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Abraham Lincoln High SchoolDenver(303) 727-5000 M S

Ace Community Challenge CharteDenver(303) 436-9588 M S

Adams City High SchoolCommerce City(303) 289-3111 M S

Adams City Middle SchoolCommerce City(303) 289-5881 M S

Adelante Alt Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 395-9702 M S

Adolescent Day Treatment ProgrLakewood M S

Adult & Family LiteracyColorado Springs(719) 579-3618 M S

Adult Education CenterColorado Springs(719) 328-2975 M S

Adult Education/Lincoln CtrLongmont(303) 678-5662 M S

Aguilar Jr-Sr High SchoolAguilar(719) 941-4640 M S

Air Academy High SchoolUsaf Academy(719) 234-2400 M S

Akron High SchoolAkron(970) 345-2268 M S

Alameda High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-8160 M S

Alamosa High SchoolAlamosa(719) 587-6000 M S

Alamosa Open SchoolAlamosa(719) 587-1640 M S

Alt. Center For EducationWestminster(303) 428-2575 M S

Alternative SchoolDenver(303) 853-1660 M S

Angevine Middle SchoolLafayette(303) 665-5540 M S

Antonito High SchoolAntonito(719) 376-5468 M S

Antonito Junior High SchoolAntonito(719) 376-5468 M S

Arapahoe High SchoolLittleton(303) 347-6000 M S

Arapahoe Ridge High SchoolBoulder(303) 447-5284 M S

Arickaree Undiv High SchoolAnton(970) 383-2202 M S

Arvada High SchoolArvada(303) 982-0162 M S

Arvada Middle SchoolArvada(303) 982-1240 M S

Arvada West High SchoolArvada(303) 982-1303 M S

Aspen High SchoolAspen(970) 925-3760 M S

Aspen Middle SchoolAspen(970) 925-3760 M S

Aspen Valley High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 234-6000 M S

Aurora Hills Middle SchoolAurora(303) 341-7450 M S

Baker Central SchoolFort Morgan(970) 867-8422 M S

Baker Middle SchoolDenver(303) 629-6906 M S

Barone Middle SchoolMeeker(970) 878-3625 M S

Basalt High SchoolBasalt(970) 384-5959 M S

Basalt Middle SchoolBasalt(970) 384-5650 M S

Base Line Mdl Schl-Arts FocusBoulder(303) 443-1062 M S

Battle Mountain High SchoolMinturn(970) 949-4490 M S

Bayfield High SchoolBayfield(970) 884-9521 M S

Bayfield Middle SchoolBayfield(970) 884-9592 M S

Bear Creek High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-8855 M S

Bell Middle SchoolGolden(303) 982-4280 M S

Bennett High SchoolBennett(303) 644-3234 M S

Bennett Middle SchoolBennett(303) 644-3234 M S

Bergen Valley IntermediateEvergreen(303) 982-4964 M S

Berry Creek Middle SchoolEdwards(970) 926-4130 M S

Berthoud High SchoolBerthoud(970) 613-7700 M S

Bethune Jr-Sr High SchoolBethune(719) 346-7513 M S

Beulah Middle SchoolBeulah(719) 485-3127 M S

Bill Reed Middle SchoolLoveland(970) 613-7200 M S

Blevins Junior High SchoolFort Collins(970) 484-8350 M S

Bollman Occupational CenterThornton(720) 872-5820 M S

Boltz Junior High SchoolFort Collins(970) 472-3700 M S

Bookcliff Middle SchoolGrand Junction(970) 243-6350 M S

Boulder High SchoolBoulder(303) 442-2430 M S

Boulder Prep Charter High SchlBoulder(303) 545-6186 M S

Boulder Technical Education CeBoulder(303) 447-5233 M S

Bradford IntermediateLittleton(303) 982-4882 M S

Branson Undivided High SchoolBranson(719) 946-5531 M S

Brentwood Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 348-3000 M S

BridgesGlenwood Springs(970) 384-5995 M S

Briggsdale Undiv High SchoolBriggsdale(970) 657-3417 M S

Brighton Heritage AcademyBrighton(303) 655-2850 M S

Brighton High SchoolBrighton(303) 655-4200 M S

Broomfield Heights MiddleBroomfield(303) 466-2387 M S

Broomfield High SchoolBroomfield(303) 466-7344 M S

Brush High SchoolBrush(970) 842-5171 M S

Brush Middle SchoolBrush(970) 842-5035 M S

Buchanan Middle SchoolWray(970) 332-4723 M S

Buena Vista Day Treatment CtrBuena Vista(719) 395-4675 M S

Buena Vista High SchoolBuena Vista(719) 395-7100 M S

Burbank Middle SchoolBoulder(303) 494-0335 M S

Burlington High SchoolBurlington(719) 346-8455 M S

Burlington Middle SchoolBurlington(719) 346-5440 M S

Byers Jr/Sr High SchoolByers(303) 822-5292 M S

Byron Syring Delta CenterMonte Vista(719) 852-2212 M S




Cache La Poudre Jr High SchLa Porte(970) 482-6332 M S

Calhan High SchoolCalhan(719) 347-2766 M S

Calhan Middle SchoolCalhan(719) 347-2766 M S

Caliche Jr-Sr High SchoolIliff(970) 522-8200 M S

Campo Undivided High SchoolCampo(719) 787-2226 M S

Campus Middle SchoolGreenwood Village(720) 554-2700 M S

Canon City High SchoolCanon City(719) 276-5870 M S

Canon City Middle SchoolCanon City(719) 276-5740 M S

Carbondale Middle SchoolCarbondale(970) 384-5700 M S

Care Middle School ProgramCentennial(720) 886-7200 M S

Career CenterGrand Junction(970) 243-3142 M S

Career Enrichment ParkWestminster(303) 428-2600 M S

Carmel Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 579-3210 M S

Carmody Middle SchoolLakewood(303) 982-8930 M S

Carson Middle SchoolFort Carson(719) 382-1610 M S

Casey Middle SchoolBoulder(303) 442-5235 M S

Castle Rock Middle SchoolCastle Rock(303) 814-4400 M S

Cedaredge High SchoolCedaredge(970) 856-6882 M S

Cedaredge Middle SchoolCedaredge(970) 856-3118 M S

Centauri High SchoolLa Jara(719) 274-5178 M S

Centauri Middle SchoolLa Jara(719) 274-4301 M S

Centaurus High SchoolLafayette(303) 665-9211 M S

Centennial High SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7337 M S

Centennial High SchoolFort Collins(970) 221-2920 M S

Centennial High SchoolSan Luis(719) 672-3322 M S

Centennial Junior High SchoolSan Luis(719) 672-3322 M S

Centennial Middle SchoolBoulder(303) 443-3760 M S

Center High SchoolCenter(719) 754-2232 M S

Central High SchoolAurora(303) 340-1600 M S

Central High SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7300 M S

Central High SchoolGrand Junction(970) 434-7311 M S

Century Middle SchoolThornton(720) 872-5240 M S

Chaffee County High SchoolBuena Vista(719) 395-4064 M S

Challenger Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 234-3000 M S

Chaparral High SchoolParker(303) 805-6000 M S

Charles B Sinclair MiddleEnglewood(303) 781-7817 M S

Chatfield High SchoolLittleton(303) 982-3670 M S

Cheraw High SchoolCheraw(719) 853-6655 M S

Cheraw Middle SchoolCheraw(719) 853-6655 M S

Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood Village(720) 554-2000 M S

Cheyenne Mtn High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 475-6110 M S

Cheyenne Mtn Jr High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 475-6120 M S

Cheyenne Wells High SchoolCheyenne Wells(719) 767-5612 M S

Cheyenne Wells Middle SchoolCheyenne Wells(719) 767-5656 M S

Civa Charter SchoolColorado Springs(719) 633-1306 M S

Cla High SchoolDenver(303) 458-6847 M S

Clear Creek High SchoolIdaho Springs(303) 567-4429 M S

Clear Creek Middle SchoolIdaho Springs(303) 567-4461 M S

Clear Lake Middle SchoolDenver(303) 428-7526 M S

Cole Middle SchoolDenver(303) 296-8421 M S

Colorado Charter Hs Of GreeleyGreeley(970) 353-6132 M S

Colorado`S Finest AlternativeEnglewood(303) 934-5786 M S

Columbia Middle SchoolAurora(303) 690-6570 M S

Columbine High SchoolLittleton(303) 982-4400 M S

Columbine Middle SchoolMontrose(970) 249-2581 M S

Community Prep SchoolColorado Springs(719) 227-8836 M S

Community Transition HousePueblo(719) 564-7604 M S

Compass Secondary Montessori CWheat Ridge M S

Conifer Senior High SchoolConifer(303) 982-5255 M S

Conrad Ball Middle SchoolLoveland(970) 613-7300 M S

Coronado High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-3600 M S

Cortez Middle SchoolCortez(970) 565-7824 M S

Corwin Middle SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7400 M S

Cotopaxi Jr-Sr High SchoolCotopaxi(719) 942-4131 M S

Craig Junior High SchoolCraig(970) 824-3289 M S

Craig Middle SchoolCraig(970) 824-3287 M S

Craver Middle SchoolColorado City(719) 676-3030 M S

Creede Jr-Sr High SchoolCreede(719) 658-2220 M S

Creekside Middle SchoolMonument(719) 481-1099 M S

Creighton Middle SchoolLakewood(303) 982-6282 M S

Cresthill Middle SchoolHighlands Ranch(303) 471-3000 M S

Cripple Creek-Victor Jr-SrCripple Creek(719) 689-2661 M S

Crossroad Alternative SchoolNorthglenn(720) 872-5900 M S

Crowley County High SchoolOrdway(719) 267-3582 M S

Crowley County Ward Middle SchOrdway(719) 267-9880 M S

Custer Co High SchoolWestcliffe(719) 783-2291 M S

Custer Middle SchoolWestcliffe(719) 783-2291 M S

D P S Night High SchoolDenver(303) 727-5000 M S

D`Evelyn Junior High SchoolDenver(303) 982-2600 M S

D`Evelyn Senior High SchoolGolden(303) 982-2600 M S

Dakota Ridge Senior High SchLittleton(303) 982-1970 M S

Daniel C Oakes High SchoolParker(303) 805-0961 M S

Daniel C Oakes High School--CrCastle Rock(303) 688-2472 M S

De Beque Undiv High SchoolDe Beque(970) 283-5596 M S

Deer Creek Middle SchoolLittleton(303) 982-3820 M S

Del Norte High SchoolDel Norte(719) 657-4020 M S

Del Norte Middle SchoolDel Norte(719) 657-4030 M S

Delta High SchoolDelta(970) 874-8031 M S

Delta Middle SchoolDelta(970) 874-8046 M S

Denver Alternative SchoolDenver(303) 394-8600 M S

Discovery High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 391-3121 M S

Doherty High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-6400 M S

Doherty Night SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-6440 M S

Dolores County High SchoolDove Creek(970) 677-2237 M S

Dolores High SchoolDolores(970) 882-7288 M S

Dolores Middle SchoolDolores(970) 882-7288 M S

Douglas County High SchoolCastle Rock(303) 814-4500 M S

Drake Junior High SchoolArvada(303) 982-1510 M S


Dunstan Middle SchoolLakewood(303) 982-9270 M S

Durango High SchoolDurango(970) 259-1630 M S

Eads High SchoolEads(719) 438-2214 M S

Eads Middle SchoolEads(719) 438-2216 M S

Eagle Valley High SchoolGypsum(970) 524-7511 M S

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Eagle Valley Middle SchoolEagle(970) 328-6224 M S

Eagle View AcademyWalsh(719) 324-5632 M S

Eaglecrest High SchoolCentennial(720) 886-1000 M S

Eagleview Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 234-3400 M S

East Grand Middle SchoolGranby(970) 887-3382 M S

East High SchoolDenver(303) 394-8300 M S

East High SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7222 M S

East Middle SchoolAurora(303) 340-0660 M S

East Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-2200 M S

East Middle SchoolGrand Junction(970) 242-0512 M S

Eaton High SchoolEaton(970) 454-3374 M S

Eaton Middle SchoolEaton(970) 454-3358 M S

Edison Jr Sr High SchoolYoder(719) 478-2125 M S

Egnar Middle SchoolEgnar(970) 677-2560 M S

Elbert Jr-Sr High SchoolElbert(303) 648-3030 M S

Elizabeth High SchoolElizabeth(303) 646-4616 M S

Elizabeth Middle SchoolElizabeth(303) 646-4520 M S

Ellicott Middle SchoolCalhan(719) 683-2700 M S

Ellicott Senior High SchoolEllicott(719) 683-2700 M S

Emerson-Edison Jr AcadColorado Springs(719) 570-7822 M S

Emily Griffith OpportunityDenver(303) 575-4700 M S

Englewood High SchoolEnglewood(303) 806-2266 M S

Englewood Leadership AcademyEnglewood(303) 806-7150 M S

Escalante Middle SchoolDurango(970) 247-9491 M S

Estes Park High SchoolEstes Park(970) 586-5321 M S

Estes Park Middle SchoolEstes Park(970) 586-4439 M S

Euclid Middle SchoolLittleton(303) 347-7800 M S

Evans Elementary SchoolAlamosa(719) 589-3684 M S

Evergreen High SchoolEvergreen(303) 982-5140 M S

Evergreen Middle SchoolEvergreen(303) 982-5020 M S

Everitt Middle SchoolWheat Ridge(303) 982-1580 M S

Fairview High SchoolBoulder(303) 499-7600 M S

Falcon Creek Middle SchoolAurora(720) 886-7600 M S

Falcon High SchoolFalcon(719) 495-2261 M S

Falcon Middle SchoolFalcon(719) 495-3661 M S

Fitzsimmons Middle SchoolBailey(303) 838-2054 M S

Flagler Jr-Sr High SchoolFlagler(719) 765-4684 M S

Fleming High SchoolFleming(970) 265-2022 M S

Florence High SchoolFlorence(719) 784-6414 M S

Fort Collins High SchoolFort Collins(970) 416-8021 M S

Fort Lupton High SchoolFort Lupton(303) 857-7100 M S

Fort Lupton Middle SchoolFort Lupton(303) 857-7200 M S

Fort Morgan High SchoolFort Morgan(970) 867-5648 M S

Fort Morgan Middle SchoolFort Morgan(970) 867-8253 M S

Fountain Ft Carson High SchFountain(719) 382-1640 M S

Fountain Middle SchoolFountain(719) 382-1580 M S

Fowler High SchoolFowler(719) 263-4279 M S

Fowler Junior High SchoolFowler(719) 263-4224 M S

Franklin Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 348-3200 M S

Fred N Thomas Career Ed CtrDenver(303) 964-3000 M S

Frederick Middle SchoolFrederick M S

Frederick Senior HighFrederick(303) 833-3533 M S

Freed Middle SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7410 M S

Fremont Middle SchoolFlorence(719) 784-4856 M S

Frontier High SchoolElizabeth(303) 646-9345 M S

Fruita Middle SchoolFruita(970) 858-3621 M S

Fruita Monument High SchoolFruita(970) 858-3624 M S

Garden Park High SchoolCanon City(719) 269-9716 M S

Gateway High SchoolAurora(303) 755-7160 M S

George Washington High SchoolDenver(303) 394-8600 M S

Glenwood Springs High SchGlenwood Springs(970) 384-5555 M S

Glenwood Springs MiddleGlenwood Springs(970) 384-5500 M S

Goddard Middle SchoolLittleton(303) 347-7850 M S

Golden High SchoolGolden(303) 982-4200 M S

Gorman Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 579-3200 M S

Gove Middle SchoolDenver(303) 355-1676 M S

Granada Undivided High SchoolGranada(719) 734-5492 M S

Grand Alternative SchoolKremmling(970) 724-0077 M S

Grand Junction High SchoolGrand Junction(970) 242-7496 M S

Grand Mesa Middle SchoolGrand Junction(970) 523-5940 M S

Grand Valley High SchoolParachute(970) 285-7561 M S

Grandview High SchoolAurora(720) 886-6500 M S

Grant Middle SchoolDenver(303) 722-4633 M S

Greeley Central High SchoolGreeley(970) 348-5000 M S

Greeley West High SchoolGreeley(970) 348-5400 M S

Green Mountain High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-9500 M S

Gunnison High SchoolGunnison(970) 641-7700 M S

Gypsum Creek Middle SchoolGypsum(970) 328-8980 M S

Hamilton Middle SchoolDenver(303) 755-1267 M S

Hanover Jr-Sr High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 683-2247 M S

Harrison High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 579-2080 M S

Harry L Mcginnis Mid SchoolBuena Vista(719) 395-7060 M S

Hartenbach High SchoolAurora(303) 340-0818 M S

Haxtun High SchoolHaxtun(970) 774-6111 M S

Hayden High SchoolHayden(970) 276-3761 M S

Hayden Middle SchoolHayden(970) 276-3762 M S

Heath Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 348-3400 M S

Henry Middle SchoolDenver(303) 989-2330 M S

Heritage High SchoolLittleton(303) 347-7600 M S

Heritage Middle SchoolLongmont(303) 772-7900 M S

Highland High SchoolAult(970) 834-2816 M S

Highland Middle SchoolAult(970) 834-2820 M S

Highlands Ranch High SchoolHighlands Ranch(303) 387-2500 M S

Hill Middle SchoolDenver(303) 399-0254 M S

Hinkley High SchoolAurora(303) 340-1500 M S

Hoehne High SchoolHoehne(719) 846-4457 M S

Hoehne Junior High SchoolHoehne(719) 846-4457 M S

Holly Jr-Sr High SchoolHolly(719) 537-6512 M S

Holmes Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-3800 M S

Holyoke Jr/Sr High SchoolHolyoke(970) 854-2284 M S

Horace Mann Middle SchoolDenver(303) 433-2553 M S

Horizon High SchoolBrighton(720) 872-4400 M S

Horizon Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 574-7700 M S

Horizon Middle SchoolAurora(720) 886-6100 M S

Hotchkiss High SchoolHotchkiss(970) 872-3882 M S

Hotchkiss Middle SchoolHotchkiss(970) 872-3144 M S

Hulstrom Middle SchoolNorthglenn(720) 972-5400 M S

Huron Middle SchoolNorthglenn(720) 872-5000 M S

Idalia Jr-Sr High SchoolIdalia(970) 354-7298 M S

Ignacio High SchoolIgnacio(970) 563-0515 M S

Ignacio Intermediate SchoolIgnacio(970) 563-0650 M S

Ignacio Junior High SchoolIgnacio(970) 563-0600 M S

Iver C. Ranum High SchoolDenver(303) 428-9577 M S

J. Hodgkins Middle SchoolDenver(303) 428-7503 M S

James H Risley Middle SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7440 M S

James Irwin Charter High SchColorado Springs(719) 576-8055 M S

Janitell Junior High SchoolFountain(719) 391-3295 M S

Jeffco Transition ServicesGolden(303) 982-7029 M S

Jefferson Co Open High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-7045 M S

Jefferson Co Open Jr HighLakewood(303) 982-7045 M S

Jefferson High SchoolEdgewater(303) 982-6056 M S

Jefferson Middle SchoolRocky Ford(719) 254-7669 M S

Jenkins Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-5300 M S

John Dewey Middle SchoolDenver(303) 853-1700 M S

John Evans Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 348-3600 M S

John F Kennedy High SchoolDenver(303) 763-4300 M S

John Mall High SchoolWalsenburg(719) 738-1610 M S

John Wesley Powell Middle SchLittleton(303) 347-7850 M S

Julesburg High SchoolJulesburg(970) 474-3364 M S

Karval Jr-Sr High SchoolKarval(719) 446-5311 M S

Kearney Middle SchoolCommerce City(303) 287-0261 M S

Keating KeepPueblo(719) 549-7371 M S

Ken Caryl Middle SchoolLittleton(303) 982-4710 M S

Kepner Middle SchoolDenver(303) 935-4601 M S

Kim Undivided High SchoolKim(719) 643-5295 M S

Kiowa High SchoolKiowa(303) 621-2115 M S

Kiowa Middle SchoolKiowa(303) 621-2785 M S

Kunsmiller Middle SchoolDenver(303) 934-5476 M S

L W St John Middle SchoolParachute(970) 285-7834 M S

La Junta High SchoolLa Junta(719) 384-4467 M S

La Junta Middle SchoolLa Junta(719) 384-4371 M S

La Veta Jr-Sr High SchoolLa Veta(719) 742-3662 M S

Lake City High SchoolLake City(970) 944-2316 M S

Lake Co Intermediate SchoolLeadville(719) 486-6830 M S

Lake County High SchoolLeadville(719) 486-6950 M S

Lake Fork Middle SchoolLake City(970) 944-2578 M S

Lake Middle SchoolDenver(303) 629-6902 M S

Lakewood High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-7096 M S

Lamar High SchoolLamar(719) 336-3488 M S

Lamar Middle SchoolLamar(719) 336-7436 M S

Laredo Middle SchoolAurora(720) 886-5000 M S

Las Animas Alternative SchoolLas Animas(719) 456-1702 M S

Las Animas High SchoolLas Animas(719) 456-0211 M S

Las Animas Middle SchoolLas Animas(719) 456-0228 M S

Lemuel Pitts Middle SchoolPueblo(719) 549-7430 M S

Lesher Junior High SchoolFort Collins(970) 472-3800 M S

Lewis-Palmer High SchoolMonument(719) 488-4720 M S

Lewis-Palmer Middle SchoolMonument(719) 488-4776 M S

Liberty High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 234-2200 M S

Liberty Jr-Sr High SchoolJoes(970) 358-4288 M S

Liberty Middle SchoolAurora(720) 886-2400 M S

Lincoln Elementary SchoolDelta(970) 874-3700 M S

Lincoln Junior High SchoolFort Collins(970) 484-3073 M S

Littleton High SchoolLittleton(303) 347-7700 M S

Lone Star Undiv High SchoolOtis(970) 848-2778 M S

Longmont High SchoolLongmont(303) 776-6014 M S

Longs Peak Middle SchoolLongmont(303) 776-5611 M S

Longview High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-8585 M S

Lorraine Alternative High SchFountain(719) 382-1550 M S

Louisville Middle SchoolLouisville(303) 666-6503 M S

Loveland High SchoolLoveland(970) 613-5200 M S

Lucile Erwin Middle SchoolLoveland(970) 613-7600 M S

M. Scott Carpenter Middle SchDenver(303) 428-8583 M S

Mancos High SchoolMancos(970) 533-7746 M S

Mancos Middle SchoolMancos(970) 533-9143 M S

Mandalay Middle SchoolWestminster(303) 982-9802 M S

Manitou Springs High SchoolManitou Springs(719) 685-2074 M S

Manitou Springs Middle SchoolManitou Springs(719) 685-2127 M S

Mann Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-2300 M S

Manning Options SchoolLakewood(303) 982-6340 M S

Manual High SchoolDenver(303) 391-6300 M S

Manzanola Jr-Sr High SchoolManzanola(719) 462-5528 M S

Maplewood Middle SchoolGreeley(970) 348-3800 M S

Martin Luther King MiddleDenver(303) 375-5970 M S

Mary L Flood Middle SchoolEnglewood(303) 761-1226 M S

Mc Clave Undivided High SchoolMc Clave(719) 829-4517 M S

Mc Lain Community High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-7460 M S

Mc Lain High SchoolLakewood(303) 982-7460 M S

Mead Middle SchoolMead(970) 535-4447 M S

Meeker High SchoolMeeker(970) 878-3631 M S

Merino Jr Sr High SchoolMerino(970) 522-7424 M S

Merrill Middle SchoolDenver(303) 756-3621 M S

Mesa Ridge High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 391-3600 M S

Middle Park High SchoolGranby(970) 887-2104 M S

Miller Middle SchoolDurango(970) 247-1418 M S

Milliken Middle SchoolMilliken(970) 587-4341 M S

Minturn Middle SchoolMinturn(970) 827-5721 M S

Mitchell High SchoolColorado Springs(719) 328-6600 M S

Moffat County High SchoolCraig(970) 824-7036 M S

Moffat Middle SchoolMoffat(719) 256-4710 M S

Moffat Senior High SchoolMoffat(719) 256-4710 M S

Monarch High SchoolLouisville(303) 665-5888 M S

Montbello High SchoolDenver(303) 375-5700 M S

Monte Vista Middle SchoolMonte Vista(719) 852-5984 M S

Monte Vista On-Line AcademyMonte Vista(719) 852-2212 M S

Monte Vista Sr High SchoolMonte Vista(719) 852-3586 M S

Montezuma-Cortez High SchoolCortez(970) 565-3722 M S

Montrose High SchoolMontrose(970) 249-6636 M S

Moore Middle SchoolArvada(303) 982-0400 M S

Morey Middle SchoolDenver(303) 832-1139 M S

Mountain Ridge Middle SchoolHighlands Ranch(303) 387-1800 M S

Mountain Ridge Middle SchoolColorado Springs(719) 234-3200 M S

Mountain Valley Middle SchoolSaguache(719) 655-0268 M S

Mountain Valley Senior HighSaguache(719) 655-2578 M S

Mountain View High SchoolLoveland(970) 613-7800 M S

Mountain Vista High SchoolHighlands Ranch M S

Mrachek Middle SchoolAurora(303) 750-2836 M S

Mt Garfield Middle SchoolClifton(970) 464-0533 M S


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