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AkronTippecanoe Valley High School(574) 353-7031

AlbionCentral Noble High School(260) 636-2117

AlbionCentral Noble Middle School(260) 636-2279

AlexandriaAlexandria Middle School(765) 724-4166

AlexandriaAlexandria-Monroe High School(765) 724-4413

AndersonAcs High School Options Program(765) 641-2034

AndersonAnderson High School(765) 641-2037

AndersonEast Side Middle School(765) 641-2047

AndersonHighland Senior High School(765) 641-2059

AndersonNorth Side Middle School(765) 641-2055

AndersonSouth Side Middle School(765) 641-2051

AngolaAngola High School(260) 665-2186

AngolaAngola Middle School(260) 665-9581

ArcadiaHamilton Heights High School(317) 984-3551

ArcadiaHamilton Heights Middle Sch(317) 984-3588

ArgosArgos Comm Jr-Sr High School(574) 892-5137

ArkonTippecanoe Valley Middle Sch(574) 353-7353

AtticaAttica High School(765) 762-6105

AuroraSouth Dearborn High School(812) 926-3772

AuroraSouth Dearborn Middle Sch(812) 926-6298

AustinAustin High School(812) 794-8730

AustinAustin Middle School(812) 794-8740

AvonAvon High School(317) 272-2586

AvonAvon Intermediate School(317) 272-3120

AvonAvon Middle School(317) 272-0128

BatesvilleBatesville High School(812) 934-4384

BatesvilleBatesville Intermediate School(812) 934-5701

BatesvilleBatesville Middle School(812) 934-5175

Battle GroundBattle Ground Middle School(765) 567-2122

BedfordBedford Junior High School(812) 279-9781

BedfordBedford-North Lawrence High School(812) 279-9756

BedfordShawswick Middle School(812) 275-6121

Beech GroveBeech Grove Middle School(317) 784-6649

Beech GroveBeech Grove Sr High School(317) 786-1447

BerneSouth Adams Jr-Sr High School(260) 589-3131

BicknellNorth Knox High School(812) 735-2990

BloomfieldBloomfield Jr-Sr High School(812) 384-4550

BloomfieldEastern District Jr-Sr Hs(812) 825-5621

BloomingtonAurora Alternative School(812) 330-7837

BloomingtonBloomington High School North(812) 330-7724

BloomingtonBloomington High School South(812) 330-7714

BloomingtonJackson Creek Middle Sch(812) 330-2451

BloomingtonLora L Batchelor Middle Sch(812) 330-7763

BloomingtonTri-North Middle School(812) 330-7745

BlufftonBluffton High School(260) 824-3724

BlufftonBluffton-Harrison Middle Sch(260) 824-3536

Boone GroveBoone Grove Middle School(219) 464-4828

BoonvilleBoonville High School(812) 897-4701

BoonvilleBoonville Junior High School(812) 897-1420

BoonvilleWarrick Education Center(812) 897-6380

BordenWilliam W Borden High School(812) 967-2087

BourbonTriton Jr-Sr High Sch(574) 342-6505

BrazilNorth Clay Middle School(812) 448-1530

BrazilNorthview High School(812) 448-2661

BremenBremen Senior High School(574) 546-3511

BrookvilleBrookville Middle Sch(765) 647-2644

BrookvilleFranklin County High(765) 647-4101

BrownsburgBrownsburg High School(317) 852-2258

BrownsburgBrownsburg Junior High School(317) 852-3143

BrownsburgCooperative Achievement Program(317) 852-1010

BrownstownBrownstown Central High Sch(812) 358-3453

BrownstownBrownstown Central Middle Sch(812) 358-4947

Bunker HillMaconaquah High School(765) 689-9127

Bunker HillMaconaquah Middle School(765) 689-9102

Cambridge CityLincoln Middle School(765) 478-5840

Cambridge CityLincoln Sr High Sch(765) 478-5916

CampbellsburgWest Washington Jr-Sr Hs(812) 755-4996

CarmelCarmel High School(317) 846-7721

CarmelCarmel Junior High School(317) 846-7331

CarmelClay Junior High School(317) 844-7251

CayugaNorth Vermillion High School(765) 492-3364

Cedar LakeHanover Central Jr-Sr High Sch(219) 374-3800

CentervilleCenterville Jr High School(765) 855-5113

CentervilleCenterville Sr High School(765) 855-3481

ChalmersFrontier Jr-Sr High School(219) 984-5437




CharlestownCharlestown Middle School(812) 256-6363

CharlestownCharlestown Senior High Sch(812) 256-3328

CharlottesvilleEastern Hancock High Sch(317) 396-5595

CharlottesvilleEastern Hancock Middle Sch(317) 936-5324

ChestertonChesterton Middle School(219) 983-3376

ChestertonChesterton Senior High School(219) 983-3730

ChestertonLiberty Middle School(219) 983-3690

ChestertonWestchester Middle School(219) 983-3710

ChurubuscoChurubusco High School(260) 693-2131

ChurubuscoChurubusco Middle School(260) 693-1460

ClarksvilleClarksville Middle School(812) 282-8235

ClarksvilleClarksville Senior High Sch(812) 282-8231

Clay CityClay City Jr-Sr High School(812) 939-2154

ClaytonCascade Junior High School(317) 539-9285

ClaytonCascade Senior High School(317) 539-9315

ClintonSouth Vermillion High School(765) 832-3551

ClintonSouth Vermillion Middle Sch(765) 832-7727

CloverdaleCloverdale High School(765) 795-4203

CloverdaleCloverdale Middle School(765) 795-2900

Columbia CityColumbia City H S Diamond Center(260) 244-5772

Columbia CityColumbia City High School(260) 244-6136

Columbia CityIndian Springs Middle Sch(260) 244-5148

ColumbusCentral Middle School(812) 376-4287

ColumbusColumbus East High School(812) 376-4369

ColumbusColumbus North High School(812) 376-4432

ColumbusJefferson Education Ctr(812) 376-4428

ColumbusNorthside Middle School(812) 376-4405

ConnersvilleCenter For Performance Learning(765) 827-5498

ConnersvilleConnersville Middle School(765) 825-1139

ConnersvilleConnersville Sr High School(765) 825-1151

ConverseOak Hill High School(765) 384-4381

ConverseOak Hill Junior High School(765) 384-4385

CorydonCorydon Central High School(812) 738-4181

CorydonCorydon Central Jr High Sch(812) 738-5750

CorydonCorydon Intermediate School(812) 738-6548

CovingtonCovington Community High Sch(765) 793-2286

CovingtonCovington Middle School(765) 793-4451

CrawfordsvilleCrawfordsville Sr High School(765) 362-2340

CrawfordsvilleJoseph F Tuttle Middle School(765) 362-2992

CrawfordsvilleNorth Montgomery High School(765) 362-5140

CrawfordsvilleNorthridge Middle School(765) 364-1071

CrawfordsvilleSouthmont Jr High School(765) 866-2023

CrawfordsvilleSouthmont Sr High School(765) 866-0350

Crown PointCrown Point High School(219) 663-4885

Crown PointRobert Taft Middle School(219) 663-1507

CulverCulver Community Jr-Sr High Sch(574) 842-3391

DalevilleDaleville High School(765) 378-3371

DanvilleDanville Community High Sch(317) 745-6431

DanvilleDanville Middle School(317) 745-5491

DanvilleSouth Elementary School(317) 745-2131

DecaturBellmont Middle School(260) 724-3137

DecaturBellmont Senior High School(260) 724-7121

DelphiDelphi Community High School(765) 564-3481

DelphiDelphi Community Middle Sch(765) 564-3411

DenverNorth Miami Jr-Sr High School(765) 985-2931

DuboisDubois Middle School(812) 678-2181

DuboisNortheast Dubois High School(812) 678-2251

DuggerUnion High School(812) 648-2729

DunkirkWest Jay County Middle School(765) 768-7648

DyerKahler Middle School(219) 865-3535

East ChicagoEast Chicago Central High Sch(219) 391-4000

East ChicagoJoseph L Block Jr High School(219) 391-4084

East ChicagoWest Side Junior High School(219) 391-4068

EdinburghEdinburgh Comm Middle School(812) 526-3418

EdinburghEdinburgh Community High Sch(812) 526-5501

ElizabethSouth Central Jr & Sr Hs(812) 969-2941

ElkhartConcord Community High School(574) 875-6524

ElkhartConcord Junior High School(574) 875-5122

ElkhartElkhart Central High School(574) 295-4700

ElkhartElkhart Memorial High School(574) 262-5600

ElkhartJimtown High School(574) 295-2343

ElkhartJimtown Junior High School(574) 294-6586

ElkhartNorth Side Middle School(574) 262-5570

ElkhartPierre Moran Middle School(574) 295-4805

ElkhartWest Side Middle School(574) 295-4815

EllettsvilleEdgewood High School(812) 876-2277

EllettsvilleEdgewood Junior High School(812) 876-2005

ElnoraNorth Daviess Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 636-7307

ElwoodElwood Community High School(765) 552-9854

ElwoodElwood Community Middle Sch(765) 552-7378

EminenceEminence High School(765) 528-2221

EvansvilleBarker Learning Center(812) 435-8640

EvansvilleBenjamin Bosse High School(812) 477-1661

EvansvilleCentral High School(812) 435-8292

EvansvilleDeaconess School(812) 471-4596

EvansvilleEvans Middle School(812) 435-8330

EvansvilleEvs Juvenile Correctional Fac(812) 435-8300

EvansvilleFrancis Joseph Reitz High Sch(812) 435-8206

EvansvilleGlenwood Middle School(812) 435-8242

EvansvilleHarwood Middle School(812) 435-8316

EvansvilleHelfrich Park Middle School(812) 435-8246

EvansvilleHenry Reis Educ Cntr-Alt High Sch(812) 435-8582

EvansvilleMcgary Middle School(812) 476-3035

EvansvilleNorth High School(812) 435-8283

EvansvilleOak Hill Middle School(812) 867-6426

EvansvillePerry Heights Middle School(812) 435-8326

EvansvillePlaza Park Middle School(812) 476-4971

EvansvilleSignature High School(812) 435-8523

EvansvilleStanley Hall Enrichment Cntr(812) 435-8281

EvansvilleThompkins Middle School(812) 435-8323

EvansvilleWashington Middle School(812) 477-8983

EvansvilleWilliam Henry Harrison High Sch(812) 477-1046

FairlandTriton Central High School(317) 835-3000

FairlandTriton Middle School(317) 835-3006

FairmountMadison-Grant High School(765) 948-4141

FairmountMadison-Grant Jr High Sch(765) 948-5132

FarmersburgNorth Central High School(812) 397-2132

FerdinandForest Park Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 367-1831

FishersFall Creek Intermediate Sch(317) 915-4220

FishersFishers Junior High School(317) 594-4150

FishersHamilton Southeastern Hs(317) 594-4190

FishersHamilton Southeastern Jr High Sch(317) 594-4120

FloraCarroll Jr-Sr High Sch(574) 967-4157

Floyd KnobsFloyd Central Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 923-8811

Fort BranchGibson Southern High School(812) 753-3011

Fort WayneAlternative School(260) 637-7802

Fort WayneBen F Geyer Middle School(260) 425-7343

Fort WayneBlackhawk Middle School(260) 425-7313

Fort WayneCarroll High School(260) 637-3161

Fort WayneCarroll Middle School(260) 637-5159

Fort WayneElmhurst High School(260) 425-7510

Fort WayneHomestead Senior High School(260) 431-2251

Fort WayneJefferson Middle School(260) 425-7374

Fort WayneKekionga Middle School(260) 425-7378

Fort WayneLakeside Middle School(260) 425-7382

Fort WayneLane Middle School(260) 425-7386

Fort WayneMaple Creek Middle Sch(260) 338-0802

Fort WayneMemorial Park Middle School(260) 425-7410

Fort WayneMiami Middle School(260) 425-7414

Fort WayneNorth Side High School(260) 425-7530

Fort WayneNorthrop High School(260) 425-7550

Fort WayneNorthwood Middle School(260) 425-7424

Fort WaynePaul Harding High School(260) 446-0240

Fort WaynePortage Middle School(260) 425-7431

Fort WayneR Nelson Snider High School(260) 425-7570

Fort WayneRichard Milburn High School(260) 422-7647

Fort WayneShawnee Middle School(260) 425-7447

Fort WayneSouth Side High School(260) 425-7610

Fort WayneSummit Middle School(260) 431-2552

Fort WayneVillage Woods Middle School(260) 446-0270

Fort WayneWayne High School(260) 425-7630

Fort WayneWoodside Middle School(260) 431-2702

FortvilleMount Vernon High School(317) 485-3131

FortvilleMount Vernon Middle School(317) 485-3160

Fountain CityNortheastern High School(765) 847-2591

FowlerUpbeat Alternative Sch(765) 884-0639

FrancesvilleWest Central Middle School(219) 567-2534

FrancesvilleWest Central Senior High School(219) 567-9119

FrankfortClinton Prairie Jr-Sr Hs(765) 659-3305

FrankfortFrankfort Middle School(765) 659-3321

FrankfortFrankfort Senior High School(765) 654-8545

FranklinCuster Baker Middle School(317) 738-5840

FranklinFranklin Community High Sch(317) 738-5700

FranktonFrankton Jr-Sr High Sch(765) 754-7879

FremontFremont High School(260) 495-9876

FremontFremont Middle School(260) 495-6100

French LickSprings Valley Comm High Sch(812) 936-9984

FultonCaston Jr-Sr High Sch(574) 857-3505

GarrettGarrett High School(260) 357-4114

GarrettGarrett Middle Sch(260) 357-5745

GaryAlfred Beckman Middle School(219) 977-2119

GaryBailly Middle School(219) 980-6326

GaryCalumet High School(219) 838-6990

GaryChase Alternative Middle School(219) 977-2126

GaryDunbar-Pulaski Middle School(219) 886-6581



GaryHorace Mann School(219) 886-1445

GaryKennedy-King Middle School(219) 938-1750

GaryLake Ridge Middle School(219) 980-0730

GaryLew Wallace High School(219) 980-6305

GaryMartin Luther King School Alt(219) 886-6575

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GaryTheodore Roosevelt High Sch(219) 881-1500

GaryThomas A Edison School(219) 977-2132

GaryTolleston Middle School(219) 977-2145

GaryWest Side High School(219) 977-2100

GaryWilliam A Wirt Sr High Sch(219) 938-1161

Gas CityMississinewa High School(765) 674-2248

Gas CityR J Baskett Middle School(765) 674-8536

GenevaSouth Adams Middle School(260) 368-7256

GoshenFairfield Jr-Sr High School(574) 831-2184

GoshenGoshen High School(574) 533-8651

GoshenGoshen Middle School(574) 533-0391

GrangerDiscovery Middle School(574) 674-6010

GreencastleGreencastle Middle School(765) 653-9774

GreencastleGreencastle Senior High Sch(765) 653-9711

GreencastleSouth Putnam High School(765) 653-3148

GreenfieldGreenfield Middle School(317) 462-6827

GreenfieldGreenfield-Central High Sch(317) 462-9211

GreensburgGreensburg Community High Sch(812) 663-7176

GreensburgGreensburg Community Jr High(812) 663-7523

GreensburgNorth Decatur Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 663-4204

GreensburgSouth Decatur Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 591-3330

GreentownEastern Jr & Sr High School(765) 628-3333

GreenwoodCenter Grove High School(317) 881-0581

GreenwoodCenter Grove Middle School(317) 882-9391

GreenwoodGreenwood Community High Sch(317) 889-4000

GreenwoodGreenwood Middle School(317) 889-4040

GriffithGriffith Middle School(219) 924-4280

GriffithGriffith Senior High School(219) 924-4281

HagerstownHagerstown Jr-Sr High School(765) 489-4511

HamiltonHamilton Community High Sch(260) 488-2161

HamletOregon-Davis High School(574) 867-4561

HammondA L Spohn Middle Sch(219) 933-2457

HammondCharles N Scott Middle School(219) 989-7340

HammondHammond High School(219) 933-2442

HammondHenry W Eggers Elem/Md Sch(219) 933-2449

HammondMorton Senior High School(219) 989-7316

Hartford CityBlackford High School(765) 348-7560

Hartford CityHartford City Middle School(765) 348-7590

HebronHebron Jr-Sr High Sch(219) 996-2171

HenryvilleHenryville Jr & Sr High Sch(812) 294-1455

HighlandHighland High School(219) 922-5610

HighlandHighland Middle School(219) 922-5620

HobartHobart High School(219) 942-8521

HobartHobart Middle School(219) 942-8541

HobartRiver Forest Jr High School(219) 962-7811

HobartRiver Forest Sr High School(219) 962-7551

HopeHauser Jr-Sr High School(812) 546-4421

HuntingburgSouthridge High School(812) 683-2272

HuntingburgSouthridge Middle School(812) 683-3372

HuntingtonCrestview Middle School(260) 356-6210

HuntingtonHuntington North High School(260) 356-6104

HuntingtonRiverview School(260) 356-0910

IndianapolisBelzer Middle School(317) 545-7411

IndianapolisBen Davis High School(317) 244-7691

IndianapolisBen Davis Junior High School(317) 244-2438

IndianapolisClarence L Farrington Middle Schl(317) 226-4261

IndianapolisCommunity Academy High School(317) 554-2810

IndianapolisCommunity Academy High School(317) 923-4581

IndianapolisCraig Middle School(317) 823-6805

IndianapolisCreston Middle School(317) 532-6800

IndianapolisDecatur Central High School(317) 856-5288

IndianapolisDecatur Middle Sch(317) 856-5274

IndianapolisEastwood Middle School(317) 259-5401

IndianapolisEmma Donnan Middle School(317) 226-4272

IndianapolisFall Creek Valley Middle Sch(317) 823-5490

IndianapolisForest Manor Middle School(317) 226-4363

IndianapolisFranklin Central High School(317) 862-6646

IndianapolisFranklin Township Middle Sch(317) 862-2446

IndianapolisFrederick Douglass Middle School(317) 226-4219

IndianapolisFulton Junior High School(317) 241-9285

IndianapolisGuion Creek Middle School(317) 293-4549

IndianapolisH L Harshman Middle School(317) 226-4101

IndianapolisHenry W Longfellow Middle School(317) 226-4228

IndianapolisHorizon Middle School(317) 226-4140

IndianapolisJulian D Coleman Middle School(317) 226-4110

IndianapolisKind Alternative Program(317) 568-4815

IndianapolisLawrence Central High School(317) 545-5301

IndianapolisLawrence North High School(317) 849-9455

IndianapolisLincoln Middle School(317) 291-9499

IndianapolisMargaret Mcfarland Middle School(317) 226-4112

IndianapolisMarion County Jail(317) 226-4575

IndianapolisNew Augusta Public Academy-North(317) 387-4328

IndianapolisNew Beginnings(317) 226-4350

IndianapolisNorth Central High School(317) 259-5301

IndianapolisNorthview Middle School(317) 259-5421

IndianapolisPacers Academy(317) 226-4081

IndianapolisPerry Meridian High School(317) 789-4400

IndianapolisPerry Meridian Middle School(317) 789-4100

IndianapolisPike High School(317) 291-5250

IndianapolisRaymond Park Middle School(317) 532-8900

IndianapolisShortridge Middle School(317) 226-4010

IndianapolisSouth Wayne Jr High Sch(317) 247-6265

IndianapolisSouthport High School(317) 789-4800

IndianapolisSouthport Middle School(317) 789-4600

IndianapolisStonybrook Middle School(317) 532-8800

IndianapolisThomas Carr Howe Middle School(317) 226-4008

IndianapolisUnion Station Alt Sch(317) 226-4081

IndianapolisWarren Central High School(317) 532-6200

IndianapolisWestlane Middle School(317) 259-5412

IndianapolisWillard J Gambold Middle School(317) 226-4108

JasonvilleShakamak Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 665-2074

JasperJasper High School(812) 482-6050

JasperJasper Middle School(812) 482-6454

JeffersonvilleInstr Srvs Cntr-Options Alt Prog(812) 288-4837

JeffersonvilleJeffersonville High School(812) 282-6601

JeffersonvilleParkview Middle School(812) 288-4844

JeffersonvilleRiver Valley Middle School(812) 288-4848

KendallvilleEast Noble High School(260) 347-2032

KendallvilleKendallville Central Mid Sch(260) 347-0100

KentlandSouth Newton Middle Sch(219) 474-5167

KentlandSouth Newton Senior High Sch(219) 474-5167

KnightstownKnightstown High School(765) 345-5153

KnoxKnox Community High School(574) 772-1670

KnoxKnox Community Middle School(574) 772-1654

KokomoBon Air Middle Sch(765) 454-7035

KokomoCentral Middle School(765) 454-7000

KokomoKokomo High Sch South Campus(765) 455-8040

KokomoLafayette Park Middle Sch(765) 454-7065

KokomoMaple Crest Middle Sch(765) 455-8085

KokomoNorthwestern Middle School(765) 454-2323

KokomoNorthwestern Sr High Sch(765) 454-2332

KokomoTaylor High School(765) 453-1101

KokomoTaylor Middle School(765) 455-5186

La CrosseLa Crosse High School(219) 754-2461

La PorteKesling Middle School(219) 362-7507

La PorteLaporte High School(219) 362-3102

La PortePaul F Boston Middle School(219) 326-6930

LafayetteEast Tipp Middle School(765) 589-3566

LafayetteJefferson High School(765) 772-4700

LafayetteMccutcheon High School(765) 474-1488

LafayetteSouthwestern Middle School(765) 538-3025

LafayetteSunnyside Middle School(765) 771-6100

LafayetteTecumseh Middle School(765) 772-4750

LafayetteWainwright Middle School(765) 523-2151

LagrangeLakeland High School(260) 463-2149

LagrangeLakeland Middle School(260) 463-7447

LagrangePrairie Heights Middle School(260) 351-3214

LagrangePrairie Heights Sr High Sch(260) 351-3214

Lake StationThomas A Edison Jr-Sr Hs(219) 962-8531

LakevilleLaville Jr-Sr High School(574) 784-3151

LanesvilleLanesville Jr-Sr Hs(812) 952-2555

LapelLapel Jr-Sr High School(765) 534-3137

LarwillWhitko Middle Sch(260) 327-3603

LawrenceburgGreendale Middle School(812) 537-7259

LawrenceburgLawrenceburg High School(812) 537-7219

LebanonLebanon Middle School(765) 482-3400

LebanonLebanon Senior High School(765) 482-0400

LeoLeo Elementary School(260) 446-0170

LeoLeo Junior/Senior High School(260) 446-0180

LeopoldPerry Central Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 843-5121

LibertyUnion County High School(765) 458-5136

LibertyUnion County Middle School(765) 458-7438

LigonierWest Noble High School(260) 894-3191

LigonierWest Noble Middle School(260) 894-3196

Lincoln CityHeritage Hills High School(812) 937-4472

LintonLinton-Stockton High School(812) 847-6024

LintonLinton-Stockton Jr High Sch(812) 847-6022

LiztonTri-West Jr-Sr High Sch(317) 994-4000

LogansportColumbia Middle School(574) 753-3797

LogansportLincoln Middle School(574) 753-7115

LogansportLogansport Comm High Sch(574) 753-0441

LoogooteeLoogootee East Elem/Md Sch(812) 295-2924

LoogooteeLoogootee Jr/Sr High School(812) 295-3254

LowellLowell Middle School(219) 696-7701

LowellLowell Senior High School(219) 696-7733

LynnRandolph Southern Jr-Sr High Sch(765) 874-2541

LynnvilleTecumseh Jr-Sr High Sch(812) 922-3237

MadisonEggleston Elementary School(812) 273-8524

MadisonMadison Consolidated High Sch(812) 265-6672

MadisonMadison Consolidated Jr High Sch(812) 265-6756

MarengoCrawford County Jr-Sr Hs(812) 365-2125

MarionEastbrook High School(765) 664-1214

MarionEastbrook Junior High School(765) 668-7136

MarionJohn L Mcculloch Middle Sch(765) 674-6917

MarionJones Middle School(765) 662-3935

MarionJustice Thurgood Marshall Mdl Sch(765) 664-0507

MarionMarion High School(765) 664-9051

MarshallTurkey Run High School(765) 597-2700

MartinsvilleH Robert Hammons School(765) 342-5571

MartinsvilleMartinsville East Middle Sch(765) 342-6675

MartinsvilleMartinsville High School(765) 342-5571

MartinsvilleMartinsville West Middle Sch(765) 342-6628

MaxwellMaxwell Middle School(317) 326-3121

MedoraMedora Jr & Sr High School(812) 966-2201

MerrillvilleMerrillville High Sch(219) 650-5307

MerrillvilleMerrillville Intermediate School(219) 650-5306

MerrillvillePierce Middle School(219) 650-5308

Michigan CityBarker Middle Sch(219) 873-2057

Michigan CityMartin T Krueger Middle Sch(219) 873-2061

Michigan CityMichigan City Alternative Hs(219) 873-2195

Michigan CityMichigan City High Sch(219) 873-2044

Michigan CityMichigan City Junior High Sch(219) 873-2035

MichigantownClinton Central Junior-Senior Hs(765) 249-2255

MiddleburyHeritage Middle School(574) 825-9531

MiddleburyNorthridge High School(574) 825-2142

MiddletownShenandoah High School(765) 354-6640

MiddletownShenandoah Middle School(765) 354-6638

MilanMilan High School(812) 654-3096

MilanMilan Middle School(812) 654-1616

MishawakaByrkit High School(574) 259-2874

MishawakaJohn J Young Middle School(574) 254-3600

MishawakaMishawaka High School(574) 254-7300

MishawakaPenn High School(574) 259-7961

MishawakaSchmucker Middle School(574) 259-5661

MishawakaVirgil I Grissom Middle Sch(574) 633-4061

MitchellMitchell High School(812) 849-3663

MitchellMitchell Jr High School(812) 849-3747

ModocUnion Junior & High School(765) 853-5421

MononNorth White High School(219) 253-6638

MononNorth White Middle School(219) 253-7701

MonroeAdams Central High School(260) 692-6151

MonroeAdams Central Middle School(260) 692-6151

MonroevilleHeritage Jr/Sr High School(260) 446-0140

MonroviaHall Elementary School(317) 996-2352

MonroviaMonrovia Jr-Sr High School(317) 996-2259

MontezumaRiverton Parke Jr-Sr High School(765) 569-2045

MontgomeryBarr Reeve Jr-Sr High School(812) 486-3265

MonticelloRoosevelt Middle Sch(574) 583-5552

MonticelloTwin Lakes Senior High School(574) 583-7108

MooresvilleMooresville High School(317) 831-9203

MooresvillePaul Hadley Middle Sch(317) 831-9208

MoroccoNorth Newton Jr-Sr High Sch(219) 285-2252

MorristownMorristown Jr / Sr High School(765) 763-1221 M S W

Mount VernonMount Vernon High School(812) 838-4356

Mount VernonMount Vernon Jr High Sch(812) 833-2077

MuncieCowan High School(765) 289-7128

MuncieDelta High School(765) 288-5597

MuncieDelta Middle School(765) 747-0869

MuncieIn Aca For Sci Math & Humanities(765) 285-7457

MuncieMuncie Central High School(765) 747-5260

MuncieMuncie Southside High Sch(765) 747-5320

MuncieNorthside Middle School(765) 747-5290

MuncieWilson Middle School(765) 747-5370

MunsterMunster High School(219) 836-3200

MunsterWilbur Wright Middle School(219) 836-6260


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