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BridgevilleWoodbridge Middle School(302) 337-8289

BridgevilleWoodbridge Senior High School(302) 337-8289

CamdenF. Niel Postlethwait Middle School(302) 698-8410

CamdenFred Fifer Middle School(302) 698-8400

CamdenKent Middle School Learning Center(302) 697-3584

CamdenPositive Outcomes Charter School(302) 678-4616

Camden-WyomingCaesar Rodney High School(302) 697-2161

ClaymontClaymont Elementary School(302) 792-3880

ClaymontClaymont Gifted Program(302) 792-3880

DelmarDelmar Middle School(302) 846-9544

DelmarDelmar Senior High School(302) 846-9544

DoverCentral Middle School(302) 672-1772

DoverDover Air Force Base Middle School(302) 674-3284

DoverDover High School(302) 672-1526

DoverWilliam Henry Middle School(302) 672-1622

FeltonLake Forest Central Elementary School(302) 284-5810

FeltonLake Forest High School(302) 284-9291

FrankfordIndian River High School(302) 732-3800

GeorgetownSussex Academy Arts & Sciences(302) 856-3636

GeorgetownSussex Central Senior High School(302) 856-1900

GeorgetownSussex Technical High School(302) 856-0961

HarringtonW. T. Chipman Middle School(302) 398-8197

HockessinHb Dupont Middle School(302) 239-3421

LaurelLaurel Intermediate School(302) 875-6113

LaurelLaurel Middle School(302) 875-6110

LaurelLaurel Senior High School(302) 875-6120

LewesCape Henlopen High School(302) 645-7711

LewesLewes Middle School(302) 645-6288

MiddletownMiddletown High School(302) 378-5250

MiddletownMiddletown Middle School(302) 378-5000

MiddletownRedding Intermediate School(302) 378-5030

MilfordMilford Middle School(302) 422-1620

MilfordMilford Senior High School(302) 422-1610

MillsboroSussex Central Middle School(302) 934-3200

MiltonMilton Middle School(302) 684-8516

New CastleGeorge Read Middle School(302) 323-2760

New CastleGunning Bedford Middle School(302) 832-6280

New CastleNew Castle Middle School(302) 323-2880







New CastleWilliam Penn High School(302) 323-2801

NewarkChristiana High School(302) 454-2123

NewarkGauger-Cobbs Middle School(302) 454-2358

NewarkGeorge V. Kirk Middle School(302) 454-2164

NewarkGlasgow High School(302) 454-2381

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NewarkNewark Charter School(302) 292-0980

NewarkNewark High School(302) 454-2151

NewarkPaul Hodgson Voc Tech High School(302) 834-0990

NewarkShue-Medill Middle School(302) 454-2171

SeafordFrederick Douglass Intermediate Sch(302) 629-9213

SeafordSeaford Middle School(302) 629-4586

SeafordSeaford Senior High School(302) 629-4525

SelbyvilleSelbyville Middle School(302) 436-1020

SmyrnaJohn Bassett Moore School(302) 653-8584

SmyrnaNorth Smyrna Elementary School(302) 653-8589

SmyrnaSmyrna High School(302) 653-8581

WilmingtonAlexis I. Dupont High School(302) 651-2626

WilmingtonAlexis I. Dupont Middle School(302) 651-2690

WilmingtonBrandywine High School(302) 479-1600

WilmingtonCasimir Pulaski Elementary School(302) 429-4136

WilmingtonCharter School Of Wilmington(302) 651-2727

WilmingtonConcord High School(302) 475-3951

WilmingtonConrad Middle School(302) 992-5545

WilmingtonDavid W. Harlan Elementary School(302) 762-7156

WilmingtonDelaware Adolescent Program(302) 652-3445

WilmingtonDelcastle Technical High School(302) 995-8100

WilmingtonDrew-Pyle Elementary Schools(302) 429-4158

WilmingtonElbert-Palmer Elementary School(302) 429-4188

WilmingtonFrederick Douglass Stubbs Elem(302) 429-4175

WilmingtonHanby Middle School(302) 479-1631

WilmingtonHoward High School Of Technology(302) 571-5400

WilmingtonJohn Dickinson High School(302) 992-5500

WilmingtonMount Pleasant High School(302) 762-7125

WilmingtonSkyline Middle School(302) 454-3410

WilmingtonSpringer Middle School(302) 479-1621

WilmingtonStanton Middle School(302) 992-5540

WilmingtonTalley Middle School(302) 475-3976

WilmingtonThomas Mckean High School(302) 992-5520

WoodsidePolytech High School(302) 697-3255

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