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Nathaniel Scribner JhsNew Albany(812) 949-4283 M S

New Albany High SchoolNew Albany(812) 949-4272 M S W

New Augusta Public Acad-NorthIndianapolis(317) 387-4328 M S W

New Castle Chrysler High SchNew Castle(765) 593-6670 M S W

New Castle Middle SchoolNew Castle(765) 521-7230 M S W

New Haven High SchoolNew Haven(260) 446-0220 M S W

New Haven Middle SchoolNew Haven(260) 446-0230 M S W

New Palestine High SchoolNew Palestine(317) 861-4417 M S T W

New Prairie High SchoolNew Carlisle(574) 654-7271 M S W

New Prairie Jr High SchNew Carlisle(574) 654-3070 M S W

Noblesville High SchoolNoblesville(317) 773-4680 M S W

Noblesville Intermediate SchNoblesville(317) 776-7792 M S W

Noblesville Middle SchNoblesville(317) 773-0782 M S W

North Central High SchoolIndianapolis(317) 259-5301 M S W

North Central High SchoolFarmersburg(812) 397-2132 M S

North Clay Middle SchoolBrazil(812) 448-1530 M S

North Daviess Jr-Sr High SchElnora(812) 636-7307 M S W

North Decatur Jr-Sr High SchGreensburg(812) 663-4204 M S W

North Harrison High SchoolRamsey(812) 347-3148 M S W

North Harrison Middle SchoolRamsey(812) 347-2421 M S W

North High SchoolEvansville(812) 435-8283 M S W

North Judson Jr High SchNorth Judson(574) 896-2167 M S

North Judson-San Pierre HsNorth Judson(574) 896-2158 M S

North Knox High SchoolBicknell(812) 735-2990 M S W

North Miami Jr-Sr High SchoolDenver(765) 985-2931 M S

North Montgomery High SchoolCrawfordsville(765) 362-5140 M S

North Newton Jr-Sr High SchMorocco(219) 285-2252 M S

North Posey Jr High SchPoseyville(812) 673-4244 M S

North Posey Sr High SchPoseyville(812) 673-4242 M S

North Putnam Middle SchRoachdale(765) 522-2900 M S

North Putnam Sr High SchRoachdale(765) 522-6282 M S

North Side High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7530 M S

North Side Middle SchoolAnderson(765) 641-2055 M S

North Side Middle SchoolElkhart(574) 262-5570 M S

North Vermillion High SchoolCayuga(765) 492-3364 M S

North White High SchoolMonon(219) 253-6638 M S

North White Middle SchoolMonon(219) 253-7701 M S

North Wood High SchoolNappanee(574) 773-4127 M S

North Wood Middle SchoolWakarusa(574) 862-2710 M S

Northeast Dubois High SchoolDubois(812) 678-2251 M S

Northeastern High SchoolFountain City(765) 847-2591 M S

Northfield Jr-Sr High SchoolWabash(260) 563-3522 M S

Northridge High SchoolMiddlebury(574) 825-2142 M S W

Northridge Middle SchoolCrawfordsville(765) 364-1071 M S

Northrop High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7550 M S

Northside Middle SchoolColumbus(812) 376-4405 M S

Northside Middle SchoolMuncie(765) 747-5290 M S

Northview High SchoolBrazil(812) 448-2661 M S

Northview Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 259-5421 M S

Northwestern Middle SchoolKokomo(765) 454-2323 M S

Northwestern Sr High SchKokomo(765) 454-2332 M S




Northwood Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7424 M S

Norwell High SchoolOssian(260) 543-2213 M S

Norwell Middle SchoolOssian(260) 543-2218 M S

Oak Hill High SchoolConverse(765) 384-4381 M S

Oak Hill Junior High SchoolConverse(765) 384-4385 M S

Oak Hill Middle SchoolEvansville(812) 867-6426 M S

Oolitic Jr High SchoolOolitic(812) 275-7551 M S

Oregon-Davis High SchoolHamlet(574) 867-4561 M S

Orleans Jr-Sr High SchOrleans(812) 865-2688 M S

Otter Creek Middle SchTerre Haute(812) 462-4391 M S

Owen Valley Community HsSpencer(812) 829-2266 M S

Owen Valley Middle SchoolSpencer(812) 829-2249 M S

Pacers AcademyIndianapolis(317) 226-4081 M S

Paoli Jr & Sr High SchPaoli(812) 723-3905 M S

Parkview Middle SchoolJeffersonville(812) 288-4844 M S

Paul F Boston Middle SchoolLa Porte(219) 326-6930 M S

Paul Hadley Middle SchMooresville(317) 831-9208 M S

Paul Harding High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 446-0240 M S

Pendleton Heights High SchoolPendleton(765) 778-2161 M S

Pendleton Heights Middle SchPendleton(765) 778-2139 M S

Penn High SchoolMishawaka(574) 259-7961 M S

Perry Central Jr-Sr High SchLeopold(812) 843-5121 M S

Perry Heights Middle SchoolEvansville(812) 435-8326 M S

Perry Meridian High SchoolIndianapolis(317) 789-4400 M S

Perry Meridian Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 789-4100 M S

Peru High SchoolPeru(765) 472-3301 M S

Peru Junior High SchoolPeru(765) 473-3084 M S

Pierce Middle SchoolMerrillville(219) 650-5308 M S

Pierre Moran Middle SchoolElkhart(574) 295-4805 M S

Pierre Navarre Middle SchoolSouth Bend(574) 283-7345 M S

Pike Central High SchPetersburg(812) 354-8478 M S

Pike Central Jr High SchoolPetersburg(812) 354-8478 M S

Pike High SchoolIndianapolis(317) 291-5250 M S

Pioneer Jr-Sr High SchoolRoayl Center(574) 643-3145 M S

Plainfield Com Middle SchPlainfield(317) 838-3966 M S

Plainfield High SchoolPlainfield(317) 839-7711 M S

Plaza Park Middle SchoolEvansville(812) 476-4971 M S

Plymouth High SchoolPlymouth(574) 936-2178 M S

Portage High SchoolPortage(219) 764-6062 M S

Portage Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7431 M S

Prairie Heights Middle SchoolLagrange(260) 351-3214 M S

Prairie Heights Sr High SchLagrange(260) 351-3214 M S

Princeton Comm High SchPrinceton(812) 385-2591 M S

Princeton Community MiddlePrinceton(812) 385-2020 M S

R J Baskett Middle SchoolGas City(765) 674-8536 M S

R Nelson Snider High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7570 M S

Randolph Southern Jr-Sr High SchLynn(765) 874-2541 M S

Raymond Park Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 532-8900 M S

Rensselaer Central High SchRensselaer(219) 866-5175 M S

Rensselaer Middle SchoolRensselaer(219) 866-4661 M S

Richard Milburn High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 422-7647 M S

Richmond High SchoolRichmond(765) 973-3424 M S

Riley High SchoolSouth Bend(574) 283-8400 M S W

Rising Sun High SchoolRising Sun(812) 438-2652 M S

River Forest Jr High SchoolHobart(219) 962-7811 M S

River Forest Sr High SchoolHobart(219) 962-7551 M S

River Valley Middle SchoolJeffersonville(812) 288-4848 M S

Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High SchoolMontezuma(765) 569-2045 M S

Riverview SchoolHuntington(260) 356-0910 M S

Robert Taft Middle SchoolCrown Point(219) 663-1507 M S

Rochester Community High SchRochester(574) 223-2176 M S

Rochester Community Md SchRochester(574) 223-2280 M S

Rockville Jr-Sr High SchoolRockville(765) 569-5686 M S

Roosevelt Middle SchMonticello(574) 583-5552 M S

Rushville Consolidated High SchRushville(765) 932-3901 M S

S.A.M.S.Seymour(812) 524-0593 M S

Salem High SchoolSalem(812) 883-3904 M S

Salem Middle SchoolSalem(812) 883-3808 M S

Sand Creek Intermediate SchoolNoblesville(317) 915-4230 M S

Sarah Scott Middle SchTerre Haute(812) 462-4381 M S

Schmucker Middle SchoolMishawaka(574) 259-5661 M S


Scottsburg Senior High SchoolScottsburg(812) 752-8927 M S

Seeger Memorial Jr-Sr HsWest Lebanon(765) 893-4445 M S

Selma Middle SchoolSelma(765) 288-7242 M S

Seymour Middle SchoolSeymour(812) 522-5453 M S

Seymour Senior High SchoolSeymour(812) 522-4384 M S

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Shakamak Jr-Sr High SchJasonville(812) 665-2074 M S

Shawnee Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7447 M S

Shawswick Middle SchoolBedford(812) 275-6121 M S

Shelbyville Middle SchoolShelbyville(317) 392-2551 M S

Shelbyville Sr High SchShelbyville(317) 398-9731 M S

Shenandoah High SchoolMiddletown(765) 354-6640 M S

Shenandoah Middle SchoolMiddletown(765) 354-6638 M S

Shoals Comm Jr-Sr High SchShoals(812) 247-2090 M S

Shortridge Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 226-4010 M S

Signature High SchoolEvansville(812) 435-8523 M S

Silver Creek High SchoolSellersburg(812) 246-3391 M S

Silver Creek Jr High SchSellersburg(812) 246-4421 M S

South Adams Jr-Sr High SchoolBerne(260) 589-3131 M S

South Adams Middle SchoolGeneva(260) 368-7256 M S

South Central Jr & Sr HsElizabeth(812) 969-2941 M S

South Central Jr-Sr High SchUnion Mills(219) 767-2266 M S

South Dearborn High SchoolAurora(812) 926-3772 M S W

South Dearborn Middle SchAurora(812) 926-6298 M S W

South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchGreensburg(812) 591-3330 M S W

South Knox Middle-High SchoolVincennes(812) 726-4450 M S W

South Newton Middle SchKentland(219) 474-5167 M S W

South Newton Senior High SchKentland(219) 474-5167 M S W

South Putnam High SchoolGreencastle(765) 653-3148 M S W

South Ripley Jr & Sr High SchVersailles(812) 689-5303 M S W

South Side Middle SchoolAnderson(765) 641-2051 M S W

South Spencer High SchoolRockport(812) 649-9157 M S W

South Spencer Middle SchoolRockport(812) 649-2203 M S W

South Vermillion High SchoolClinton(765) 832-3551 M S W

South Vermillion Middle SchClinton(765) 832-7727 M S

South Wayne Jr High SchIndianapolis(317) 247-6265 M S W

Southern Wells Jr-Sr High SchPoneto(765) 728-5534 M S W

Southmont Jr High SchoolCrawfordsville(765) 866-2023 M S W

Southmont Sr High SchoolCrawfordsville(765) 866-0350 M S W

Southport High SchoolIndianapolis(317) 789-4800 M S W

Southport Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 789-4600 M S W

Southridge High SchoolHuntingburg(812) 683-2272 M S W

Southridge Middle SchoolHuntingburg(812) 683-3372 M S W

Southwestern High SchoolShelbyville(317) 729-5122 M S W

Southwestern Middle SchoolLafayette(765) 538-3025 M S W

Southwood Jr-Sr High SchoolWabash(260) 563-2157 M S

Speedway Junior High SchoolSpeedway(317) 244-3359 M S W

Speedway Senior High SchoolSpeedway(317) 244-7238 M S W

Springs Valley Comm High SchFrench Lick(812) 936-9984 M S

Stanley Hall Enrichment CntrEvansville(812) 435-8281 M S

Stonybrook Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 532-8800 M S

Sullivan High SchoolSullivan(812) 268-6301 M S

Sullivan Jr High SchSullivan(812) 268-4000 M S

Summit Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 431-2552 M S

Sunman-Dearborn Middle SchoolSt Lean(812) 576-3500 M S

Sunnyside Middle SchoolLafayette(765) 771-6100 M S

Switzerland Co Middle SchVevay(812) 427-3809 M S

Switzerland Co Senior High SchVevay(812) 427-2626 M S

Taylor High SchoolKokomo(765) 453-1101 M S

Taylor Middle SchoolKokomo(765) 455-5186 M S

Tecumseh Jr-Sr High SchLynnville(812) 922-3237 M S

Tecumseh Middle SchoolLafayette(765) 772-4750 M S

Tell City High SchoolTell City(812) 547-3131 M S

Tell City Junior High SchoolTell City(812) 547-3748 M S

Terre Haute North Vigo High SchTerre Haute(812) 462-4312 M S

Terre Haute South Vigo High SchTerre Haute(812) 462-4252 M S

Theodore Roosevelt High SchGary(219) 881-1500 M S

Thomas A Edison Jr-Sr HsLake Station(219) 962-8531 M S

Thomas A Edison Middle SchoolSouth Bend(574) 283-8900 M S

Thomas A Edison SchoolGary(219) 977-2132 M S

Thomas Carr Howe Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 226-4008 M S

Thomas Jefferson Middle SchValparaiso(219) 531-3140 M S

Thompkins Middle SchoolEvansville(812) 435-8323 M S

Tippecanoe Valley High SchoolAkron(574) 353-7031 M S

Tippecanoe Valley Middle SchArkon(574) 353-7353 M S

Tipton High SchoolTipton(765) 675-7431 M S

Tipton Middle SchoolTipton(765) 675-7521 M S

Tolleston Middle SchoolGary(219) 977-2145 M S

Tri Junior-Senior High SchoolStraughn(765) 987-7988 M S

Tri-North Middle SchoolBloomington(812) 330-7745 M S

Triton Central High SchoolFairland(317) 835-3000 M S

Triton Jr-Sr High SchBourbon(574) 342-6505 M S

Triton Middle SchoolFairland(317) 835-3006 M S

Tri-West Jr-Sr High SchLizton(317) 994-4000 M S

Turkey Run High SchoolMarshall(765) 597-2700 M S

Twin Lakes Senior High SchoolMonticello(574) 583-7108 M S

Union City Community High SchUnion City(765) 964-4840 M S

Union County High SchoolLiberty(765) 458-5136 M S

Union County Middle SchoolLiberty(765) 458-7438 M S

Union High SchoolDugger(812) 648-2729 M S

Union Junior & High SchoolModoc(765) 853-5421 M S

Union Station Alt SchIndianapolis(317) 226-4081 M S

Union Township Middle SchValparaiso(219) 759-2561 M S

Upbeat Alternative SchFowler(765) 884-0639 M S

Valparaiso High SchoolValparaiso(219) 531-3070 M S

Village Woods Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 446-0270 M S

Virgil I Grissom Middle SchMishawaka(574) 633-4061 M S

Wabash High SchoolWabash(260) 563-4131 M S

Wabash Middle SchoolWabash(260) 563-4137 M S

Wainwright Middle SchoolLafayette(765) 523-2151 M S

Waldo J Wood Memorial HighOakland City(812) 749-4757 M S

Waldo J Wood Memorial JhsOakland City(812) 749-4715 M S

Waldron Jr / Sr High SchoolWaldron(765) 525-6822 M S W

Wallace High SchoolGary(219) 980-6305 M S W

Wapahani High SchoolSelma(765) 289-7323 M S

Warren Central High SchoolIndianapolis(317) 532-6200 M S

Warrick Education CenterBoonville(812) 897-6380 M S

Warsaw Community HsWarsaw(574) 267-5174 M S

Washington High SchoolSouth Bend(574) 283-7200 M S

Washington High SchoolWashington(812) 254-3860 M S

Washington Junior High SchoolWashington(812) 254-2682 M S

Washington Middle SchoolEvansville(812) 477-8983 M S

Wawasee High SchoolSyracuse(574) 457-3147 M S

Wawasee Middle SchoolSyracuse(574) 457-8839 M S

Wayne High SchoolFort Wayne(260) 425-7630 M S

West Central Middle SchoolFrancesville(219) 567-2534 M S

West Central Senior High SchoolFrancesville(219) 567-9119 M S

West Jay County Middle SchoolDunkirk(765) 768-7648 M S

West Lafayette Jr/Sr High SchWest Lafayette(765) 746-0400 M S

West Noble High SchoolLigonier(260) 894-3191 M S

West Noble Middle SchoolLigonier(260) 894-3196 M S

West Side High SchoolGary(219) 977-2100 M S

West Side Junior High SchoolEast Chicago(219) 391-4068 M S

West Side Middle SchoolElkhart(574) 295-4815 M S

West Side Middle SchoolUnion City(765) 964-4830 M S

West Vigo High SchoolW Terre Haute(812) 462-4282 M S

West Vigo Middle SchoolWest Terre Haute(812) 462-4361 M S

West Washington Jr-Sr HsCampbellsburg(812) 755-4996 M S

Westchester Middle SchoolChesterton(219) 983-3710 M S

Western Boone Jr-Sr High SchThorntown(765) 482-6143 M S

Western High SchoolRussiaville(765) 883-5541 M S

Western Middle SchoolRussiaville(765) 883-5566 M S

Westfield High SchoolWestfield(317) 896-2841 M S

Westfield Intermediate SchoolWestfield(317) 896-2841 M S

Westfield Middle SchoolWestfield(317) 896-2841 M S

Westlane Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 259-5412 M S

Westview Elementary SchoolTopeka(260) 768-7717 M S

Westview Jr-Sr High SchoolTopeka(260) 768-4146 M S

Westville High SchoolWestville(219) 785-2531 M S

Wheeler High SchoolValparaiso(219) 759-2561 M S

White River Valley HsSwitz City(812) 659-2286 M S

Whiteland Community High SchWhiteland(317) 535-7562 M S

Whiting High SchoolWhiting(219) 659-0255 M S

Whiting Middle SchoolWhiting(219) 473-1344 M S

Whitko High SchoolSouth Whitley(260) 723-5146 M S

Whitko Middle SchLarwill(260) 327-3603 M S

Wilbur Wright Middle SchoolMunster(219) 836-6260 M S

Willard J Gambold Middle SchoolIndianapolis(317) 226-4108 M S

William A Wirt Sr High SchGary(219) 938-1161 M S

William Fegely Middle SchoolPortage(219) 763-8150 M S

William H English Mdl SchScottsburg(812) 752-8926 M S

William Henry Harrison High SchEvansville(812) 477-1046 M S

William Henry Harrison High SchWest Lafayette(765) 463-3511 M S

William W Borden High SchoolBorden(812) 967-2087 M S

Willowcreek Middle SchoolPortage(219) 763-8090 M S

Wilson Middle SchoolMuncie(765) 747-5370 M S

Winamac Community High SchoolWinamac(574) 946-6151 M S

Winamac Community Middle SchWinamac(574) 946-6525 M S

Winchester Community High SchWinchester(765) 584-8201 M S

Woodlan Jr/Sr High SchoolWoodburn(260) 446-0290 M S

Woodrow Wilson Middle SchTerre Haute(812) 462-4396 M S

Woodside Middle SchoolFort Wayne(260) 431-2702 M S

Yorktown High SchoolYorktown(765) 759-2550 M S

Yorktown Middle SchoolYorktown(765) 759-2660 M S

Young Middle SchoolMishawaka(574) 254-3600 M S W

Zionsville Community High SchZionsville(317) 873-3355 M S

Zionsville Lower Middle SchZionsville(317) 733-4000 M S

Zionsville Middle SchoolZionsville(317) 733-4000 M S

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