleLabadieville Middle School(985) 526-4227

LacombeBayou Lacombe Middle School(985) 882-5416

LafayetteAcadian Middle School(337) 233-2496

LafayetteAcadiana High School(337) 984-2646

LafayetteCarencro High School(337) 896-6192

LafayetteEdgar Martin Middle School(337) 984-9796

LafayetteL. J. Alleman Middle School(337) 984-7210

LafayetteLafayette Charter High School(337) 261-8981

LafayetteLafayette High School(337) 984-5284

LafayetteLafayette Middle School(337) 234-4032

LafayetteN. P. Moss Middle School(337) 289-1994

LafayetteNorthside High School(337) 232-0681

LafayetteO. Comeaux High School(337) 984-8395

LafayettePaul Breaux Middle School(337) 234-2313

LafitteFisher Middle/High School(504) 689-3665

Lake ArthurLake Arthur High School(337) 774-5152

Lake CharlesAlfred M. Barbe High School(337) 478-3626

Lake CharlesCalcasieu Pm High School(337) 437-6166

Lake CharlesF. K. White Middle School(337) 477-1648

Lake CharlesLagrange High School(337) 477-4571

Lake CharlesLake Charles/Boston High School(337) 436-9594

Lake CharlesMoss Bluff Middle School(337) 855-7774

Lake CharlesOak Park Middle School(337) 477-4838

Lake CharlesRay D. Molo Middle Magnet School(337) 437-6785

Lake CharlesReynaud Middle School(337) 436-5729

Lake CharlesS. J. Welsh Middle School(337) 477-6611

Lake CharlesSam Houston High School(337) 855-3528

Lake CharlesWashington/Marion Magnet High School(337) 433-5892

Lake ProvidenceLake Providence Junior High School(318) 559-1395

Lake ProvidenceLake Providence Senior High School(318) 559-1984

LecompteCarter C. Raymond Middle School(318) 776-5489

LecompteRapides High School(318) 776-9371

LeesvilleLeesville High School(337) 239-3464

LeesvilleLeesville Junior High School(337) 239-3874

LeesvillePickering High School(337) 537-1555

LeesvilleVernon Middle School(337) 238-1505

LeesvilleVernon Parish Optional School(337) 392-0008

LillieLillie Middle School(318) 285-9561

LivingstonDoyle High School(225) 686-2318

LivoniaLivonia High School(225) 637-2532

LockportLockport Middle School(985) 532-2597

LogansportLogansport High School(318) 697-4338

LorangerLoranger High School(985) 878-6271

LorangerLoranger Middle School(985) 878-9455

LoreauvilleLoreauville High School(337) 229-4701

LulingLakewood Elementary School(985) 785-1161

LutcherLutcher High School(225) 869-5741

LutcherLutcher Junior High School(225) 869-3305

MadisonvilleMadisonville Junior High School(985) 845-3355

MamouMamou High School(337) 468-5793

MamouMamou Upper Elementary School(337) 468-3123

MandevilleFontainebleau High School(985) 892-7112

MandevilleFontainebleau Junior High School(985) 875-7501



MandevilleLake Harbor Middle School(985) 674-4440

MandevilleMandeville High School(985) 626-5225

MandevilleMandeville Junior High School(985) 626-4428

MandevilleMandeville Middle School(985) 626-8778

MandevilleTchefuncte Middle School(985) 626-7118

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ManghamMangham High School(318) 248-2485

ManghamMangham Junior High School(318) 248-2729

MansfieldMansfield High School(318) 872-0793

MansfieldMansfield Middle School(318) 872-1309

MansuraMansura Middle School(318) 964-2332

ManyMany High School(318) 256-2114

MarksvilleMarksville High School(318) 253-9356

MarksvilleMarksville Middle School(318) 253-8952

MarreroEllender Middle School(504) 341-9469

MarreroHarry S. Truman Middle School(504) 341-0961

MarreroJohn Ehret High School(504) 340-7651

MarreroJoseph A. Cuillier Sr. Career Center(504) 340-6963

MarreroL. H. Marrero Middle School(504) 341-5842

MarreroL. W. Higgins High School(504) 341-2273

MarreroWestbank Alternative School(504) 371-4651

MauriceNorth Vermilion High School(337) 898-1491

MerauxN. P. Trist Middle School(504) 301-1400

MetairieEast Jefferson High School(504) 888-7171

MetairieGrace King High School(504) 888-7334

MetairieJ. D. Meisler Middle School(504) 888-5832

MetairieJohn Q. Adams Middle School(504) 887-5240

MetairieRalph J. Bunche Middle School(504) 737-3132

MetairieT. H. Harris Middle School(504) 733-0867

MetairieV. C. Haynes Middle School(504) 837-8300

MidlandMidland High School(337) 783-3310

MindenJ. A. Phillips Middle School(318) 377-0315

MindenMinden High School(318) 377-2766

MindenWebster Parish Alternative School(318) 377-5418

MonroeCarroll High School(318) 387-8441

MonroeCarroll Junior High School(318) 322-1683

MonroeMartin Luther King Jr Middle School(318) 387-1825

MonroeNeville High School(318) 323-2237

MonroeOuachita Junior High School(318) 345-5100

MonroeOuachita Parish High School(318) 343-2769

MonroeRichwood High School(318) 361-0467

MonroeRobert E. Lee Junior High School(318) 323-1143

MonroeSterlington High School(318) 665-0528

MonroeWossman High School(318) 387-2932

MontegutMontegut Middle School(985) 594-5886

MontgomeryMontgomery High School(318) 646-2879

MoreauvilleAvoyelles High School(318) 985-2361

Morgan CityM. D. Shannon Elementary School(985) 385-4970

Morgan CityMorgan City High School(985) 384-1754

Morgan CityMorgan City Junior High School(985) 384-5922

MorganzaPointe Coupee Central High School(225) 638-3085

NapoleonvilleAssumption High School(985) 369-2956

NapoleonvilleNapoleonville Middle School(985) 369-6587

NatchitochesEast Natchitoches Elementary School(318) 352-4516

NatchitochesLouisiana School For Math Science & The Arts(318) 357-3174

NatchitochesN. S. U. Middle Laboratory School(318) 357-4509

NatchitochesNatchitoches Junior High School(318) 357-9410

New IberiaAnderson Middle School(337) 365-3932

New IberiaBank Avenue Elementary School(337) 365-4440

New IberiaBelle Place Middle School(337) 364-2141

New IberiaIberia Middle School(337) 364-3927

New IberiaNew Iberia Senior High School(337) 369-6412

New IberiaWestgate High School(337) 365-2431

New OrleansAlcee Fortier High School(504) 862-5140

New OrleansAndrew J. Bell Junior High School(504) 827-4501

New OrleansArthur Ashe School(504) 896-4027

New OrleansBenjamin Franklin Senior High School(504) 286-2600

New OrleansBooker T. Washington School(504) 592-8581

New OrleansCarter G. Woodson Middle School(504) 896-4069

New OrleansCarver Middle School(504) 940-1103

New OrleansCharles J. Colton Middle School(504) 942-1790

New OrleansEast New Orleans Educational Center(504) 942-7675

New OrleansEdna Karr Magnet School(504) 398-7115

New OrleansEdward Phillips Middle School(504) 286-2691

New OrleansF. W. Gregory Junior High School(504) 286-2660

New OrleansFannie C. Williams Middle School(504) 243-5809

New OrleansFredrick A Douglass High School(504) 942-3570

New OrleansG. W. Carver High School(504) 942-1775

New OrleansIsrael Meyer Augustine Middle School(504) 827-4587

New OrleansJames M Singleton Charter Middle School(504) 581-2377

New OrleansJohn F. Kennedy Senior High School(504) 286-2680

New OrleansJohn Mcdonogh Senior High School(504) 827-4575

New OrleansJoseph S. Clark Senior High School(504) 827-4519

New OrleansL. B. Landry High School(504) 363-1050

New OrleansL. B. Landry Middle School(504) 363-1055

New OrleansLawless High School(504) 942-3602

New OrleansLive Oak Middle School(504) 896-4054

New OrleansLivingston Middle School(504) 243-5756

New OrleansMarion Abramson Senior High School(504) 243-5700

New OrleansMartin L. King Middle School(504) 278-2218

New OrleansMcdonogh 28 Middle School(504) 942-3650

New OrleansMcdonogh 35 Senior High School(504) 942-3592

New OrleansMcmain Magnet Secondary School(504) 862-5117

New OrleansMiddle Level Alternative School(504) 942-7440

New OrleansN. O. Public Schools Alternative High School(504) 363-1018

New OrleansNew Orleans Center For Creative Arts(504) 940-2787

New OrleansNew Orleans Center For Creative Arts Academy(504) 899-0055

New OrleansNew Orleans Center For Health Careers(504) 592-8500

New OrleansNew Orleans Charter Middle School(504) 486-0804

New OrleansNew Orleans Science & Mathematics High School(504) 483-4145

New OrleansO. P. Walker Senior High School(504) 363-1072

New OrleansO. Perry Walker Middle School(504) 363-1312

New OrleansP. A. Capdau Middle School(504) 942-3634

New OrleansRabouin Career Magnet High School(504) 592-8398

New OrleansS. J. Green Middle School(504) 896-4086

New OrleansSarah Towels Reed High School(504) 254-8655

New OrleansSixth Grade Center(504) 243-5895

New OrleansSophie B. Wright Middle School(504) 896-4093

New OrleansThurgood Marshall School(504) 483-6120

New OrleansUrban League Street Academy(504) 897-1006

New OrleansWalter L. Cohen High School(504) 896-4008

New OrleansWarren Easton Fundamental Senior High School(504) 827-4541

NorcoNorco Elementary School (4-6)(985) 764-7079

Oak GroveOak Grove High School(318) 428-2308

OakdaleOakdale High School(318) 335-2338

OakdaleOakdale Middle School(318) 335-1558

OberlinOberlin High School(337) 639-4341

OllaLasalle High School(318) 495-5165

OpelousasEast Junior High School(337) 942-4761

OpelousasNorthwest High School(337) 543-2255

OpelousasOpelousas Junior High School(337) 942-4957

OpelousasOpelousas Senior High School(337) 942-5634

ParadisJ. B. Martin Middle School(985) 758-7579

PattersonPatterson High School(985) 395-2675

PattersonPatterson Junior High School(985) 395-6772

Pearl RiverPearl River High School(985) 863-2591

Pearl RiverPearl River Junior High School(985) 863-5882

Pierre PartPierre Part Middle School(985) 252-6359

PinevilleLessie Moore Sixth Grade Center(318) 443-8860

PinevillePineville High School(318) 442-8990

PinevillePineville Junior High School(318) 640-0512

PinevilleTioga Junior High School(318) 640-9412

Plain DealingPlain Dealing High School(318) 326-7700

Plain DealingPlain Dealing Middle School(318) 326-7780

PlaquemineE. J. Gay Middle School(225) 687-6845

PlaqueminePlaquemine Senior High School(225) 687-6367

PonchatoulaMartha Vinyard Elementary School(985) 386-6364

PonchatoulaPonchatoula High School(985) 386-3514

PonchatoulaPonchatoula Junior High School(985) 370-5322

Port AllenDevall Middle School(225) 627-4268

Port AllenPort Allen High School(225) 383-1107

Port AllenPort Allen Middle School(225) 383-5777

Port AllenWest Baton Rouge Vocational Skills Center(225) 343-3716

Port BarrePort Barre High School(337) 585-7256

Port BarrePort Barre Middle School(337) 585-7256

Port SulphurPlaquemines Parish Alternative School(985) 564-2100

PrairievilleGalvez Middle School(225) 621-2424

PrincetonPrinceton Elementary School(318) 549-5750

RacelandCentral Lafourche High School(985) 532-3319

RacelandRaceland Middle School(985) 537-5140

RayneArmstrong Middle School(337) 334-3377

RayneRayne High School(337) 334-3691

RayneSouth Rayne Elementary School(337) 334-3610

RayvilleRayville High School(318) 728-3296

RayvilleRayville Junior High School(318) 728-3618

ReserveEast Saint John High School(985) 536-4226

ReserveLeon Godchaux Junior High School(985) 536-4283

RinggoldRinggold High School(318) 894-2271

RoanokeWelsh-Roanoke Junior High School(337) 753-2317

RosepineRosepine High School(337) 463-6079

RustonI. A. Lewis Elementary School(318) 255-5963

RustonLincoln Parish Secondary Alternative School(318) 254-2096

RustonRuston High School(318) 255-0807

RustonRuston Junior High School(318) 251-1601

Saint AmantSaint Amant High School(225) 621-2565

Saint AmantSaint Amant Middle School(225) 621-2600

Saint BernardP. G. T. Beauregard Middle School(504) 272-0200

Saint BernardSaint Bernard High School(504) 272-1100

Saint FrancisvilleWest Feliciana High School(225) 635-4561

Saint FrancisvilleWest Feliciana Middle School(225) 635-3898

Saint JamesSaint James High School(225) 265-3911

Saint JosephDavidson High School(318) 766-3585

Saint MartinvilleParks Middle School(337) 845-4753

Saint MartinvilleSaint Martinville Elementary School(337) 394-4042

Saint MartinvilleSaint Martinville Junior High School(337) 394-4764

Saint MartinvilleSaint Martinville Senior High School(337) 394-3135

Saint RoseAlbert Cammon Middle School(504) 467-4536

SchrieverCaldwell Middle School(985) 868-2565

ScottScott Middle School(337) 235-9698

ShreveportBethune Middle School(318) 636-6336

ShreveportBooker T. Washington High School(318) 222-2186

ShreveportBossier Parish Technical School(318) 676-7811

ShreveportBroadmoor Middle Laboratory School(318) 861-2403

ShreveportC. E. Byrd High School(318) 869-2567

ShreveportCaddo Career Center(318) 636-5150

ShreveportCaddo Parish Magnet High School(318) 221-2501

ShreveportCaddo Parish Middle Magnet School(318) 868-6588

ShreveportCaptain Shreve High School(318) 865-7137

ShreveportDonnie Bickham Middle School(318) 929-4106

ShreveportFair Park High School(318) 635-8181

ShreveportGreen Oaks High School(318) 425-3411

ShreveportHollywood Middle Career And Technology Center(318) 868-2753

ShreveportHuntington High School(318) 687-6655

ShreveportJ. S. Clark Middle School(318) 425-8742

ShreveportLinear Middle School(318) 221-1589

ShreveportLinwood Middle School(318) 861-2401

ShreveportNorthwood High School(318) 929-3513

ShreveportRidgewood Middle School(318) 686-0383

ShreveportSouthwood High School(318) 686-9512

ShreveportWoodlawn High School(318) 686-3161

ShreveportYouree Drive Middle School(318) 868-5324

SibleyLakeside High School(318) 377-2133

SibleyLakeside Junior High School(318) 377-8816

Sicily IslandSicily Island High School(318) 389-5337

SlidellBoyet Junior High School(985) 643-3775

SlidellCarolyn Park Middle School(985) 643-8593

SlidellClearwood Junior High School(985) 641-8200

SlidellLittle Oak Middle School(985) 641-6510

SlidellNorthshore High School(985) 649-6400

SlidellSaint Tammany Junior High School(985) 643-1592

SlidellSalmen High School(985) 643-7366

SlidellSlidell High School(985) 643-2992

SlidellSlidell Junior High School(985) 641-5914

SpringfieldSpringfield High School(225) 294-3256

SpringfieldSpringfield Middle School(225) 294-3306

SpringhillSpringhill High School(318) 539-2563

SpringhillSpringhill Junior High School(318) 539-5115

StonewallNorth Desoto High School(318) 925-6917

StonewallNorth Desoto Middle School(318) 925-4520

SulphurLeblanc Middle School(337) 527-5296

SulphurSulphur High School(337) 527-6679

SulphurW. W. Lewis Middle School(337) 527-6178

TallulahReuben Mccall Junior High School(318) 574-0933

TallulahReuben Mccall Senior High School(318) 574-3529

TallulahTallulah High School(318) 574-4747

TallulahTallulah Junior High School(318) 574-1563

TerrytownLivaudais Junior High School(504) 393-7544

ThibodauxEast Thibodaux Junior High School(985) 446-5616

ThibodauxSixth Ward Middle School(985) 633-2449

ThibodauxSouth Thibodaux Elementary School(985) 446-8471

ThibodauxThibodaux High School(985) 447-4071

ThibodauxWest Thibodaux Junior High School(985) 446-6889

TickfawLucille Nesom Middle School(985) 345-2166

TiogaTioga High School(318) 640-9661

UraniaLasalle Junior High School(318) 495-3474

VacherieSaint James Junior High School(225) 265-4215

VacherieVacherie Elementary School(225) 265-3674

VarnadoVarnado High School(985) 732-2025

VidaliaVidalia High School(318) 336-6231

VidaliaVidalia Junior High School(318) 336-6227

Ville PlatteVille Platte High School(337) 363-3387

VintonVinton High School(337) 589-7223

VintonVinton Middle School(337) 589-7567

VivianNorth Caddo High School(318) 375-3258

WalkerWalker High School(225) 664-4825

WalkerWalker Junior High School(225) 665-8970

WalkerWestside Junior High School(225) 665-8259

WashingtonNorth Central High School(337) 623-4239

WashingtonWashington Career & Technical Education Center(337) 826-7360

WatsonLive Oak High School(225) 665-8858

WatsonLive Oak Middle School(225) 664-3211

WelshWelsh High School(337) 734-2361

West MonroeOuachita Parish School System Expulsion Center(318) 323-5991

West MonroeRichardson High School/Alternative Program(318) 323-5991

West MonroeRiser Middle School(318) 387-0567

West MonroeWest Monroe High School(318) 323-3771

West MonroeWest Monroe Junior High School(318) 388-4360

West MonroeWest Ouachita High School(318) 361-0909

West MonroeWoodlawn Middle School(318) 325-1575

WestlakeS. P. Arnett Middle School(337) 436-9657

WestlakeWestlake High School(337) 433-6866

WestwegoStella Worley Junior High School(504) 348-4964

White CastleWhite Castle High School(225) 545-3621

WinnfieldWinnfield Middle School(318) 628-2765

WinnfieldWinnfield Senior High School(318) 628-3506

WinnsboroWinnsboro High School(318) 435-5676

WinnsboroWinnsboro Junior High School(318) 435-5505

YoungsvilleYoungsville Middle School(337) 856-5961

ZacharyNortheast High School(225) 654-5808

ZacharyNorthwestern Middle School(225) 654-9201

ZacharyZachary High School(225) 654-2776

ZwolleZwolle High School(318) 645-6104

ZwolleZwolle Intermediate School(318) 645-6369

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