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      Washington DC High Schools & Middle Schools

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LaurelOakhill(301) 497-8303

WashingtonAnacostia High School(202) 767-7040

WashingtonBackus Middle School(202) 576-6110

WashingtonBallou High School(202) 767-7071

WashingtonBanneker High School(202) 673-7322

WashingtonBell High School(202) 673-7314

WashingtonBooker T. Washington School(202) 232-6090

WashingtonBrown Ronald Middle School(202) 724-4632

WashingtonBrowne Junior High School(202) 724-4547

WashingtonBusiness & Fin. Swsc Woodson(202) 724-4500

WashingtonCardozo High School(202) 673-7385

WashingtonCesar Chavez Public Policy Pcs(202) 387-6980

WashingtonCoolidge High School(202) 576-6143

WashingtonDeal Junior High School(202) 282-0100

WashingtonDunbar High School(202) 672-7233

WashingtonEastern High School(202) 724-4805

WashingtonEliot Junior High School(202) 724-4665

WashingtonEllington School Of The Arts(202) 282-0123

WashingtonEvans Middle School(202) 724-4727

WashingtonFrancis Junior High School(202) 724-4841

WashingtonGarnet-Patterson Middle School(202) 673-7329

WashingtonHardy Middle School(202) 282-0136

WashingtonHart Middle School(202) 767-7077

WashingtonHine Junior High School(202) 724-4772

WashingtonHyde Leadership School(202) 529-4400

WashingtonIntegrated Design Elec Academy(202) 399-4750

WashingtonJefferson Junior High School(202) 724-4881







WashingtonJohnson Junior High School(202) 767-7110

WashingtonJose-Arz Academy School(202) 269-6004

WashingtonKmit Institute School(202) 723-7888

WashingtonKramer Middle School(202) 767-7080

WashingtonLincoln Middle School(202) 673-7345

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WashingtonMacfarland Middle School(202) 576-6207

WashingtonMoore Luke Academy(202) 576-7006

WashingtonMoten Elementary School(202) 767-7116

WashingtonNew Vistas Preparatory Pcs(202) 291-9620

WashingtonNext Step Public Charter School(202) 319-8843

WashingtonOptions Public Charter School(202) 547-1028

WashingtonPaul Jhs Public Charter School(202) 576-6190

WashingtonPhelps Career High School(202) 724-4516

WashingtonPre-Engineering Swsc Dunbar(202) 673-7233

WashingtonRichard Milburn School(202) 829-7045

WashingtonRoosevelt High School(202) 576-6130

WashingtonSchool Without Walls(202) 724-4889

WashingtonShaw Junior High School(202) 673-6885

WashingtonSousa Middle School(202) 767-7020

WashingtonSpingarn High School(202) 724-4525

WashingtonStuart-Hobson Middle School(202) 724-4758

WashingtonTechworld Public Charter School(202) 488-1845

WashingtonTerrell Junior High School(202) 767-7307

WashingtonWashington Career Center(202) 673-7224

WashingtonWashington Math/Science/Tech(202) 488-1996

WashingtonWilson High School(202) 282-0120

WashingtonWoodson High School(202) 724-4500


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