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AbingdonAbingdon High School(309) 462-2338

AbingdonAbingdon Middle School(309) 462-2336

AddisonAddison Trail High School(630) 628-3302

AddisonIndian Trail Jr High School(630) 458-2600

AlbionEdwards County High School(618) 445-2325

AlbionLearning Alt Branch Albion(618) 445-9011

AledoAledo High School(309) 582-2223

AledoAledo Jr High School(309) 582-2441

AlexisAlexis High School(309) 482-3333

AlexisAlexis Jr High School(309) 482-3333

AlgonquinAlgonquin Middle School(847) 658-2545

AlgonquinHarry D Jacobs High School(847) 658-2500

AlortonAlternative High School & Crisis(618) 583-8321

AlsipHamlin Upper Grade Center(708) 597-1550

AlsipPrairie Jr High School(708) 371-3080

AltamontAltamont High School(618) 483-6194

AltonAlton Sr High School(618) 474-2700

AltonCtr For Ed Oppor/Ed Therapy Ctr(618) 465-4415

AltonEast Middle School(618) 463-2130

AmboyAmboy High School(815) 857-3632

AmboyAmboy Jr High School(815) 857-3528

AnnaAnna Junior High School(618) 833-6812

AnnaAnna-Jonesboro High School(618) 833-8502

AnnawanAnnawan High School(309) 935-6781

AntiochAntioch Comm High School(847) 395-1421

AntiochAntioch Upper Grade School(847) 838-8300

Apple RiverApple River Elem School(815) 594-2210

ArcolaArcola High School(217) 268-4962

ArgentaArgenta-Oreana High School(217) 795-4822

ArgentaArgenta-Oreana Jr High School(217) 795-2163

Arlington HeightsForest View Alternative School(847) 718-7775

Arlington HeightsJohn Hersey High School(847) 718-4800

Arlington HeightsN W Suburban Academy(847) 718-7800

Arlington HeightsSouth Middle School(847) 398-4250

Arlington HeightsThomas Middle School(847) 398-4260

Arlington HeightsVanguard School(847) 718-7870

ArmstrongArmstrong High School(217) 569-2122

ArthurArthur Jr High School(217) 543-2146

ArthurArthur Sr High School(217) 543-2146

AshlandA-C Central High School(217) 476-3312

AshtonAshton High School(815) 453-7461

AshtonAshton Junior High School(815) 453-7461

AssumptionCentral A & M Middle School(217) 226-4241

AstoriaAstoria High School(309) 329-2156

AstoriaAstoria Junior High School(309) 329-2158

AthensAthens Middle School(217) 636-8380

AthensAthens Sr High School(217) 636-8314

AtwoodAtwood Hammond High School(217) 578-2226

AuburnAuburn High School(217) 438-6817

AuburnAuburn Middle School(217) 438-6919

AugustaSoutheastern High School(217) 392-2125

AuroraAurora East High School(630) 299-8000

AuroraC F Simmons Middle School(630) 299-4150

AuroraFrancis Granger Middle School(630) 375-3100

AuroraHenry W Cowherd Middle School(630) 299-5900

AuroraIl Mathematics & Science Academy(630) 907-5053

AuroraIndian Plains Alternative H S(630) 375-3375

AuroraJefferson Middle School(630) 844-4535

AuroraJeffrey C Still Middle School(630) 375-3900

AuroraK D Waldo Middle School(630) 299-8400

AuroraWashington Middle School(630) 844-4545

AuroraWaubonsie Valley High School(630) 375-3300

AuroraWest Senior High School(630) 844-4600

AvonAvon Jr High School(309) 465-3621

AvonAvon Sr High School(309) 465-3621

BarringtonBarrington High School(847) 381-1400

BarringtonBarrington Middle School Prairie(847) 304-3990

BarringtonBarrington Middle School(Station)(847) 381-0464

BarryBarry High School(217) 335-2323

BarryBarry Middle School(217) 335-2323

BarstowAldrin Jr High School(309) 496-2683

BartlettBartlett High School(630) 372-4700

BartlettEastview Middle School(630) 213-5550

BartonvilleLimestone Community High School(309) 697-6271

BartonvilleOak Grove West School(309) 697-0621

BataviaBatavia Middle School(630) 879-4620

BataviaBatavia Sr High School(630) 879-4600




Beach ParkBeach Park Elem School(847) 599-5550

BeardstownBeardstown Jr/Sr High School(217) 323-3665

BeardstownCbs Alternative School(217) 323-4723

BeecherBeecher High School(708) 946-2266

BeecherBeecher Junior High School(708) 946-2202

Beecher CityBeecher City Jr-Sr High School(618) 487-5117

BellevilleBelleville High School-East(618) 222-3706

BellevilleBelleville High School-West(618) 222-7500

BellevilleBelleville Twp Hs-Night/Alt Sch(618) 222-7500

BellevilleCentral Jr High School(618) 233-5377

BellevilleEmge Junior High School(618) 397-6557

BellevilleWest Jr High School(618) 234-8200

BellwoodRoosevelt Jr High School(708) 544-3318

BelvidereBelvidere High School(815) 547-6345

BelvidereBelvidere Jr High School(815) 544-3175

BementBement High School(217) 678-8230

BementBement Middle School(217) 678-4341

BensenvilleFenton High School(630) 766-2500

BensonRoanoke-Benson Jr High School(309) 394-2233

BentonBenton Cons High School(618) 439-3103

BerkeleyMacarthur Middle School(708) 449-3185

BerwynHeritage Middle School(708) 749-6110

BerwynJ Sterling Morton West High Sch(708) 222-5901

BerwynLincoln Middle School(708) 795-2475

BethaltoBethalto Sixth Grade Center(618) 377-7280

BethaltoCivic Memorial High School(618) 377-7220

BethaltoWilbur Trimpe Middle School(618) 377-7240

BethanyOkaw Valley High School(217) 665-3631

BiggsvilleUnion High School(309) 627-2377

BismarckBismarck-Henning High School(217) 759-7291

BismarckBismarck-Henning Jr High School(217) 759-7301

BloomingdaleStratford Middle School(630) 980-9898

BloomingdaleWestfield Middle School(630) 529-6211

BloomingtonBloomington High School(309) 828-5201

BloomingtonBloomington Jr High School(309) 827-0086

BloomingtonRegional Alternative School(309) 828-5807

BloomingtonSafe School Program(309) 828-5807

Blue IslandAcademy For Learning(708) 597-8862

Blue IslandDd Eisenhower High Sch (Campus)(708) 597-6300

Blue IslandEverett F Kerr Middle School(708) 385-5959

Blue IslandGarfield Elem School(708) 489-4362

Blue IslandPaul Revere Intermediate School(708) 385-4450

Blue IslandVeterans Memorial Middle Sch(708) 385-6630

Blue IslandWhittier Elementary School(708) 385-6170

Blue MoundMeridian Middle School(217) 692-2148

BluffsBluffs High School(217) 754-3815

BluffsBluffs Junior High School(217) 754-3815

BlufordWebber Twp High School(618) 732-6121

BolingbrookBernard J Ward Middle School(630) 972-9200

BolingbrookBolingbrook High School(630) 759-6400

BolingbrookHubert H Humphrey Middle School(630) 972-9240

BolingbrookJane Addams Middle School(630) 759-7200

BourbonnaisBourbonnais Upper Grade Center(815) 937-4471

BowenSoutheastern Jr High School(217) 842-5236

BowenSoutheastern Middle School(217) 842-5236

BradleyBradley Central Middle School(815) 939-3564

BradleyBradley-Bourbonnais C High School(815) 937-3703

BraidwoodReed-Custer High School(815) 458-2166

BraidwoodReed-Custer Middle School(815) 458-2868

BreeseCentral Comm High School(618) 526-4578

BridgeportRed Hill High School(618) 945-2521

BrimfieldBrimfield High School(309) 446-3349

BrownstownBrownstown High School(618) 427-3839

BrownstownBrownstown Jr High School(618) 427-3839

BrusselsBrussels High School(618) 883-2131

BudaBureau Valley South(309) 895-2037

BuffaloTri-City High School(217) 364-4530

BuffaloTri-City Jr High School(217) 364-4530

Buffalo GroveAptakisic Junior High School(847) 353-5500

Buffalo GroveBuffalo Grove High School(847) 718-4000

Buffalo GroveCooper Middle School(847) 520-2750

Buffalo GroveMeridian Middle School(847) 955-3500

Buffalo GroveTwin Groves Middle School(847) 821-8946

Bunker HillBunker Hill High School(618) 585-3232

BurbankReavis High School(708) 599-7200

BurlingtonCentral High School(847) 464-6030

BurlingtonCentral Middle School(847) 464-6000

Burr RidgeBurr Ridge Middle School(630) 325-5454

Burr RidgeGower Middle School(630) 323-8275

Burr RidgePleasantdale Middle Sch(708) 246-3210

BushnellBushnell-Prairie City High Sch(309) 772-2113

BushnellBushnell-Prairie City Jr High Sch(309) 772-3123

ByronByron High School 11-12(815) 234-5491

ByronByron Middle School(815) 234-5491

CahokiaCahokia High School(618) 332-3730

CahokiaOliver Parks Middle Sch(618) 332-3796

CahokiaWirth Middle School(618) 332-3722

CairFive County Regional Alternative(618) 734-4211

CairoCairo High School(618) 734-2187

CairoCairo Jr High School(618) 734-0300

Calumet CityDirksen Middle School(708) 868-2340

Calumet CitySchrum Memorial School(708) 862-4236

Calumet CityThornton Fractnl No High School(708) 585-1000

Calumet CityWentworth Jr High School(708) 862-0750

CambridgeCambridge Comm High School(309) 937-2051

CambridgeCambridge Jr High School(309) 937-2051

Camp PointCentral High School(217) 593-7731

Camp PointCentral Junior High School(217) 593-7741

Campbell HillTrico Jr High School(618) 426-1111

Campbell HillTrico Senior High School(618) 426-1111

CantonCanton High School(309) 647-1820

CantonIllinois River Correctional Ctr(309) 647-7030

CantonIngersoll School(309) 647-6951

CantonMccall School(309) 647-7594

CantonSpoon River Academy(309) 547-3041

CarbondaleCarbondale Comm H S(618) 457-3371

CarbondaleLincoln Middle School(618) 457-2174

CarbondaleWinkler Elem School(618) 457-5393

CarlinvilleCarlinville High School(217) 854-3104

CarlinvilleCarlinville Middle School(217) 854-3106

CarlinvilleRoe Adult Learning Ctr Macoupin(217) 854-3913

CarlyleCarlyle High School(618) 594-2453

CarlyleCarlyle Junior High School(618) 594-8292

CarlyleSt Mary Public Elem School(618) 594-3511

CarmiCarmi White Cnty Middle School(618) 382-4631

CarmiCarmi-White County High School(618) 382-4661

Carol StreamGlenbard North High School(630) 653-7000

Carol StreamJay Stream Middle School(630) 462-8940

CarpentersvilleCarpentersville Middle School(847) 426-1380

CarpentersvilleDundee-Crown High School(847) 426-1415

Carrier MillsCarrier Mills-Stonefort H S(618) 994-2392

CartervilleCarterville 5-8 Grade School(618) 985-6411

CartervilleCarterville High School(618) 985-2940

CarthageCarthage High School(217) 357-2136

CarthageCarthage Intermediate School(217) 743-6412

CarthageCarthage Middle School(217) 357-3914

CarthageHancock County Academy(217) 357-6915

CaryCary Jr High School(847) 639-2148

CaryCary-Grove Community High School(847) 639-3825

CaseyCasey-Westfield High School(217) 932-2175

CaseyCasey-Westfield J H Roosevelt Sch(217) 932-2177

CatlinCatlin High School(217) 427-5331

CentraliaCentralia Correctional Center(618) 533-4111

CentraliaCentralia High School(618) 532-7391

CentraliaCentralia Jr High School(618) 533-7130

CentraliaIrving Elem School(618) 533-7120

CentraliaLincoln Elem School(618) 533-7135

Cerro GordoCerro Gordo High School(217) 763-2711

Cerro GordoCerro Gordo Middle School(217) 763-6411

ChadwickChadwick Junior High School(815) 684-5191

ChampaignCentennial High School(217) 351-3954

ChampaignCentral High School(217) 351-3914

ChampaignEdison Middle School(217) 351-3771

ChampaignFranklin Middle School(217) 351-3819

ChampaignJefferson Middle School(217) 351-3790

ChanaChana Educ Center(815) 732-4664

ChannahonChannahon Junior High School(815) 467-4313

CharlestonBridges(217) 348-0151

CharlestonCharleston High School(217) 345-2196

CharlestonCharleston Middle School(217) 345-2193

CharlestonJefferson Elem School(217) 345-7078

ChathamGlenwood High School(217) 483-2424

ChathamGlenwood Intermediate Sch(217) 483-1183

ChathamGlenwood Middle School(217) 483-2481

ChenoaChenoa High School(815) 945-2361

ChesterChester High School(618) 826-2302

ChicagoAlbany Park Multicultural Elem(773) 534-5108

ChicagoAmes Middle School(773) 534-4970

ChicagoAmundsen High School(773) 534-2320

ChicagoAnderson Elem Community Academy(773) 535-9070

ChicagoArai Intl Cps Scholars Middle Sch(773) 534-2610

ChicagoArts Of Living Alternative Hs(773) 534-8586

ChicagoAustin Community Academy Hs(773) 534-6300

ChicagoBest Practice High School(773) 534-7610

ChicagoBogan Computer Technical Hs(773) 535-2180

ChicagoBowen High School(773) 535-6000

ChicagoBrooks College Prep Academy Hs(773) 535-9930

ChicagoCalumet Career Prep Academy Hs(773) 535-3500

ChicagoCanter Middle School(773) 535-1410

ChicagoCarver Middle School(773) 535-5656

ChicagoCarver Military Academy Hs(773) 535-5250

ChicagoChicago Hs For Agricult Sciences(773) 535-2500

ChicagoChicago Vocational High School(773) 535-6100

ChicagoClemente Community Academy Hs(773) 534-4000

ChicagoCollins High School(773) 534-1500

ChicagoCorliss High School(773) 535-5115

ChicagoCurie Metropolitan High School(773) 535-2100

ChicagoDoolittle Middle School(773) 535-1040

ChicagoDu Sable High School(773) 535-1100

ChicagoDugan Alternative High Schl(773) 535-4824

ChicagoDunbar Vocational Carreer Acad Hs(773) 534-9000

ChicagoEnglewood Technical Prep Acad Hs(773) 535-3600

ChicagoEvergreen Academy Elem School(773) 535-4836

ChicagoFenger Academy High School(773) 535-5430



ChicagoFlower Career Academy H S(773) 534-6755

ChicagoForeman High School(773) 534-3400

ChicagoFuture Commons Prof Preparation H(773) 535-1510

ChicagoFuture Commons Technical Prep Hs(773) 535-1510

ChicagoGage Park High School(773) 535-9230

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ChicagoGeorge Washington High School(773) 535-5725

ChicagoGompers Elem Fine Arts Opt School(773) 535-5475

ChicagoHancock High School(773) 535-2410

ChicagoHarlan Community Academy Hs(773) 535-5400

ChicagoHarper High School(773) 535-9150

ChicagoHealy School(312) 633-1670

ChicagoHirsch Metropolitan High School(773) 535-3100

ChicagoHubbard High School(773) 535-2200

ChicagoHyde Park Career Academy Hs(773) 535-0880

ChicagoIrving Park Middle School(773) 534-3750

ChicagoIyc Chicago(312) 633-5219

ChicagoJohns Elem Community Academy(773) 535-9144

ChicagoJuarez Community Acad High School(773) 534-7030

ChicagoJulian High School(773) 535-5170

ChicagoKelly High School(773) 535-4900

ChicagoKelvyn Park High School(773) 534-4200

ChicagoKennedy High School(773) 535-2325

ChicagoKenwood Academy High School(773) 535-1350

ChicagoKing High School(773) 535-1180

ChicagoLake View High School(773) 534-5440

ChicagoLane Technical High School(773) 534-5400

ChicagoLas Casas Occupational Hs(773) 535-6050

ChicagoLincoln Park High School(773) 534-8130

ChicagoLindblom College Preparatory Hs(773) 535-9300

ChicagoLogandale Middle School(773) 534-5350

ChicagoMadero Middle School(773) 535-4466

ChicagoManley Career Community Acad Hs(773) 534-6900

ChicagoMarshall Metropolitan High School(773) 534-6455

ChicagoMarshall Middle School(773) 534-5200

ChicagoMather High School(773) 534-2350

ChicagoMichele Clark Middle School(773) 534-6250

ChicagoMontefiore Special Elem School(773) 534-7825

ChicagoMorgan Park High School(773) 535-2550

ChicagoNia Elem School(773) 534-7490

ChicagoNorth Lawndale Charter Hs(773) 542-1490

ChicagoNorthside College Preparatory Hs(773) 534-3954

ChicagoNorthside Learning Center(773) 534-5180

ChicagoNorthwest Middle School(773) 534-3250

ChicagoNuestra American Charter Hs(773) 235-6063

ChicagoProsser Career Academy Hs(773) 534-3200

ChicagoRay Graham Training Center(773) 534-9257

ChicagoRecovering The Gifted Child Elem(773) 534-8800

ChicagoRichards Career Academy Hs(773) 535-4945

ChicagoRobeson High School(773) 535-3800

ChicagoRoosevelt High School(773) 534-5000

ChicagoSatellite School(708) 201-7328

ChicagoSchiller Elem School(773) 534-8490

ChicagoSchurz High School(773) 534-3420

ChicagoSenn High School(773) 534-2365

ChicagoSimeon Career Academy High School(773) 535-3200

ChicagoSimpson Alter Sch For Preg Girls(773) 534-7812

ChicagoSouth Shore Community Academy Hs(773) 535-6180

ChicagoSouthside Occupational Acad Hs(773) 535-9100

ChicagoSpalding High School(773) 534-7400

ChicagoSteinmetz Academic Centre Hs(773) 534-3030

ChicagoSullivan High School(773) 534-2000

ChicagoTaft High School(773) 534-1000

ChicagoTilden Career Communty Academy Hs(773) 535-1625

ChicagoTriumphant Charter Elem School(773) 918-0766

ChicagoVaughn Occupational High School(773) 534-3600

ChicagoVon Steuben Metro Science Ctr Hs(773) 534-5100

ChicagoWells Community Academy Hs(773) 534-7010

ChicagoWestinghouse Career Academy Hs(773) 534-6400

ChicagoWilliam Jones College Prep(773) 534-8600

ChicagoYork Alternative High School(773) 535-7021

ChicagoYoung Magnet High School(773) 534-7500

Chicago HeightsBloom High School(708) 755-1122

Chicago HeightsBloom Trail High School(708) 758-7000

Chicago HeightsDist 206 Alternative High School(708) 754-4095

Chicago HeightsWashington Junior High(708) 756-4841

Chicago RidgeElden D Finley Jr High School(708) 636-2005

ChillicotheIl Valley Central High School(309) 274-5481

ChrismanChrisman High School(217) 269-2823

ChrismanChrisman-Scottland Jr High School(217) 269-3980

ChristopherChristopher High(618) 724-9461

CiceroColumbus East Elem School(708) 652-6085

CiceroJ Sterling Morton Alternative Sch(708) 222-3080

CiceroJ Sterling Morton East High Sch(708) 222-5751

CisneCisne High School(618) 673-2154

CisneCisne Middle School(618) 673-2156

Cissna ParkCissna Park Jr High School(815) 457-2171

Cissna ParkCissna Park Sr High School(815) 457-2171

Clarendon HillsClarendon Hills Middle School(630) 887-4260

Clarendon HillsWestview Hills Middle School(630) 963-1450

Clay CityClay City High School(618) 676-1522

Clay CityClay City Jr High School(618) 676-1521

CliftonCentral High School(815) 694-2321

CliftonClifton Elem School(815) 694-2111

CliftonJohn L Nash Middle School(815) 694-2323

ClintonClinton Jr High School(217) 935-2103

Coal CityCoal City High School(815) 634-2396

Coal CityCoal City Middle School(815) 634-5039

Coal ValleyArrowhead Ranch Boys School(309) 799-7044

CobdenCobden High School(618) 893-4031

CobdenCobden Jr High School(618) 893-4031

ColchesterColchester High School(309) 776-3220

ColchesterColchester Jr High School(309) 776-3220

ColfaxRidgeview Comm Jr High School(309) 723-2951

ColfaxRidgeview High School(309) 723-2951

CollinsvilleCollinsville High School(618) 346-6320

CollinsvilleNorth Jr High School(618) 346-6311

ColumbiaColumbia High School(618) 281-5001

ColumbiaColumbia Middle School(618) 281-4993

ConcordTriopia Jr-Sr High School(217) 457-2281

CoultervilleCoulterville High School(618) 758-2338

CoultervilleCoulterville Junior High School(618) 758-2338

Country Club HillHillcrest High School(708) 799-7000

Country Club HillSouthwood Jr High School(708) 957-6230

CowdenCowden-Herrick High School(217) 783-2125

Crescent CityCrescent-Iroquois High School(815) 683-2161

Crest HillMonge Jr High School(815) 722-6673

CrestwoodNathan Hale Middle School(708) 385-6690

CreteCap(708) 672-2627

CreteCrete Monee Intermediate Ctr(708) 672-2643

CreteCrete-Monee High School(708) 672-2800

Creve CoeurParkview Jr High School(309) 698-3610

Creve CoeurTazewell County Safe School(309) 698-8034

Crystal LakeCrystal Lake Central High School(815) 459-2505

Crystal LakeCrystal Lake South High School(815) 455-3860

Crystal LakeHannah Beardsley Middle School(815) 477-5897

Crystal LakeLundahl Middle School(815) 459-5971

Crystal LakeNorth Middle School(815) 459-9210

Crystal LakePrairie Grove Junior High School(815) 459-3557

Crystal LakePrairie Ridge High School(815) 479-0404

CubaCuba Middle School(309) 785-5023

CubaCuba Sr High School(309) 785-5023

CullomTri-Point High School(815) 689-2110

DakotaDakota Jr Sr High School(815) 449-2812

DanvilleDanville Correctional Center(217) 446-0441

DanvilleDanville High School(217) 444-1502

DanvilleNewtown Middle School(217) 443-2883

DanvilleNorth Ridge Middle School(217) 444-3400

DanvilleSouth View Middle School(217) 444-1800

DarienCass Jr High School(630) 985-1900

DarienEisenhower Jr High School(630) 964-5200

DarienHinsdale South High School(630) 887-1730

De KalbClinton Rosette Middle School(815) 754-2226

De KalbDe Kalb High School(815) 754-2100

De LandDeland-Weldon High School(217) 664-3314

DecaturAdult Teen Ged Academy(217) 422-6113

DecaturDecatur Correctional Center(217) 877-0353

DecaturEisenhower High School(217) 424-3100

DecaturFutures Unlimited(217) 429-1054

DecaturMacarthur High School(217) 424-3156

DecaturMound Middle School(217) 424-3084

DecaturStephen Decatur Middle School(217) 424-3120

DecaturThomas Jefferson Middle School(217) 424-3190

Deer CreekDee-Mack Middle School(309) 447-6226

DeerfieldAlan B Shepard Middle School(847) 948-0620

DeerfieldCharles J Caruso Middle School(847) 945-8430

DeerfieldDeerfield High School(847) 405-8482

DekalbHuntley Middle School(815) 754-2241

DekalbKec Efe 170(815) 754-2400

DelavanDelavan High School(309) 244-8285

DelavanDelavan Jr High School(309) 244-8285

DepueDepue High School(815) 447-2121

Des PlainesAlgonquin Middle School(847) 824-1205

Des PlainesChippewa Middle School(847) 824-1503

Des PlainesFriendship Jr High School(847) 593-4350

Des PlainesMaine West High School(847) 827-6176

Des PlainesNipper Career Education Ctr(847) 655-3000

Des PlainesNorth Cook Young Adult Academy(847) 824-8300

Des PlainesYoung Adult Program North(847) 655-3155

DieterichDieterich Jr/Sr High School(217) 925-5247

DivernonDivernon High School(217) 628-3414

DixmoorRosa L Parks Middle School(708) 371-9575

DixonDixon Correctional Center(815) 288-5561

DixonDixon High School(815) 284-7723

DixonReagan Middle School(815) 284-7725

DoltonLincoln Junior High School(708) 201-2075

DoltonRoosevelt Junior High School(708) 201-2071

DoltonThornridge High School(708) 271-4401

DongolaDongola High School(618) 827-3524

DongolaDongola Jr High School(618) 827-3524

DonovanDonovan Jr High School(815) 486-7395

DonovanDonovan Sr High School(815) 486-7395

Downers GroveComm H S Dist 99 - North H S(630) 795-8400

Downers GroveComm H S Dist 99 - South High Sch(630) 795-8500

Downers GroveHerrick Middle School(630) 719-5810

Downers GroveLakeview Jr High School(630) 985-2700

Downers GroveO Neill Middle School(630) 719-5815

DownsTri-Valley High School(309) 378-2911

DownsTri-Valley Middle School(309) 378-3414

Du QuoinDuquoin Middle School(618) 542-2646

Du QuoinDuquoin High School(618) 542-4744

DundeeDundee Middle School(847) 426-1485

DunlapDunlap High School(309) 243-7751

DunlapDunlap Middle School(309) 243-7778

DupoDupo High School(618) 286-3214

DupoDupo Jr High School(618) 286-3214

DurandDolan Ctr Maryville Farm Campus(815) 599-3975

DurandDurand High School(815) 248-2171

DurandDurand Jr High School(815) 248-2171

DwightDwight Correctional Center(815) 584-2806

DwightDwight High School(815) 584-2904

E St LouisSouthwestern Il Correctional Ctr(618) 394-2200

EarlvilleEarlville High School(815) 246-8361

East AltonEast Alton Middle School(618) 433-2201

East DubuqueEast Dubuque High School(815) 747-3188

East MolineEast Moline Correctional Center(309) 755-4511

East MolineGlenview Middle School(309) 755-1919

East MolinePhoenix Program(309) 755-5550

East MolineUnited Twp High School(309) 752-1633

East PeoriaAcademy At Icc(309) 694-5578

East PeoriaCentral Jr High School(309) 427-5200

East PeoriaEast Peoria High School(309) 694-8300

East Saint LouisClark Middle School(618) 583-8412

East Saint LouisEast St Louis Senior High School(618) 583-8400

East Saint LouisEast St Louis-Lincoln Middle Sch(618) 583-8405

East Saint LouisLansdowne Jr High School(618) 583-8418

East Saint LouisSiu Charter Sch Of East St Louis(618) 482-8370

EastonIllini Central Middle School(309) 562-7251

EdinburgEdinburg High School(217) 623-5631

EdinburgEdinburg Jr High School(217) 623-5733

EdwardsvilleEdwardsville High School(618) 656-7100

EdwardsvilleEdwardsville Middle School(618) 656-0485

EdwardsvilleKeys Charter School(618) 655-6775

EffinghamEffingham High School(217) 342-2174

EffinghamEffingham Junior High School(217) 347-2400

El PasoCentennial Grade School(309) 527-4435

El PasoEl Paso High School(309) 527-4415

EldoradoEldorado High School(618) 273-2881

EldoradoEldorado Middle School(618) 273-8056

ElginAbbott Middle School(847) 888-5160

ElginCentral School Program(847) 888-5340

ElginElgin High School(847) 888-5100

ElginEllis Middle School(847) 888-5151

ElginGifford Street High School(847) 888-5000

ElginKimball Middle School(847) 888-5290

ElginLarkin High School(847) 888-5200

ElginLarsen Middle School(847) 888-5250

ElizabethRiver Ridge High School(815) 858-2219

ElizabethtownHardin County High School(618) 287-2141

ElizabethtownHardin County Jr High School(618) 287-2141

Elk Grove VillageElk Grove High School(847) 718-4400

Elk Grove VillageGrove Jr High School(847) 593-4367

Elk Grove VillageMargaret Mead Jr High School(847) 301-2100

ElkvilleElverado High School(618) 568-1104

ElmhurstBryan Middle School(630) 617-2350

ElmhurstChurchville Middle School(630) 832-8682

ElmhurstSandburg Middle School(630) 834-4534

ElmhurstYork Comm High School(630) 617-2402

ElmwoodElmwood High School(309) 742-2851

ElmwoodElmwood Junior High School(309) 742-2851

Elmwood ParkElm Middle School(708) 452-3550

Elmwood ParkElmwood Park High School(708) 452-7272

ErieErie High School(309) 659-2401

ErieErie Middle School(309) 659-2481

EurekaEureka High School(309) 467-2361

EurekaEureka Middle School(309) 467-3771

EvanstonChute Middle School(847) 492-7892

EvanstonEvanston Twp High School(847) 424-7200

EvanstonHaven Middle School(847) 492-7886

EvanstonNichols Middle School(847) 492-7881

Evergreen ParkEvergreen Park High School(708) 424-7400


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